A Russian Kommrad
March 29 2013

Warning: this page concerns some uncomfortable information regarding the Draconian Agenda. Not suited for a young audience. This page is only for adults, and barely for adults either. Only for routined readers who are already familiar with the Draconian Agenda.

Abducted, Beaten, And Trained

Hysh Hysh, about that. - Thuban says in the other language

Last night I had a dream where there was an abusive man I was stuck with. He kept beating me. He told me I would get like 100 beatings and then he kept on assigning more, and he just hit me and hit me like he really liked it. He was a total sadist. Most normal people would get tired of hitting after a while, but not he.

When I finally got to leave I was a recruit for the military. We were a bunch of young people in outdoors bootcamp. We had a large Caucasian man who was our drill sargent. He was tall and bigboned, muscular, with short blonde hair. We were a bunch of young men and women. I noticed how there were an equal amount of women which I found odd. And a young Japanese man who was really struggling. We were all dressed in military gear, like brown camouflaged jumpsuits that were not tight fitting but loose fit. We had to take on the various contrapments on the track, you know, like grabbing onto a bar and pulling your body up by your hands and arms. I gave it a try and it sure was hard. My arms are not my strongest feature.

And we all had to run up these wooden stumps that were arranged in rows in increasing height. Some of the youngsters couldn't make it, like that Japanese guy with glasses. I did pretty good, I really gave it my all. (I say youngsters though none of us were children. I'd say ages 20 to 29 or so, though I'm 30.)

Thing is, I've always wanted to join the Army. Where does that come from? No one in my family and nothing in my upbringing. I've just always wanted to. I know it's the MILABS guys training me since early start. At one point I was training to join the Army and quickly built huge muscle like on a man, incredible abs, arm muscles, the works. And I could run real good for hours without tiring after a few weeks of practice. I really get into it too, it's great fun and my only regret in life is that I haven't joined. Why do I want to join? I love the physical challenge, it feels liberating and meaningful. It's exciting and fun. Oh now I feel like joining again.

Sold To Russians

When I woke up back in my bed, a new Russian man was with me through a remote viewing and telepathic connection. He was that same large drill sargent. We talked for a long time and I couldn't get up to take notes so I'm gonna have to recall from memory, sorry about that guys I know the written down conversations are the best.

So I was always a MILABS abductee with the United States military, though I only recall them since age 14. At age 30 in April 2012 things started happening. I was assigned General Patton who is an MKULTRA trainer. He was going to start training me to be an "MK-Cat" as he calls it. I was destined to become the MKULTRA Beta which is a sex slave type of thing. General Patton had the choice between making me into the Doll/Puppet or the Cat. He went with the Cat because "the Doll can only be, and we need you to do" so Cat it was.

The Russian military paid for me with a large number of beautiful diamonds. Lots of millions of dollars there, but these covert operations can afford it. I think they use currency like diamonds because paper money is difficult. As the Beta Cat they would have made me like a tight fitting velvet collar around my neck with several of those diamonds on it. So that was the plan.

General Patton trained me for a few days. It involved him superimposing his mind with mine, and it feels like our two bodies are literally overlapping. It happens to be a very intimate experience, more intimate than having sex with someone, just not sexual. I feel his body and he feels mine. He becomes then able to move my body with his will. The Draconian Reptilians have taught them this. Sargent Wilkes was supposed to be training me too, but he wasn't up for it. He tried only once and was very careful about it.

If I do say so myself, General Patton's training of me was somewhat dismal. He could have done more is what I'm saying. He liked to make my left fist contract, pull my both arms tight behind my back, or tackle me down. He would only do these when I was safely in bed or on the sofa or I could have been injured. Once or twice he accidentally - he didn't mean to - made my head bump into the wall and it really hurt. Once he tackled me when I was sitting on the bedroom floor. And he gave me a few commands and instructions, one is that I am not to speak to him. But that was about it. When he figured I was ready to be sold off I thought, "was that it?". I think he was being a bit lazy, I sure didn't feel trained.

