Citadel Alien Sex Club
Anal Probing and a Pink Bear
June 27 2013

If Google Ads took the ads out of this page then I know I should have censored this page better. But please regard the information here as a scientific report. It is regretful that scientific content and observations cannot be reported without it being misinterpreted as sexual literature.

The graphic contents of this page were not intended to entice. This is a report on alien contact.

I'm sitting here trying to think of how to formulate it in a sentence because it's not the kind of sentence I've ever had the chance to formulate before nor the kind of sentences we learn to formulate in elementary school when we learn the language. This morning Malik took

It was very brave of you to go. - Malik
I'm not afraid with you Malik. I love you Malik. You have been my lover for a very long time. - me I say and I blush before the Fürst

The anal probe

This morning Malik had sex with me and took me to an underground dungeon D/s sex club and then I was taken to a sex "scene room" where I had to dress up as a pink plush bear and a tall Zeta disguised as a fat woman anal raped me with a probe and baked cookies.

Obviously you won't be reading this story here but will find it in the books. You guys got to start buying the books because that is where all the real material goes. But I will try to dress the words differently to give a milder version here.

So I was finally anal probed by the Aliens. I feel like I have reached another milestone with the Aliens. I can now join the club of alien abductees who have been anal probed. To the right is a drawing of the anal probe. It is a white cylinder with white wires wrapped around the outside. There is space between the cylinder and the wires. I asked the tall Zeta this morning after I got back how the probe works. The fecal matter is collected to the inside of the cylinder and comes out from the base of the probe. The wires? Zeta said the wires are of metal and they light up so that they can see the inside. This is very alien technology and quite unexpected. I have been shown this probe before but this was the first time I had recollection of it being used.

In the morning, I wrote:

So I really think that I was finally anal probed! I've reached like a milestone in the alien abductions! I can join the club of alien abductees, I am so happy. The probe by the way is larger than it should be, it is a white cylinder encased with white wires that wrap around the outside but there is a space between the cylinder and the wire. No idea how it works.

How does the anal probe work? I am interested in its design and function. Would you tell me? - me
It collects samples of particles. - Zeta
Where is it collected? What do the wires do? - me
The wires contain a metal. And all the anal stuff comes out. - Zeta
Why do you collect it? Are you studying our food and metabolism? I am curious about the instrument. What do the metal wires do? What is their purpose? - me
It lights up the anal cavity. - Zeta
Why do you need light? - me
To see what we are doing! - fusses the octopus-beaked ET

And as I was drawing the picture of the anal probe Hamish had things to say:

That is not a mixer! - Hamish, ie. the electric whisk used for mixing batter
It collects your feed. - Hamish, and he used a word for "feed" in the other language that I have NEVER heard and I take it as yet another proof of their existence and the authenticity of this alien contact
It does not go into your nose. - Hamish
No, Hamish. I know where it goes. And what it does. - me
It has no razor-sharp edges. - Hamish
No. I felt that it didn't. No razor-sharp edges. - me
It does not go into your mouth! - Hamish
I know. - me

Playing with Legos with the children

Last night I was begging the aliens for close contact and a conscious abduction. I got to see and talk to a hybrid girl who is my daughter. She was sitting on the floor in the alien facility. She was playing with Legos. The aliens are given lots of toys by humans. There is a humongous warehouse filled with toys. I've been there a few times. It is every child's dream. Shelves upon shelves stacked with every toy imaginable, from stuffed animals to dolls and cars and legos and robots and everything else you could imagine. When you see the hybrid children they are literally wading in toys in large children's playrooms. I once had an encounter with a hybrid boy who threw toys at me and it hurt. But that is another story.

There is a little hybrid boy of mine whose favorite toy is the red car that he can sit in and use his feet to push to drive the car. And when the children visit my home they are always fond of the stuffed animals I have. There was a little girl whose favorite was the stuffed zebra I had. She still asks about it sometimes.

