Two Sides And A Pen
June 16 2013

I regret that I am not only a scientist who is making a documentary on aliens. I cannot be the passive observer who stands and watches alien contact with the Agenda take place and documents every little bit of what happens. I am in the space saga myself, not only as the abductee who is being harvested for eggs and used in other questionable and immoral programs. I am a Starseed and I now realize it is War taking place here.

When Aliens came to me in August 2011 I decided to observe, watch, take notes, and converse with them and document as much of it as possible so that I could share a well-documented case on alien contact. For the next two years I would produce the Orion Project which is perhaps one of the more meticulous cases of alien contact compiled and shared.

I remained a silent witness, tolerant, neutral, and objective. I wanted to see the Agenda for what it is. I wanted to understand the evil and logic behind the atrocities done in its name. The vast number of medical torture, sadism, ritual abuse, Satanism, and sexual abuse and pedophilia done in and by the Agenda is something I could never have understood to talk about had I not adopted the guise of a silent observer and participant. Participant in that I was being used, not that I was engaging in these activities myself.

When Malik revealed himself as Jezebel the ancient evil spirit who has tormented Earth and humans for eons, the Agenda finally revealed itself and the puzzle pieces I had been placing finally I stepped back and saw in them an image.

I now take the next stage of the Orion Project. Resistance, fight, education, light. I have been documenting one side of the Alien Saga, the dark side of evil run by the Agenda ruled by the Dark Ones such as evil spirits Jezebel and Baphomet and over them the Evil Eye. I have been running around their muck for a long time and it's now time to put on my light shrouds and step back to my true identity. The other part of the Alien Saga is the benevolent one of light and love.

I am with the Arcturians and I live here as an incarnation of Arcturians here on Earth in this human body. The Agenda has been suppressing my true identity, because we are powerful against them. Just by being what we are, in the light, we can resist all evil and make them go away. And they fear us and they wish to destroy us, so that is why they go through all the trouble of turning us into mindless slaves using MKULTRA technologies.

Humans live on an ancient battlefield between light and darkness. The Angels battling the Devils were always the Arcturians against the Dark Ones, and this is still taking place.

Malik Jezebel revealed to me today how they have been trying to wipe out the Vegas and how their plans had succeeded so well. There was still some Vega left here on Earth and that is what they were needing to destroy. It seems there is some Vega in me also. The Vegas were a beautiful benevolent people from the Vega star system. They refused to join the dark Agenda and the Black Ones wanted to destroy them. Some of the Vegas came to Earth as refugees and seeded the Jewish people. That is why Black Ones orchestrated Hitler and the holocaust to wipe out all the Jews.

Jews need not be afraid. If every person living, whether human or alien species, can be measured in terms of its light, ranging from the darkest to the most light living, Jews are special in that they have more light than the average human. They have an in-built resistance against the dark demons. Also persons of almost any benevolent faith including Christianity and Islam will surround themselves with protection and more light if they practice their faith and connect themselves with the Holy Spirit or Allah.

This now sounds like religion and those of you who were anticipating aliens as something merely a biological entity are unlikely to find that the Saga unfolds that way. Good and Evil exists throughout the universe. And we have these very real dark entities who are Jezebel and Baphomet they are real Incubi even the CIA knows about them. Satanism is given to humankind from these entities. That is why the Dark Ones practice Satanism which is so identical to the Satanism practiced by some of its human followers. Would that be a coincidence? Or would the Dark Ones have adopted Satanism from human rolemodels? Satanism was given to many humans and Malik Jesobel was teaching it to me from its foundations, through Aleister Crowley and pentagrams.

I am not only an observer of the Saga between Good and Evil as it takes place here on Earth. I am one of the Angels and I cannot pretend to be a human, I cannot strip myself of anything non-scientific. It is time to put my armor on and pick up the Arcturian sword. I am one of the Knights of Light.

I was succumbed for a very long time by the Dark Ones. Made to forget and held back. But I did so intentionally. I paid a visit to the Dark Ones, and I have gained access to their empty hearts to teach them about love and light.

The Dark Ones they want everybody to join them. They want everyone to adopt their culture and heritage. They cherish their lives, they see themselves as slightly conscious creatures that try to embrace life and understand what life means. But they step on life in other living beings by eating them and devouring their souls. Dark Ones cannot feel empathy, they do not feel the pain and suffering that they can cause in others. Therefore it does not exist to them. If you try to tell them about the pain that they cause, all they can relate to is the immense lust that it brings to them personally when they sacrifice animals. I don't believe that they are intentionally evil, I believe that they are simply unconscious of others and themselves. They leave behind them a path of destruction. They pull conscious life into their deep dark hole and immense suffering and demise.

It is an age old battle between the dark ones and the Angels. And my time with the Dark Ones is now over. They wanted to put me into their cage. First they influenced people in my life, possessed persons in my life and made them do acts of cruelty toward me. They devastated my personal life and turned me into someone who was ruined for many years. They made me promiscuous. Then they tried to pair me up with a young man whom they also have in their grasp. The young man is a Satanist. I never went to see him. But then they sent me to a Free Mason D/s Master.

