Life With Dragons
June 07 2013

The scientific question of whether my aliens were real or imagined has turned into everyday life

Tell them, that we don't want you to eat sugar. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. - me
And that I am not imagined. Tell them that. - Hamish
Yes, Dragon. - me
And tell them not to kiss my Turtle Feet. And that I am not a Sock! Tell them that! And that we don't want trouble. - Hamish
I have told that Hamish. Thank you Dragon. I love you. - me
I don't want to write more letters with you. And tell them, that we don't need another monkey. We already have our eggs I said! And tell them not to smoke. As we cannot stand it when we come. And tell them, not to fight with Malik. And that our offspring are ours to keep! - Hamish
Thank you Hamish. That has been noted. I have told them everything you said. My Dragon. - me
I will detach your hip otherwise, if you smoke. - Hamish
No need. I won't smoke. - me

So. The question I asked myself as a scientist when these contacts begun in August 2011 was whether the contact was the case of real authentic alien contact or whether I was imagining the whole thing. I started with the premise that it is more likely the case of imaginations, and embarked on what I call The Orion Project, to document a case of perceived alien contact and to scientifically try to answer the question: real, or not?

Tell them not to touch my turtle feet. - Hamish says and shows me his flat duck feet
I love your feet, Dragon. Nobody may touch your feet my Honored. No one will trespass upon you. - me
And I don't want them to eat sugar either. And tell them that we smell! - Hamish
Yes. Thank you, Dragon. You are my Honored here. - me

I completely got off track, what I was gonna say. I guess there we have it. Hamish is real and alive and well and active. He is my Turtle Dragon, and here he is.

Please, do not let them humor me. As, they have been said that I have duck feet. - Hamish
Hamish, your feet are precious. They are the feet of a Draconian Reptile from another planet on Alpha Draconis, and therefore they are the most perfect and beautiful feet in all of existence here on Earth. And we humans can do nothing but honor them, your feet. - me
I am not from Alpha Draconis. - Hamish
Oh? Where are you from? - me
I am not a Turtle. And I don't have Duck Feet, say that! - Hamish
It has been said. - me
And I don't smell. Tell them that. And I don't want to be known as a Draconian here, either. - Hamish
But Hamish? Has somebody been bothering you? - me
We know that they don't like our smell, when we come and visit. - Hamish
But Hamish! I love you! I love your smell, it reminds me of a Draconian visit with scales. - me
I am not in a hurry to leave you. - Hamish
Please stay with me forever. - me
They wanted to kidnap me and put me in a bag. - Hamish
If anybody kidnaps my Hamish Dragon I will come after them with a knife! Hamish, you mean more to me than anybody else in this whole entire world, and I would not let anybody come after you I would protect you and defend you with my own life if I so must! ... I love you Hamish. I love you! - me
We are taking them for dinner. - Hamish
And then we give them flowers, to breed. - Hamish with mental image of the flowers they give the Narugai prostitutes in Japan. Women like me are brought to Japan as prostitutes called the Narugai to get us pregnant.

So where was I, ha ha! Life has turned into a life with alien beings, and Hamish into my best friend. As a trained scientist, chemistry taught me to be ever meticulous with data, to not report anything as fact unless it is reliable, untainted and pure and its sources of errors investigated. Physics taught me to search for the natural explanation to the phenomenon, and to expect the most mundane it being a psychological phenomenon with no real entities outside of me talking to me. But Hamish taught me that there are such things as fire engine red and orange Dragon Turtles with a soft cushion humpback on its upper back, round yellow bulging eyes with a brown vertical slit, the smell of vomit, cheese and pancreas, a long tail, orange bumps on its arms and back that sometimes burst and leak a sticky viscous fluid that makes him glow neon orange in the dark.

Hamish has taught me palate clicks, and to honor his scales and back hump. He has shown kindness, he wants my eggs, and I want him to stay with me forever.

I don't want you to smoke, tell them that. - Hamish
And not to use the Nefilim. - Hamish
What are the Nefilim? Nefilim, Hamish? - me
They are not on my back now. - Hamish
What? Hamish? - me
Don't smoke! - Hamish not angry
I won't. I won't, Dear Dragon. - me

The best evidence

Tell them that it is not a back pack. - Hamish says and turns around showing me his back hump. How sweet.

The best evidence of Hamish and the other Aliens being real, is when the Draconian Reptilians and other ET toss me. They can exert physical force on me and throw me across the air or push me into the wall, contort me into configurations with arms folded behind my back in ways I cannot reconstruct on my own afterwards. Other evidence is corroboration with other sources on alien contact, as how could I reinvent things about their yellow pyramid, their Eye god, the smell of Draconians, and basically the whole entire saga all on my own.

