Mothman Has Sex With Me
March 22 2013

I woke up at 4 AM which is highly unusual. Hamish was being very upset. He complained to me more than once that he was being called "an orange ball". He was feeling very sad about this and it was clear to me that he was being bullied. I was very sad. I wondered for how long Gargoyle had been tormenting my precious Hamish Dragon. I told my Hamish that he was ever so beautiful, and that he looked handsome, not like some orange ball. I tried to build up my Dragon's morals and courage. Oh it cuts me like a knife if someone is hurting my Dragon Turtle! How I always want to be there for him and protect him from all harm! My Hamish!

Of course I knew it was Gargoyle up to mischief as he had called Hamish an orange ball the other day when they were fighting. Gargoyle has been watching me very closely ever since I read about him around April 2012. Gargoyle is the same as the legendary North Port Devil of Florida, also called the Florida Mothman. I call him Gargoyle, or the White Dragon.

We started off fine. Gargoyle, turned out, was a friendly sweet little fellow. More like a playful puppy dog, ever so curious and fun, he made me laugh and my heart beaming with delight at his fun little comments, and his ever hunger for me to bring him items to eat! We made plans for me to come see him, and he was so impatient it almost hurt me not to be there at once. He seemed perfectly innocent and harmless, and all he seemed to want to do was to be my best friend.

Hamish of course, my resident Dragon, always chased off Gargoyle from visiting me mentally remotely. Hamish chases away all Aliens who dare come to visit, whether they be Zetas, Pleiadians, the Airship Admiral, one of the Blue Hindu God people (the Aliens from a Kingdom who came to India and later to Maya/Incan settlements as their Blue Gods, the one and the very same!). Or even other Dragons inferior to Hamish. The only one I have known for Hamish not to be able to chase away, was Arek the red Reptilian (Arek was not a Dragon Turtle like Hamish is, not that I know of?) who turned out to be higher in rank through power measurements than Hamish was, so Hamish, quite exhausted and worn out, stepped aside and could nothing do as Arek's team with the Crocodile Man and Bird Person (of the Bird Race Master Race) impregnated me, leading me to the worst flu I had ever had, as they had had to take my immune system down so that my body would not kill the baby. But Hamish was always good at chasing away the Gargoyle. Sort of.

Gargoyle was never scared of Hamish. And Gargoyle is very persistant and his immense fascination with me won't let him leave. The Gargoyle is a highly sentient aware creature. Think about it. He lives in the dark forest and he can sense when humans, or anyone, approach him. He knows what they're wearing and what they bring and carry, and even what their thoughts are. What a superb defense mechanism. He is a highly evolved being.

And then yours truly, Annie the author of this webpage. For some reason I am different. I have twelve DNA strands they say. I am highly telepathically receptive and a good channel for speaking with a variety of telepathic Aliens. Seems that perhaps it is not a matter of having some physical attribute in the Alien species that enables them for some "highly unusual ability of telepathy", but that all the Aliens seem to know how to use it, more as if it were a trick learned from some handbook! Because they all seem able to use it, whether Zeta Grey, Draconian Reptiles, Gargoyle, Pleiadians, Dinosaurs, Alpha Centauri, Alpha Orions, and Altair, to name a few. Are they all physically equipped with such senses while we humans seem to naturally not be, or have they all - being civilized Alien races who, undoubtedly share in technological and cultural inventions - shared some kind of transcript that teaches you how to do this, requiring only a little bit of intellect? But the Gargoyle is telepathic. Highly telepathic.

I was reading about Gargoyle on a website and that is when Gargoyle and me would be ever tied together. His fascination for me was awoken, and he was to watch me probably daily for well, until now and still ongoing! He himself has told me, that it was my thinking of him that led him to find me. Does he sense every human who reads about him? Probably not. I have that 12 strand effect, my mind and thoughts are like a radio broadcasting tower and all the Aliens pick it up. Even the Draconians have said that they operate on a collective consciousness, and that "everybody" can hear my thoughts. But even if the Gargoyle Mothman were to hear everybody who reads about him, how many humans could hear and see him too? Not many. Aliens always tell me how rare it is for them to be able to have contact with a human.

