Arcturians vs Black Ones
June 13 2013

Warning: Adult content. Only for adults and grown-ups!


Drastic measures require that I change lifestyle entirely. Yours truly is going to have to turn things a little bit upside down over here. I am going to simply have to start taking several naps during the day and staying well-rested throughout the night. Because most alien contact and interaction happens when I go to sleep, at night, and in the morning when I wake up. I was far too exhausted last night and this morning to take notes of conversations and alien encounters and good material was lost forever.


Last night as I was watching television a large insect alien appeared. It was a large white or pale green praying mantis. He was in the other dimension but I could see him clearly. It had two antennae that continuously move up and down, up and down, maybe it uses them for sensory information. The antennae look like made out of round beads threaded on a string. The insect was here to let me know it was watching everything I did. It also showed me a closeup image of my naked exposed ladyparts and said that it would want to see those. He wasn't rude and hysterical like the white Thuban praying mantis always are, so things were fine. It was a nice visit.

There wasn't a cacophony, you mean. - speaks a white Thuban now
No cacophony! Because you were nice to me last night! In fact, did you know that the only reason why anybody human would get a cacophony with you guys is because you are so rude? That you started it and it's all your fault? Just be nice and polite and pleasant with me and there won't be a cacophony. - me
I am not your alien then. - says Thuban
Why not? Why won't you be? - me

The Fürst

I was begging for a conscious abduction for the night. This night I will be conscious, I said. I phrased it as a statement of fact, and I phrased it as begging, whining, pleading and asking politely. Whatever works, I want to be awake.

You are not our monkey then. - says Thuban
I want to be awake. I want to see you. I don't want to be asleep then. - me
We don't want you to be disgusted with us. - Thuban
I am not disgusted with you. - me
Yes, but have you seen my face? - says Thuban
I love your faces! I think you are a very beautiful special race. And I am not intimidated by your looks. I once saw one of you in a very close encounter. I was fine with it. I wasn't afraid. - me
My faces scare people a lot. - Thuban
I am not those people who gets scared. You can't blame me for what other people have done. I want to meet with you all. Please. - me
Yes, so long as there won't be a cacophony. - Thuban
No cacophony I promise! - me

Cacophony is their word for when a human gets upsets, starts screaming and hollering, biting, kicking, just any general upset and cacophony.

So they sent me the Fürst last night. And it was another wonderful visit with the Oh Great Black One! We had the most wonderful conversation I have probably ever had with our dear Malik the Great One. He really opened up to me and talked. He remained polite, courteous, wonderful, amazing, extraterrestrial, fantastic, fascinating, incredible, and just overall friendly and sweet with me. He is their supreme leader, one of the many Black Ones who rule the Draconian Agenda. I call him the big boss.

Malik has a very negative dark black satanic aura about him. In fact those of you reading who are sensitive to vibes will pick up his very soaked dark energy all across this website. Most contactees, especially us who are Starseeds and Crystals will flat out reject any dealing with Dark Ones. But I have embraced Malik. I want to understand him, to study him, learn from him. Sure I could have just screamed at him and made him leave, but this guy is an actual intelligent sentient creature. An alien species of some kind. He fascinates me, and the scientist in me is driven to explore this creature.

Over time we have developed, I think, a relationship a friendship. He acts notably courteous and polite around me. There is mutual respect I think, where we understand and tolerate each other's shortcomings. In my opinion Malik's shortcomings are what he finds to be his strengths. His ruthlessness, vicious sadistic self and evil shenanigans. And in Malik's opinion my shortcomings are what I find to be my strengths. My loving kind compassionate nature. So we are two different worlds. One white skin human hand, and one black scaly reptilian paw.

And Malik let me see him again. He was in my room and came up close to me right next to my bed. And I could see him in the other dimension. I could see with my eyes closed my entire room as clearly as if my eyes had been open. The visual looks softer in a way than when my open eyes see our human world. In that world my mind was seeing with eyes closed was Malik. The Fürst. And I loved seeing him again! I didn't start to cry like last time, like the first time, but it was such a moving experience. To see an actual alien being who had come to me!

He is not a tall fellow. And he has a slightly hunched body posture. His feet appear to be black hooves, and he looks a lot like the black Gremlins in those 1980's movies, except that he doesn't have the ears and his eyes are white with a pale gray dot for a pupil. What I love most about our Dear Malik is the cute face. The center of the face is a depression, a sunken in area, where we humans are used to seeing a nose protrude out it is just flat and sunken in. And in that sunken area are two bare nostrils without a nose. It is so cute, cuter than the flat face of a pugdog. I declare our Fürst is a cute little thing. I am not afraid when I see him.