The night after I had woken up during a MILABS gang bang rape, General Patton introduced me to Russian Army Korpral Olav (Olli) Vetti, he is a missiles expert and is in charge of the Russian missiles. I tried explaining to Olav that I had just been raped by three guys the other night and that I was in no shape to meet with any new man. Olav didn't seem to care, nor did General Patton. That is why I still don't like or trust Olav Vetti. It built a really bad foundation, and I am normally so sweet and happy to meet new military associates! I give all of them a warm welcome to the military and men in black suits. But not Olav Vetti, not the day after my rape when I didn't want to see any man for a while.

General Patton sold me as "trained" to Olav and the Russians. I was told some of the Russians' plans, which I've posted elsewhere on the Orion Project website and dare not to post again because the Russians said they would kill my family members if I told anyone.

Olav Vetti is a large Russian man. He is big boned and he has dark brown skin color. His eyes are brown and his hair is brown. His hair is sleek and glossy and the fringe is long and covers his forehead and almost over the eyes. He has a big nose. I know every inch of what that man looks like. He too has been superimposed with me. He does that every now and then but he hasn't dared to tackle me a lot, he is very cautious and seems to trust that General Patton will do those things for him. Olav likes to play ice hockey on his spare time. He does it a lot.

I can't say I've completely figured him out as a person. I'd say he's a really sweet and nice man. Of course he isn't personable with me so much, but I can tell who is a darling and who isn't. But I still don't like him. He hasn't apologised for the first night. He was not one of the men raping me. It was US MILABS man John who is one of the black suits, some unknown American man with red hair, and Ivan Sukulov with the Russian team though I can't remember if Ivan actually touched me he was just there to beat me up and they called him the "domestic abuse team".

I've tried to like Olav, I really have tried. But when I see him I just tremble and want to shrink into a little ball and ask him to leave. He shouldn't have first met me the day after my rape. It really wasn't right. I've never mistrusted or "feared" anyone else with any of the teams, not US, Russian, or Japanese. No matter what they did to me did I ever fear them. It's just Olav. Because of that. And the poor man has never done anything to hurt me.

But for a while General Patton was changing his mind about selling me to the Russians. Olav was gonna have me work for them doing remote viewing guarding the Russian missiles, submarines, and satellites out in space. I don't see why they can't have a Zeta Grey do that, I really don't see why. The Zetas are already doing a lot of remote viewing and surveillance for them. Why me? A woman?

General Patton was at one point going to change his mind and keep me to the US team. I was going to be named Stephanie and work as a flight attendant at the CIA military private planes and serve the men in various ways, even sexually or especially that. I wouldn't mind, that sounds like fun, only I am too smart to be a flight attendant. Would be fun for a while but it's not my purpose with life. Sometimes I think they are going to marry me off with a US CIA man so that way they can keep track of me, but that has not happened yet. They've had a few US team men come and check me out to see if they would consider marrying me. One told me I was a bit too fat for him and he told me to eat "tomato salads" to lose weight. Sure, I said. I would eat tomato salads.

But now I'm up for grabs again. This morning the new man referred to himself at one point as an "old Kommrad" and he laughed. He was really sweet, I love that guy. But it started with something more sinister.

Draconian Mischief

I was shown soup made of human flesh. It had many little chopped up bits of human flesh in it, nicely chopped like bacon squares. Somebody did a good job in the kitchen. I just cringed and said no I WILL NOT eat human meat I AM A VEGETARIAN and IF THEY MAKE ME EAT IT I WILL KILL MYSELF! I know this is Reptilian shenanigans. They want me to consume human flesh and drink blood and all that. The Reptilians believe that consuming blood or meat lets one take on some kind of quality and change to the DNA and blood. But I refuse to do it. That is where I draw the line. Reptilians can eat what ever shit they want, I'm not touching it. I was shown it mentally of course, and they nagged at me about it for quite a while. I am adamant. I am NOT touching it.

I was genetically engineered for this purpose, I was told by the Agenda Russians and the vicious little lizard who was also around this morning with the Russian Kommrad. So this was what I was made for. Whatever this is. The little reptile who was around, I recognized him by energy as the "man" who had been beating me in the dream state. Such a sadistic little bastard isn't he. He could just beat and beat and beat without getting tired or even losing pace. Pesky little Draconian Lizards. It didn't hurt me, it was mostly annoying, and then there's that really gross energy of a sadistic bastard. You know that energy of a man who likes to hurt people? The lizard has that.