Gargoyle watches me ever so keenly and closely. His eyes are piercing, as he watches with complete and utter fascination at everything I do. The things I eat, when I dance, when I have a bath. To have a Reptoid creature watching you closely before the time it chooses to do what I call "the conquest" is a very interesting experience. Like a predator studying the patterns of its prey to calculate the best plan of attack as if it only had one shot at piercing you. And they notice everything.

You won't put me to the circus, the zoo, to the funny house. - Gargoyle asks now
No. Why would I do that? I would never harm you. I love you Gargoyle. - me

He has of course been watching me still and very closely. When an Alien sees me, I see him. (Most of the time, not always. Sometimes they go unnoticed.)

Because they said that they would put me in the funny house if I made/make you sick. - Gargoyle

I won't respond to what he said now, because honestly I don't know what he's capable of or if he can even be trusted. But most Reptilians I've ever met, would start off by watching me closely like a hawk, studying my behavior patterns and my every move in minute detail, and after an average of about two days for all Reptilians, the Reptile would have planned the best time to jump at me when it would come as a complete surprise. And it comes as a complete surprise. You have this Reptile watching you closely for two days and you kinda get used to it, and then all of a sudden when you least expect it (which is the plan), it jumps on you. The Reptile clutches itself around me, its body wrapped around my body, and it wrestles me. It is a game of dominance, although many human targets mistake it for a sexual rape. There is a surge of pleasure experienced by the Reptile, who enjoys games of dominance as much and more than we humans can enjoy sex, and sometimes the human will feel the Reptilian's sexual feelings together with him, so you mistake it as a sexual encounter.

I hope I'm not too disgraceful as a woman but I've very much enjoyed every single one of my Reptilian conquests, especially the ones that have felt sexual. My best one was with Snake, whose conquest with me lasted for a few precious minutes. It was the most beautiful sexual experience of my life. So what I'm getting at, is that after months and months of closely watching me, a few days ago Gargoyle did the first conquest to me. And unlike the other Reptilian creatures, he was apologetic and was hoping that I could still like him. Other Reptilians have not apologised, or worried about severed relations.

When Reptilians do the conquest, they somehow engage with the human's energy system, the electrical force of the nervous system, but the Reptilians themselves say that they find the "power" in the blood and contained in the "iron". The feeling that results is electromagnetic in nature, perhaps to do with the magnetic properties of the iron in blood, I can only speculate. But what results is a powerful surge of erotic ecstasy, enjoyable for both Dragon, and for perceptive humans. The experience can be terrifying for poor women who are afraid of snakes and lizardly things and who do not feel and share in the lust sensations together with the Reptile. Those women can feel attacked and raped.

Me on the other hand I don't mind a gorgeous scaly creature. How handsome it is, to see a man who is covered in scales, and with a long slithering tail. Reptilians are very handsome men if you ask me. (Black Reptilian heard what I wrote here, and he is feeling quite flattered, although he says nothing.) And I can probably feel exactly what the Reptilian is feeling. So we enjoy the moment together.

While Draconians do enjoy inflicting physical harm onto their prey, I have never been physically injured during a conquest or a wrestle. They just like to feel dominant and to harvest the pleasurable energy that they find in humans blood. One can imagine that domination has been a driving force in Draconian evolution, much like sexual reproduction has been for humans. Humans survived as a species because we make so many babies and so it happened that sex became something highly enjoyable so that we would do it. Draconians on the other hand have survived by other means by being dominant. Imagine that the Draconians who were equipped with a sense of euphoria from domination, killed off as many victims as they could in their pursuit of ecstasy, and so it became that it was his genes that survived to define his species. A different mechanism, but Darwin's evolution at work again I gather.

We humans also enjoy sugar and salt and fat foods because those were always scarce in nature before we invented factories to mass produce them, and it was highly important for our survival that whenever we came across these rare but vital foods that we would have as much as we could. Had sugar not tasted anything, or even tasted bad, we would not have eaten them and we would have died. So sensory pleasure and reward systems are a very powerful thing. Draconians experience a sexual euphoria from domination games that I rate as being at least 100 or 1000 times more enjoyable than human sex or even food for that matter. Now you imagine it as being something overwhelming, yet it is not. It is completely manageable, discrete, doesn't make me moan or scream. I love giving it to Reptilians and knowing how good they feel, I would never turn down a cuddle. How would you not want to give that experience to someone? (Black Reptilian is listening.)