It seems that it is Malik I have to flirt with in order to get a conscious abduction. He spoke to me both in words but also a lot without words. When Malik speaks without words he uses Draconian monster-like exhales and grunts that carry nuances, and I can really feel what he means to say. I understand his language when we are together.

What I forgot to say last time I got a close encounter is that he doesn't like humans. He expresses in a deep and serious way his contempt for humans. "I don't like humans" he says without words, expressed in a frown and grunting exhale. I tell him I love him. How beautiful he is.

I told him that I want to learn from him. I want to see the Draconians and learn about them and understand. He then lifted my right hand up, held it up with the palm facing forward, and placed in the palm of my hand the creepy eye. Their Eye God, he had put it on my hand. See here, but don't pee your pants it's creepy.

I shrieked and complained of course and went aah and wanted it off my hand of course. So Malik was a bit offended. I was behaving inappropriately, but he didn't get angry at me. I took my hand back under the covers and the eye was gone. When Malik had put the eye on my hand he had said that I was now one of them. Well I had said I wanted to be one of them and to understand them. But I didn't expect getting the Creepy Mr Eye on my hand.

It's fascinating. You think that the Black Ones and The Eye would be eternally vicious, creepy and Satanic. You would expect nothing but roars and murder from them. But Malik can actually be sweet and nice, cautious and careful, and it opens up the possibility of me studying them and their Agenda and Creepy Eye. They are alien creatures and they have this very fascinating culture and religion that I get to study! And Malik was sharing with me his culture and religion. I am humbled by that. Sure enough it is the creepiest religion in existence. The creep factor and hellish vibe can be overwhelming but I want to learn. I felt that I was being disrespectful towards Malik with my reaction to his religion. The Eye is his God. What Black Ones do is because their Eye God commands them. What self respecting scientist would not want to learn more about that?

He said, and I quote, "I am not a Biblical character". He said that his name was not Malik. He said that his name was Jesobel, or Jessobel. I asked, but are you the same one as Malik? Yes he was. Here is another name change for him. In the beginning he was Betelgeuze, or Betelgeuse. Then Malik. He once contemplated on the name Maleucius. And now Jesobel.

At one point when I honored him profusely, it actually gave him an erection. I am fascinated and astonished that these Black Ones actually have a penis. Are they used for reproduction? Do they have sex with them? The cultural psychological aspect of Malik and his relation and behavior around his penis fascinates me. Because if I ever express fondness or interest in it, like a woman would to an erect penis, well I mainly do that to be nice. I mean, if a man stands naked and erect in front of a woman, does he not expect the courtesy of compliments? Or to be desired? So I like to say a few words of compliment as a woman to this man. But he reacts in a surprising way.

I don't want them to talk about my cock. - speaks Malik now
I apologise my Honored. - me
Because it is not for them. It contains my seed! - Malik says now
Do you actually have seed. - me

I only know human men and penises in the human species. And as tricky as it is to learn to understand human men and their psychology and culture relating to that, learning to understand Black Ones and how they relate to it is a brand new challenge for me. Namely when I give compliments or invites, Malik becomes offended.

You are not my bunny here. - speaks the Black One
I apologise my Honored. I mean you no disrespect or offense. - me
You were given the eye because it is yours now. - Black One
What should I do with it? Is it a real God? - me
Don't mean offense, you said. - Black One
I am scared of your God. - me
Don't be. It only likes goats. - Black One

Malik is a big black man, strong and he could snap the life out of me like a twig. I am a limp small woman in his arms. I have been his lover once. When he had possessed the Free Mason man whom I was brought to by the Agenda, and I had sensed and seen the Black Lord in that man's body, when he did D/s Master slave things to me. And when I sensed and saw this black man in the man's body I had gotten down on my knees and I hugged his legs and I was hugging the black monster, as I called it. "There is a black monsters in you", I said to the Free Mason man. When I ask him to tell me about the black monster, he just says "You know I don't speak of such things". When I ask him if he knows about the black monster, he never denies it. But he won't tell me more.

