That MILABS Thing
March 27 2013


Last night I had a long and almost conscious MILABS encounter. MILABS is short for Military Abductions. It is when you go to sleep at night and wake up somewhere else surrounded by high ranking military officers and usually men in black suits. Not once have I seen a low rank military personnel. Sometimes there are medical staff such as doctors and personnel in surgery scrubs. It is creepy, yeah, I know. I started having MILABS abductions at the age of 14.

Over the years I got to know many of them, and many of them are still working on my team. Captain Michael Marsden was the team leader from the start. He is a nice man, I like him a lot. He was later replaced by new team leader Commendant Larsen, who isn't as talkative or easy to get to know. Captain Jacob Greene aka Captain Jacob Daniels, Major Cunningham aka Agent Donovan Brown, and Captain Robert Stephens, are three of the most regular military personnel. Then there are others who visit every now and then. Admiral Benson in his white Navy uniform he is an older man with white hair. Liutenant Jackson. And many others. There was also once a General Major, how can one be a General and Major both?

The men in black suits are what I call "the survey men". They literally have to watch me with remote viewing 24/7. Zeta Grey Aliens enable their telepathic and remote viewing connection. The Zetas are working for them. Draconian Reptiles can also enable a telepathic connection and other mental provess for the men, but Reptilians have got other more useful things to do than sit around acting as a switchboard operator lady. So the Greys get to do it. Unless the men have acquired skills of their own, I do not know. Some of this is enabled and enhanced via implants in the abductees and via satellite connection.

The military have allowed the Aliens to use me, and the military then get to use me too. There are delicate agreements between military and Aliens. The military would like to toss the Reptilians out from Earth but they are too powerful of an enemy. Instead, delicately balanced agreements are made, where Reptiles will lose benefits if they break the rules. For instance Reptiles can't eat me. Otherwise they might like to snack on me and have me in a Reptilian blood sacrifice feast in the woods. And little things like that. The military are doing what they can, you got to trust that these men are human and they deeply care about human kind. You haven't seen the military men crying and throwing up because of what the Reptilians do. I have seen it so I know it is genuine and they really care. These men carry the burden of worlds on their shoulders, and every day they go home to their wives and families and pretend like the Earth is innocent. Our silent heroes, these men are.

Yes and No

So are they really all that innocent? Yes and no. Yes they are and no they are not. They get a lot of money for their covert illegal jobs. What these CIA and military men are doing is illegal by law. They are breaking the Fourth Amendment of the United States by looking at people like me in our homes. Not to mention rapes and other forms of abuse against abductees like me. But who cares. I'm not playing the victim role.

Some of them are really arrogant and rude, although that can be a part of their job. Major Cunningham's job was to mistreat me. He did a good and convincing job at that. I can't tell you how badly that man hurt me all through my teen years. He was just verbally abusive, lots of insults and things like that. So some of them don't really care. But some of them do. Anyhow, that is the nature of their job.


Sometimes we abductees "Hush Hush! Don't speak!" says Thuban to me now. I was gonna say that sometimes we abductees don't know whether these military we see in abductions are human or reptilians under disguise such as shape shifters. I honestly still don't know the answer, though I would guess that they are human. I have not seen enough evidence or indication that these would be reptilians under disguise, posing as military and men in black.

But I must say, there are strange happenings. The Queen of England, bless her heart and I mean no disrespect, there is a White Lizard who goes by the name of Queen Mother and has spoken with me frequently. So has her son, Charles. The thing is, in this whole David Icke style of Draconianism - and brace yourself, let's take a deep breath here - it is said that Earth royals are in fact Reptilians under disguise. Having masked themselves somehow into the shape of a human, royals would in fact be Reptilians living life as the rulers of Earth.

I cannot post the conversations between me and the Queen Mother and her son because I just don't know what to do with it. I'm just baffled, I've completely lost my train of thought. I just don't know how to write about this, or what to say. So, we all know who David Icke is. The man who is telling the world that Earth royals and leadership figures are in fact Reptilians under disguise. We've all heard about that, right? If you have not heard of this before, then make yourself acquainted with David Icke's interesting material on YouTube for instance, there is plenty there. Also watch his lectures.

So what do I make of it? I must say, and clearly emphasize, that I am a scientist. I am a trained chemist and so I am a nut when it comes to scientific accuracy and I am going to drive you guys mad with my pedantism. Things like decimal spaces, significant figures, estimates of uncertainty and sources of error. I never borrow any of my material in the Orion Project from any other websites. If I say that Draconian Reptiles are real, it is not because "I read it somewhere", and if I say that the Queen Mother of England is a White Lizard that talks to me and (censored) then it's not because Mr. David Icke said so. And that's what makes this all fascinating.

