Pajama Party with the Insects
June 17 2013

Put on your pajamas and snuggle up cause it's time to see what happens during an alien encounter! Stay up all night with me and the aliens through this story! This slumber party is complete with reptilians, praying mantis and large insects, humans and hybrids. There is feces, there is sex, and there is an abducted homeless bum and the whole life cycle of the insects will be explained.


Good morning. it is 4:30 AM and the sun has already come up. I haven't slept a notch all night. I was up all night with the aliens. When I went to bed last night I asked the aliens to let me stay awake for this night's abductions and I was determined to not fall asleep and miss out on everything. Namely I have got aliens that abduct me every night at 3 AM or 4 AM it seems. It used to be 4 AM but now they changed it to 3 AM they say. Maybe because I keep begging them to let me stay awake for the encounter, and they think it will be easier for me to stay awake at 3 AM than it is at 4 AM, I don't know.

I didn't exactly go anywhere but the aliens have been around keeping me busy and occupied and it sure has been interesting. Tonight's story features the Orion man, Hamish the Red Dragon Turtle, Crocodile Man, me, a man, a hybrid girl, a hybrid baby toddler, a white praying mantis, a green praying mantis, a homeless bum and Vietnam veteran from Delaware, Suleski and Derek, hours of a sleepless night, bedbugs and bacteria, and getting to know the Insectoids closer than I ever thought was possible. The below is based on last night's notes.

1:17 AM

I had gone to bed begging and whining for the Aliens to give me a conscious abduction encounter. First it was Malik here. Standing on the other side of my bedroom door. Asking me why the door was closed on him. I opened the door, and turns out he had just been showing power to make me do things, but I don't mind opening the door for the Fürst. Then a green praying mantis made itself shown to me. It has two antennae as if made out of round beads threaded on a thread. The antennae sway up and down, up and down, and it has a praying mantis head. I'm puzzled as to how an alien can look so much like the praying mantis insect. I was called dog and sheep and all the usual treatment and told that I am their captive and things like that. The green praying mantis asked me if I could put the insides of my forearms together. I did so. And then it said that now I was its captive.

I was shown a white naked penis of an adult hybrid male. I was shown that they have had me naked on the medical table and have had sex with Olav. That they want to show the hybrid kids how humans have sex. I said fine just let me stay awake for it. Well, first I contemplated on whether to start sobbing and crying over the fact that they have had me there and I have had sex with Olav. But I decided not to cry and carried on with begging the aliens for close contact.

No. No more. At this hour. - speaks the green praying mantis the next day when I am writing this
Why not? - me
Because you have said "our penis". - GPM
But I didn't say that! - me
Nearly you did. Almost. And then you forgot about it. - GPM
But I don't want to do anything wrong! I want to visit you! - me

Oh well. Shucks. Where was I. So then Hamish shows me himself standing outdoors somewhere. No, first I said I wanted to meet with the Reptilians if I go there, that I didn't want to just see the hybrid bratty kids. Reptilians said like "oh so you want to see the Lords?" I said that yes I wanted to see the Reptilian Lords, and I tried to explain in the alien language without words how I felt lost here at Earth and how my identity was somewhere to be found in alien contact with them. The Reptilians then said that could I handle their strength and power? I said that sure I can. And then Hamish pulls me up in bed to demonstrate the Reptilian power. I just sit there in the dark on the bed having just been pulled up by a Draconian Reptile whom I love and know as Hamish the Reptile. Then I slid back under the covers after a few seconds when I figured their power demonstration would suffice.

And then Hamish showed me himself standing outdoors somewhere and he asked me, could I see? Yes, I said. I could see. He was standing next to a parked orange sphere UFO that had a door on it. The first UFO I ever saw in real life I mean with my own eyes was an orange sphere. That was back in 1997. It was August 13 1997, a day I will never forget. But anyway, I looked at the orange sphere UFO in that mentally transferred image I was being shown by Hamish the Red Turtle. Hamish said that if I came there I would get sand between my toes. I said I would not mind getting sand between my toes. Cute of Hamish, to think of my toes like that. And the sand.

I asked whose the space rocket was, who had made the space rocket I asked? (I call them spaceships, but the Aliens like to say space rocket, I think that is cute.) They said it was the Orions. Then I was shown a white star symbol, a star with six edges I think. The star was made of white bands that were overlapping on the joints. I have tried to draw the star to my best ability. The only overlap I am absolutely certain of how it went is the one at the lower part of the joint on the upper right.