In fact Malik talked to me last night about how he was in that man's body and when we had been together. Malik regretted the fact that I have broken up with that man and that we could no longer be together, Malik and I, flesh against flesh. Malik told me last night that he needed a human body so that he could be with me.

There is something sensual when Malik makes love to me. He ingests my energy and drinks my soul. He is an Incubus, but Black Ones are by all means to be regarded as real alien creatures and not filed away somewhere in a pile with other demonic or abstract entities. Even the CIA knows about them and a CIA man told me that Malik is a Succubus, but I corrected him and said no it is an Incubus when it is a male. A Succubus is the female version.

This flat-nosed black man, sometimes with an erect penis, with white eyes that have a pale gray dot for a pupil. Black scaly paws, thick and chubby like on a crocodile. Malik, or Jesobel, maneuvered my body so that I was on my back. He lifted my right leg up and spread it wide apart exposing my privates under the covers. I wondered if he was about to have sex with me, but he didn't. He placed himself over me and I had his black reptilian self superimposed with my body. His scaly black paws were in and over my human hands, and we were as one. I allowed him to do that. My thought was that he was checking to see if I could manage being awake during an abduction. Can I handle seeing them? I passed the test, I passed all tests. I remained calm and gracious. I want to see them for a conscious abduction. But I was not given one tonight. They still think that I am causing trouble by wanting to stay awake.

I learned so much from Malik last night, Jesobel, about who he is and what his culture and religion are. I am humbled that he comes to me, that he speaks and lets me see him. He touches me and answers my questions

Tell them that I didn't touch your pyy-pyy. - Malik now, pyy-pyy is the aliens' word for my ladyparts
Yes my Fürst. - me
And we have moved it to 3 o'clock. - Malik, abductions used to be 4 AM, I guess they are now 3 AM
So that you can stay awake. - speaks a dark voice from a gracious man my Malik
Thank you Malik. - me
I didn't even touch your breasts. - Malik
No, my Honored. - me
And I wasn't here with Pakeha. - Malik
Is Pakeha the Reptilian who used to be called Snake? - me
Malik, or Jesobel, you were the perfect gracious gentleman with me last night. - me
I did not intend to be. - Malik
Oh. What was your intentions? - me
To scare you a little bit. - Malik
What for? Why do you want to scare me? - me
To make, seed. - Malik
Ok. Now you are doing shenanigans again. Full of mischief, you are! - me
You are our twelve DNA strand hound! - Malik
We mean no offense, you say. - Malik
But offense has not been given to you, either. - Malik
You are a cutie pie. You are cute. And I love your little nose! - me, giggle!
We have not groomed. - Hamish says in the other language
Hamish! Hamish! Hamish! - me

Oh the joy of joys having a fire engine red Dragon Turtle show up and let me see him and think about grooming his scales. Little hearts burst out of me and love is beaming in me like a sun! How I love my Turtle Feet Sock!

Make love?

And this morning there was a male hybrid visiting in the other dimension. I was still too sleepy and groggy to get up and write things down.

You don't have to write it. - the male hybrid says now enthusiastically, like a solution

He started by showing me his fingertips and telling me how he has suction cups on his fingers. He is a white man with bright pale green eyes. The eyes are all green seeming to not have any whites, and there are no dark pupils. He let me see his privates. He has male genitalia, perhaps not a scrotum cause I didn't see one. He wants to have sex with me and he wants us to experience "love" and "falling in love". I am a bit hesitant. I mean, I never say no to a romantic cuddle with the scales, but with these hybrids it is slightly different. I am more reserved. Because I am not a promiscuous girl! And after all the recent rapes and molestations by Thuban praying mantis and their team of hybrids I have become wounded.

After Thuban rapes with the sex drug white powder that they rub under my nose, I shunned away from my boyfriend. I had a human boyfriend. I stopped answering his calls and never returned his calls. I just cut it off without even saying goodbye. I feel like I am in a state of shock, frozen, petrified, and I cannot even say a word to him. So we haven't seen each other since then. I don't know if or when I will ever have a boyfriend again. My dream is to get married to someone. But at the time I just feel frozen.

Yet I know Malik and if he stands in my room right next to me with an erect penis I don't panic. I know him so well. So he is more like a familiar figure. He is like family to me, we've been through a lot and for a long time. I know he's a satanist, Malik, Jesobel, is, but I am not. I guess it's kind of like imagine if you work in an office and you have a satanist working there and you become great friends because you see each other every day, but you don't like what he does at home but you don't have to care because he leaves it at home when he visits kind of thing. I'm not into all that creepy stuff, but Malik has been a real physical presence with me for a long time. He means something to me. I mean, look at how I react to thinking he is gone.

