Lingonberry Dragon
March 19 2013

Hello! No disturbing content in this one! Just an awesome story about a girl and her Dragon.

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Sensei in my bathtub

"Look what the cat dragged in", I sometimes think when this happens. Only the cat is a big, fire engine red Dragon Turtle and the mouse is one of the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men. It is like Hamish's show and tell. While Hamish has a life of his own here with me, being the cute Dragon cooed over by this silly girl you know and love as Annie, he has also got another life entirely, when he visits Japan with the Dragon Dynasty. While here, Hamish is my Sweet Kissy Turtle Sock Foot. And while there, a revered and highly respected DRAGON! And I wonder who Hamish really is. Is he the ever curious and gentle person who likes to see things like orange Japanese carp in the water, little yellow flowers underneath his feet, and who wants to bite Santa because he is red. Hamish is Hamish, but we, his associates, are different.

One of Hamish's favorite things
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So I am sick today. Yes, yours truly has been very ill on this day. It started around noon and I was feeling very weak. It should have been a vomiting disease, only yours truly is ever so stubborn to not let that happen. So it didn't. Also some fever, and feeling really weak. I can't walk or stand up without leaning on things for support. It's one of the few times that I can remember when I have been sick while under the Dragon Agenda which started in August 2011. So it's always interesting to see this from a different angle. To see what they do, and what happens, when I am really sick.

While I was having a necessary hot bath trying to survive my nausea and weakness, Hamish showed up like he always does. Hamish follows me around wherever I go, he is my trusted companion and we go through life together. He has been my close companion since August 2011, and now I can't think of life without him. In the beginning, as you can read in my first book coming out soon, I was rightfully afraid of him, and our relationship was one of harshness, where he

Yes, and then you surrendered. - Hamish says now in English
Yes Hamish. I love you now. You are my Dragon Turtle. - me
Don't say Kissy Feet! - Hamish
I haven't said Kissy Feet in a while. I'm sorry about that, my Honored scales. - me
My feet are not a nauseating subject. - Hamish
No, my Dragon.. - me
That is why they can be here now. - Hamish, concerned about my nausea
Your feet make me feel healthy and strong. You are helping me, by being here. - me
... Hunnun. - I say to Dragon Turtle because of his silence. Just to leave it on a friendly note.

One of harshness with his constant reminders that I need to Honor him with every sentence by adding "my Honored" to everything I say to him. Every last little thing, or he would remind me. And with constant subtle verbal threats made against me. So it didn't start out like this, with my Kissy Turtle. Things weren't always the same. But now is. And I couldn't live without him.

I slipped into a hot bath to try to survive my nausea and feeling weak. What happens whenever Annie decides to have a bath? Well, the Aliens come around because - and this time they told me one of the reasons why - I am now still and in the same place. And they can talk to me now. (They also want to see if I will masturbate. Oops, this was supposed to be a child-friendly page.) So, Hamish puts me in mental connection with none other than our beloved Sensei. The Japanese Dragon Dynasty man. Only at first I can't for the love of god remember his name. Ah, Sensei, I am told a whilte later.

Sensei is sitting in his Kendo dojo and has the long sword with him. He is a Kendo expert you know. But Sensei starts talking to me, and I am not in the mood. Ok, I'm a proud woman from one of the European countries where women are perfectly equal to the men. We are not belittled or put down, and men and women are the same. Sensei, and all the Dragon Dynasty men for that matter, are living in this ancient old Japanese legend where Dragons exist and women are some sort of submissive Geishas. The Dragon Dynasty men live the most idyllic Japanese life, complete with those ancient Japanese wooden houses that sit by the water, all the arts and old history, customs and traditions. And I declare, the Japanese Dragon Dynasty is far more exotic to me than any of the Aliens ever were. It is like another planet, on its own.

Sensei shows me in his own mental imagery a group of small hybrid girls dressed in fluffy dresses. Well, so much for that child-friendly page. The Sensei is an energy vampire and he draws energy from the little hybrid children. I won't tell you how that happens, or what takes place in the Dynasties.

