Alien Abductions
June 11 2013

This page is only for adults. I am sorry that Aliens aren't something cute and friendly for everybody.
Sorry about the uncomfortable content. I wish I could write happy stories,
but this is a documentary so I don't get to choose.

Alien Abductions and Cranky Dragon

Bingo. Finally got one. A conscious alien abduction. The Aliens get me, they say, every night at 4 AM. The unbearable irony is that the Aliens live in another dimension perfectly out of reach of human access. We cannot see them with our eyes, or cameras. We can walk straight through them when they stand right in front of us, in the other dimension. Some abductees, notably those that have been genetically engineered by the aliens, can see them mentally, hear them mentally, and interact with them across dimensions. It is highly frustrating. Especially for a physicist.

We want to say they aren't real and they don't exist. Because of that dimensions thing. But! I've seen plenty physical UFOs in this dimension. Had alien phenomena happen in this dimension. These mostly in my teens before my nearly ten year break without any alien contact. Then in August 2011 it started again, and big time, with now two years of daily contact and telepathic conversations and constant companionship by the Aliens. I didn't think they would interact with a person as much as they do with me, but they made contact in 2011 when they thought I was studying to become a doctor of medicine. They wanted me to become a doctor and work with them in the genetics project, as a fellow scientist, and care for their hybrid children!

They take you somehow in the dream state. Or, that the human mind is dreaming and asleep when they get you. If these aliens are real I feel very primitive trying to piece this together and understand. So there are two different and separate universes. This dimension and their dimension. It is very frustrating, because we want aliens to be something tangible. I don't know how this works, and I've written many pages in my journal notes where I'm trying to understand. It appears that my body, or a version of my body, always exists in that other dimension. That I am unaware of.

They don't take my physical body with them for an abduction. My body stays here. In fact I can have an abduction taking place while I am still aware of myself in my room, here. Sometimes when I go to bed and beg them for a conscious abduction, the aliens give me awareness of a room and I find myself slowly transferring my body awareness and visual to that other room. That other room happens to be an alien medical room and my naked body is already lying there on that medical table in the center of the room and aliens are around me.

When I fall asleep I am usually unaware and sleeping. Sometimes I am dreaming. Alien abductions happen, or are filtered by the human mind, through a dream state.

Look! Watch out! So that we don't put on you a collar. - says a Thuban or the male hybrid with a mental image of a thick black like dog's collar

I must conclude that the problem is not in that the Aliens would somehow have broken the rules of physics. After all, look at the fantastic spaceships they can build. The reason this is so difficult to comprehend is because we as humans are primitive. They have some kind of technology that leaves us dumbfounded and looking foolish.

This is Alien contact. For the first time we humans face someone who is more intelligent and more technologically advanced than ourselves. That is why we must be humble and stop trying to validate

We are not the delfins. But we wanted to be. Because you like them. We don't want you to not like us! - says Thuban [sic]

From the context of what it just said, I sensed how it had watched me when I was a child how I posted pictures of dolphins on my walls and adored dolphins. So that's why the Thuban praying mantis insists that I call them dolphins? They want to be liked.

I am also here. - says Hamish in the other language
I love you Hamish. Welcome. - me
Yes. We wanted to, watch with you. - Hamish
I love Hamish. - me

We must stop trying to validate the alien existence based on what we humans know to be real. It is a very humbling and difficult experience to accept that there exist alien creatures in another dimension. Untangible, out of reach, and it makes it harder to explore whether the contact is real or imagined when the truth is to be found in the human mind somehow. The human mind is full of tricks. And how do I collect and present real physical solid evidence?

Last night I had a conscious abduction. Hooray! Finally! Not the first one, but I want every abduction to be

You are our cattle. - the hybrid male
.. I don't think you need to be disrespectful. Can't you be polite? What's your problem? Why do you have to be cruel? Be nice. - me

I want every abduction to be a conscious one that I can see and remember.

