Close Encounter with Malik

June 07 2013

Tonight I was begging the Aliens for close encounter and to let me stay awake for abduction. The Zetas and Thubans listened. Soon enough Malik was here. Malik is the big boss, he is in charge of the entire team. He makes all the calls on important decisions such as this. The thing is, I saw Malik walking across my room, more clearly than I have ever before. While we were not exactly in the same dimension, I call this a close encounter. That is how close he was, how real it was.

I don't want to wait here for ever. - Malik says now
I am coming Malik. In a moment. - me

I saw Malik so perfectly clear. I was in bed and it is dark night here now. The time is 1:15 AM now. Malik now puts his clawed black hand across my throat, almost like in a caress.

Are you coming? - Malik wants me to go to bed
Yes Sir. - me
And do not cry, when we take you. - Malik
No. - me
You are our sheep, that is why. - Malik
And we are gardening you. - Malik
It is important that you come now! Come now, or forget it! - Malik
I am coming now! - me

To be continued...

June 08 2013

One of the Gremlins in the 1980's movie
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While Malik has been tiptoeing around for nearly two years and even longer than that in the dark ominous presence I used to have by my bedside who said his name was Betelgeuse long before I knew of the aliens, it was never as clear as last night. While I lay in bed in my dark room and my eyes are closed I could see the room clearly with my eyes closed. All of the furniture and everything. Including the Fürst pacing back and forth across my room through the door and back in and across the floor.

I wasn't afraid. He isn't all that tall, our dear Malik the Fürst. And he looks so much like the black Gremlins from those 1980's movies, the resemblance is striking. He doesn't have the ears, and his eyes are white with a pale gray dot for a pupil, not red. And I'm not so sure if he even has teeth. But it sure looks so much like our Fürst.

He paced across the room and I could see him clearly with my eyes closed. I see him a lot usually. But then it will be more vague like an image made out of cotton candy or clouds and not something fixed. This time his entire body was visible and clear, and the image was not fading or temporary.

I started to cry. Tears ran down my cheeks. "I see you my Honored Fürst. I can see you." "I love you Malik. I love you." I said to him, as he paced across the room. He was here because I had begged and I had insisted and whined that I get to meet the aliens consciously tonight. They had sent the Fürst.

What I loved the most was seeing his entire body ever so clearly from head to toe and getting to look at him in an unwavering image. His feet were little black hooves. But most of all I loved seeing his face clearly. As you can see in this drawing I made in April 2012 I had no clear visual of the center of his face. Until now. The center of his face is an area of depression, sunken lower into the face than the surrounding cheeks, eyes and forehead area. And in the center of that depression are two little nostrils without any external nose. Oh it was cute. Almost like a pugdog's face.

I don't know how most humans would have reacted to seeing the Black Fürst pacing across the bedroom at night, but here I was seeing a real alien creature. I had an alien visitation. And not just that, but it was my Dear Malik, a complicated vicious and mischevous man I have known for a long time now and I must say gotten fond of. It is hard for me not to love someone, and even though vicious Malik is a real live Incubus Black Monster who is very fond of Satanism, ritual sacrifice, torture and the black arts, this is an interesting person and I can only love him. He is my dark uncle that tiptoes around the house, sometimes with an erect penis. My Black One, part of the dysfunctional alien family.

He was so real and he knew that I could see him. I didn't write all of the conversation down because I was busy lying in bed seeing the Dark Fürst.

His presence was causing me heart trouble. He was intentionally grabbing at the life force in my heart and my heart was feeling it. It feels like a healthy live rose turning into dry black ashes when the Black Ones grab at my heart. I told him to please stop touching my heart, that I felt as if I could die. He talked about drinking my juice, juice being the life force that these Incubi ingest. Let me remind you all readers that the Orion Project website and books are a documentary. I have not fabricated (made up) this material and I have reasonable personal evidence to convince me that my alien contacts are authentic, not imaginary.

On a few occasions Malik the Fürst jumps up on my bed and intends to have sex with me. Real sex with his penis. And yes he has one. It doesn't look like a human

No! Do not tell them about my dong! - Malik now

Alright let's not disgrace the Fürst. But he talked about having to wash it first, his dong I mean. He is self-conscious about his smell and his hygiene when he intends to court me.