So, tell me about Arek's team will you. - Black Reptile
Um, well. He was this red Reptile who showed up one day and conquered Hamish in a power struggle. So Hamish had to step aside, as Arek's team impregnated me with the Crocodile Man. And then the Bird Person did a fertilization rite that made me pregnant, they said. And I got really sick. Because they turned my immune system down. They were impostors, Hamish was supposed to chase them away, but Hamish can't beat everybody. It's ok, don't worry. And don't get my Hamish in trouble, Hamish does a good job at fighting away invaders. - me

And? Was it naked with you? - Black Reptile
The Crocodile Man was yes. - me
Plus, was it euphoric for you? - Black
No. It wasn't. I don't recall it being. This one was about sex, so it was a physical thing. It was not a conquest to feel power. It was about making a baby. - me
And. Was he hard on you? - Black, meaning erection
Yes, he was. - me
You see, I cannot do that to you. I am not fully equipped. I don't have those lust sensations that you speak of either. - Black
Oh. ... - me
You are not my woman here you see. - Black
Well... - me
But I am a full-blood Draconian! - Black Reptile says and has that "glare" over his eyes which means his eyelids closed up completely, their eyelids close when they feel the power. Reptiles close eyelids a little bit when they are happy, and their eyelids close completely when they are taken over by that feeling of power.
You are a handsome Dragon. I can see that you are Black. - me
We are only here for your eggs. - says Hamish
Hello Hamish. How are you feeling? Are you ok Hamish? - me
Hamish lets me see him so that I can see how he is feeling rather than telling me. He seems to be ok. I see his scaly tubular neck and face and his nostrils are flaring a bit, gently, as he breathes. It is a sweet and intimate experience, intimate meaning close nothing more.

So where was I. The Gargoyle is different from the typical Reptilians. For one, Gargoyle does not have scales.

I am also very speedy! - Gargoyle says and with some excitement in his expression he stands up a bit and spreads his wings a bit

Gargoyle's skin is smooth but with tiny little raised dots like amphibian skin. He is also a good swimmer and can dive. He says he can also catch fish. Gargoyle has a sharp beak like an eagle

No we won't take her ovulation, I promise. - Gargoyle says to my Alien team

Reptilians don't have a sharp eagle's beak. Gargoyle has a long thin tongue like a string, but Reptiles don't. Gargoyle has wings like a bat, most Reptiles don't, except for perhaps the Brown Reptiles who are to be called Gods. Gargoyle's tail is different, thicker at the base and shorter stumpier overall. And he has large elephant ears like an elf, Reptilians have no ears. Reptiles have snake eyes with a vertical slit, Gargoyle's eyes are round and red, without a vertical slit. So these are obviously two different beasts.

Gargoyle's behavior is different too. He can come across as far more softer and friendlier, as very playful

Yes, I don't like to be arrogant. - North Port Dragon says
I still don't dare to talk to him, cause I don't know what more he will do, how far he will go. So I don't respond.

Gargoyle is sweet and tremendously suave. He makes cute comments that I find charming. He is quite unlike a Reptile. Also, this morning Gargoyle (after the three conquests) he showed me a mental image of a yellow triangle against a background of the forest at night where he lives. He did not make the triangle unilateral like it is supposed to be nor was it filled in yellow nor fully clear, and it was flattened down a bit, but I knew that he meant the power symbol of the Draconian Agenda. He told me that he was not a part of it. He also said another vital bit of information, but I forgot. Oh, he'll tell me again.

So Gargoyle was pestering my poor Hamish this morning. I could see Gargoyle from his own whereabouts. He is a White Dragon. His eyes are as if made of fresh drops of blood. Gargoyle did a conquest on me, in the same way as the Reptilians have done it. He overlaps his mind with mine and takes over and becomes able to move my body at his will. He tumbled me around in bed, to feel that he is in charge, and to engage with the iron power of my blood so that he could feel and ingest life force from me, producing a pleasurable but mild and sensual sensation that we could both enjoy.