Although he tried to make himself out to be a large humanoid man-type creature, I could see enough glimpses to know that - just like our dear Snake - he was just a tiny little raptor. Aww, how cute, let me hug and cuddle you in my arms, I always say to the little raptor reptilians. Cause they are about the size of a large cat or a medium sized dog. One could literally cuddle them in the arms like a baby, though they have really long claws on hands and feet and those sharp teeth. They are little monsters, pesky little things. Later in the shower I told Lizard that I would pinch him by the ears if he had any, and that instead I must pinch him by the tail and hold him up that way because that is what one does to pesky little mischievious things. What a thing.

But when he is a tiny little raptor I can't help it but think it's cute and want to pick it up into my arms and say aww and cuddle it and rock it in my arms like a baby. Aww baby lizard aww. Some of the information this morning came from Lizard some of it from Russian Kommrad.

So I was genetically engineered for this purpose. And they wanted me to eat soup made from the flesh of a Caucasian human man. I saw the man while he was alive a few days ago. I will say no more, I saw how they tortured and killed him. If this is the first time you are seeing this type of shocking and outrageous Draconian material, go read someplace else on the internet first. I don't want to be the first time you see this stuff. You should already have managed to get somewhat accustomed to Agenda stuff before. I don't want to shock anyone. This is terrible information. But it is my job to document it.

Anna Karenina

I was daughter of the Russian tsar and my name was Anna Karenina. So now I know who Anna Karenina was and why the Russians keep calling me that all the time. In fact the Russians never called me by my current name, it was always Anna Karenina.

I've always known of a past life of mine, where I was "Katya" or something similar as a pet name. I lived in the late 1600's in Russia. We were wealthy upper class aristocracy. Mother sent me to a large city whose name starts with the letter "S", definitely not Moscow, to live with my uncle who was a Russian diplomat. My Uncle had red hair and a bleeding disorder. If I tried to play with my uncle he could easily get injured from any excitement and start to bleed from his mouth and eyes. Uncle was a pale man with bright orange-red hair and beard. He was pale and frail.

Uncle received by horse and carriage with night time delivery, trunks from German diplomats. Germany at that time was the pinnacle of the world. Such grand lavish golden cities, decorated houses, and the best dresses! I have so much to tell you about my life there. My hair was brown with some gold and wavy. I had a favorite pin for my hair that looked like a comb with an ornament at the top. I know every furniture, dress, everything we ate. I lived that life. It has been a cherished memory my whole life. I had an arranged marriage to a young blonde Russian soldier or knight. I never fell in love with him, though our wedding day was superb. I had to move in to his house from my Uncle's house and I hated doing that. I have so much to say I get all excited. But the question is, how did the Russians know about this past life of mine? Why would they believe me? And why would it matter to them?

My past life as Anna Karenina and obviously I was the tsar's daughter which I can't quite recall but is not unlikely ties in to the Agenda. But why would my soul's past life mean anything? Wouldn't they be more interested in blood relatives, which I am not?

I just did my first ever internet search of Anna Karenina daughter of a Russian tsar. I've never before tried to locate the person I was in my past life. I've known that I must be in the history books, because my uncle was an important tsar and my family was promiment, but I just didn't know my full name or that I would have been daughter of a tsar. I most certainly did not wear a crown and I did not live in palaces.

Ankhtsenakarten of Thebes

In another past life I was Ankhtsenakarten of Thebes, Egypt. Egypt at that time was called Chaeropsis. I was a priestess who worked with ritual sacrifice of bulls. We believed that the Sun kills life, every day the Sun God walks across the sky to take his daily killing. We knew this because if you leave a cow to thirst in the desert, it ages quickly and dies. And any cow or man who is dying of old age looks exactly like a cow dying of thirst in the hot sun. So ageing was also caused by the Sun, was the logical connection. So we sacrificed healthy strong animals to the Sun God so that he would have his daily ration of killing and spare the Pharaoh's children so that they would not age as much. Even stones and temples would wither under the sun. Without the sun, all things would live endlessly and humans would be immortal.

