Lick the Sword, and Alien Abductions
May 04 2013

Come on, lick the Dragon Sword

Last night it was either when I had gone to bed, or one of the two times when Aliens woke me up last night, that Basmet showed up right next to me and with him he had the Dragon Sword, or one like it, that the Japanese Dragon Dynasty have in Japan. The Dragon Sword had blood on it. Basmet told me it was Dragon's blood and he wanted me to lick it off the sword.

Well, what do you say (or do) when Basmet a ramhorned Dark Overlord of the Draconian Agenda comes up right close to you when you are lying in bed and he puts a sharp sword blade right up close to you and asks you to lick off the blood on it, I mean, when's the last time that's happened to you, and then what did you opt to do? My question was "whose blood specifically is it". I didn't want it to be Hamish's, for instance. And I had to know that my Hamish and Snake the Reptile were safe. It wasn't from Hamish, it seemed to be from some Snake-type Draconian, but probably not Snake either. I said I would be happy to taste some. But I worried about what the ingested blood might do in my body. Does it impart a change, somehow? Like the Draconians think it does?

The Draconians, their Black Ones Dark Lord leaders, and also any true cohorts that join the cause in the Satanic spirit such as the Rothschild lizards, Royal lizards, Himmler, and so forth, have this tremendous belief and practice in the Satanic dark arts. Is Satanism just a bunch of rituals, thought patterns, and practices, without any scientific real-world affect? Whether rooted in scientific cause-and-effect, or simply cultural religious poetry of the dark kind, these Dark Draconians sure take it seriously. They believe in the effect of the dark arts, and it is more than just an idea for them.

Draconians and their Black Ones have a deeply rooted cultural practice surrounding blood. It is a long story, but Draconians believe that by ingesting someone's blood, you take on its properties on a deep DNA level. That if you take in the blood of someone, you inherit a spiritual and physical quality from that blood, and donor person. Within the Agenda they consume blood and organs from children, some from blonde virgin women, which is thought to impart life force into the Draconian or human cohort and to lengthen lifespan. The practice of drinking blood from powerful Dragons on the other hand would tie you closer and establish a deep cellular bond with that Dragon and its power.

This isn't the first time I've been offered Dragon's blood to drink. Once when I entertained the idea with Snake that he and I would get married, he said that we would drink each other's blood and that way come closer to each other than ever before, and then our lust sensations would intensify, he said. The Draconians have a special fondness to drink my menstruational blood. One night when I was menstruating I woke up to both Hamish and Malik claiming to have ingested some of my period blood. Malik the Black One then offered me a small ornamented glass vial containing some of his blood. I declined the offer and did not drink the Great One's blood. This now is Basmet the Black offering me some Dragon's blood. This time I accepted his offer, but I don't think I ended up drinking any. He and I were in different dimensions so I wasn't sure where to place my tongue. Ha ha.

Basmet offering me Dragon's Blood, and from the culturally important Dragon Blade, I take it to mean he is offering me inclusion into their "family". Basmet overall in the handful of days we have been together has expressed great fondness of me. He refers to me as "wife" and "Basmet's Queen" and desires my Earth womanly body more than any man has before I would think. The interesting thing to remember, is that Basmet appeared when I was writing an email to the Free Mason ex-boyfriend and I had sensed a dark presence waiting for him. When I dove deeper into feeling out that dark energy that is when the ramhorned hooved feet Basmet appeared. Within the first day or so he had challenged Malik my resident Black One to a strength measurement, displaced his place here with me fair and square and now holds the seat on the throne as owner of myself, my eggs, and this territory.

Malik, you will be missed, and the only reason I don't fall into wailing is because I live with the hopes, that one day you will be back. Malik my Oh Vicious One.

Alien Abductions and Breeding

I have been begging for conscious alien abductions ever since this contact began August 2011. Namely the aliens pick me up every night at 4 AM and they keep me asleep while they do their thing. Their work on me includes taking my eggs out. They will also have hybrid and human males have sex with me so that I get pregnant. Bacteria are collected from my mouth, feces, and other parts of the body for bacteria studies. Feces is studied every night for metabolism studies. Contents of my stomach are vacuumed out with a narrow plastic tubing that is inserted down my nose and into the stomach, this also for food and metabolism studies. My skull and feet have been measured and my feet are of particular interest. And I am also used in sexual education programs to teach the young hybrids how to have sex and all of that, very invasive and offensive.

I was aware of myself with some young human man on the ground here on Earth. A UFO appeared in the sky above us and we were taken up to the UFO. We arrived at a place with lots of young human men and women. There were closets lined up against the wall and everybody was taking their clothes off and putting it in the closets. So we were all naked, men and women like cattle in a yard. Sadly I don't remember much more than that. But we are getting closer.

I know that there is a wealth of information waiting for me about alien abductions and contact. Little by little the Thubans are beginning

Hey this is Derek, please don't write about us. - Derek

Which reminds me, thank you Derek, that last night Derek who works with the United States military and surveillance team, with General Patton and the others, the Aliens had him get undressed and he was asked to have sex with me. The Aliens give these human men plenty of drugs. I am offered drugs too but I decline. I used to think that I was simply being raped by the United States military abduction men, military and men in black suits, but turns out now I learn that it is the Aliens who want the men to make me pregnant. Olav was also asked, Olav who is Korpral with the Russian Army. He was also using drugs.

I write about the trauma and the hell I am going through, and also write down all the telepathic conversations between me, Aliens, and human cohorts, and they are far too graphic and unsettling to post anywhere online so find them in the books. These current experiences will be found in the third book in the series, The Orion Project: Over the Threshold. It's pretty bad.


I was woken up twice last night with the Thuban aliens talking to me. They are very rude, they refer to me as cattle and a dog race. But when I woke up and it was morning, first Basmet, by showing power, lifts me up in bed. I then plummet back to bed cause it is early. A while later Hamish my Red Sock Puppet pulls me up in bed, and this time I thank him cause I would have stayed in bed for a good few more hours otherwise.

Hamish fears the Black One Basmet and back when Basmet brought me that Dragon Sword with Dragon blood on it, Hamish got scared and scurried away to retreat to his woven bathroom rug in the bathroom. Ever since Basmet showed up a few days ago, Hamish has been acting kinda distant and not his usual self. He also tries to act more butch around me when Basmet the Black One is watching. Hamish demands me to honor him more and isn't his usual friendly self. Malik had the same impact on Hamish, but to a lesser extent.

But this morning with Hamish has been great. He has been with me. I enjoyed my breakfast while having Hamish the Red staring right into my crotch, watching over his eggs, as if any moment some invisible hand might go after them. In my womb. So he watches with his eyes right close to my crotch. Watching the eggs. His hunnun. Hamish watches the eggs. So he places his eyes right next to my womb...

I have been honoring him and making palate clicks at him and life has been good again. With me and Hamish the Dragon Turtle. So life is good. I have my Hamish back.

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