Stealthsky, Illuminati Gangster, and Stephanie
March 18 2013

Warning: this page describes some uncomfortable material. It is not a pleasant read.
Only for persons 18 years and older. Please forgive me for writing this.

Diamond collar

Yes, you slut. - says a black reptilian when I wrote Diamond collar as the section title

Last night I was shown that the Russian military who work with the Draconian Agenda are preparing to give me the diamond collar necklace. Diamonds that were used to pay for me with are going to be placed in a black wrap-around collar around my neck once I'm ready to be used as an Agenda Doll. The Doll is a woman who is under MKULTRA mind control. It is used to confine and contain a woman and also to make use of her as a sex slave for both Draconians in their juice drinking of life force energy and for the human associates for sex.

I can't believe I just wrote such a vile paragraph about something I should have nothing to do with, but it was my pledge to document the Aliens as they first appeared a year and a half ago. And this is part of the Agenda, there is a lot of shady business, and my commitment for scientific accuracy in the Orion Project does not permit me to omit or exclude any information. This is how it unravels, and I invite you readers to join me along in the discovery, in spite of distasteful elements.

Batman pays a visit

Last night I had a visit from the interesting alien character who is like a Batman. He is black and he has the basic humanoid structure, meaning body that stands on two legs, has two arms and a head and such. He wears no clothes. His face has an elongated snout a bit like a crocodile but not quite that much perhaps. He has wings like a bat that are attached to his arms. He has two ears that are narrow and stick right up above the level of the head almost like two antennae, but they are ears.

I can't remember everything about the encounter anymore, cause when I don't write stuff down right away then I tend to forget. But it was a nice encounter. I am intrigued by this Batman character. He has a very peculiar "look", he is unlike any of the other aliens I have ever met. He is spectacular, and different, and he is polite and friendly enough. I am not afraid of him, and he is welcome

You won't come and attend a party with us will you? - says none other than Batman creature right now
Well. I'm not too sure about that. What should I wear? - me
Come as you are. - Batman
What name do you have? - me
A Stealthsky. - Batman, he pronounces it almost like some Russian name like a Stealth-skij, but it was clear that he intended for the name to use the word "Stealth", about his hiding ways and wings and such, and the "sky" is not a reference to the sky, not that I picked up on, and pronounced almost like "skij". Isn't that grand?
Well. I'm pleased to meet you. - me

So. That was about it. (I wrote this section of the page after I had finished writing about the Illuminati below. In case anybody needs to know the timeline of telepathic conversations, ie. these talks occured afterwards after I had the talk with General Patton below. Why I bother? I'm nitpicky cause I'm a trained scientist.)

No thanks, Illuminati

Last night as I was supposed to be asleep, I dreamt a nightmare in which I was in a bed and this group of one, two or three white skinned men in early 1900's black ganster suits approach me. They are going to rape all the women in the town. I get away from them twice, they always come to find me again. I wake up and am back in my home, in my bed.

They were Illuminati hybrids but not of the big plump chubby kind like the ones I would usually call the Illuminati hybrids. These guys were of the slender Illuminati hybrid sort, whom I've met before. They are sharper intellect, whereas the chubby chums tend to be a bit slower or mentally retarded, but not always. The chubby and the slender Illuminati hybrids are similar, but they are clearly two different batches of the same idea.

The Illuminati hybrid talked to me telepathically. He said that the reason they wear these ganster suits is because they think it "looks cool". They are black or dark brown suits with vertical white lines on pants and jacket. It comes with that early 1900's hat in same type of fabric. The shirt underneath the jacket is long sleeve and his was a vibrant colorful purple-blue in a very nice if not unusual color might I say, and the shirt also with vertical stripes. The gangster suit makes a very special and peculiar impression. It looks completely unlike anything one would see usually. Stylish to say the least, but very peculiar. Illuminati hybrids of the chubby batch also wear black suits, but theirs are modern and up-to-date.
About the chubby Illuminati hybrid batch