The D/s Master was possessed by the Dark One Malik and Baphomet. With keeping in mind this is a censored website, I can only give you the full details in the books. The man did hypnosis and mind control on me. He did Satanic acts. I broke up with him over a year ago and they still send him to me. The Agenda contemplated on sending me third to a man named Clemens who works for the CIA or for a branch of the CIA, who is also under their grasp. The CIA man would have done more MKULTRA mind control on me. He would have drugged me and been abusive. The Agenda was turning me into the MKULTRA Doll or Cat.

The MKULTRA Doll is a woman whose mind has been altered through drugs, abuse, sexual abuse and other means so that she has no thoughts of her own. She is a vegetable, a zombie, a breathing body with nobody home. The MKULTRA Cat is slightly different and more free, she has thoughts but she is a new and different person, a sexual cat persona. Both types of women are an excellent way of confining and caging a troublesome powerful Starseed woman. The Agenda have told me that they cannot simply kill Starseeds, because if you kill their human bodies they just come right back. So they have to figure out ways of confining them, of making their bodies into their cages.

I nearly fell in there, or I would say that I was always one step ahead of the game. I believe I was investigating it and now I am done investigating and will play along no further. I have taken with me experiences and observations and an understanding with which I can tell you what is going on, and be more effective as a cure and solution to this widespread plague which is the Agenda.

Don't talk to our Turtles anymore. - says Malik
Don't threaten to take away my Hamish. I love my Hamish Turtle. I love Hamish! - me

I can only be what I am and I can be no less. If my light knowledge and wisdom scares the Dark Ones then so be it, but I will not be made into an MKULTRA Cat.

I no longer find the alien abductions appealing. I am not interested in taking part in alien abductions. Because all they are is making hybrid children with my eggs and those children are subject to pedophilia, medical torture, murder, and eaten. I have seen the aliens and I have seen what they do. It is not some Utopia to be discovered or investigated. Just because they are aliens does not mean that we should be tolerant of their "culture". They need to be reprimanded and taught a very important lesson about the value and worth of life.

I hope to continue the next part of the Orion Project on the good side. Working together with the Board of Benevolent ETs, the Ashtar Command, with the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Ummites, and other benevolent ones, and channeling their conversations to the Earth.

I have been inside the Agenda. Poked around inside of dear Malik's mind. I have seen and spoken to The Eye, watched their sacrifices and blood drinking and everything else. We cannot solve a problem by not facing it first, or by comdemning it, or by wishing to destroy those who do it. I will show utmost tolerance and love to the Dark Ones, and only that will one day transform them. No one can understand or explain the Dark Ones or what they do, without having spent some time observing them from the inside. And that is what I have done. I now understand Malik as if I were him myself, but I now step aside and it is his turn to come to me and understand what we are.

What has all this about light and dark, of good and evil have to do with alien entities, biological entities? Is this not a fairytale about religion and mythology? Humans as a real living species have been influenced by these entities for a very long time. We are seeded and crafted by the aliens. Vegas are the Jews. The Blue Hindu Gods made a huge influence on India and then Mayan culture and heritage. Nazi Germany and Hitler and the Holocaust placed a huge scar on Earth and humanity. The stories of Angels and Dragons, of good and evil and the evil dark ones Jezebel and Baphomet are recorded throughout history. The Iroquois Indians were created by the Draconians.

Angels were always the Arcturians, or also Santinians. The Dragon Dynasty in Japan still honors their pledge and heritage to the Dragons. Dragons still live on Earth. Aleister Crowley was a creation by the Agenda. Thelema, dark arts and black magic, the Egyptian pyramids, Satanism, pentagrams, the Evil Eye. Free Masons, Ku Klux Klan, El Diablo gang. The punk movement. The real and cultural and historical heritage and imprint by these things is vast here on Earth. So it is not a question of some mythological or religions concept which should seem abstract or as if taken from thin air. It is very real.

And the "real" biological entities who are the aliens are also afflicted by this. The Alpha Orions, Thuban praying mantis, the Zeta Reticuli, Alpha Centaurians, Dinosaurs, and many more they are the "real biological alien entities" that you look for as a person coming from biology, as a UFOlogist, as a SETI scientist, or perhaps a Cryptozoologist. But these mythological religious concepts are part of life both here on Earth and in outer space.

A little while later

Malik the Fürst came for a personal visit while I was watching television. He let me see him sort of even though he is in another dimension. He was making an effort to be nice. He said he did not want to scare me. I said I wasn't afraid of him. I was being respectful too of course, calling him my Fürst and Honored. He said they are working on genetics. And he showed me his penis. Turns out he actually has a slender smooth red penis inside of the black rough scaly exterior. He showed it to me. I asked him why he had shown it to me. He said he had wanted to give it to me. It has got something to do with genetics. He is a handsome scaly black man. I am asking him to let me photograph him, but of course he would have to come into my dimension first. He is being ever so sweet and delicate. It is obvious that he needs me for something. He also told me not to eat pears.

It is my pen. With it we write history here. - says Malik about his dong. The first sentence was in my native language, the second sentence in the other language.

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