I had a great time playing with my daughter with the Legos. Sure I

You weren't kidnapped yet. - says either the octopus-beaked, Hamish, or other ET

Sure I was still in my bed and they were there, but the aliens let me see that place and I got to talk to the girl telepathically. She sat on the floor and showed me the garage and cars made with Legos. I asked her if she had streets for the cars. Hamish said that there was a red car. I told the girl that she should make a red car for Hamish, and then I told Hamish not to eat the red car if he sees one. Hamish has a tendency of putting red things into his mouth.

I told the girl she could make parks with the Legos. She asked me what is in the parks. I said trees, and flowers, and I showed her mental images of those Legos that I had played with as a child. She asked me if there were dinosaurs in the park. I said that of course there are dinosaurs in the park! "Deb Deb!" spoke a Dinosaur who showed up and was pleased. The Dinosaur was happy that I wanted to include Dinosaurs into the park. Deb means Yes in the Dinosaur language.

A white ET perhaps Thuban or Zeta appeared and told me it would be most appropriate to call her "Auntie", so I called her "Auntie". Then I saw a medical table in another smaller medical room and as if I were already laying on it. A tall Zeta was placing a ruffled white plastic lining on the left side and told me it was doing that. Then the Zeta said that it was a children's daycare center and I said that I understood and that I would be careful and cautious there among the children and be mindful of that.

One of my young hybrid sons was brought in to the medical room with me. Keep in mind I was still in my bed, or so I thought, while my body was also there in that other room. The Zeta had spread a white sheet over my body to conceal most of it. I was asked if the boy could look at my breasts. The Zeta told the boy and all the children that it is where milk comes from. I thought about it for a while and then decided that the boy was old enough and that maybe it wouldn't be done in a sexual way, this time. So I said it was ok. The boy looked at my breasts and asked me about the nipples why they looked that way. I said that they were darker and made that way so that the baby could find them when they have milk.

The boy looked at my belly button and said that they don't have any. I was surprised. Aren't the embryos fed through umbilical cords? I was worried that things might turn into something sexual with the children like they always do, but I wasn't aware of anybody doing anything inappropriate this time. Or maybe they did but I was not aware.

Citadel the Alien Sex Club

I woke up in the morning and then fell back asleep after 9 AM. I dreamt that I was in a wooden log house on the American prairie or desert somewhere. There was a human man with light-brown hair and we were supposed to be getting married, but I didn't harbor feelings for him. He had two older sons in the house. I wanted to leave. I sat down on the living room sofa and Malik came over to me. That dark familiar presence that I know and love as Malik the Incubus. Malik propped me up on the sofa so that I lie on my back and he had sex with me. It was wonderful sex and it felt good to have my Malik with me. Malik has been a familiar figure in my life. Things make more sense with him here.

Malik took me away and brought me to a D/s sex club. This was outdoors at night. The ground was brown sand that felt cool under my bare feet. I was naked except dressed in some black D/s leather bands. Now, this would have been totally shocking and traumatizing for me if it were not that Malik has already trained me for this.

A few years ago Malik hooked me up with a Free Mason D/s Master, a real human man and in real life. Malik controlled the man to do things on me. The man did D/s slave training, MKULTRA mind control and hypnosis on me. I could see black Malik superimposed with that man. When I hugged the man it was Malik I was hugging. In a way, Malik has been my lover. Malik loves me, I know that he does. But I broke free from that Free Mason man long ago. I didn't like where it was taking me, how it was making me into something I am not.

So I wasn't all too unfamiliar with the D/s scene I found myself in here in the desert. It was like a D/s convention, outdoors. There were thin wooden planks placed like walls along a line with spacing in between each wall so that people could easily walk around and browse. Young women were propped against the walls. I found myself alone. I walked around the walls looking at the installments. I counted the different ways of bondange on the women. Most of them had rope loops, others had leather.