My husband was a spices importer. He was a short man, shaved bald and shaved across his entire body. He was a scholarly man, he could read and write. That was very important. He was so skilled with all the young men he worked with! I swooned over him, I had true love in him, though he never showed me the same kind of affection. I adored that man. Young boys worked on his long canoes, the boys sat down on their knees in the boat next to piles of spices, and they used a long stick that reaches down to the bottom of the river to push the boat forward. Only young boys could do the job, a grown man might tip the boat over if they stand up, and there goes the spices.

Cows were beautiful creatures, with long arched horns, they gave sacred milk that was very valuable. Milk from the cow was considered precious as it restored and maintained youthful looks to the women. We women liked to drink it from a bowl (without a spoon) and put it on our faces to keep a youthful face.

I was concubine of the Pharaoh. We had many children, but those were his children. The children were kept mostly indoors, to protect them from the Sun God who might otherwise like to kill them. The paint was fresh on all the Thebes temple walls. Bright colors red, white, and blue. The paint has since faded, you see nothing of it when you visit the temples today. One day in this life I will go to Thebes, and I will surely cry. I once visited the British Museum in London and needless to say I stayed until closing time only in the Egyptian section. I didn't care about anything else in the museum.

Never look to the black statue with gold around its eyes that you find in the tombs! It places an instant curse of death on you! It is the inverted guardian. A normal statue is golden with black around its eyes, the inverted statue is black with gold and places a curse. Whenever they show the black statue on tv I fall down into instant Ancient Egyptian prayer though I have never in this life studied these words or traditions and I bid the Gods to forgive this daughter of Egypt, and they always do. Sometimes I look at Ancient Egyptian writing and I can read it. I was Ankhtsenakarten. Why I tell you, is because Ancient Egypt holds a lot of significance to the Draconian Agenda. I just didn't know that soul incarnation really mattered to the Agenda. I thought it was all about blood lines and physical biological genetic inheritance. I have to do more research on that Anna Karenina, daughter of a Russian tsar. The Agenda says I am connected to her.

I first heard of Aleister Crowley, world's most renowned Satanist, from the Draconians. Upon reading more about Aleister Crowley, he founded the religious movement Thelema, which is very heavily based on Ancient Egyptian influences. So the Ancient Egyptian influence is very strong in the Draconian Agenda. Not only is the Draconian symbol, the yellow pyramid, a vital part of Ancient Egypt, my black reptile sometimes talks to me about how the Draconians were the Ancient Egyptian kings under disguise. It is all related. The Draconians still love Ancient Egyptian things. For instance the eye in Egyptian traditions is the Eye God of Draconians, which I believe in fact is the hunger pangs of the belly of the Black Ones, whom Rothschild called the Dark Lords. Interesting stuff, isn't it? And I'm just a girl, finding this all out. In the middle of it.


So they are going to train me to be an Assassin, I was told this morning. No way, I said. I cannot kill anybody. I now think that it was a trick. I think because I rejected working for Korpral Olav with the Russian missiles and surveillance they now tried to make me think of something worse. So that I would much prefer to rather just work with those rusty buckets. Because Olav has been around this morning after I had that conversation with Lizard and Russian Kommrad and Olav has been smiling as if they think they were able to trick me. I hope so. Cause I'm not killing anybody. Russian Kommrad did some conquests which means he superimposes with me and tackles my body around, he too did that while I was in bed.

Kommrad said he was going to have to beat me up and also rape me, but then he got really upset and I could feel how he was feeling. So I comforted him. When he said about rape he thought of his wedding rings with a wife. I told him not to be sad and that it's ok. I think I managed to make him feel better. Arcturians stepped in and said to the Agenda that they are protecting me and won't let any harm come to me. I wish I would have written that conversation down, but after the night's Agenda activities I was drained of energy and it took a long while before I was even able to get out of bed.