It would have to be based on something embedded deep within the human psychology and instinct. Perhaps we can say that humans have always had an innate fear of reptiles, and snakes and lizards and that this somehow results in hallucinations of reptilian humanoids. And other theories state that the technological space era we are in has resulted in imagined visitations by alien geneticists from outer space, complete with space craft, medical scalpels, vials of genetic DNA, in the same way that we used to have gnomes and elves and fairies when life was more rural we had rural nature-bound entities who visited us.

What I find fascinating is that when humans take a drug called DMT they will experience seeing Greys and Praying Mantis aliens. Even if they have never seen them before. Is it likely that everybody has these aliens waiting on hold for when a human will access them via use of the drug or other means? Or are these aliens flocked to humans who use the drug and somehow sense them? Or is it something contrived entirely by the brain. I have read theories that the reason we see the aliens such as the Zeta Greys with large eyes is because as babies we humans were conditioned into recognition of the eye so that we would read body language in our parents.

But I have seen UFOs that were real and advanced flying craft in the sky. In my teens I would take friends out having never told them about the UFOs that were coming to me, and I would ask them to look up at the sky and tell me what they saw. They would describe the sky, the moon, and then the UFO. So I verified that it was not all in my head, nor had I given the persons information to plant the image into their minds.

As a scientist I still struggle with the fact of alien reality. It is hard for me to accept as truth something which mainstream humanity and science has yet to accept. Yet I live with aliens

Tell them that we don't smell like shit. - says the Guatemalan non-bat
(Link >> See more from the Guatemalan non-bat and why he talks so much about.. shit - here)

I have touched Reptilian scales, and I have made love with (had sex with) Crocodile Men and Malik the Black One. I have cuddled and tumbled around in bed with countless of Reptilians. I have smelled their breath and heard their exhale on my neck. Looked into their eyes and had them look into mine.

And ours! Don't forget ours! - a young adult male Zeta-hybrid with bright blue-green eyes shows up to say, meaning its eyes

And so forth. Yet I do not have a photograph. Not a video. Not Hamish's shedded white sheets of scales in my hand. They live in another dimension, in the overtune or overtone they say between dimensions 2 and 3, we live in dimension 3.

I am not disgusting. - says the Ithaca Guatemalan non-bat

I must push aside the sadness of not having presentable evidence at this time, and embark joyfully on the quest of obtaining that evidence for you one day. I have begun asking the Reptilians to "physically manifest", thinking that they might be capable of entering into my dimension so that I could capture them on video. They have yet to do that, although I have caught colored flashes and glimpses of them in the past.

Meanwhile, I will enjoy just living life with my Aliens. Watching tv and Harry Potter with my Hamish.

Yes. And we steal our eggs. - Hamish
I have given my eggs to you Hamish. - me

A wealth of alien discoveries awaits, as I embark on conscious awake abductions and hopefully some photographies.

Tell them that I like that. - Hamish with a mental image of the Japanese carp fish orange and white
They live in their own shit. - Hamish about the fish, it bothers him that the fish live in the same water that they crap in

It is just that I will have to wade through the uncomfortable realities... If I embark on remembering abductions and staying awake, I have to endure fecal sample collecting, which is fine they just insert a stick down there but what's worse they like me to defacate while there. I have to endure having my own hybrid children touching me when I am naked, and hybrids masturbating me and Thuban praying mantis and hybrids doing sexual activities with me. If I can somehow survive that, in between the worst is the best, and that is alien contact.

The question is, do I want to be a journalist and scientist, field biologist and adventurer, if it means wading through sexual atrocities? Am I meant to somehow

Hey you there! You are our circus animal! And we like for you to perform tricks. - speaks a Thuban
We like to see if their penis gets wet. - Thuban in my native language about hybrid

Sorry I don't usually post things like that. I usually put all of the adult stuff into the books. So if I can survive being mistreated by the Thuban praying mantis and hybrid children then I could awaken into alien contact.