For some reason, I wasn't happy about being approached for sex with this gangster-clad Illuminati hybrid. I can't say I understand what was wrong. If I may be so blunt, I am used sexually by a variety of suitors in the Agenda, ranging from Draconian Reptiles, various hybrids, and United States, Russian, and Japanese Dragon Dynasty men. When the chubby Illuminati hybrid had sex with me, I thought it was great. I wanted to have him as my boyfriend, and we became best of friends and I think of him as a brother. I have never thrown a tantrum about being taken to the Japanese Dragon Dynasty, or about waking up with the US associates. And Draconian Reptiles I welcome. But for some reason, I wasn't keen on having this Illuminati hybrid. I don't understand what was wrong.

I think he was only having some of my juice, but he scared me up in that dream encounter at night. I experienced it as a terrible nightmare. I think the approach was wrong. I was carelessly approached, without any sort of introduction to this character to get me acquainted to him. So when I woke up I was not happy about him.

That is when he said the one word that is the only word anyone in the Agenda has ever said to me to date which... simply ruined everything. He said "sister". When I rejected his advances, he got so pushy and trying to impress on me with arrogance, like all hybrids do when they feel offended somehow. He said that they place orders on many murders. And that they would place an order to murder my sister.

I can't remember when I would have cried so badly last time, and to be honest I can't remember if I have cried over anything Agenda-related so far. I screamed and I begged (telepathically) to Malik to help me. Malik showed me a mental image of their yellow pyramid and told me that my wailing was inappropriate in the scheme of things. A brown reptilian showed up and I begged him too. My Reptilians showed me no compassion per se, but there was a sense of wanting to fix the problem. Malik cares about me in a way, we have this friendship and understanding that actually runs very deep. But you can't expect a hug and comforting loving words from a Reptilian, but the tenderness was there in a way that I can't quite describe.

Hamish however on the other hand he came to my rescue a bit. He was more concerned to help me than any of the others. But Malik was very puzzled and came to see me. Malik said that he had never seen me this upset before. I told them about the threat placed against me, and how it ruined everything. I was going to kill this hybrid. One of the Draconian Reptiles said that they would pierce the hybrid to death with his own seashells, this gangster guy collects seashells and one of them has a sharp point. It might have been Malik who said that.

The hybrid was going to get upset with me and reciprocate my fit of aggression and threats, but because of my 12 strands of DNA I was under protection so he stayed calm.

After suffering for a while, I got up to go have my shower. This Illuminati hybrid showed up in my bathroom and watched me as I showered (there was nothing sexual about it, he was just wanting to see me because he had caused a commotion). He was in the room but in the other dimension which is how they usually do it. But I could see him. He removed his suit jacket and asked me if he could place it on the table in the bathroom where I usually pile up my clothes before a shower. I continued to threaten him and said that I would kill him. He told me how it smells good in my bathroom, and how it smells bad in the underground bases where he lives. After a while I calmed down, telling myself that it must've been only talking and not a viable threat, and according to my true gentle and kind nature, I offered him that I could come down to the underground bases with cleaning supplies and clean over there, so that it could smell good. I sensed from him what the smell was like, and I can tell you that it is the strong smell of urine. It smells of urine down there, why? Don't they have adequate restroom facilities and cleaning practices? The Agenda and their locales are usually a very smelly story. Both Draconians, Illuminati hybrids, and their quarters carry a strong smell. But that's just the way it is.

He continued to talk to me, and my regular Illuminati chum the chubby one who means a lot to me, also showed up to listen in and to talk. The Illuminati hybrids are a new race and they are going to be given to take over the Earth from us regular humans. I am breeding material for the Illuminati hybrids, so this gangster guy is going to have sex with me and make me pregnant. I'm not too sure I want my children to end up being Illuminati hybrids. I don't know how I feel about that, after first how I felt his approaches in that dream state and then after that threat he made. I've not been opposed to any individual with the Agenda before, and my tolerance stretches far. But something about this guy.

Illuminati stalker?