I was too sick to finish writing this page all at once, and from here on I finished it the next day on March 20 2013:

I was browsing for some YouTube videos of Japanese carp to put on this page. Hamish sees the videos and he lets out a roar I have not heard him do before. It is a longer vocalization than any he usually does. The roar sounds warm and almost like an engine. Not a loud roar, more like a gentle whisper. I can only wonder what thought or emotion my Dragon was expressing with his sound. What feelings does the sight of Japanese carp fish instill in my Dragon's mind, and heart? Oh God, I love my Dragon. How can anyone not love a big red orange Dragon Turtle with a soft turtleshell cushion on the upper back covered in black thorns, and that Sock Puppet head of his with a face that sits like on the end of a long tube neck with absolutely no back of the head. Hamish, Hamish. Roaring gently at the sight of Japanese carp fish.

His name is NOT Kemoro!

Earlier that day, on March 19 2013, Hamish had been visiting Japan and I saw him in a mental remote image that Hamish was sending me. Hamish was standing on the wooden decks that run around the old-style Japanese wooden houses. It is in those waters that Hamish finds carp. The Japanese had placed a large fire burning torch outside the door to one of the houses. One of the men was in there having a moment with a lady and had wanted privacy from Hamish and knew that Dragons fear fire. Hamish stood on that wooden deck, miserable about the fact that he was being kept locked out. Hamish wasn't angry, but he was a bit off and sad. Poor Dragon. I would never shut Hamish out, not even if I was having sex. I mean, Hamish even comes in with me right after me when I go in to have a shower or use the bathroom. He'll even cramp into the small shower room I had at college, getting his back hump stuck on the shower door handle's edge when he tries to twirl around, rather than backing out the same way that he came in.

But my Kissy Turtle had been locked out. So Hamish brought me in mental contact with the Japanese Sensei. Sensei told me that the Japanese are not human. That they were made of an Alien race. That is why their eyes are different, Sensei said. He was starting to sound arrogant and racist and that really pisses me off, plus I was having a bath all naked without bubble foam or anything concealing my nakedness plus I was sick and feeling miserable. I was starting to get upset with the Sensei. For one, I don't like to see the children Narugai because I know what happens to them. Then I was shown the whore female hybrids that Sensei and the Dynasty have. I told the hybrid women that they are filthy whore prostitutes and that they are despicable as women. They don't get that, they think their lives are just fine. I'm disgusted with the whole everything, to be honest. So I get into a tantrum and I don't act all respectful and polite.

So me and the Sensei started arguing a bit. Not a violent argument, but we were not pleased about each other. Sensei thinks that I should be more ladylike, quiet and polite. And I think I'm disgusted with the hybrid prostitutes and that whole Narugai thing. Sensei was telling Hamish that he didn't want me as one of their Nagari, meaning female prostitutes. He was complaining to Hamish that I wasn't the right type of woman. I told Sensei that he isn't exactly my type of man either. He probably thinks he's all that. He's just rude and racist. He told me that the Japanese are going to take over the world. Yeah right. I told him then how about the Draconians telling the German race that they were so superior back in the WW2 times? He said that the Germans had been allies with the Japanese. I'm just tired of this whole racism thing. He said that me and others who weren't Japanese had descended from the apes. I told him that the Aliens had told me that I had not descended from the apes, but then I couldn't remember if I had in fact been told that or not, but I had been told something about humans and descent from apes.

So as I was talking to Hamish, Sensei objects and says to me that his name is not Hamish. Yes it is, I tell Sensei. Hamish himself told me that it was his name and I have been calling him Hamish for a year and a half. I ask, so what is the Dragon's name? Sensei tells me that his name is Kemoro. He has the most Japanese pronounciation for it and even spells it out for me in three syllables, Ke-mo-ro. When I call Hamish Kemoro a few times, Sensei is pleased and at one point says "Arigato" to me, which is Japanese for "thank you". But then I get upset with Sensei again and I insist that it is Hamish not Kemoro. So Sensei and me did not get along, not one bit.

Hamish is my Dragon! And I won't call him Kemoro! And I told him off for having locked Hamish out with a fire torch and told him that I would never lock out my Hamish Dragon. Hamish would always be welcome with me. I don't like sharing Hamish with this man. He wasn't nice to me, and I refuse to change his name into Kemoro. Hamish is my Kissy Turtle, and I love him so. He is my Dragon!

Lingonberry Dragon

Hamish and his Lingonberry
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Then last night as I continued to be sick, after my bath I went to snooze on the sofa. I had some lingonberry juice to help fight off my illness. I had poured some in a glass and put the glass on the floor underneath the coffee table. Now, Hamish has a keen fascination with lingonberry. I like to put lingonberry jam on my oatmeal in the mornings, and it has been a thing with me and Hamish and that lingonberry jam in the mornings.