Would you want to meet me? - speaks a green praying mantis
Yes. I do. - me
Then you will say what it's like to them? - GPM
.. I just. I just write because it helps me.. understand. Is that ok? - me
We don't want them to know that we take your kaka. - GPM
Why do you take it? - me
We need it for fecal matter. - GPM
It's ok. I guess you are doing studies on human metabolism and nutrition studies. Am I right? - me
We also sing them a song. - GPM
What do you sing about? Is it a song that tells a story? - me
No! When we take their kaka. - GPM
Do you sing to abductees? - me
We also take them on their finger. - GPM shows me mental image in which it had touched a human man who was laying on a medical table, it had touched him on his fingers
I would love to be conscious for our next .. meeting. Encounter. - me, I almost said abduction
We don't want you to. - GPM
Why not. I feel left out and excluded. It makes me sad. I want to meet you all. - me
Well, very courageous! We suggest that you don't speak to them about our experiments. - GPM
We convince, nobody. That is not why we are here. - GPM, he said nobody or no one, I forgot
They will treat us like criminals. If they know what we do. - GPM

We have cymbals that we beat with. - GPM about, cymbals!
Why do you have cymbals? Do you like music? Do you like music? - me

The green praying mantis has two antennae that are as if made of round balls thread in a row on ribbon, and the antennae move up and down, up and down. It is a beautiful animal. I love them. The green praying mantis are by the way not the same ones as the "Thuban" praying mantis.

We feel cold sometimes tell them that. We don't want to be drowned. - GPM
Why do you drown? What? Are you alright? - me
.. You are beautiful I think. I love you. - me
We were put, into a cold room. - GPM
Why? - me
Because they want us to treat them as our Gods. - GPM
The Draconian Reptiles? Oh, how sad! - me

We have a medical jury here and it says that you cannot. - GPM, as I was about to ask that I want to stay awake there during abductions
What could I do so that I could get to stay awake during abductions? So that I could meet everybody? - me
I don't want you to feel lust with them either. - GPM
We don't want to look at your vagina! - Hamish roars at the GPM
We don't want to feel lust, she said. - Hamish explains to me why he got upset

I would very much like to stay awake when I am abducted. - me
Have you seen that I am green? - the GPM says
Yes. I have seen you when we spoke. You are very beautiful. - me
They eat us here. - GPM
I am sorry. - me
We don't have any legs left after that. And they make us clean it up! - me
I hate to ask, but does the green praying mantis die when its legs are eaten or does he still live and suffer from it? - me
No they do not live, they are frozen to death first. But what is worst, atrocities or that. - GPM about my mentioned atrocities, I guess I don't care anymore if I am raped by hybrid children, in light of this
I am sorry, my dear beautiful darling. I care about you deeply of course. I really care about you and your friends. I love you all. - me
Can you tell me where your species is from? Were you genetically created or did you come from a planet somewhere. - me
We can't talk to you about the most disgusting we have seen. About when they pull their eyes out! - GPM
I am sorry about that. The Reptilians are sounding like really vicious creatures. - me
Yes, we don't want to work with them. But they club us to death otherwise! - GPM
And. They want to strike at your heart. - heart was said in my native language, and this was either Hamish or GPM
Dear Praying Mantis, what should I call you? What should I call you? - me
Can you tell us, why we get cold there? - GPM asks Hamish about the cold room the GPM's are put into
It is if they do not obey. - Hamish
... I don't know what to say anymore. I am very very sorry. - me
The Mantids. - GPM
Mantids. - me
We are like a psychiatric nurse here. So we know about breastfeeding time. - GPM about when they bring hybrid children to suckle on human abductee women's breasts, even though there is no milk. They do that with me and my children too, and I hate it

I would very much like to know what I can do or say in order to get to stay awake during abductions. Please. I miss contact with you all. I so would like to be there when it happens, whatever it is that happens. - me
We take your eggs. That is why. - Hamish
I love you Hamish. And I want to see you. I want to meet with you, my Honored Scales. And Scutes! Honored Scutes too! - me
My dream in this whole world is to one day wake up and be there with you all. I want to see all of the friends I have made, all of the alien people I have spoken to. And most of all I want to meet with my precious dear Hamish. - me
I will beat you over the head if you do it. - Hamish
I don't care Hamish, if that is what it takes for me to get to see you my Dear. - me
These are my floors here. - Hamish about the floor under my desk that my feet are on right now, he calls it the "table hole" the space under the desk and he likes to camp out under there as his snuggy place
Do you want to go under the desk Hamish? I can move for you if you want? I love my Dragon Turtle. - me

Well, this has been another episode, of life. In the scheme of things, I don't care anymore of my worries. Sure, I get raped. All the time. By the Thuban white praying mantis and their hybrid children. All the time. And it kills me because of the way that they do it. They use a white powdery sex drug that they rub under my nose, that makes my whole body tingly like in a white flame. But I want Alien contact. I want to see more, get to experience more, meet with them. I don't want to be asleep anymore when they abduct me. I am ready to stay awake and to know.

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