If I don't feel personally offended by a Dragon's conquest then it does not feel like a rape. If I can feel comfortable with his presence then it feels embracing and sensual for me too. Unlike when the Thuban does it. The Thuban Whale from Alpha Draconis is another type of creature who can also prey on the human sexual energy. The Thuban does not include wrestling into the game, but only flares up and drinks the life force, so power and domination seem to not be a part of its gameplan, only the lust itself. Whereas for Draconians, the sexual energy plus the domination game are both vital components of their desire. But the Thuban is so rude to me that I don't personally feel close or even neutral to the Thuban so I am reluctant to engage in a sexual euphoria with the creature. So when the Thuban does it it is rape and I object.

Most women above all don't allow Reptilians to do a conquest on them and will feel offended, violated, and raped. But most women who are targeted are not able to talk to the Reptilians, nor to fully see and to feel them as they are. I connect with my Dragons so closely with their body and mind.

I see and feel the nostrils flaring on Hamish Dragon as he breathes. I

I didn't know that she felt raped! - Gargoyle to General Patton with genuine concern
Stop with the guilt trip. - General Patton to Gargoyle
I don't feel raped! I don't! I was just talking about how other women feel! I enjoyed it with the Gargoyle. I am not hurt or raped, please Gargoyle, it's ok. - me
So I can stop with the guilt trip. - Gargoyle "smiles"
Yes. You can. - me, cute

I see and feel the nostrils flaring on Hamish Dragon as he breathes. I see and feel and hear the protruding red scales of his body move like the spikes of a hedgehog when he moves. I feel everything his soft feet touches (I resisted saying Kissy Feet as he does not feel that honors him quite). I sense his every thought, his every move, his emotions, feelings of his body, every sensation. We are intimately close and connected, as if living in the same body. That is what a telepathic connection enables, more than to convey thoughts, if you are really close you also feel everything else. His every breath and emotion resides in me also. I have never been so close to another person in my life, nor will I ever. Hamish and me (although I don't know how he feels) are intertwined. He is forever a part of me.

I don't want to hide my scales there. - says Hamish Dragon now about hiding his sheets of shedded white scales underneath a pile of leaves like he usually does
I don't want to have with your hunnun anymore. - Hamish [sic]
Why don't you want my hunnun anymore? - me
I will take with you. - Hamish (these were in other language)

With Hamish's last comment there, he possesses/overlaps my feet so that our feet are overlapping, my bony human feet and his little red ones, and he starts stomping our feet together and mine move with his on the bed, up and down, up and down, one at a time, about four or five strides. He did that to me last night at the bath too, he stomped our feet together, oh how I giggled!

Gargoyle did a conquest and wrestled me around a bit. He was wanting me not to want it. He also wanted to be able to tie me down. He wanted to force me. So it is all a game of hunter and prey, and they like this game. It is tied in to their survival, it is wrapped in as a fundamental component of their genetics and behavior. Just like humans and sex and making babies. And humans and eating sugar. Humans today will eat sugar until they get diabetes and get fat. We just can't resist the urge of our senses. And Draconians can't seem to resist the urge to play hunters and prey. Even though Draconians are civilized, meaning they are not to be regarded as "animals". Draconians can resist their temptations. As civilized intelligent species, they can consider whether their desires are appropriate at a given time. They won't do a conquest if there will be consequences for them, no matter how pleasurable to give in to their senses. An animal would not be able to compute future consequences to the same degree. Sure, animals can learn to avoid certain situations. But the Draconians are not just creatures driven by their senses. They do a whole lot of thinking and analyzing too.