Hamish wasn't there! - Hamish
I know, Hamish. - me

I walked over to what looked like a peddler selling jewelry. A woman grabs me and pushes my body right up against hers and walks me over closer to the table of jewelry. She is the one selling them. She picks up a white tray with white and blue cut gems and puts it in my hand. I excuse myself and awkwardly leave. I have got no money with me to buy anything. I continue walking, and hoping that someone would find me so that I would not have to be alone.

I end up being taken down underground. A vertical drop probably with a ladder leads to the underground level, right underneath this place. There are lots of people in D/s attire down there. Most of them are men. To my recollection they were all human, but I know they keep the Illuminati hybrid chums down there too. Everybody seems to be in groups of two or three and has somebody. I am all alone.

The hallways are mostly empty. I look into a lounge that has no door to it just an open doorway. It is filled with young human men slumped in lounge chairs. They are all using a drug. It seems to be a drug that is smoked because there was the smell of a drug. But it is not marijuana. I am not comfortable with drugs or with people that use them so I back out the same way I came.

Malik finds me in the hallway and comes up close to me. His presence is familiar and soothing. I have had sex with this man and he is my lover. He desires me and there is something ever so suave and romantic about Malik when he is in those moods. I am so familiar with his dark velvety presence I don't feel alone anymore.

Pink Bear, Anal Probing and Cookies

I am taken to a room and left there the door closed behind me. I call it a "sex scene room". I wrote in my notes this morning:

The "scene room" was decorated in sickly children's playroom decor. Lots of bright colors like pink and lots of stuffed animals and plush toys. Just the way to give a young child mental overload in terms of pink and toys and stuffed bears, the equivalent of a mental version of a sugar rush if eating too much candy. I know how girls get when they see a room like that.

They just wanted you to feel relaxed. - maybe Jack with the NASA team who said
I don't mind. I am not afraid of Zetas or empty bare medical rooms. Actually I feel more at home in a laboratory than I do in a children's playroom. I am a trained scientist you know. - me
Well, they wanted you to feel relaxed. That is why there's all those toys. - Jack
And they don't want you to feel you are naked. - the tall Zeta
So? I don't mind being naked in a medical room. I don't mind at all. So stop lying and making hallucinations in my mind. I prefer to see it as it is. - me

I called it a "scene room" as if there were many small rooms where people act out a sexual scene. Since I was coming in from the D/s club that is what I thought of it. I was dressed in a pink plush bear costume complete with head. I won't tell you that it was open at the bottom. (My mind would never make this up. My idea of a romantic time is with a human man after a romantic candle lit dinner and wine.)

The worker is a fat human woman with brown hair. She puts a sheet of cookies in the oven. Then we go up a ladder to a top of a bunk bed. The floors are covered in plush carpets and there are stuffed bears everywhere.

Thank you for not smoking nicotine. - says a Zeta or white ET now
It's ok. Then why are people smoking drugs in the lounge over there? - me, eh?
They were pacified with it. - the ET says
Just don't give me any drugs. I am strictly against it. Strictly! - me
You won't be once you give it a try. - says Jack
I won't do it. I don't like to fry my brain. No drugs thanks! - me
She says strictly. - Zeta
Strictly, yes. - me

In that bed I am put on my belly and the woman uses the anal probe on me. I am still not entirely certain whether it was strictly a medical procedure to extract fecal matter for their studies of human diet and metabolism or whether there was a sexual element involved too. My full notes will go in the book because the discussion is a bit graphic and there are restrictions on the internet. Then I remind her of the cookies in the oven and she goes to take them out.

Analysis (no pun)

I would like to see a psychologist try to use Freudian methods to explain my experience as nothing more than a vivid dream. I claim that this is the case of a fragmented encounter of alien beings incorporating images placed into my mind by the aliens so that they can guide my experience and emotional situation.

The most confusing which we have yet to figure out is that the aliens live in another dimension and that they can have my body there while I still think that I am here. An alien abduction then is bringing the human awareness into the human body that is already there. The aliens have shown me many times that my body is already there and being worked on, propped naked on the medical table. But I think I am in bed.

