Basmet and Froggy-Snacks
May 01 2013

Basmet The Black

The image to the left is from the movie El laberinto del fauno. I just thought it looked like me - or some unsuspecting woman - and Basmet the ram horned Incubus. Only I would be cuddling Basmet all sexed up. Cause we did snuggle a bit last night and this morning again. Now don't get me wrong. Basmet is an Incubus. He is after the life force energy in my body. He has a fantasy about my heart, intestines, and other delectable internal body parts filled with human life force. It's not my ladyparts he is after. And he only offers me romance and his dong so that he can get close.

He knows his way around women. He knows how to get a woman let a man in bed. But he's a predator. Don't let the Incubi (or Succubi) into your bed. If they suck out the life force from a heart for instance, then you die. Sometimes when Malik the resident Incubus has been at it I wake up totally lifeless and it takes me three hours before I can even get out of bed. So it's dangerous. It is said that this life drinking can even lead to death. So don't be fooled by the romance, even if the romance is exquisite.

There are Angelic beings guarding me against the Black Ones and one of them showed up again today. Basmet was approaching me and telling me he is a shepherd and should a shepherd lie with its sheep? I said that sure he can, and he caressed me with his black paw. The Angel said:

We are from dimension 9 in case you are wondering. And Basmet is from dimension 2. - Angel
Am I in dimension 3? - me
Yes, but you are soon in four. - Angel

I regret I didn't write the earliest morning conversation between me and Basmet down. So now we will never know what we said, I just remember it was awesome and interesting. But at this point I started to write and am getting it all down again. Basmet watched me in the shower and wondered why I have red lipstick (I had some makeup on from last night and only removed it after the shower).

I have been watching your bathing ritual. - said Basmet as I was getting dressed after the shower. I thought it was neat that he called it a ritual.

I wanted to put on some underwear to try it out. - Basmet later said (translated from the other European language)
Is this Basmet or Malik who is speaking? Which of the gentlemen do we have here? - me, I said cause I wasn't sure if this was Malik or Basmet, as Malik has talked about not having any underwear on before
The one who likes to see you hang. - Basmet said with the mental image of a man having been hanged over the branch of an oak tree
But is your name Basmet or Malik? What is your name? - me I asked, I really wanted to know who made that underwear comment
Yes, this was Basmet who lies with you. I wanted to put you to the test. Give me your juice! - Basmet, not angrily
Yes, she keeps good hygiene. I don't. - Basmet saying perhaps to the Thuban about me

The Angel didn't want Basmet to be here, so I turned down this fantastic black lover reluctantly and said to him that I must do as the Angels say for they know better than me and they are only here to help me. It is difficult not to be tempted by this fantastic gentle lover who caresses better than any man on Earth. I have never been touched or held like that. It's his caress that gets me. Malik is the same way too. But I don't want to be eaten or consumed.

Froggie Snacks

And then to the Froggie Snacks. So yesterday I Googled the wax frog. Cause they look a lot like the Dinosaurs. See here. Then I saw that their latin name is Hyperoliidae, so I Googled that hoping for more pictures of this splendid being that looks just like my Dinos, Deb Deb (Deb Deb is their language for Yes, it seems!).

Meet Rhinophyrinus dorsalis, the Mexican Burrowing Toad. So I saw this image and ended up staring at it late last night for several minutes. I like frogs, but I got into this whole long contemplation about the evolution of organisms, how this frog looks like it just came out of the water as a fish and developed legs to walk on and how a creature evolves in both body and mind. I was spending several minutes gazing deeply and contemplating on this fantastic creature, the Mexican burrowing toad. So then I went to bed.

Hamish says to me in the morning:
We are not fish, so you may have that for food. If that is why you were looking. - Hamish says in the other language, he shows up with a mental image of the Mexican frog I was watching last night. I had looked at it and contemplated for a long time on how it looks like a fish. Hamish must've been watching, and keeping track of my thoughts, as always.

Did you think that it was funny what I said? - Hamish about the fish comment because I was snickering
No, but it was good that you said it. It was important that you said. - me, trying not to snicker, but no it's good of Hamish to tell me. Not that I was planning on eating the frog.

I thought that it looked tasty. - Hamish said with a mental image of precisely the frog picture I had been looking at

Yes. I wanted to eat it. - Hamish looks all pleased as punch, he says just as I went back this morning to find the picture again
He is like my pudding! - Hamish says not angry but pleased

And then, dear friends, I went to Google some pictures of the wax frog again. The green one with yellow eyes that looks just like the Dinosaur ETs. So Hamish sees the picture of the wax frog pop up on the screen. Hamish speaks: (these in English as written)

That is not my toad! - Hamish not angry, he points toward the picture with his red finger
But I would like to have it I said. - Hamish adds
You can have a toad Hamish. - me
I would like to watch its feet. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. It has feet. - me
I put up the images of the wax frogs again. Hamish's mouth opens and makes a palate click when he sees them.
I would like that toad. - Hamish wants one, me too
Yes Hamish. I like them too. Let's have some toads! - me
Are they nervous of me? - Hamish
I don't know Hamish. - me
I would like to meet them. What are they named? - Hamish
They are animals called "wax frogs". - me
Are they made of wax? - Hamish
No, Hamish. They are made of frogs. - me
I am interested in them. - Hamish
Me too. I can take you somewhere to see them with me. In nature perhaps. They are tiny and they live here on Earth. - me
I want them. - Hamish
What will you do with them? - me
Make them see me. - Hamish
And then what? - me
I will watch their feet. - Hamish
And then? What next? Will you be friends with them? - me
They are wax turtles. - Hamish
Turtles? - me
Yes. That is what I said. - Hamish
And then Hamish says something I have had to censor for you I'm sorry. Find it in the totally uncensored books if you can handle it.