This was the Orions' symbol. I asked. The Orion told me that the Reptilians had "ruined" it. Right now a praying mantis is telling me that I am their cattle, like a cow. The star reminds me of the Jewish David's Star see here except that the bands may have been slightly thicker relative to the size and the sides had overlap. The Orion man says that the star was his mother's.

The Draconians stole the Hindu Blue Gods' symbol see here and turned it into the Nazi swastika, and then they stole the Orions' star and turned it into the David's Star used during the persecution of Jews? I don't know about that, but the Reptilians have a way of insulting and using other races' symbolism. Here I have drawn the symbol I was shown to the best of my ability. It is not quite right, but I have tried. Now I must get back to my alien encounter. Hamish now shows me his Duck Feet on the red bedroom rug and tells me that he is here. Welcome Hammish! Love Turtle! I forgot to say that the aliens in that orange sphere UFO, not sure who they were, said to me that I could/would get harmed by them. I asked, how would I get harmed? And I suggested would it be due to radiation? Or excess heat? But they didn't fill me in. I know that my alien abductors are ... sadistic, vicious bastards that are keen to hurt and offend me and call me cattle and dog and ask me to join their circus. But I really want to meet them, so here goes.

1:58 AM

My coffee walks here! - said Malik as I had gone into the bathroom to blow my nose and wash my hands before the abduction and I had run into Malik in the bathroom.
Malik, don't say that! - said Orion man to Malik. I pardoned myself and then snuck back to the bedroom.

2:07 AM

Malik yells, "Now then! Shut your mouth! Here I come!" and announces his presence and returns to the bedroom. A praying mantis thinks of an image of a sheep's pen like on a farm but doesn't say anything to me in words. Just to let me know I am their cattle. Praying Mantis asks me to drink more water. I say I don't feel like it.

Praying Mantis says they don't have some net to catch me with, and that it is not a doctor here. I want to see you, I say, and it yells "My pyy-pyy!" and its eyes reflect in the dark. "I want to come near you. I want to visit you", I say. "I am your nurse", says praying mantis insect. Praying Mantis reminds me that I had been told to drink water and tells me that Snake isn't coming. But then Snake comes and calls me his "hunting prey". "Snake! I love you!", I shriek, and Praying Mantis says Hyssh! and tells me to drink water and shows me the thin white plastic tubing which they run down my nose to collect things from my stomach with. I go get a quick glass of water and Praying Mantis shows me a syringe and tells me it wants to poke me with it. I say that it can.

2:22 AM

Coming to get my eggs is like picking pears from the trees, says the insect with an image of someone picking grapefruit from trees in an orchard. It shows me a medical instrument that is a white cylindrical rod surrounded by white mesh. They have it there in the tent, it says. It says it causes me an injury. I see Hamish. Hamish thanks me for getting him the primrose earlier. Praying Mantis says it hasn't seen my bowel movements in a long time. Praying Mantis and me talk about water. It insists that I only need one liter a day, I say we are meant to drink 2 or 3 liters. One liter is enough, it says. I say that one liter is a lot too.

Are you dumb? What are you doing? - says a human man with balding black hair in his 40's and ruins the private moment I was having with my aliens.

I am not their cat, says Praying Mantis, and someone announces the arrival of a Dinosaur by saying that "Here comes a Frog" and I see the friendly green Dinosaur. I tell it, "Deb Deb!", which means Yes in Dinosaur language. Dinosaur tells me it doesn't want to poke me with a needle, and that it wants to see my "pyy-pyy" and "inner labia" and my intestine and my intestinal bacteria. Hamish refers to himself as the "armadillo". I go into super coo mode saying "Hamish! Hamish Hamish!" and Hamish thinks I'm acting out too much and tells me to watch it or he will hit me on the head with a rock.

Dinosaur lets me know that he is being forced by Hamish to perform the medical procedures. The Dinosaurs are not allowed to bathe otherwise. Dinosaur puts a white doctor's mask over its face. Yes. Just like a real surgeon I was so surprised.

2:57 AM

I am in bed but I am also seeing myself there in the other locale with the aliens. As if in two places at the same time. Praying Mantis spreads my legs real wide while I lie on the bed. The aliens show the black-haired man me naked. I figure he is with the military and has to oversee what they are doing to make sure that I am safe. Nope. The aliens want him to have sex with me. The Praying Mantis says it was to extract his semen. The man is there with them in the other dimension.