But then what's interesting, and listen to this. There may be a real live actual Illuminati hybrid man stalking me around. You see, every morning I get back from work, sure enough this guy is walking down the path that I take to go back home after work. I've seen him at other times too. I'm always running into him, it seems. I don't seem to run into anybody else in this area as regularly.

And I still remember the very first time I saw him. He was walking my way on the path and I recall thinking how out of place he looks. If we can talk about "human races", meaning country of origin, skin color, hair color, and just overall genetic population, my first impression of him was that he wasn't a local and he wasn't even like someone from another country that we usually have around here. But what was also odd about him was his hat. I now can't recall what hat he is always wearing, but it is just this very strange hat. I don't mean to startle anybody, but my best guess from memory is that he is in fact wearing an early 1900's gangster hat. Not a gangster suit though, but it's winter so he wouldn't be.

But another thing that gave me a strong impression when I saw him first time was that my very strong and superb feminine instincts raised my warning flags because I sensed that he would be either a pedophile and/or rapist. Now I don't usually go thinking that about some random person. What I haven't told you guys reading this website, is I haven't quite told you the story about how psychic I am. He really has that aura of sexual predator.

He doesn't come across as aggressive or dangerous. He seems sweet enough, but my instincts make me very nervous near him and my instincts is to get away. He always says hello to me when he walks by, in my own local native language. I never answer, I don't look at him, and I walk away. Also, his behavior breaks the local rule of conduct in public. He just doesn't blend in and doesn't understand or follow local rules about behavior. You don't say hello to people like this in this area, so that sets off a warning in me too.

In fact I even remember the last time that I saw him. It was just a day or two ago. I was on my way home from work, and sure enough with not many people out and walking at all, he is. My instinct is always, that does he really live here? He is walking toward me on the path that I usually take home. I am not going to have him say hello and I am not going to come near. You see, my instinct ever since the first time I saw him and every time I've seen him since, was that he wants to make friends with me and spend time with me. I sense that. (This has been going on for maybe two weeks or a month, but not longer since the first time I saw him. And I've seen him a total of maybe four or so times.)

So I took another adjacent path home and avoided looking his way, cause I was sure that he was going to say hello to me if I looked that way. But what's interesting, is that the gangster Illuminati this morning and my Illuminati chum hybrid they brought up (mentioned, in both words and a mental image) this man whom I've been seeing, and they say that this is one of them. So, is this man who keeps showing up, an Illuminati hybrid?

The Illuminatis are an interesting batch. They are part human part alien, but carefully designed for certain characteristics. They are very pale and in fact glow in the dark. They grow up in the Draconian atmosphere and culture, and they are raised to appreciate sadism and masochism. They are also sexist and consider women to be inferior, I have had long chats about that with my chubby brothers. They are now considering me as one of their family. I am a mother in their group. I am the one who gives them children. And I'm not too sure I want to be part of this family.

Added after the whole page was finished I was proof reading at this stage:
I am from Switzerland. - says the Illuminati man, perhaps the one "stalking" here cause I was thinking of him
Note: Switzerland is where the hybrids live. It is a HUGE and important hot spot for hybrids and colonies.

I told the gangster-clad hybrid that if it is him walking around here, to please watch out for the ice cause it's very slippery around here this winter. I then asked him isn't he feeling cold? He said that his skin is very vulnerable to the sun, and that he in fact thrives in the cold winter, and he could not have visited me if I were in a hot sunny tropical place.

Stay away from him please. - says General Patton right now
Why? What is this, General Patton? Will he harm me, am I in danger? - me
Well, no, that depends. - General Patton
What is going to happen? Is he going to harm me? Am I scared? I mean, should I be scared? - me
Well, wait till Easter, and they'll be gone. Cause we won't let them come here again. - General Patton
Are you protecting me? Maybe I want to talk to him. Maybe I should talk to him? Maybe... Maybe I should be interested, maybe this is something I should do. But, I'm not too sure about these guys, and the threats they made. I don't know. I don't want them, he crossed a line, perhaps possibly my only line that I had. - me

Flight Attendant Stephanie

And then, after an already eventful and stressful day, the Illuminaties left me alone, but General Patton commenced. He did not conquest my arm or make a fist or wrestle me around, like he used to do. I also noticed - yet again - that it is the Draconian Reptiles who are helping General Patton and his team to do mind control to me. You see, the Reptilians have interesting telepathic and mental abilities and powers. Not only are Draconians telepathic, for communication, but they can also push people with their mind powers and they can project their mind into someone and do what I call a "conquest", which I've also come to calling an "overlap" now.