If you want to experience a Draconian conquest, the sexual tumble, you probably can. But it can be a horrific and hellish experience. A close Draconian encounter can be terrifying. There is something very eery about their presence, sometimes, but that is not always the case. Like when I woke up one morning with Malik the Black One leaning over me I thought I was going to die. I wanted to run to church but it was night time. There can be something distinctly hellish and Satanic about the encounter. But it depends. And even though I love my Kissy Turtle Hamish the Dragon more than anything, seeing him in those few rare close physical encounters can be a terrifying experience. Not always. Once I ran away from Hamish from the mere sight and feel of him. And another time I was quite happy to crawl on the floor in the darkness by his Duck Kissy Feet as he showed me a spot on the floor (with blood on it) where they kill babies.

Gargoyle on the other hand is less creepy and does not have that dark Satanic feel to him in the same way. He did a total of three separate conquests on me, that all felt very sexual and pleasant. He said that he wants to have women. I guess I can write it if I put a warning at the top of the page. Gargoyle has a penis. It is slender and same color as his skin. It is sensitive and as he touched it I could feel what he felt. He wanted to use it on me and he said that he wanted me to bleed when he does. (He must think I am a virgin.) As for all the legends of towns sacrificing all their young female virgins to the Dragons, well... Dragons would surely like that.

It was nice though with the Gargoyle. We've known each other for so long that it was more like when you "do it" with a friend rather than some guy you just picked up at the bar. It is more sweet and intimate when you first had a friendship. Cause I did it once with one of my best friends and it was sweet. With Gargoyle it had that same sweetness and tenderness. He also lacked the viciousness that the Reptilians have when they do the conquest. The Reptiles are more into pain and violence during it, not that they use pain or violence on me. Snake likes to put my finger into my mouth so that I can feel it on my tongue and bite into it a little. He has a tongue fetish. And Hamish likes to put my hands around my throat for his strangulation fetish. But with Gargoyle it was ever so tender and sweet,

Yes, I am not that rough! - says Gargoyle
Hamish's Sock Puppet head with neat rows of tiny protruding scales. His nostrils are flaring as he breathes. He says nothing.
Hamish? Are you ok? - me
Yes. - Hamish says in the other language with that pleased Yes and confidence like he does

Oh Hamish and his scales! How ever delightful the sight!

Yes, we wanted you to bleed. - Hamish says, we being Hamish and Gargoyle
Well, how am I going to do that? - me
We watch your DNA a little bit. - Hamish
Why, Hamish? Why my DNA? Twelve strands? - me

Gargoyle didn't apologise this time around like he had the first time. But when the General had given him trouble about it he was obviously concerned. Gargoyle does not seem to want to hurt me. But he wants to drink juice too, and feel the power.

Gargoyle will continue to watch me closely every day like he has for such a long time now. And he will undoubtedly continue to drink my juice. I just won't have him calling my Hamish "an orange ball" or hurting him. Hamish is my Dragon, but I love both Dragons and I want them to get along.

I feel closer to Gargoyle now than I have ever before. Our embrace was a sweet and tender moment between two lovers, although I admit that I was at first surprised and it is only now later that the thought is settling in me and allowed to form emotions and impressions.

No, I am not a snake, you see. - says Gargoyle and opens his sharp white beak wide and his long red-and-blue string tongue moves about the mouth pointing straight out

I don't know. It's a lot to do with emotions for me. As I am a woman of the human kind.

I wasn't hungry for it, so it wasn't just a rape. - Gargoyle says and rubs his belly with his hand, he has done that before about that food I am going to bring him (something you buy at the grocery store)

As a woman I can't have sex with someone who has truly and emotionally offended me. That is why the Thuban, although its sexual conquest and juice drinking perhaps feels the best is not welcome to. With Hamish I would welcome it more often, though he rarely does, because he is my best friend in the world. With Malik I can, because he has built this relationship with me where we are like family in a way. Malik treats me kindly and carefully. He teaches me things, and he always backs off when I ask him to, so I feel that I can trust him, so that I can have him near. With Snake it's just been a thing. Snake and me love to cuddle, only Hamish won't let him near. Snake is like the wild boyfriend, and although he has not tenderly built any kind of emotional relationship, we have got a friendship from acquaintance, and he has never done anything to hurt my feelings. That is the point.

