Biology And Religion Unite
June 14 2013


How do I feel after finding out that dear old Malik Incubus is one and the same as well-known notorious spirit entity Jezebel and my Basmet with ramhorns was one and only Baphomet vicious Lord of Dark Ones? Today is the day after I found out. What changes? What happens? And where do we go from here.

When the Orion man contacted me in August 2011 he was a real alien entity, a beautiful man covered in black scales and here to tell me I was an egg donor in their genetics project. He told me about his laboratory equipment, the yellow pancake batter with which they capture bacteria to collect samples, and how he loved my soft yellow skin because his own skin was rough like covered in scabs. He is still a real alien, and so are the many others. The impudent Thuban praying mantis, my Reptilian friends mainly Hamish the Dragon Turtle. Zetas, Alpha Centauri, all of them are real alien entities from a space teeming with life!

But Black Ones are demons. So how do we piece this together? How do we understand? How do we move on from here? I have known and loved Malik for nearly two years. He became my uncle that tiptoes around the house. He was cute, so full of mischief, and often up to no good. He would come here accompanied with a pillow-size black widow spider hologram carried under his arm to scare me with. Sometimes they were the Egyptian scarab beetles. I just giggled or fussed at him because he wasn't scaring me with fake spiders.

Malik became a part of my life. I thought he was an extraterrestrial. Different, to be sure. But an extraterrestrial. Now I learn that he is a demon. What comes of us. Where does this Project go? If not onward, bravely and diligently forward in this discovery of alien life no matter how bizarre or spectacular it gets, and no matter the disappointments and turns along the road. I can only be a follower along this journey as I uncover the truths about alien abduction and contact. I cannot dictate this story. This story is not in my hands, I am only writing it down. And if the Alien Agenda is ruled by demonic entities known for thousands of years by humans as a malevolent presence then so be it. I cannot change a thing. I cannot edit this story so that it better suits with our hopes and dreams.

So the Alien Agenda is run by demonic entities. We want to reject the existence of Malik Jezebel and Basmet Baphomet because they are something abstract that should belong to demonology and religious mysticism. We want to carry on only with our soft squishy aliens the Zetas, Praying Mantis, Reptilians, and other tangible entities which we could classify as biological. We somehow want Malik and Basmet to leave, we want to go back a couple thousand pages of this documentary and use a big magical eraser and delete these two guys and then carry on just with our aliens.

The Alien Agenda is run by two demonic entities who have been well-known as a mischievous presence on Earth throughout history. They are Jezebel and Baphomet. The one and only. Do we make this a story about religion and mythology? I can guarantee you that Jezebel Malik and Baphomet Basmet are real entities. I kind of wish that they weren't. They have already been claimed by and categorized into religion and mythology. Biology does not want them. And I am a scientist of the natural sciences. Biology, physics, and chemistry.

I have loved Malik. He has been so full of shenanigans and mischief sometimes, but somehow we got along great. Perhaps it is my trusting kind and loving nature. But Malik became one of my many types of aliens. Instead of being afraid of this Dark Lord I had seen him as a person. I listened to him, I spoke to him. We shared two years of life together. Oh there are so many conversations between us recorded, and you see how a strange kind of friendship grows. I have looked into his white eyes and seen a person. He is most definitely a real live entity, my Malik the Fussubus Incubus, but he had me fooled all of this time because he is Jezebel, the one and only.

I mean, look at our cartoons together:
Malik and the Keyhole
Christmas with the Boys

So are our two dark gentlemen alien beings or mythological creatures? What is a mythological creature? A concept of thought to symbolize human qualities and that will never exist or be found to be real. If Jezebel and Baphomet exist, as they do, then they are biological entities. If their bodies are made of shadow stuff and not chemical components then it is biology that needs to stretch, because these two gentlemen are two conscious sentient intelligent creatures. They speak, they think, they answer questions, they even eat food. I loved Malik, he was my mischievous Fussubus Incubus Oh Holy. He likes me. And I think he's cute when he visits me. We have been friends. But if he is Jezebel, I mean I guess I can always love Malik for who he is but why did he have to deceive me?

Malik is so cute with that flat-nosed face of his, his scaly black paw that has caressed and touched me. The times we have had together. When I thought he was an alien. I love Malik. But can I love Jezebel?

But my personal feelings aside and my needing of restructing my friendship with Incubus Fussubus One, where does the Orion Project go? It was a documentary on alien beings and alien contact. Alien genetics program, me as the egg donor, hybrids made between humans and aliens, and the Black Ones ruling over this Agenda. What now, demons?!? Demons. Real live Incubi demons called Malik and Basmet, also otherwise known as Jezebel and Baphomet.

Do I push away Basmet and Malik, letting religion and mythology deal with them, or do I embrace them same as always, want to study and learn from them. Religion and biology somehow have to unite in this, to join forces to explain the world we live in. For this is not our world, as humans. We share this magnificent world with other living creatures, Baphomet and Jezebel being two of those. We humans cannot set the top standard for what life means and discard anything living that defies how we understood life in ourselves.

I nearly wanted to get scared of my two boys of shenanigans, my Malik and Basmet. I nearly wanted to let religion dictate this journey for me. To fear them, to cast them away. But I guess I go on as always. I have just discovered that not only are my two boys Basmet and Malik very real entities, there is a whole sea of documentation on these two guys. I will enjoy reading about the stories my dear Malik and Basmet have gotten up to. How they are featured in religions and mythologies and legends worldwide and throughout history. I will keep, not discard, my understanding of these two boys from my own time I have had with them. Not start anew, and not replace my understanding with what religion or other sources would want to tell us about these two dark ones. They are my Basmet and Malik, they always will be.

Basmet and Malik are two living entities. They are conscious, intelligent, sovereign people. They think, they speak, they walk and go places. They answer questions. They make decisions. There is some kind of person in each of them. They may be ancient and already recounted in religious scripture throughout history, but I will stay on this path I am on.

Jezebel and Baphomet will continue to be welcome in my home. One day as promised I will paint a white pentagram star on the floor of the basement of my future home so that Malik can make himself at home. I will continue to think that Malik's face is cute, with that flat pugdog face of his with two little nostrils. I want to know these two men, interview them, understand them. They are living entities and they will teach us something about life and the universe. They can be understood through biology, and interpreted through religion. They show us that the world and meaning of life is more intricate than the scope of natural sciences, and biology and religion can unite. It just wasn't what we expected, or wanted. Biology embraces a type of life form that we didn't think could be real. And religion enters the world of science and evidence, learning that two of its mythological creatures were real.

Basmet was angry when I didn't draw in his penis on this picture
I guess I had depicted him stripped of his manhood, but this website is a censored version

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