The human MKULTRA are keen on these technologies. But the thing is, General Patton's team insist that I - yours truly - am an extraterrestrial. And I am someone who needs to be stopped, they say. I am a Starseed from one of the most benevolent races, the Arcturians. Pleiadian incarnates are also targeted by the Agenda. We are a viable threat to them, they think, because we are in fact more powerful. Malik the Boss even cannot toss me around when I bring in my Arcturian light. And when Seraphim, one of the high order Angels very close to Arcturians visits with his sword, well, you should see Malik run and whine and beg for mercy like the most pitiful whiny you ever saw. He fears the Seraphim light. Even Hamish runs away when he sees Seraphim, then I comfort Hamish, and I also tell the Seraphim not to hurt my Kissy Dragon Hamish. Hamish is never targeted by the Seraphim, thanks to me. Seraphim doesn't hurt the Draconians, but he chases them off if I am in real danger. I am under constant watch by the Pleiadians and benevolent ones if there is ever any real danger.

Well, it's also like this. It could be that my physical human body is genetically suitable and the Draconians wanted to use it. And then an Arcturian protects me and stepped into me to be here with me. Or that I was an incarnation first, and then targeted. But the Agenda fears Arcturians and Pleiadians. That is why the Reptiles insist that their human cohorts that work for the CIA and other Earth governments, would join in their fight against the benevolent influx of ETs from all over the universe.

So. Phew. The United States high ranking military and CIA personnel who are working with the Black Ones and Draconian Agenda join in the battle against the benevolent ETs such as me. General Patton once told me, about a year ago, that they can't kill us, because we would come right back. That is why confinement is their only option. So how do you confine someone who has psychic and mind powers? Through mind control.

I was 14 years old when the US personnel first talked to me. "We're watching you" was the first thing they ever said to me. Followed by, "We're not gonna hurt you". Alien abductees frequently see human high ranking military personnel during abductions. One role is that the military are actually protecting us. General Patton guards me from the Draconians from getting overboard with me. I am under constant 24/7 watch by the US team.

General Patton used to be a sideline character and I was watched by the "survey people" I called them. Such as Assistant Carlisle, Nolan, Aulis Greenshaw, Andrew, Jack, and many others. Starting April 2012, General

Yeah, and don't forget about your Suleski. - says Suleski right now
Hi Suleski. How are you doing? Are you ok. - me

So General Patton stepped up and him and Sargent Wilkes took over most of the surveillance. That is because General Patton is their routined mind control officer. He has been working on the MKULTRA team since the 60's. Before that he was working on a big Navy ship when he was offered this change of jobs. He has worked on a lot of victims before me. The others in the team really look up to him. Sargent Wilkes, who is younger, is trying to learn the "conquests" as I call them, yet General Patton is routined.

So I am starting to remember more of what they are doing, and it is too brutal for me to put here on a public website. It is so nauseating and offensive, the violence and cruelty done toward benevolent alien incarnations

Well, we Arcturians are fine. It is the humans that we associate with that suffer. - says male Arcturian, which is true
So, the humans should not be afraid. We are here protecting them. And, no harm will come onto this one. - Arcturian says

The violence is so atrocious that even General Patton was physically nauseated just thinking about it, and he told me about how many of their team members keep quitting the job. Suleski was swearing and being really upset, and I heard him objecting to General Patton many times.