I decide to go with it so I say that sure he can have sex with me. If I don't get used to some of this then I am never going to get to see what goes on during abductions, and they are going to have me go through these things anyway just without my knowledge. And I'd rather know what happens to me there in the other dimension during abductions. Praying Mantis says they could have done this with laboratory methods instead but this way the humans get to have sex. I don't know if I wouldn't prefer the laboratory methods of artificial insemination instead.

The man doesn't want me to see him and then he doesn't want to have sex with me even though he was standing there naked against me he didn't want me after all. "They have eaten us you know" says the black-haired human man who I thought was interfering. "I know" I say. "That's why we have to supply them with more, or they go after the public." says man.

Then the man is going to have sex with a hybrid girl and I go into full-scale "cacophony" I throw the worst temper tantrum and upset a human being can conjure up complete with threats of killing all of them and myself and violent graphic descriptions of what will happen if they don't stop showing me. I pray to God to make this stop to just let me go to sleep and not have to watch this man have sex with some filthy hybrid whore child.

"Look! We don't have to get married!" shouts the girl to me. "Look, Mommy!" says the girl to me. I'm about to vomit cause I think it's the most vile thing in the universe. I can't think of anything more disgusting than children having sex. "May I take a bath now?" says Dinosaur to his perpetrators when I show the aliens a mental image in which I aim a gun to the hybrid girl and tell them I would shoot her in the eye. The Dinosaur is the only one noticing my upset and he is feeling upset with this whole situation too and he just wants to leave. "Yes, this sheep baahs" says Praying Mantis to girl. "Go to hell all of you. The hybrid children and insects.", I say.

3:15 AM

Crocodile Man sends me mental images of himself standing in our kitchen and he speaks in beautiful Draconian Crocodilian language in roars telling me not to eat sweet foods that I had eaten yesterday. The sugar disrupts the DNA in my eggs and ruins their genetics work. Sugar places carbohydrate markers on the DNA. I admired hearing such beautiful native Draconian language and seeing the Crocodile Man in the kitchen, while I was still in bed. I promise him I won't eat sugar anymore.

Hamish shows me a quick mental image of a red gnome pointy red hat and tells me to watch it and be careful. I love hearing Hamish of course, but then I hear "Don't you want to have sex with him? I wanted to try it." says the hybrid girl and I just want to go to sleep and not deal with this anymore.

3:19 AM

"Hi, I did not want to leave you again but I'm leaving now!" says Dinosaur and I see a clear image of him that slender frog body of his with big oversized head and deep pockets underneath his eyes. I tell him he is always welcome with me and that I love Dinosaurs and thanked him for his nice visit. "Yes. Thank you for having said, Deb Deb!" says Dinosaur because I had said Deb Deb to him. Praying Mantis tells me that they have shown me to all of the children and that this girl was not Charon.

After drinking that extra glass of water like they told me to I now have to pee so I go into the bathroom and turn the lights on and run right into the Crocodile Man who had been hiding there. "I wanted to be here" says Crocodile Man. I apologise and tell him I have really got to pee or I would end up peeing in bed I say and I hurry up and pee while the Crocodile Man stands there next to me bothered by the light and I wash my hands turn off the lights apologise and hurry back to bed.

3:28 AM

I don't like this abduction anymore because of having to see the man have sex with a girl and I try to get back to sleep but just as I begin to a Dinosaur says "Yuck. There are insects here that are biting on you." and gives me a mental image of me in my bed and a whole lot of green dust mites biting on me. The Dinosaur is disgusted. I get sad because I know I've changed the sheets and I shower every night before I go to bed and I almost want to ask them should I put myself into a freezer box for a while to kill them off? The Aliens talk about how they suction some of those dust mites in with a plastic tube to look at them. They are very disgusted with how I live covered in bacteria and dust mites. They don't have any of those things, they say.

3:32 AM

Aliens want me to hold a hybrid baby toddler in my arms and show me a mental image of the toddler as if it were in my arms. The toddler has an over-sized head.

No it does not! - says a Thuban now when I wrote that the toddler has an over-sized head

I don't want to see or touch those children because they are sexually active over there so I am disgusted with the whole concept of hybrid kids and I don't say or do anything. I just want to go to sleep. This abduction wasn't so much fun as I had hoped it to be. They had to put pedophilia into the abduction and make it impossible for me to want to see what goes on.