No! That is blasphemy! I do not court you, anymore.. And we haven't touched tips with my penis. - Malik

Oh Malik. But he said that he was going to have to wash (with water) before he would have sex with me. We ended up not having any sex. But Malik was snacking on my life force. I kept asking him to come closer, and thanking him for the contact. Meanwhile all the other Aliens kept trying to tell me to stay away from him! They were warning me. I wasn't taking their warnings seriously, because I wanted close contact with the Aliens. The other Aliens were telling me that Malik was dangerous, that he could kill me. That it was dangerous to even talk to Malik because out of the spur of the moment and at a sudden whim for no reason Malik can suddenly kill someone. It is very dangerous to interact with Malik. But I would not be dissuaded. My own kind heart wanted to trust that this creature would not kill me. How could Malik kill me? Aren't we friends?

But it ended up getting bad. Malik was going to kill me but then the Santinians stepped in and fended him off and saved my life. Interesting, an internet search reveals that Santinians would come from the Alpha Centauri star system. I have met with Alpha Centaurians and they were like dark Asians with long black hair and small brown almond shaped eyes. Anyhow. The Santinians surrounded me with their dense white presence and placed a wall of their light between me and Malik. I believe I could have died without their help. Malik gets these sudden urges of sadism where he doesn't know what he is doing. In between those moments he is actually a nice man. I have to be careful. I know that Malik and the Black Ones are capable of killing a human. There is no romantic or affectionate bond between us that would make him want to spare me.

But I got a most interesting close encounter with the Fürst whom I love and adore. He spoke to me more than he usually does. And he let me see him. Overall it was wonderful, and if I have protection in the future I would want to see him some more. I want to study and to understand this creature. In the future I will have to arrange for protection beforehand.

Malik likes bull fighting. He likes to see the animal tormented and killed. He likes sadism and torture. He told me about how he has alien beings kept in a dungeon and how he can go there and kill one of them whenever he feels like it. These Black Ones rule the Draconian Agenda. When you see Alien abductions with Reptilians, Dinosaurs, Orions, Zetas, or Praying Mantis, it is by Black Ones design. Most abductees might not ever meet with the Black Ones, hopefully. The symbol of the Draconian Agenda is the yellow pyramid. The pyramid represents a power hierarchy structure, how the few on the top rule over the many on the bottom layers in successive orders of rule.

Which reminds me. Before Malik showed up last night the Thubans were asking if I would let them masturbate me while I am made to watch the pyramid with The Eye on top of it. They wanted me to cum while watching the pyramid and Eye God. I actually agreed to doing this, because I want closer contact and find this entire conundrum fascinating. This seemed harmless enough. In the past I have always refused their sexual advances, but starting just yesterday ever since Azul helped clear my anxiety about this, I am embracing my Aliens with brand new curiosity and courage. But to my recollection this said procedure did not take place. And Malik showed up instead.

At the very top of the power scheme at the top of the pyramid is The Eye. The Eye is a creature that actually speaks. I have spoken with The Eye on several occasions. You might expect The Eye to be like Satan himself, scary and dark. But surprisingly he talks like a perfect gentleman and isn't scary at all to see. The Eye is some kind of conscious intelligent entity it seems. What it is I do not know. But he has a plan for the universe. The Eye can see but he sees the world in black and white only. The Eye is a low-dimensional entity and has no grasp of compassion. It is incapable of feeling pain and suffering, and to The Eye pain and suffering do not even exist. When someone dies at the hand of The Eye, all The Eye feels is the lust sensation from ingesting the energy of the dying victim. I am convinced that if The Eye had the consciousness with which to feel and acknowledge pain and suffering it would immediately stop. Compassion and love can only come from consciousness. These creatures are evil because they are unaware. Because what they feel is lust, not pain.

