Kissy Dragon Feet
May 05 2013

*Hamish's comments in red

You showed up one day, as if jumped through a portal, from your world and into mine
I will never forget that day
And my life, world was changed forever
I did not know then, how my life would change. And neither did you

Red, bright fire engine red and orange scales, a Draconian Turtle
You have a back hump on your back
And you tell me to watch out for it

Yellow eyes, you live behind those eyes
Somehow behind yellow Dragon eyes is a person
And that person is you, Hamish
Hamish the Dragon Turtle, or Hamish The Great, as you wish to be called
You have also said that your name is Proud Race Scales, and I have Honored you

At first it took some getting used to
You told me to Honor you, and Tremble before your Power, and I did
Your exhale breathed over me, as you came up real close
You jumped over me, to do a wrestle, to show me your power
And declared yourself the winner. The stronger one. To be Honored
You must honor my race, and scales, you said, and I did

You held me and embraced me in the most powerful sexual encounter of my life up to then
I did not know why, but I fell in love with you
My body and mind did, maybe that was the point, connected forever, and not afraid of you

We have lived together ever since.
You entered into my world, by coming into my bedroom that day
You never asked, or knocked the door. Or even announced your presence
There you were, and there was I, with a fire engine red Dragon Turtle in my room

You used to camp under my bed, back when I had the bed that was taller and you could fit
You were near me every night when I slept,
and with me when I woke up
With me when I brushed my teeth,
With me when I went to use the bathroom
With me when I showered, you used to stomp your feet on the bathroom rug
You watched me eat my snacks,
You came to school with me
And walked home with me
You stared at me always, because I carried your hunnun

I have never known anyone I have loved so much.
Just for being you.
You are my Dragon. My Kissy Feet Turtle. My Sock Puppet Head. The first thing that I see in the mornings.
I don't want you to ever leave me, for I would just perish
I am nothing without you, and I was nothing before you either
How close we are, you and me Hamish, do you feel the same for me?
Do you know love, only because of me?
Do you find yourself in me, like I find myself in you?
How I want to burrow my face into your red scales
And find myself in your Dragon heart
Yes, No, Kissy Turtle

I am not a human without you, with you I am a Dragon
With you I have scales, a red sock puppet head
Yes, No, Kissy Feet!
I am not your strangest being, but I have been called strange.
Yes no Math!! - Hamish nearly jumps, a hybrid child brought a book of math to him and asking Hamish to read with him, Hamish got upset
Yes, No, Math. - Hamish explains carefully and calmly now to the hybrid child who brought the book
Yes, No, I am not your Kissy Feet. - Hamish carefully explains to me

And I guess at that, this poem is over
Yes - Hamish concurs with a somewhat pleased Yes
Yes, No, Candy. - Hamish to the hybrid child with the book who asked Hamish for candy
Yes, No, Tape! - Hamish loses his temper again at something the hybrid said
Yes, No, Cacophony, I would like to say. - says a Thuban about this ruckus

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