A Girl and a Dragon
March 13 2013

Sleep little Dragon,
your world is a dangerous one

There's a person in you,
trapped in a big scaly body

No one has seen a Dragon
but you are the only one who has seen me

You've wanted to eat my heart,
but it already lives in you

Red scaly friend, if I could live through you,
I wouldn't have to worry about where you are

Who is hurting you? And do you have any friends?
Will you always be safe

Hamish I would trade all humans that ever lived and live for you
You don't know what love is,
but I do because of you

I didn't know what living meant
until I found you in that body

No one has gotten closer to me
No one has seen my soul
Those who have tried, failed
You who never tried to, somehow did

My Dear Duck Kissy Feet,
what would I do without you

I didn't know the answer to life's mysteries was you
And you don't know it either

Somewhere embedded amidsts those many red scales,
and behind that back hump
you are a person, a thinking gentle soul
Who knew that the windows to the soul would be yellow?
And covered with a vertical brown slit

You smile when your eyelids close,
you've taught me that
And you know that when my mouth smiles,
I am happy too

I never get to touch you,
but sometimes when you touch me
I feel that I could lose myself in your scales
You feel Ancient,
I feel only a day old when I am with you

I don't want to know the human world,
I want us to know each other

A Girl and a Dragon

You only ask for my eggs,
But don't you know I would die for you?

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