Hamish always wants to look closely at the lingonberry jam on the oatmeal, and he tells me that it "resembles his scales", and then he shows me the scales on his face real closely. The scales on his face look exactly like red bubblewrap. In fact, it is perfectly true that the scales on Hamish's face look exactly like lingonberry jam. He always looks closely as I have some lingonberry jam. Sometimes he asks me to show it to him, and I can put some on a spoon and show him. He doesn't mind me eating it, he stays calm, but very keen and interested, he watches closely.

Everybody who has had a cat knows how much it means to have them curl up beside you in bed when you are sick. I don't have a cat, but I have a big red lizard turtle and he was being extra sweet and attentive last night when I had told them that I was sick. There were lots of palate clicks made for me.

Hamish's bubblewrap face scales
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Hamish then did one of those cute things that only a Hamish Dragon would do. He tells me that the lingonberry juice resembles his scales. Then he tells me that I have hidden it from his sight by placing it underneath the table, which is not why I placed it there. I put it under the table cause it's easier for me to reach than putting it on top of the table, and also so that I would not accidentally knock it over if I were to get up.

And then Hamish does one of the all time classics that I will always remember. He gives me his mental thought image in which he reaches over to that glass of lingonberry juice on the floor under the table and he leans over his body so that his back hump touches against the rim of the glass and he tries to fit himself into that glass. That was his way of thinking, that it is as if someone would have put his scales into the glass. I can't remember what he said when he thought that, but oh it was fun and made me feel so much better! Oh Hamish Dragon, I will never call you Kemoro, or anything else. And I will never attempt to lock you out with fire. I know how miserable and sad Hamish feels whenever there is as much as a little tealight candle. He fears fire. How could Sensei have done that to him? How dare he frighten our Dragon with fire? I am so upset with that man I can't tell you.

I love my Dragon Turtle

Hamish was so sweet and supportive last night when he knew that I was sick. He stayed with me closely and was extra sweet. It reminds me of the time when he and the Dinosaur thought that I had breast cancer, because I had been writing about it for a school project, and how ever so sweet Hamish was when he approached me to give me his loving support. I have never before or since experienced such sweet tenderness and care from anyone as my Dragon had showed me then. And as I lie on the sofa sick and weak, surrounded by my Red Dragon Turtle Hamish, I realized how good it will be to die an 80-year old woman in my bed one day, with Hamish the Red Dragon Turtle by my side. I want him to be with me on the day I die. And all would be well.

One day, Hamish, one day you will have your own room in my house. I will furnish it especially for you. There won't be any tealight candles or flames, no music or onions (heheh), no red Santa and no Spiderman DVDs whatsoever. There will be pretty orange autumn leaves hung up there for you, as you like to see those. Lots of soft snuggy rugs for your feet, and a nice leather armchair, one that is not a revolving armchair. And a large widescreen tv and all the Harry Potter movies, that you can watch anytime! There will also be videos of floor construction shows, you love to see men building floors, because you are so keen on floors because of your sensitive feet, and you like to see how floors are made.

The garden of our house will be big and grand. There will be a creek where you can wash and soak your Dragon Kissy Feet and splash around, and rocks where you can leave your poo for it to get washed away with the water. So you can use it as your very own private bathroom. No one will disturb you there. And you will have your very own garden with me. There will be big ponds with Japanese carp in bright orange colors, because you love to see those. And! You will get to take them over your mouth! Because you wanted to, only the Japanese Dragon Dynasty had not let you munch on them. You can eat as many fish as you like, at our house. And there will be flowerbeds filled with yellow flowers for your feet. And trees that change into beautiful orange colors in the fall, with leaves that you can hide your shed scales underneath piles of.

Another thing last night that was just priceless. While I was in the bath, Hamish goes and finds a yellow-orange large bath towel in Japan. It has been placed on the floor, possibly even for him. Maybe they know him too, as I know him? They must know how he loves soft rugs on the floor and how he loves the color orange? I watched with delight as my Dragon Turtle stepped up on the rug and how he was feeling it out underneath his feet. He then wiped his feet on it, one at a time, to clean the feet on the rug. These are the things I live for, watching a Dragon Turtle enjoy wiping his feet on a rug. You can take everything else away from me, as long as I have a Dragon Turtle wiping his Kissy Feet on a rug, I have got it all. Love you Hamish.

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