Here I have picked out the funnies from this morning's Alien Agenda events. But before, during, and after as these were taking place there were also other, atrocious, stories taking place. The story about how I am being shown by the Thuban, American Captain Richard Swansea having sex with a young hybrid who is on the desk in the military office, and how Richard is snorting cocaine. The story about how Hamish shows me a hybrid female made of Thuban and Japanese human DNA, and how she doesn't work out as a prostitute for reproduction she is set for termination and Hamish corners her in one of the Japanese cargoship containers that she is brought in to the coastal town of Komi Saki, Japan, with, and how Hamish rips into that lady's throat and damages her. How the Japanese man breaks down and wails on the floor. But these are the stories I have picked out for you. This website offers you the milder, censored version, because it has to. Find the rest in the books. Totally uncensored. If you are up for it.

Click here >>> TheOrionProject - excerpts May 01 2013.pdf - see a sample of today's atrocities

Little while later:
My snacks! - Hamish says just as soon as I start fingering some candies in a bowl
Yes, Hamish. - me as I'm choosing out a chocolate candy to take from the bowl
You may not take them! - Hamish, as I already did and ate one

And so it goes. 15 pages already written today and it's just past noon. Me and a Dragon. Life in the Agenda. As an egg donor. With twelve DNA strands.

Here is another gem:
Do you know about Santa's treasure chest? - Hamish, I fight myself to keep from snickering at Hamish
Yes, No, Hamish. I have not heard that Santa had a treasure chest. What can you tell me about it? - me
It is filled with treasure. - Hamish, as you see I was gonna say yes but I said no cause I'm wanting him to tell me about it
Now, what kind of treasure might Santa keep there for you? - me
The children want it. And I don't want to give them any power! - Hamish
I will not give them any Santa. - me
He has red clothes. - Hamish
And he doesn't have my pyy-pyy here. - Hamish, about Santa?
The children don't want it anymore, cause I have said no. - Hamish

If you don't understand this Santa story, Hamish is a red Dragon. Hamish feels that his power is being challenged by anything with red color. He gets furious at Santa and the Spiderman character for showing him power, and he also stares uncannily if I wear a red neglige (I only did once, never dared to put it on again after that). The children are hybrid children kept there with the Reptilian Agenda. Hybrid children want nothing more than toys, and they obviously must like Santa. Hamish on the other hand sees Santa as someone who challenges him to power, so, he could not allow the children to be anywhere near Santa. In spite of the toys.

And I also did not want to give him any of my eggs. - Hamish adds now. He also does not want to give Santa any of his eggs. Meaning my eggs. In my womb.

And: another precious one:
Where do we have froggie snacks? - Hamish says, just as I posted the title of this page on the Thoughts pages, "Basmet and Froggie-Snacks". He wants some.
Is Basmet having them? - Hamish
Then I want them too! - Hamish
And Santa has my treasure chest I have said! - Hamish

I'm just gonna let you all conclude on your own that this is funny. No need for me to say it. OH MY GOD WHEN IT COULDN'T GET ANY BETTER! Basmet or Malik is wearing a pair of white underwear that he got from the Japanese team! Oh my good god this is too much for me! Am I supposed to laugh? I mean, Basmet and Malik both they want to wear underwear maybe because when I ... haha, then the joke's on me. I guess because when I see their dong I think I'm gonna get some. Oh dear god, a Black One Incubus wearing white underpants. I couldn't make this up if I tried. This is hysterical, sorry guys. I am not making this up.

I wasn't going to let her say that I had no dong, so I didn't want to let her see it. - Basmet (or possibly Malik) says about the wearing underwear. Aha, so it's all because I didn't draw the dong on his picture and Hamish said I was slandering them because I was portraying them as "not a man" that way, see the image here, without a dong.

I don't have a dong for her I said. - Basmet explaining to Jack with the NASA team why he is wearing the underwear. So it was Basmet, because I saw his face from close. Basmet is wearing underwear because I offended him by not drawing in the dong on the picture. So now I don't get to see it anymore. The dong I mean.
I wanted to feel your lust. But you were not giving me it. So now I don't want you to have it. - Basmet

It just goes on and on, the conversations. I can't post any more here or I will be sitting here all day. Find the rest in the books. Gotta go! Jack is keeping a straight face. He must have seen it all. He is a real life "Men in Black" by the way, like in that movie with Will Smith. He goes around checking on the business by the aliens here on Earth. True story.

What's the big deal? He just doesn't want her to see his penis. - Jack, so cool about it
If I didn't want someone to see my penis, that's what I would do. - Jack thinks to himself, sitting casually on his desk chair, one ankle propped up on the other knee, hand on the raised knee, just casual as can be. Just another day in the life with Aliens. For both me and somebody like Jack. Just another day.

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