I can feel and see to some extent what is taking place in the medical room with the aliens. When they touch me I can sometimes feel it here on my body. It seems to be in their control as to how much and to what extent my awareness will be allowed to experience their world. I sometimes wonder if the human world isn't entirely some sort of dream that we are living in. Because all the aliens are living "there", and there are even humans living there, the military and so forth. They have whole entire cities and things going on over there and their world is far larger than ours is. So I sometimes wonder if this isn't the dream instead?

I have hybrid children and I am actually a good mother and love spending time with the kids when there is nothing sexual involved. Zetas want to introduce the hybrid children to sex at an early age, and it of course goes against my firm beliefs and causes tantrums and what the aliens call "cacophony". But without that, I rather enjoy the alien contact and am curious of them and their methods and I enjoy having the children in my life.

I do believe that the brown-haired man might have been a real human man I was perhaps meant to have sex with there, or that he was one of the government military workers there to oversee the alien activity. I do think that Malik is a real entity and that he preys on me for soul energy which he calls "lust", "juice", or "libido", and which I due to what it feels like call "sex".

I have been taken to D/s clubs during abductions a few times prior also. I do think that the Black Ones have arranged for D/s sadistic sex clubs. Illuminati hybrids, the big chubby white ones, are tormented in these clubs. In the morning when I woke an Illuminati man from the dungeon I had returned from, told me how they burn him with cigarettes and how they had broken his bone once. I gave him my condolences, wished that I could hug him, and told him he was my beloved Brother. The Illuminati chums are my Brothers. I've adopted them and I want all the best for them.

I know that Malik arranged me to be together with the Free Mason man and that is how Malik introduced me to D/s and why I was not too out of my elements in the scene I found myself in this morning. Had he not indoctrinated me, it would have been very difficult to put me into such a place. It is not sex that Malik is after, but the lust and energy that a human exudes during moments of pain, fear, or sex, preferably in a combination. Malik is an energy vampire, but if you find that difficult to believe in scientific thinking then it is alright to think that Malik simply likes sex. And that he is into this slightly different flavor.

It may be difficult for UFOlogists or scientists who study the ET to accept that aliens would prey on humans and hybrids for sex. But if I tell you that the aliens are very sensual and erotic creatures highly capable of feeling the sensations then it should make perfect sense to accept that they would also enjoy and seek out having those feelings. They are just like any other animal, driven by sensory reward.

I recently came to the conclusion that Reptilians have evolved to twist around their feelings of pain and suffering into ones of lust instead. The Reptilians live in a notoriously violent lifestyle where many are exposed to war, torture, domination, and injuries. Instead of feeling fear and pain and suffering, they have turned it around into lust, so that they can enjoy and endure their particular violent culture successfully. So that they can even seek out moments of domination and injury, which have become integral parts of their way of life.

So the Reptilians have developed a magnified sense of euphoria and sensual gratification in association with pain and injury. They have a Colliseum and they have torture chambers and all sorts. However to some extent, the Reptilian infatuation with torture comes directly from the Black Ones who use Reptilians and make them carry out those sadistic lusty acts that the Black Ones can then enjoy by being present.

The white Thuban praying mantis are also very lusty. Their arms are sensitive on par with human genitalia, and Thubans can build up a very euphoric sexual feeling which I describe as "the white flame". They can use their telepathic connection to incorporate a human or others into their sensations so that it becomes a joint network, utilizing some of the human energy into making that lusty sensation but it also makes the human feel what the Thuban feels, so the experience can be like rape if it is not consenting.

Zetas also enjoy sex and they feel what a human feels. So if they can stimulate a human sexually, then they are in effect using that human as a sex toy and get to derive the same sensations in their own experience.

I have never experienced Orions or Dinosaurs raping or using humans sexually. But one should note that Dinosaurs and Orions are also two of the races working under the Agenda who have not willingly joined forces. Thubans, Zetas and Reptilians however seem more willing to work under the Agenda and therefore maybe by choice take part in the sexual orgies with the Black Ones and using humans or others as prey.