We don't want to touch you then. - the male hybrid
But I want to stay awake for them. - me
We touch your butt! - says Dinosaur
I want to stay awake. Please, don't steal me from myself. If something happens to me I wish to stay awake and to remember it. That is very important to me. Otherwise I feel lost and stolen away from myself. - me
We don't want you to think about it. - the Dinosaur speaks. Dinosaurs are friendly
But please! - me
No! You are our mut. - a Thuban or Thuban hybrid not the male hybrid
We don't want you to see our suction cups! - the male hybrid not angry. They have suction cups on their fingers
But I've already seen those! And I think they're awesome. - me
Yes but we can't grip anything with them. - hybrid male
They don't want to steal our snacks and lunches! - Hamish, the cutie
Hi Hamish! Are you feeling good today? - me
Yes, I am watching my eggs. - Hamish
Hello Hamish. Welcome Hamish! I love Hamish! Hamish! - me, cooing over Dragon

I had a conscious abduction last night. It started with when I was asleep and dreaming. In the dream, I was living in my childhood home. My mother comes to get me to watch the lights in the sky. I go with her to our backyard. There is a big bright orange light moving in the sky. It comes closer and stands still in front of us as a large spaceship. It glows in a pale orange beige pink light. All around are tall panels of windows. It lands and out comes the male hybrid who is talking to us now.

I didn't come out of a spaceship, tell them that. - the male hybrid
I just saw it in a dream like that. Why do I see you in dreams? Why won't you wake me up. - me
Because you call us minstrels. - the male. This morning I had been upset at them and actually called them "minstrels of Satan"
We don't want you to feel our lust. - the male
Why does everything have to be about sex! - me
We want to fuck. - says either Hamish or the male in the other language
But why! I don't understand! .. And you go about it the wrong way. It is done so insensitively by you all. - me
We don't have much time before we fade away. - says Thuban sadly, it thought of the hybrid children and I sensed that they are creating the hybrids to be a fertile species carrying their DNA so that they can survive as a species, through the hybrids
So you are saying you are in a hurry? That is why you have to hurry about this? That is why you can't go about it slow and gently? Is that why? - me
We have a spaceship. - says a Thuban hybrid girl the one with those two soft molar teeth in its upper jaw

I walked over to the hybrid and I knew that this was real alien contact. And it wasn't a dream. It took me with it and into a facility, and then dream elements started to take over, my mind was going back into a slumber.

We don't want you to look at their cock. - Thuban or the male says and I am shown the male hybrid's privates again
We don't have the same skin as you. - says the male
I noticed. It is white and beautiful and ever so soft! - me
... Don't you want to see it? And touch? - Thuban asks me about the male hybrid's penis
.. I don't know. It's kind of awkward. - me
I don't want you to say that! - fusses a Thuban or someone there
Well. Bring me over there when I am fully awake and we can give it a try. Maybe. You know, I've been kind of traumatized by all this violent sex and rapes and molestation. You've kind of ruined my sexuality completely. I just feel awkward about it all. I didn't used to! Had you come to me asking me for help with that maybe a year ago I would have been able to tell you about it and maybe even show you some things! But now? I just feel like I don't want to do anything with sex. It's been used to hurt me so much and for so long. I don't even want sex anymore. I don't even want to see naked men again for the rest of my life! - me

When I woke up in the morning, Hamish was having a fussy mood. When I lie still in bed I thought about getting my dance outfit on and doing my workout in my room. Hamish spotted my thoughts and plans and he literally stepped his duck foot down on the floor and said No! I noticed that Hamish was in fact protecting his pink bathroom rug.

We don't want that to be private, but you have said that to the whole world. - the male hybrid about the fact that I wrote this conversation here
What about my privacy? You guys rape me when I am not even awake. - me
Look at it. It is not shaped like a duck. - Hamish shows me his foot

Hamish was acting territorial and protective about his snuggy rug because yesterday I had lifted it off the floor and ruined all of his sheddings and stuff on the rug. So Hamish was a bit of a cranky Dragon this morning. He's been fussy and a bit cranky, but that's ok, I love him anyway. He's been cute too, but also cranky. Usually he's just cute. And when I was drying my hair after the shower in the bathroom Hamish tells me not to stand on his rug. My one heel was on his woven bathroom rug and I immediately hopped off and honored him and told him I was sorry, and continued with my hair. Usually he lets me stand on the rug in the bathroom without telling me, even though he'd rather that I not, but this morning he was a bit fussy about it. A little bit sensitive about his rugs being disturbed.

It is also that time of month, for him. I am about to have my period and told him about it I think yesterday and I had promised Hamish that he could have the blood because he wants to have it. Sorry if that offends anyone but Dragons like blood and women menstruate so they go bananas. So Hamish was a bit cranky about that this morning because he is expecting it and it hasn't happened yet. I only menstruate like two times a year, for whatever reason. I felt some menstrual cramps yesterday but it still hasn't happened. So Hamish will have to wait. I once woke up at night and found both Hamish and Malik over me and they said they had been drinking my menstrual blood. True story! Then Malik offered me a vial of his blood to drink, I said no to the Fürst.