I used to wonder how these Black Ones and The Eye could be so evil. How could they not care that they cause pain to their many victims? It is a complicated question, if you try to answer it on your own. How could someone not care. How could someone enjoy suffering in others. The answer is that they do not enjoy suffering. They enjoy lust. They have absolutely no awareness of pain and suffering. When a creature is tormented by pain, the perceived reality of the Black Ones and

That is not why we torture them. - Malik
Why do you torture them? - me
To feed on blood. - Malik
Oh. You guys are so complicated I am constantly wrong when I try to understand. So I am grateful that you actually step in and help clarify this thing. - me
We are not filled with lust at it. - Malik
Thank you my Honored for telling me. You are such a complicated creature to understand. - me

Alright. Wrong again. Or am I. Pain turns into a flare of energy which the Black Ones and The Eye can ingest to feel lust, to steal that vitality. The sensations of pain and fear that the victim is feeling are things that the Dark Ones are entirely unaware of. It does not exist to them. It is like screaming to a deaf person, or showing colors to the blind. Pain and suffering is a concept that does not exist to them. So how can you plead to them, when it is justified in them by seeming to be an entirely beneficial experience? Note that I am not defending the Black Ones or The Eye in moral questions. I approach this as a scientist, I put all of my own emotional bias aside and try to see it for what it is. Emotional and moral interpretation can then be applied afterwards, if we want.

At the very top of the hierarchy is the one Eye. He is some kind of intelligent creature that speaks and seems to have a mind of his own. Black Ones feed on life force, but they also seem to feed life force to The Eye. These entities have said to me that they are "the destroyer of worlds".

There is a real danger in interacting with the Black Ones and if it were not for my strong protection I would have died at their hand long time ago. I would advise no one to contact Black Ones.

Why? We want to be their Lord. - Malik
But you can be dangerous as well. Why would somebody seek out a Lord that will kill them? - me
We want more sheep. - Malik
No one will seek you out if you are dangerous. So I am advising people to stay away from you all. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy getting to know you personally Malik my Dear. - me
We are not vicious, tell them that. - Malik
How would you describe yourself? How would you describe yourself Malik? - me
... A conundrum is here! - Malik

But it was great seeing the Fürst so clearly and in an unwavering image. It made me cry because I was watching a real alien creature, and not just that but my Malik, the Vicious Fussubus I had gotten to know and adore. Don't get me wrong, I am not into the sadism and things that he is, and I certainly don't condone ritual sacrifices or torture. But Malik has been a character. He is quite a guy. Some scientists study wolves and watch wolves tear into animal flesh. I have a Black Fürst. Sure he is dangerous, and yes he has killed. And yes my life is in danger especially when I invite him to come closer. But this is one fascinating guy and I cannot resist wanting to know more about them.

Malik? Is there a risk, a real viable risk, that you might kill me one day? - me
No! We only kill the victim ones. - Malik
Am I safe with you Darling? - me
No, only if I don't bring the stick. - Malik about the white bat that the aliens always use
You are handsome my Fürst. - me
We come at four o'clock. - Malik in the other language
I hope to see you again. - me
I won't bring you spiders anymore. - Malik
Thank you. Thank you Malik. - me
We use it to scare little children with. - Malik

Malik always likes to bring with him a hologram image of a large pillow-sized black widow spider that he holds in his arms or puts under my bed or crawling up my leg or into my heart. I just think it's funny cause I know it's not a real spider so it's funny.

What is he? Where does he come from? Should we hate him and scream at him and make him go away? Or can we sit down quietly and look at this visiting Fürst and study him, to award him the same right to live as we do any living creature. On Earth we have parasites and lions and wolves and sharks and biologists do not ask that these creatures be destroyed for being evil, instead of studied and allowed to live as living creatures. Malik and the Black Ones are a species of some kind. An intelligent species, with thoughts, species characteristics, and the need to eat. As a human being I condemn some of their actions, but as a scientist in the spirit of biology I have to want to study them and allow them to just be whatever it is that they are.

This is a very difficult dilemma and most people in the UFO community will want me to hate the Black Ones and to have nothing to do with them. I want to understand him. I want to interview him and listen to him. While the UFO Alien community would object, I know that the scientific community backs me up on that.

Another thing that Malik did last night was roar at the trashcan in my bedroom. He never likes trash and he often complains about it. Many times has he told me to put on my shoes and take the trash out, and when he says that I do. They have a sensitive nose and they also do not like disorder or mess. Draconians often complain about the trashcan. Snake the Reptilian and Hamish do that too. Malik and Draconians also cannot stand onions or garlic, it upsets their sensitive nose.

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