The hybrid children are introduced to sex far too early in my human opinion. Ever since they are infants. The details will only be found in the uncensored versions of the books. I hate the way I feel somehow responsible for this because I am experiencing it and try to write about it but I just realized for the very first time that it is not my fault.

The Aliens seem to be studying my food and metabolism and so they collect fecal samples probably every night.

Yes, Hush Hush. - speaks the octopus-beaked white ET

The anal probe is used to collect fecal samples.

The D/s dungeons serve the Black Ones. The dark sadistic type of sex would appeal to the Dark Ones, the rulers of the Agenda. I cannot imagine that the alien D/s dungeons and clubs would serve any of the Reptilians, Zetas, Thubans, or others of the Agenda. It is important to note that the Black Ones are not after "sex". They have no understanding of sex or pain. They are after the energies that are released during moments of sex, lust, pain and fear, in moments of intense feeling. The Black Ones do not know the difference between any of the different means by which energy can be flared up for them to enjoy. These are energy farms for them.

However the Black Ones can and do enjoy sexual pleasure, only that they get it regardless of the reasons why their source or prey released the energy into their consumption. The other night when I called the Black One Basmet as "Dark Lord" it sent him into massive orgasms. Just from being called "Lord".

In my experience the Black Ones do not only or solely hunt for sensory gratification. The energies seem to be their very sustenance, and a Black One will feel very weak and miserable if they have not been "fed" in a while. So it is not only leisure for them, it is also necessity.

Every once in a while an Alien will whisper to me that they are being forced by the Black Ones to carry out these acts. Zetas, Dinosaurs, Reptiles, Orions, Thubans, and Insects they are all being forced to carry out all the acts of the Agenda. Sadistic, cruel, torturous treatment by any of these aliens and toward humans seems to be forced by the Black Ones. To some extent at least, and more or less. To what extent the Zetan sadism and cruelty toward humans is an influence by Black Ones and to what extent it represents their genuine feelings is yet to be determined.

Zetas and Aliens can pull the wool over our eyes. They can construct fake holographic sceneries around us. While I am in a barren medical room they will dress it like a girl's playroom so that I would feel more comfortable. They give us scenes of our childhood home, or toys and comfortable things, if it helps to make us more comfortable. Sort of like how human hospitals dress children's medical examination rooms with pictures of puppies and kittens and balloons. The Zetas are of course even more skilled at doing this, because the human will be completely enveloped in the experience and we see it as a true scene and think of it as real. Whereas human children visiting a hospital will know it is only paper pictures on a wall. As an adult I would wish to not be cheated this way, but I appreciate their effort.

In the morning Malik said that the dungeon was called the "Citadel". Here is what Citadel means. And turns out there had been cookies. The Zetas told me in the morning when I woke that the cookies were only for the hybrid children. Not for me.


I am fascinated and intrigued to be part of alien abductions. I want to get to know my children more and play with them. I would not give away my alien abductions and alien friends for anything. I am not afraid of any of them and I don't mind their procedures and examinations. I hope to stay awake for more of the procedures. My dream is to in the future have nightly visitations to them and get to remember everything.

Even those things? - asks the white ET and shows me an image of visits to Japan
Yes. Even that. - me
They don't want to. - the ET meaning the Japanese
But I want. And this is my life. - me
They won't give you any sugar there. - ET, and yes he means real sugar
I don't need sugar. - me
You are not their canine. - ET
I am a person. A human. I am not a canine. - me
We don't want trouble with you. - ET
I am not trouble. I am your friend. - me

Around noon I was cooking some fried potatoes and meatballs, Hamish asks:

"Do you have any sausages here in your prison?" - Hamish asked
"This is your prison, and you are my prisoner." - says Hamish

I thought it was cute. And of course he meant real sausages! I ate one the other day in a hot dog. Hamish is so cute. I would go anywhere with Hamish Dragon.

All of the details, thoughts, and more conversations,
will be found in The Orion Project books, too graphic to post here

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