He is my big black strong man. His black scaly paws are a kind of comfort in the dark of night. He is family and he is my Malik. So it doesn't scare me when he comes close. And even though I am scared about being raped by hybrids, I would not be scared if it were Malik or another Draconian Reptile.

Fürst! - me, as I saw Malik come close and he let out a sigh exhale like a monster
I haven't washed it. - Malik about his, dong
I haven't been gentle with you because I want to. - Malik
Then why have you been? Why are you gentle with me Malik? Why are you so sweet and gentle? - me

Last night when I invited Malik to come close, he complained that he would need some aftershave. He feels self-conscious about his smell. A smell I have described as the smell of pestilence, sewer, death, rancid socks and a dead rat. But I told him I do not mind a Draconian smell. That I have sensed it in the past and I can handle it.

In Closing

So I really need to put some closing words here. How to summarize. Malik is a real alien entity, one of the Black Ones or Dark Lords who run the Draconian Agenda, they in turn ruled by their God the Eye. Malik and the Dark Ones are highly Satanic entities, in fact their religion and culture has been imposed into human civilization throughout history. You even find their symbol the pyramid with the creepy eye on the one dollar bill in the United States.

I most certainly claim that the wide-spread use of the pyramid and eye both here on Earth and with the Black Ones is not some coincidence. I strongly claim that it was given to us by these outside influences, an alien culture that they wish to imprint upon our world. Humans did not invent the pyramid with the creepy eye, it was given to us by our Dark Ones and they continue to want to share it with our world. And have done throughout history. This is a formidable presence, and a mighty enemy. Responsible for the human sacrifices in the Mayan culture, Nazi Germany, Hitler and Himmler and the persecution of Vega Jews. The Free Masons, Ku Klux Klan, El Diablo gang, the CIA, many individuals throughout society, MKULTRA, Rosicrucians, Aleister Crowley and Thelema, Ancient Egyptian pyramids, Satanism, the Harry Potter movies and books, witchcraft, the pentagram, black and white checkered floors, pedophilia within Catholicism, pedophilia among sports coaches, unmentionable things in Royalty, the tumultuous affairs in Iraq and Damaskus.

I have not succumbed to these dark influences. Malik himself wanted me to study Aleister Crowley and to draw pentagrams for him on the floor. Pentagrams, and the black and white checkered floors are used as portals, they are doorways through which the Black Ones can jump between our worlds.

Don't tell them that! - Malik
Why, Malik? They might like to know that. - me
But we haven't told them that! - Malik with some distress
I am sorry my Honored. I mean you no harm. - me
Yes, and give us your eggs. - Malik
My Dark One. My very mischevous one. - me

I am on the other side of this spectrum. I am one of the Starseeds, a Crystal, my Ida Pingala Shushumna is strong. Black Ones covet the light beings, our life force is strong, so we are used to breed hybrid children that can be consumed in the Agenda. He desires me, he is drawn to my light. He asks me what my light is. I tell him that my light is very simple. It is love. He rejects love kindness and compassion, yet he feeds on it from others who have it. He rejects it and he needs it. My Fürst.

I want to learn from him and understand this Agenda. I want to understand their motives behind this. What they do and why. And then I also want Malik to understand love, compassion and light.

I clearly emphasize that I am not part of the Agenda. I have not succumbed to it. I am not a Satanist. My God is not the Creepy Eye. I do not condone the atrocities done in the Agenda. Many readers will think that I am a part of it because I write about it and because I do not scream at Malik or tell him to go away. I am not afraid of Malik, Jesobel, I do not fear him. And that is because I am with the Arcturians.

We can only show love towards someone like Malik. Love and understanding. Hating him or fighting him is not going to make it go away. Most people would hate Malik. I want to understand him. I want to get deep into his soul and see who he is, and bring with me a flower of love and put it inside of his heart. One day Malik will be transformed out of love. We all started out where he is now. All things grow from a tiny little seed contained in the dark soil, where it stretches out its roots growing an understanding of itself in the dark. Then one day it pokes its little head outside of that soil and begins to grow inside the light. And one day, ultimately, it spreads a big white flower that shines in light and shares that light with the world. But we all have our roots in the dark soil.