Basically, what they are trying to do is make me forget. To make me lose the special abilities, awareness, and so forth, of my Arcturian heritage. They do this to Pleiadians also, in fact Captain Richard Swansea who is on my team, he was also on my friend's team who is a Pleiadian incarnation. They can't fight the Starseeds, so they try to weaken and confine us without killing us. To turn us into mind controlled cages.

As a matter of fact, ... - one of the US team members starts to say something, but doesn't
We don't want to be called cohorts here. - says General Patton as he reaches and puts something into his coat pocket

Damn. If General Patton wasn't so handsome. Anyway, let's continue. So they use chemical drugs, electric shocks, physical abuse, they tie a person down, interrogations, rape and sexual violence, and other things. I won't go into details but it will all be in the future book which will be titled "The Battle at Syracuse", which is their own name for this. General Patton had the choice of whether to train me into the Puppet/Doll or the Beta Cat, which he calls "MK-Cat". It's all about confinement.

General Patton wants me to become an air flight attendant. (Like that's gonna happen.) I would get to fly a lot, seemingly between the different men.

No no no, see.. - General Patton now objects
What is it now? - me
You wouldn't be married to me, yet. - General Patton
I would marry you. You know that. I really like you. Well, a lot. - me

Yeah, I like General Patton, and I'm not too sure it's an "MKULTRA handler thing". First time I saw him - that I recall - was during the conscious abduction when I woke up in the hospital in Syracuse and ran out into the streets and two men caught up with me and took me back to one of theirs house. They were wearing bowties, as they had just come from that party where all the team men had their own Doll Puppet lady date with them that they were feeding with a fork cause she couldn't eat for herself.

Yes, you see.. - General Patton starts to say something again and then doesn't add more than that

I think one of those two men might have been General Patton. I'm not exaggerating but he's incredibly handsome, not just looks but his radiance and everything. He's such a gorgeous man, and I rarely feel that way about someone. He's like literally the most handsome man I ever did see. Sure, I have a crush on Suleski too, but don't get me wrong that's just two guys, and... Now you think I'm falling for all these MKULTRA guys, but really I'm not. It's just these two, and I've had tons of them in my life since age 14. And a few of them have been hitting on me, and that never worked, cause I don't fall easily. It's just a coincidence that General Patton happened to be the VIP MKULTRA handler assigned for me. He might as well could have been the cleaning staff for all I care, he's so handsome.

Anyhow. I wrote the conversation down so you can read it in the book sometime in the future. I can't post it here cause it's too much for the internet and for the general audience. So they do this because I am a Starseed. And they want to confine me. He wants me to be an MK-Cat who is basically a sex toy for the CIA and military officers and for me to be a flight attendant. He was gonna sell me to the Russian team (remember, Korpral Olav Vetti was gonna have me and be my handler?), but now he wants to keep me on their team, which is great. Cause I know they are going to ask me to marry one of the guys, and I'm REALLY hoping that it's General Patton!

No, Cat, cause you can't. - General says now
Why not? Why? - me
It's not, for Aliens. - General
Well? What can I do? - me

See? He wants me to "not be a Starseed anymore"? Like that's gonna happen. So I can marry him if I'm not an Alien anymore. So basically, the guy I would marry is associated with the CIA, cause they keep showing me this all the time, they are preparing me for the outcome. He would have to beat me up regularly. But General Patton says that he can't be a wife beater. He just can't do it. He hates his job, actually.

But it's the Draconian Reptiles who invented this thing. "Reptoids", as the military calls them, are so afraid of Pleiadian and Arcturian Starseeds, so they convince their human associates that we need to be stopped. And then the "Reptoids" and human associates try to harvest the psychic powers of benevolent Starseeds so that we would somehow work for their cause. People like me would have tremendous use in the military and intelligence services! Heck, do you know how psychic I am? I can even kill people with my mind. Of course the CIA and such wants me. But Russian Korpral Olli Vetti was gonna just put me to guard his missiles. He is a missiles expert. All I was gonna do with the Russian team was guard their Russian missiles, satellites, and navy submarines for them. But now General Patton wants to keep me for themselves. He would make me change my name to Stephanie and have me serve the men at private airplanes as a flight attendant and be their sex kitten.