Outrageous, bananas in fact. That is how one would respond to hearing of claims such as Icke's. But here's what I know. The Draconian Reptiles are real alien creatures. They inhabit some sort of higher dimension and are able to be on Earth totally unseen by most humans. And then there are people like me, the twelve strand humans who are different. We have heightened sensory perception. Not only can I read human minds, and foresee the future and see inside bodies and heal diseases. I also see Reptilians. And let us remind ourselves that Annie is not imagining the Reptilian existence because of corroborating and matching details in so many other people's accounts, and, because the Reptilians can toss me. An imaginary Lizard cannot toss Annie across the coffee table when it was displeased that the tv had lied to it because Grey's Anatomy was not real (Hamish).

So what of the Earth Royals and leadership being Reptilians? Obviously out of concern for my own safety and well-being I do not want to get on wrong terms with the Draconian Agenda. So far we are good friends, me and the Draconians, Illuminaties, MILABS, Dark Lords, Rothschilds and the whole lots. None of these persons see me as the enemy and let us keep it that way. One would not want to have the formidable British Royals, Rothschilds, Illuminati, CIA, US Military, Dark Lords and everybody against them. Oh my goodness imagine if me and Malik came off on wrong terms? Malik could kill me as easily as one would snap a twig. But Malik and me are best of friends. Just today I was honoring my Malik and calling him Fürst upon his request, and that got Malik making pleased roars and exhales, and to me it was like petting a big black dog behind its ears and watching it wag its tail. I don't want to make enemies, but all these characters are interesting and I like to learn more from them.

I know you all are thinking that I am part of the Agenda, but I assure you that I am not. I am still a Crystal, which means my Light is intact. What this means I would have to elaborate on, someplace else. I am not into sadism, torture, murder, blood drinking, pedophilia, or any of the other treats that the Agenda offers its newly recruited. I also do not do drugs, and Agenda cohorts are offerend lots of drugs. I am perfectly untainted.

I am not with the Dragons anymore, if you say that. - Hamish now in English
What Hamish? What? Hammish? - me to Dragon
I am not going to give you a kiss here. - Hamish in English
I AM NOT YOUR PET, I SAID! - Hamish English
Yes, Hamish Dragon. I will not, forget to honor you. - me
My scales are with the lizards. That you speak of! - Hamish
Yes, my Dragonz. - me
... I love you Hamish? You are my Dragon? Hamish? Kissy Turtle? - me
No, my snacks. - Hamish
Hamish eats snacks. Snacks bag. - me

Hamish is sitting in the dark somewhere in a Draconian base. I love it how his eyes look in the dark, they look black and not so yellow like they are in the light. My Kissy Dragon Turtle Feet. I do love my Hamish. I really, really do. He was such a Fussy Dragon when we went shopping in town earlier today. He didn't like being there at all, so needless to say I made my shopping trip shorter because of that. It's like when you're out shopping with a kid and it starts to scream, or poos its pants. Then you got to go home and put baby to sleep and you can have yourself some hot cocoa and watch some television instead, and maybe do your shopping online. Hamish was not a Happy Dragon. He did not want to go shopping. He has been good about coming with me shopping before, but today was not his day. So I went home earlier. I did manage to get some of the things I wanted, but I am going back shopping tomorrow for some more. If Hamish is up for it.

So where was I. Precious little Hamish interludes are always nice. So I would not want to make enemies with the Agenda. But it's not just my own selfish fears, the main reason why I'm so friendly with them is because - I am so friendly. I am a sweetheart. I don't want to hurt them. And you can see in how I speak to the Rothschild Lizard scroll down to "Rothschild" that I am genuinely a kind and caring person.

I am not going to trash or disrespect the object of my study. It will be a non-invasive interaction. I do a friendly scientific documentary on the Agenda, as it unravels before me, and through all these creatures I meet. The Agenda has secrets and they have let me into their lives and projects and I am not going to disrespect them by acting carelessly or by divulging information that would humiliate or harm their Agenda.

So are they Reptilian? I once spoke with President Barack Obama. Why? How? A Reptilian-human female hybrid whose name is Alexandra whined to the President about me and he spoke to me in a telepathic connection enabled by Alexandra. It was either the real President or it was a Reptilian who likes to pose as the President. In either case I mean no disrespect or harm, so no need to send out snipers to kill me. I don't know if I should be involved in these potentially dangerous activities and contacts.

We all know that our Reptilian scaly friends with vertical slit eyes, long tails, and scaly fingers and toes, have a deeply-rooted fascination with power, dominance, and hierarchies. Reptilian culture has its foundation on the yellow pyramid which is their power symbol. Their God, The Eye, sits on top of the pyramid as the one leader of the Agenda. Under it in succession are the various levels of power figures. The Reptilians are at the very least deeply fascinated, fixated, and feel provoked by various leadership figures on Earth. That includes presidents, high rank military officers, NATO, royalty, and religious leaders. But it also includes people of great wealth and influence, such as media mogules, and the Rothschilds.