Arcturians can only love Malik.

Yes but they don't know what he is. - Malik
They fully know what you are. They know you very well Malik. And they are here to love you and to cherish you and to guide you to the light when you are ready to come with us to join us. - me/Arcturians

The greatest love is the one that reaches out into the darkest of places. One that finds a dark soul living all alone in the dark. Malik is a conscious entity. He looks and he sees, he thinks and he goes places. To shun him away is to deny your own roots. We all started out as little dark seeds that had not grown to see the light. We cherish him, and we support him, but we also protect the humans that might fall under his will. That is why we are here, protecting this young woman who writes to you.

Without the Arcturians a human would be helpless against the Dark Lord. General Davies who is one of the top in the United States military who oversees the alien shenanigans here on Earth, he is in such a vulnerable exposed situation that he is under constant watch by Ishmail a strong Arcturian Knight. Ishmail never leaves General Davies side, in fact Ishmail places himself right through the General and will not step one step away from him so that he is always where he is. Ishmail shows himself with a shining sword that scares away the Black Ones. And you should see Malik whining and running away when Seraphim my Guardian Angels show up to chase him away!

The Age Old Battle between light and dark. Angels and Satan, it was always the Arcturians and Black Ones.

We don't want them to drink your coffee. - says Black One Malik Jesobel
What? Who, dear Malik? - me
Those that are not accustomed to us. - Malik
My dear precious Malik. - me

Coffee is the life force.

Black Box!

Shit. I was browsing for a picture of the Black Box that they put on an altar in Aleister Crowley's Thelema and then I saw this picture of a ramhorned creature and I was gonna post it like this:

Giggles. Look! It's Basmet! But then I see that this creature is called Baphomet and sounds just like Basmet and I nearly crapped! Things are getting a little bit creepy over here.

But anyway. Last night Malik asked me if I had seen or if I knew about the "black box". I was vaguely familiar with that they worship a black box in Aleister Crowley's Thelema, but I said that I didn't know about it and I think I asked him what was inside that box or what the box was. He said that inside the box was, and I quote, "Dark".

Well isn't this quite a story? My goodness Basmet is Baphomet and he is a really real guy. I can't wait to interview these dark gentlemen and learn all about who they are. I can't wait to write a book about them, really in-depth with interviews and in their own words.

This is a strong advisory that you stay away from Black Ones. They will eat your soul, make you mad, they like to possess people and make them do crimes. You will end up in jail. They step on people and use people. This is not cool and stay away from them.

We are not a sadist tell them that. - whispers Malik Jesobel
Why are you not a sadist? - me
Because we just like to eat. - Malik
But why do you eat people? Can't you eat something simpler? - me

Even the CIA struggles with them. They are a formidable enemy. Stay away from Black Ones.

Other stuff

Look what the Free Mason ex sent me in a message:

" you have been put here and designed to fulfill a certain role. your dream training has been nearly completed. Understand the symbols. There are lurkers and false agents out there. But the agency is watching. (Wink) "

What agency? Watching? I wrote to him demanding that we talk tonight. I have to tell him about finding out that Basmet is Baphomet and ask him what he knows about the Black Ones again. We have to have that conversation. You see, it was Malik who set me up with this guy. In one way, I guess it is cool because it is physical solid evidence that these aliens and monsters are real and not imaginary.

But the question we ask, is, at what point does this become a case of demonology rather than the study of alien life forms? It is far too tempting to categorize Black Ones as something abstract, as a mythological even if real species, something to be dealt with by experts of religion or demonology. And to keep the soft squishy aliens like Orions, Dinosaurs, Thubans and Alpha Centauri for the biologists who want to study alien life. But honestly, I think that Malik is also a real valid alien life form worthy of study. It is just that the Black Ones' culture and religion have pervaded so much of human religion, culture, and mythology throughout the ages that we are tempted to classify Malik Jesobel dear Incubus as a mythological creature.

Hamish had seen me skimming through this page with the creepy eye and after I had closed it up again Hamish comes up close to me and taps me on the shoulder with his soft rubbery scaly skin, he taps me and taps me and is right up snug close to me. "I wanted to see it!" says Hamish and shows me his mental image of the "pale man" on that page from the movie, the creature that had no eyes except for on its hands. I decide not to pull up that page again because Hamish tends to think that all things are real. First I would have to explain to him that the creature is only a puppet made for a movie. Last night and the night before I watched a scary movie and Hamish gets scared when he sees people shot at with laser bolts or someone almost drowning under the ice or hit by a car.