I could have handled feces. I could have handled aliens poking instruments down my butt collecting feces. I could have handled little plastic tubing down my nose suctioning up some stomach contents. I can handle big over-sized insects with one hell of an attitude. I can handle being treated as a cat and a dog and a pet and a sheep and a cow and a cattle. I can handle the smell of Reptilians. I can handle being tossed around and dominated. But I will not handle pedophilia. No thanks. I wanted to get back to sleep.

"Who paid you to be here? You weren't any good. You wouldn't even do it with her!" fusses the Praying Mantis to the man with balding black hair because he hadn't even had sex with me.

3:37 AM

"Some guys really smell that we take here" says hybrid or Praying Mantis and good lord they transmit to me an image of a male abductee and also his smell. He has that vile waxy smell of a person who doesn't shower or bathe. His hair and beard are matted. The hair and beard are gray and matted and look like dreadlocks. It seems to be some kind of homeless bum that they have there. I guess my abduction interaction was over and they had moved on to the next one. I was still aware because the aliens were still on the line with me.

"Then don't bring him in. Only select hygienic persons. I always have a shower before bed just for you guys. I have a shower every night for the aliens. Every damn night. Don't abduct someone who doesn't wash for you." I say to the aliens, quote unquote. Hamish thanks me for not having candles on the desk and someone tells me that Suleski wanted to have me. I say I don't mind Suleski and conjure up half a smile, where the other corner of my mouth just wants to go to bed. I am exhausted. "He uses hashish cakes" says Praying Mantis or hybrid about the smelly bum man they have picked up. So that's what the smell is. The smell of a man who doesn't wash and the smell of marijuana, unmistakably. I tell the aliens how disgusting that is. Don't pick up people like that. Fetch clean people instead. Get rid of him, I say. I don't want to see it, I say. I shower every night for you guys I say. I ask if the man is asleep or is he aware of the aliens. Hamish tells me that the man does not look like Santa. No, I confirm to Hamish about his verdict.

I really want to get to sleep by now. Praying Mantis tells me that this man is also a dog. "What country does he live in?" I ask, since I'm really not getting any sleep tonight anyways. "What is his name?" I ask. Praying Mantis tells me that the man lives in a tent. "Is he homeless? What country does he live in?" I ask. Praying Mantis says the man lives in the United States. I ask which of the US States, Praying Mantis says Delaware. "Watch out. Someone like that might have HIV. Test him. Before you take sperm." I caution the Aliens about the smelly bum. Hamish carefully looks at the abductee's gray hair and beard and concludes, ".. He was not like Santa. So he didn't get any beating." Of course I smile because Hamish is just adorable. He thinks that Red Santas are showing him power and acting challenging by having his color so he wants to attack them, so he is always on the lookout for Red Santas.

The Praying Mantis tells me about the bum abductee that he only needs sunshine every morning to be happy and to see the star spangled banner the US flag to feel at home. "He has lived this way since the 60's, since he became a marijuana addict", says the Praying Mantis. "He has already wanted to give us semen", says Praying Mantis. As far as I know the man is asleep and unaware.

"He doesn't have many dollars. He had to write about that. He wrote a letter about that, to his aunt." says Praying Mantis about the man with an image of a green US dollar bill. I am trying to sleep! Praying Mantis says that the man doesn't want to masturbate but that they had wanted to see that. "I don't want to see. I will sleep now." I say and try to go to sleep. Hamish thinks about red tomatoes in a soup or in a sauce.

Derek of my US team shows up to tell me not to worry about that man. Suleski says hello. I tell the guys I am trying to sleep it is 4 AM and I haven't slept at all. They tell me to just put my head on the pillow. Like I haven't tried. Derek tells me about the abducted man. That the man had been in the Vietnam war. Because he had seen war he had changed from it and that is why he was chosen to be an alien abductee. "He has been through a lot", says Derek. "And therefore we should honor and commemorate him", said Derek nearly choking up feeling sentimental about it. And that just completely changed how I look at that man. Derek tells me that the abductee the man has a long scar on his left thigh from a knife wound and transmits to me a mental image of it. Derek thinks that it is cool. They must be watching more abductees than just myself and must know this man since many years back.

ET or military tell me that the man was in the war and therefore had been through a lot and already been scared so that is why he was suitable to use for alien abductions because he wouldn't be scared of the ETs anymore after that. "I was never in a war, but I am not scared of the ET." I say. "Push! Move over! She is mine." says the white Praying Mantis and pushes away other ETs who all were around me in the other dimension so that it can stay close to me.