If I had to choose, I would much rather be the flight attendant and make out with a bunch of gorgeous men on an airplane than watch some stupid rusty Russian buckets.

So. This is quite some story, isn't it? Hamish got angry at General Patton after General Patton had done some MKULTRA stuff to me. Hamish approached the General twice to ask him what he had done to me and Hamish was feeling protective of me. Here's what Hamish said, and of course I wrote it down so it is verbatum:

Did you have to beat her up? We/I just wanted her egg. - Hamish the Red Reptile

You see, Hamish and the Draconians get my eggs. In exchange the United States military and CIA get to use me as a Starseed hopefully in their services. When the Draconians came to Earth they approach the human leadership. It's a long story, and a messy one as well, but the humans say they own me and can give me to the Draconians in exchange for other goods and services. And the human military think that since I'm a Starseed, I'm not a "real human"

So, this is General Patton. Please stop this. - General Patton
Stop what? - me
Cause, you don't want to be my butterfly. - General Patton
Why is that? What are you going to do. What are we doing. - me
Just, speak, a little bit less, about us.. Or you won't hear my voice in a while. - General Patton
Shouldn't it be the other way around? - me
Look, we are not "cohorts" with the Russians. They are in fact, our enemy. But.. this is too much for you, to talk. - General
I don't know. I thought you guys were selling me to the Russians. - me

So since I'm not a "real human" I can be toyed around and abused and "it's ok, all in the name of protecting Earth's citizens". In fact, the US militaries convince their minds that I'm a complete alien, that way they can live with this what they are doing. They act like I'm a whole different species, which I'm not. They are trying to justify this in their minds.

Look, I am not a wife beater. Tell them that. - General
Am I your wife? Am I going to be? - me

He was almost crying first, before he said the "Look, I am not a wife beater". This makes General Patton really sad. He doesn't want to do his job, but it's a job. In fact, this is a military tactics operation. He has to basically have the mindset that he is assaulting me, and I'm a young woman. It's not easy for him. It's all just a big mess. And I'm in the middle of it all.

At least I have got Hamish. I don't care of this mess unfolding around me. Illuminati hybrids, maybe even one following me around outdoors and giving me the creeps cause he feels like a sex offender. Draconian Reptilians showing up at nights to wrestle me around and toss me in bed and drink my juice. Rapes by all kinds of Agenda cohorts, both human and alien ones. MKULTRA by General Patton. Will I be a Stephanie serving drinks at an airplane? Or stuck with Korpral Olav Vetti watching some Russian missiles?

Oh God, General Patton just shouted at a Thuban, and that reminded me. Look guys, everybody reading this, you got to know that the General has no choice. I now remember from earlier occasions. The Earth militaries... oh god now I remember even from Captain Swansea the other day. The Reptiles are abusing the militaries. The Reptiles will kill people and destroy this world if the military don't obey them. That is why they are forced to do these things, that is why. The militaries and leaders are under horrible pressure and threats, and they are tackling this on behalf of humanity so that we others don't have to even know what is going on.

Yes, the aliens are terrorists. - General Patton
So? Won't you join the MKULTRA? - General Patton
Why? What for? What good is it for? Would I like it? - me
No. Not one bit. - General
Then why should I do it? What is my incentive? - me

But at least I have got Hamish. Hamish is my best friend in the world. He protects me. He stomps his Duck Kissy Feet on the bathroom rug, just to wipe them clean, and because he likes to feel them on the soft rug. We are going to watch the Gladiators show this week because Hamish likes it, and I am going to buy him the Harry Potter movies because he still talks about them. No, Onions! And No Santa, and No me dancing in a red neglige. No to red socks, and red pajamas, and any red clothing of any kind. No Lobsters, and No Crabcakes. Yes Hamish. My best friend in the world. Hamish is with me when I wake up, and he stays with me when I go to sleep. He watches me over the night, and he comes with me during day where ever I go. At least I have got Hamish.

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