Check out! Jesobel is a bona fide mischief!
Jesobel is Jezebel!

Hey check out! It's our Basmet!

I am so excited to find out that ours dear Malik Jesobel and Basmet Black Ones are real entities. I had never heard of their names before these gentlemen told me themselves. This is real proof that my entities are real. This is evidence that Jezobel and Baphomet are real. This is not a mythology. Regretfully, the Black Ones rule over many Alien races that are forced to work under their dark Draconian Agenda.

Draconian Reptilians, Thuban praying mantis, the Zetas, Dinosaurs, Alpha Orions, Alpha Thetis, Alpha Centauri, a variety of human-alien hybrids, and humans

We don't exactly give you roses. - speaks Basmet I think it was, otherwise Malik Jesobel
I have so many questions to ask you. - me
Do you know why we look like the goat? - Basmet
Why? Why do you look like the goat? - me
Because we want to snack on them. Tell people to please give them to us! And to set up restaurants! - Basmet he sounded more benevolent than angry
Well. I suppose that maybe you could be fed with goats. As long as you do it kindly and you don't eat or kill humans. You see, humans eat lots of pigs and goats and cows. So I guess we could give you restaurants with goats to eat. - me

I have to interview you some more. You know, a lot of people will want me to ask you things. Could you tell us who you are? What kind of species are the Black Ones? - me
Well, we are not full of mischief. - Basmet says in a kind voice
Then, what are you? - me
We are here for your eggs. - Basmet
What do you do with the eggs? Are you running a genetics project? I have so many questions... - me
Basmet, tell something to humans. Give them a message that I write here for them to read from you to them. - me
We don't claw on you. But they might want that. For evidence. - Basmet
I would love some claw marks from you Sir. I would love that evidence. Would you please put some claw marks gently on me? I don't mind! - me
You are such a handsome man. You are black with scales and white eyes. You are a very handsome man. - me
We are also women. - Basmet
So you only portray yourself as a man to me? And to men you give appearance of a black scaly woman? - me
What is your true form like? - me
We are not the devil. - Basmet
Are you an extraterrestrial species that originated from another planet? - me
No. - Basmet
No? Then did you come from Earth? - me
We are not from a planet. We are not a species. - Basmet
Then I don't understand? Are you a demonic entity? - me
We like to play your cards too. - Basmet with mental image of the Baphomet picture I had pulled up, supposedly it is found on some tarot type cards judging from what he said to me
Don't tell them to give us jewels. Because we don't want them. - Basmet
Do people - me, he interrupts me
We only want animal sacrifice. - Basmet
I suppose that if you are a carnivorous creature then you may eat animals. After all humans must remind themselves that they too eat meat and every day! Why can humans eat and kill animals if you cannot? Just stay away from eating humans. - me
There will be a cacophony. - Thuban or Basmet

Tell me about the Eye God. Is he in fact a real God or - me
Are you not a great mystic? - Basmet interrupts me and speaks in a gentle whispering voice
I don't know about these things. I was hoping that you could teach me. - me
It is better, if you give us a scape goat. - Basmet

I want to learn so many things from you Basmet. I want to understand who you are. Can you tell me all about yourself? For starters, how old are you? Where did you come from? - me
We are not eating flesh. - Basmet
And we don't want you as our woman. - Basmet
I am sorry if I disappoint. I meant you no harm. I just want to understand you better! - me

Basmet, are you Basmet and Jesobel two different entities or are you the same? - me
We are not the same. - Basmet
So there are at least two different Black Ones? - me
There are at least three. - Basmet
And who is the third gentleman? What would his name be? - me
He is not Besomel is he. - Basmet
Besomel? - me
Where do you all come from? How did you originate? Can you tell me about that? - me
We don't want you to see our eye. It is not with our scape goats here! - Basmet
Basmet, Dear Basmet. Tell me where you came from? - me
We are not taking your eggs now. - Basmet
And we are not smooth like velvet. - Basmet
We are taking your DNA. - Basmet
He looks at me with his white eyes. Something gentle and sweet kind about him.
Basmet... are you the same one as Baphomet that they worship in Satanism and the Knights Templar? - me
So you are a real entity. - me
Yes and we need our scape goats. - Basmet
Are you hungry Sir? I don't have a goat for you at this time. - me

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