"So, if you wanted to see us." says a large insect with wings like a locust or praying mantis. "Yes", I say. The insect tells me they are only hunting and collecting my bacteria. Hamish wants my iron. I tell them they can take both my bacteria and my iron.

4:07 AM

The insect does the most fantastic insect behavior I have ever witnessed in my life, after which it says, "We have no sexual organs, that can be opened." What it did was it has this long tubular insect abdomen with a long tubular butt that extends far behind where the backmost legs are. And it pushed its butt down two times. He is a large insect and he has wings that are folded but visible on the long tubular back.

I will be spending hours on YouTube looking for the right video that showcases this insect's butt movements. It was like standing still but the long tubular end of the butt which looks like just a continuation of its long tubular body was moving as if it wanted to touch the end of its butt on something. So the butt was flayling in the most insect-like movement. It did so twice. I was so delighted to see that.

"May I ask, why do you look like insects?" I ask. Because this alien looks just like a big insect. "We were grabbed (from there). We were mined for." says insect. I keep asking, because I don't understand how there can be large people-sized insects. It says they have better brains than me/us. So maybe they were cultivated for their mental provess.

4:13 AM

"Listen to the expert. Don't open her legs unless she has something going in there." speaks an obnoxious military man to the Praying Mantis about me. Insect does two more of those delightful butt rubs with the long end of its insect butt and then says, "We have none." "What don't you have? Don't you have genitals?" I ask. "Yes, but no opening!" fusses the insect. "Do you have eggs and sperm? Are you an insect?" me asks. Insect tells me that they get paid in the form of humans. The insects eat humans and they eat the children that are produced.

4:18 AM

Insect shows me and tells me without words that they dry up if they get dry and the insect body would turn into a white crust and die. I said oh no! Watch out! Stay moist! I promised I would help them collect moisture, as I don't want them drying up like that. The insect said that most people scream, or try to fight them, when they see the insects. I was doing neither and they were surprised. They are just big insects that talk. No big deal. That eat people. That are rude and vicious and cruel. Who cares. I don't make a big deal out of it. "We try to individualize, but we all think alike." says insect. "You are these children's mother.", says insect about the white hybrid children.

4:33 AM

Insects tell me that they only wanted to collect the man's sperm, that he didn't think it was funny, that he didn't get or need a blanket there, and that he wasn't a homeless bum.

And as I'm trying to finally fall asleep, the praying mantis reveal to me in images how they have a stack of human feces arranged in long rows on the floor, the rows are not straight lines, and in those rows the insects lay their eggs by touching the end of their butt down like it had shown me. So now I suspect that the reason why the aliens are always collecting so much feces from us humans is because they use it as manure to place their insect eggs. Feces actually contains a lot of nutrition. A lot of Earth insects in fact lay their eggs in manure so that the baby hatchlings are surrounded by a lot of food. The insect told me that the babies are picked up after they hatch. The insect whispered to me that they are forced to breed into large populations of insects because the Black Ones want them to.

In Closing

In closing, I wanted a conscious alien abduction and my aliens let me into their world. They shared with me their work and their lives.

I also want to thank the aliens for acknowledgeing my wishes of becoming aware of their work and of what I am a part of, when they could just as well keep me asleep and never let me know that they even exist. Thank you for visiting, for letting me be a part of this, for letting me into your worlds. For telling me about your work, and your life situations. Answering my questions. For being sweeter to me than you would have to. For sharing with me your personal thoughts, such as Hamish about Santas and red tomatoes. For sharing me your personal feelings, such as the Dinosaur about wanting to bathe. And also thank you to myself for staying up all night with them and taking notes throughout the night even when it hurt to sit up and type I was carefully writing down verbatum talk and observations on what was happening and even mustered to ask them questions rather than crash on the pillow like I wanted to.

The alien world is one we might not understand or even want to understand. This Agenda is run by the Black Ones and none of the other alien races seem to be personally responsible. The Orions, Reptilians, Praying Mantis and Insects, Dinosaurs, and humans. I look forward to getting to know my Insect friends more closely. Seeing who they are and understanding their world.

Later in the day as I'm typing this story up and browsing for an image of a praying mantis:
Osiris. - says Hamish
Hamish? What is called Osiris? - me
That one. - says Hamish and points with his red scaly finger to the computer screen on the praying mantises

The Insect ones are called Osiris.
Osiris, an Ancient Egyptian God. Interestingly, the God Osiris was green.

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