This adult male hybrid has male genitals. That is the whole purpose of the genetics project they are doing. They are borrowing our human DNA and incorporating it into Thuban DNA

Please, just relax. - says a Thuban to General Patton. General Patton started crying cause somebody told him about what I wrote about the period blood and drinking just now

Poor General Patton. He was in the Vietnam war and he is either a US Marine or Navy Seals I always forget which. I think he is a Marine. He used to work on a Navy ship and then he was asked like in the 1970's whether he would take on this job. So now he works with overseeing alien activity. He has to try and restrict the aliens from doing too much. If the US military were not watching over me then the aliens would quickly get carried away with their most gruesome experiments. The Thubans and Zeta love what they call "bizarre animal testing". They want to do all kinds of weird stuff. But the military won't let them.

Which brings us to the next topic that I sure wish I didn't have to write about. Namely it seems that the Aliens have been playing around with me in ways I had not imagined. Ok here goes. I am just going to spell it. The Aliens have interfered with my life in most invasive ways. In claiming me as their lab animal and sometimes "pet", they have been running my life and the way I lead it. For one, they make me pacified and into a homebody so that I don't live as much of an active life. They also force me to have sex with people.

I've started noticing it in recent months. That when I am out somewhere or even thinking of writing to a man, my Thubans will start putting thoughts into my mind, and they try to make it seem as if those are my own thoughts, about me wanting to have sex with the man. They want me to have sex with men so that they get to watch! Because they are studying human sex and reproduction.

I know it's them because first of all I can see the Thuban. Second, it is their words telepathically into my mind and it is phrased in ways how they talk. And third it's men I am not even interested in. It never ceases to amaze me the type of men the Thubans would like to see me have sex with. What's funny is that Thubans don't really understand what is considered a handsome man by human women. To them, every man is a male by the same standards. I think that's funny.

This morning Thubans revealed to me, although they perhaps weren't intending on talking about it, that the Aliens actually abuse homeless people. Thubans and Zeta will take over a homeless person's life, putting thoughts and instructions into their minds, playing with them and making them do things, and pacifying them so that they don't go places or do things too much so that they are more confined. Thubans said regretfully "how they are not allowed to do that to homeless people anymore".

There was a year or two in my 20's when I was in a very bad shape. I now know in hindsight that it was the Black Fürst and Aliens who were behind it all. They made me depressed and pacified. It ruined my finances and many elements of my life. The one thing I did was being promiscuous. I had no restrictions on what men I would be with. I look back at that time and don't understand what came over me. It wasn't normal. I am now finding out from my Aliens, that it was them.

Heey!, hoo! don't call it shenanigans! - hollers a Thuban
What should it be called? - me
Investigations. - Thuban
How can you rape people like this? Why do you do this? What's wrong with letting me form a normal stable relationship and watching it that way? Why do you have to make me promiscuous and sleep with all those men...? Why did you do it? What if I... - me

I could have gotten myself killed. I could have gotten a sexually transmitted disease, or gotten myself pregnant. Luckily I got out of it unharmed. Those pesky aliens! Look at what they have done to me! And how they continue to rape me now with aliens and hybrids! They don't even understand human sexuality, and they put us down and call us sheep and cattle. It kills me, this is terrible what they do! Oh, aha! And now they are putting that god damned sex drug under my nose to somehow try and make it all better! No!

I'm sorry. This has been another... oh god. And now they are raping me again. Touching me and giving me that sex drug and they think that it is ok. Yep. I am being raped. I try to leave all of these things into the books. I don't want to put it out on the internet because it is slightly graphic and gets worse than this too.

Stop raping me! - me
I didn't want you to be sad. - says a Thuban
I don't want to be raped! - me
So, please excuse me... - General Patton, he is in a miserable shape. He suffers because of this. He has been crying and he looked as if he might have to go vomit.
So this is me and Pakeha. - says a Thuban or someone there, an Alien
What do you want. - me
Why do you have to rape me all the time! Can't you ask and be polite about it?! - me

And now the Aliens thought about Switzerland. That is where my hybrids are living, in Switzerland. The rapes and molestation stopped. They stopped doing it. Thankfully. They stopped. This morning they had that male adult hybrid and I was supposed to do sexual things with him. They show me his naked genitals. At least he is an adult. They have stopped bringing in the hybrid children. At least we are making some sort of progress toward normalcy.

Now if you excuse me, I just want to, go somewhere, do something. Anywhere but here. I don't know what to do, where to go to feel better. I wish I had my Dragon Scales but he is in a fussy cranky mood today so he is no support. My day is ruined. Why do they have to rape me all the time and be so mean?

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