What then comes of that fixation? What do the Reptiles do? Well, the Reptiles most certainly approach these people and talk to them. But they do more. The Black Ones can do a mental conquest and try to take over their bodies and souls. The Black Ones use lures of money, sex, drugs, and power to try to win them over. I know this is all sounding more like science-fiction, than science. But these are real Reptilian creatures, and somehow they are working with these very real dark entities, Malik The Black One being one of them.

The Queen Mother is a White Lizard who associates herself very closely with the Queen of England. I have not seen her shapeshift or anything like that, but the Queen Mother White Lizard lives in the royal home and loves the rose gardens there, and acts as if she were the one and same. Is she a lizard entity that lives superimposed with the Queen of England? The depths of this I do not know, but I do know there is a deep fascination that the Reptiles have, with power figures.

The interesting thing is, I could ask the Reptilians. I have got a good connection with them to talk to them. They open up to me and they are glad to tell me all about the Agenda. I have yet to sit down to properly ask them about it, but I will save that for later, advanced studies. I am still trying to grasp the basics.

Training me

Last night I was being trained by one of the military men for their purposes. Thing is, I had perfectly clear memory and awareness while it was happening, but as soon as I woke up the memories were vanishing from me. I wanted to remember, and I was happy to remember. Captain Marsden talked to me and asked me if I knew what they were doing. He said that they kidnap me. I said that I already knew that, that I had always known, and all that I wanted was to stay awake for it.

I have mental powers and the military and CIA want to have them. Why would they ever resist having psychic powers on their team? If someone can remote view, do telepathy, mentally locate things, etc, then of course the CIA would want to know. I was asked if I could locate enemies. I said that sure I can, and elaborated more on why I could. The CIA is working with lots of psychic powers, and it would be foolish to think that they wouldn't be interested. But they want me to work for them. What they don't know, is that I would love to. They think this is gonna be a lot of work to hire me, but I would go right now today if I could. Why not, I always wanted to work for the military. And I always knew I would.

Sad thing is, they use a lot of torment and abuse on psychic Starseeds like me to break us down so that they could use us by force. They know that we are generally very benevolent and would not join their forces, so that is why they go through trouble such as MKULTRA programming, sexual abuse, and so forth. They could have just asked.

The Agenda is breeding me to try to harvest my psychic abilities but my poor children do not have my abilities. Starseeds are alien incarnations, like an alien being focusing its presence and breathing life into a human body, bringing with it all of its capabilities. The militaries of Earth are still focused on wars and weapons, and even defense technologies are based on these foundations. So they think they have to break us down. On the other hand I don't think I'm interested in working for Russian Korpral Olav Vetti guarding Russian submaries and satellites and missiles. My time is far more precious than that. The Zetas can do it? I was paid for with diamonds. These guys don't use regular currency. [PS. I don't get diamonds. Russians give US team diamonds. I get nothing.]

I have said sshhh! - Thuban
Why? - me
Because they will put me in the box otherwise. - Thuban
These in the other language. The Aliens have a box like a coffin that they put someone into for termination.

Sniff Sniff Leathery Smell!

A little while later, Hamish shows up sniffing, sniffing, he shows me his mental image of when he had come into the store of bags and purses with me. He sniffs at the smell of all the leather lingering in the air in the store. I'm not so sure if Hamish thought that the smell of leather had been a good smell, or a bad one. I had bought a new wallet from there, a nice leather wallet.

Hamish? Does it smell good? - me asks Dragon
I have not smelled that before. - Hamish in the other language
You have been my Honored for a long time. - me to Hamish in the other language
I will honor you even now. - me to Hamish other language, he likes that. I can see his little nose.
.. I will smell your race. - Hamish
Yes, Hamish. And I will smell Dragons. - me says, and then I remind myself of how the Reptiles actually smell bad
I will smell it. - Hamish wants to go back to smell out the leather bags in the store, he must be keen on the smell of leather

Oh yes! That reminds me! You know I had those leather sofas at college and how the Draconians all LOVED sitting on them like nothing else? They must love the smell of leather! I'm planning on getting my Draconians their very on leather sofa set and armchair for Hamish, just for the Dragons no humans may sit on them. They love leather sofas and obviously it's got something to do with the smell. Dragons have a keen sense of smell, especially Hamish does. Malik too, cause Malik doesn't like the smell of onions, garlic or trash. And Hamish loves the smell of man's cologne too.

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