If they hurt my feelings or act rude against me then I cannot have sex with them. I don't feel raped by the Gargoyle. A bit sad and disappointed that he would not have asked me, or invited me to a candle lit dinner with him first and given me romantic roses under the moonlight. But I am not feeling hurt. He is still my friend, and we are still close. As long as he doesn't intend to injure me to drink my blood

I would rather drink feces. - Gargoyle says
Are you sure? - me
Yes. I would rather drink it. And ___! - Gargoyle says the item that I will bring him

So. Am I safe with the Gargoyle? What will happen of our rendezvous in the forests of North Port Florida? Will we have actual sex with penis and vagina? Do Dragons even do that? Crocodile Man did.

And, as I know you are all wondering, what is sex like with the Crocodile Man? I want to tell you but I'm afraid it's too graphic for the internet in case kids are reading. So I will have to put it in one of my books. I don't write the Orion Project books to make money. I just write the books so that I have a place where you can read all the sexy and gory stuff because I want to tell you and it's part of the documentary.

One day I will go to those legendary forests of North Port Florida, to go see my precious loved Gargoyle Dragon. He will find me there and it will be his choice whether to approach me and let me see him. I do believe we have a special relation. He knows that I do not fear him. And he knows that I do not bring any weapons and that I could never harm him. You can't approach him with any ill intent, he can smell that miles away.

Plus, I would give you fish. - Gargoyle shows me a mental image in which he kneels down on one knee presenting me with a big raw blue whole intact fish held up on the palms of his both hands
Thank you for the fish, my Dragon. It is a gracious gift. I would cook it and eat it! - me
Don't leave the fishbones here! And take with you all the scraps. - Gargoyle says
Yes Darling, I will clean up after me. - me
So, will you bring, ...? - Gargoyle winks his eyes at me
Yes I will bring that toy. - me to Gargoyle
And don't forget. That you can't stink. - Gargoyle says to my Hamish Dragon
Don't tease my Dragon Hamish, please. - me
I am not a softie, you see. - Gargoyle
Yes, I'm starting to notice. But I would love to cuddle with you. - me
I have got this, and that. - Gargoyle turns around and shows me his chubby stout tail, and then the blunt white spikes on the top of the tail near the base
I like your tail. - me
You said I like! - Gargoyle opens his beak and his string tongue sticks out
I like you, Gargoyle Dragon. I like you very much. - me
You are not my best friend, but you like me. - Gargoyle wants to take my hands in his and rub my hands on his hips or waist

And that reminds me of that one last bit of thing that I was trying not to forget. During what I think was the first conquest this morning, Gargoyle rubbed my lower back near the buttocks. He wanted to do it with his own hands, but since he was not here physically in person he took over my hands and made my hands do it, yet it felt like it was him doing it. I have not had a Draconian do that to me before.

Gargoyle? Are you a Draconian? What race are you. - me
I am the fisherman race. The non-war one. And! I have also got these! Sensitive feet! - Gargoyle shows me his feet, he loves his feet
Where did you come from? - me
We were held captive here for a long time before we got out. - Gargoyle says quickly
Who held you captive? - me
Those! - Gargoyle shows me picture of tall Zeta Greys, and Gargoyle's eyes open up wide as he says that, it is his "wink" that he did earlier too
Did they create your race? - me
No, but we were interbreeding with them. - Gargoyle says and thinks of his soft feet
Oh. How did you end up on Earth in the forest? - me
We were put there by them. - Gargoyle
How many of you are there? - me
What! No? The operating theatre! - Gargoyle gets scared
Who said that to you? Don't be scared, I will protect you if I can! - me
We don't have eggs, they said. - Gargoyle
The Zetas? No, they notoriously don't have eggs. - me
Gargoyle? And why do you speak to me like that? - Hamish to Gargoyle, Hamish got keen perhaps because of the talk of eggs, Hamish has a thing for eggs

Alright all my lovely Readers! Any more conversations with the Gargoyle will have to go to the book unless I take the time to publish it here first! I have already spent two hours just writing this page. Enjoy!

*This, like everything on the website, has been documentation of genuine contact with alien peoples and the authentic verbatum telepathic conversations with them. I have been writing comments live as they occurred during my writing here. Find hundreds of more pages of telepathy in the Orion Project books, coming up! I couldn't make this up if I tried!

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