And so it goes. Life with the Draconian and Russian Agenda. This is such a story, mostly unpleasant, and I'm not the kind of person who would find this interesting or captivating. I'm just in it. Hamish had been told that Hamish cannot get any of my eggs until the training would be complete. Hamish was sad, and I too was sad if I can't have HAMISH!!! But sure enough, later in the day, while I am having my second shower after some morning exercise, I see a red Dragon Turtle with red bumpy scales on his face show up and greet me with palate clicks. Oh I was beyond myself, I greeted him back with plenty of palate clicks, and shrieked out telepathically, "Haaa-miissss! Haaa-miisssss!" Oh I am happy when I have my Dragon. After all, we are probably watching that Harry Potter movie I bought for him yesterday. They can't send my Dragon away from me, don't anybody get between me and my Dragon, or I'm grabbing my pillow under my arm and a quick bag of necessities, slipping into my pajamas and going to camp out at Hamish's. Sleeping on the floor by his Kissy Feet. I can't ever be apart from Dragon Turtle. I love you Hamish, you are my Dragon. *palate clicks*

Say it, it wasn't a Russian who beat you. - Kommrad speaks in English, it is true, it was the Draconian sadist who beat me
And we can't get your egg. - Hamish
Why not Hamish? I will give my eggs to you. Hamish? *palate click* - me

PS. I was not raped last night. In case that was not obvious. The Russian Kommrad has not raped or beaten me. So far he comes across as a really nice man. Except for the soup. But the soup was a Draconian idea. Happy Easter everybody! I'm surprised that the Russians would do any of this today, of all days. It is Long Friday in the Christian religion. Orthodox Christianity and Easter are very important to Russians, so I'm surprised.


Thuban confided in me carefully this morning after the Lizard and Kommrad had finished with me, that the Thubans and Dinosaurs are actually trying to protect me from this. Thuban also showed he its boomerang praying mantis arms and said that they are the ones seen when people see the grim reaper, and I said that oh yes, the arm does look like the hoe!

I also forgot to mention that Kommrad or Lizard had told me to stay away from the ones "in a dark cloak", because "they don't want to be bothered" or "they want to remain hidden", meaning Lizards who wear a black cloak. Strawberry the red Reptilian (needless to say, I named him) is the only Reptilian I have met who wears the black cloak, but I know that some of them do.

You were a concubine of the Pharaoh? - chubby Illuminati hybrid asks
Yes. I was Ankhtsenakarten! - me
But you were married? - IM hybrid
Yes. I was married. - me approximately
How does that work? - IM hybrid
It works. - me

Did you have, fathers and sisters there? - Hamish or other Draconian asks me about Egypt
Well. I can't recall. - me
You must have. - the Draconian
Well. I can't recall my father. I never thought of it that way. I only thought of me and my husband and the Pharaoh. - me
Who was your father then? - Illuminati hybrid
I don't know. I don't recall who Ankhtsenakarten's father was. Who do you think it was? Do you know? - me
Well if you did rituals it must have been a priest. - IM
How do you know so much? About Ancient Egypt I mean? How do you know? - me
We know all about the rituals. - IM
Why? Why do you know it? I know things too. I could probably perform them. - me
Ankh. - IM hybrid
Ankh, yes. Ankhtsenakarten. - me
Mmhm. - IM
Well. - me
You were, with our boys, last night. - IM hybrid or a human military associate
Yes I know that. - me
And? Did you drink the sap? - it was a man, and he says this now
I don't wanna talk about that. - me, they didn't mean blood
If you were Ankh... - the man says
Why do you care? If I was Ankhtsenakarten. Why does it matter to you, it was in a past life. - me
Well, your eggs might be more valuable now. - the man says
.. How so? - me
Well. If you can bleed that blood.. - the man says, referring to my period ending soon so that they can take an egg
If you bleed out, then we will come. - the man
Ok. Do that. - me
Dear Ankh. - the man says
And. Why do you care? - me
Because we are here, with UFOs they have furnished us with. - militaries are pleased to have UFOs from the Aliens
So you give them my eggs? What do I get in return? What do I get? Nothing? Nothing at all? - me
All was in English as written

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