Me Want Close Contact - Now!
June 05 2013

This is about how I asked Hamish Dragon Turtle for close contact. Let's see what happened:

Regression hypnosis easier than I thought

Today I did for the first time something that was bound to happen sooner or later. I asked myself if I could do regression hypnosis to remember the alien abductions. As soon as I had suggested that to myself, and lied down to close my eyes and to relax, I started seeing memories and speaking to myself about what was happening. It was surprisingly easy to unlock the memories, yet I don't believe that I have locked them, I think the Aliens have.

The first thing I saw was me laying on a medical table in the examination room with the Aliens. The black reptilian in a purple rubber uniform was standing on the foot end, watching, supervising. There were other Aliens around. Thuban-types. "Why do they not trust me? I thought that we were friends.", these words flowed spontaneously as if my subconscious was narrating the encounters to my awake self. Next the Aliens make me defacate into a bucket. "Why are they making me defacate into a bucket? Is this to humiliate me?", speaks my subconscious. Then I remembered standing naked in a room full of naked abducted human women of all ages. "They tell me that this is because I am a mother. But my mother never had to do this.", my subconscious narrates to me. It was surprisingly easy, and I am going to do it again and audio record it.

Hamish come close to me, as close as you can?

Hamish is here now doing palate clicks at me. It means either that he is pleased about something that is happening, or that he is telling me to take it easy and to be happy. Which brings us to this day's story. I started asking Hamish for close contact. I don't know why I haven't asked him that so much before, perhaps because I like to see things unfold at their pace, and let them guide me through the journey of alien contact. I ask to see Hamish closely, for as close a contact as he could possibly give me.

Hamish comes to my room in the other dimension. He does the conquest which means that a Reptilian overlaps himself with me and manages to move my body around at will. My Red Dragon was so close it was as if his body and mine were overlapped

I have gone there, to swim. - Dragon Turtle says now and shows me his favorite creek where he goes to bathe and wash himself after peeing or having latrine
Yes Hamish. - me
I also drink there. - Hamish, that's a new!
Wonderful, Dragon! I am glad that you have such a place! I love you Turtle! - me

As if his body and mine were overlapped. His fire engine red and orange Dragon scales overlapping with my naked human skin. His head, brain and mind, overlapping where mine was. His thoughts, and my thoughts. His world, and mine. Dragon tumbled me around in bed a bit, flipping my body from one side to the other, and pulling me up closer to all fours. Lifting my head up on the pillow, pushing my forehead down on the pillow. He usually does this when he is dominating me, to show me his power. Because he is here to keep an eye on me, and that requires some obedience. As how else could he do his job effectively? There was nothing sexual about it this time, although Dragons can instill a whole lot of sexual euphoria into the recipient during these "Dragon conquests".

I thought it was a nightmare? - says Hamish
No Hamish. It is tremendously pleasant. - me

So where was I. And then Hamish told me that he liked my "ivory pale skin". I thought that was delightful. But then Dragon got self-conscious. He let me see him there in the alien quarters, in a dark room somewhere in an alien base. He said that he might pee a little, and he was concerned that this would pose a problem if I come close. I told Dragon that I don't mind if he pees a bit. Hamish Dragon has been incontinent a few times I've seen him pee in the alien hallways. He might not be able to hold himself, but that is ok. I told him that it would not be a problem. He told me to bring the white kitchen rag with me in case that he pees. I said that I would. I don't mind packing a rag if I get to go on an alien visit. And Hamish is my best friend, his pee doesn't bother me.

Next, Hamish is self-conscious about his shedding scales. He tells me, that there are shedded bits of scales around him. He was self-conscious and shy about there being his pee and scales. I said that I would not mind, that I had seen his "sheddings" plenty times before, and that I honored his scales and race.

Next Hamish tells me that he smells. I told him that I do not mind his smell, I can handle his scent and it is the scent of Draconians. (I know that his body odor is very pungent and offensive, it smells like vomit, old cheese and pancreas. If you ever get the chance to sniff pancreas or pancreatic enzymes in a science lab, yeah you know.) But it is ok. I only want to get Dragon Turtle close. And normally he does the conquests to display dominance and power, but he has also been known to do it when I ask to see him close. Then

Thank you for showing me Harry Potter. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. I have another Harry Potter movie here that we could watch. - me
Where is it? In there, in the closet? - Hamish starts searching for the movie, he first looks into the bedroom bookshelf, then the bedroom closet
Here it is. - me, I take out the Harry Potter DVD from underneath a pile of books on the desk
Here, Hamish. Here is a movie for us to watch. - me, it is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It has a red Dragon on the back.

So Hamish was expressing being self-conscious first about his pee, then his shedding scales, then his body odor. I was surprised to see such humble behavior from a Dragon. He also told me to note how he was not being hostile towards me. I said that I had noticed. Dragon was being nice. Sweet and gentle, as he usually is toward me. We are friends.

Then Hamish started talking about me having to wear a gas mask if I visit. I was shown the gas mask. I thanked him for the gas mask and for wanting to give me oxygen to breathe while I am there. This is what happened last time not too long ago when I had asked for close contact. They told me about a gas mask that I would have to wear for air. But then, like last time, instead Hamish puts a black face mask on himself. It is a black mask that is very tight fitting over his nose and mouth and lower half of the face. I ask him what it is, he says it is a face mask or gas mask one or the other.

Yes we do that with our sheep here. - Malik intervenes to say now
Yes Malik. Do we have different air? - me
No, it is not because of that. - Malik
Oh? Can you elaborate? Why is there a gas mask? Why is there a gas mask? - me
It is, to cover our face with. So that you don't get angry at us. - Malik
But why would I get angry at a Dragon? - me
You are surprising me? - Malik
What? - me
Don't you know? - Malik
What now? What are you saying? About a gas mask? - me
What does that cost? - Hamish asks in the other language about the Harry Potter movie here now on the desk
I don't know, not much. - I say to Dragon Turtle
I would like to buy that from you. - Hamish says in the other language, and thinks about going to get some coins from the jar we have in the hallway of our home that has coins in it. Haha, he is going to pay for the movie. With our own money. Oh Hamish, you dear dear Turtle!
Hamish, that movie has already been paid for. And I have bought it for you. It is already your property. I have given that to you, remember? I also bought you a yellow primrose flower that day! It doesn't cost you anything. *I love you.* - me
I wanted to watch it with you. - Hamish
Yes, Turtle. I will watch the Harry Potter movie with you. - me
I have had my sheddings here. - Hamish in the other language, his mouth is open which is a display of feeling discontent
It's ok. I love your scales. - me
Yes but not these, on my feet. - Hamish shows me he is shedding on his ankles
That is ok, Dragon. Don't worry about it. Dragons shed scales. It is natural for your race, and DNA. - me

And then Hamish had expressed concern that I might claw on him with my fingernails. I showed him that I have no fingernails, the ends of my fingers are all blunt and soft, and I could not claw him if I tried. Then he worried that I might punch him. I said that I would not.

Then Dinosaur whispered to me quite concernedly, "Dam, Dam!" Dam means no, Deb means yes. Dab I don't know the meaning of yet.

The reason I haven't displayed any dominance, is because I don't need to. - Hamish says now, a surprisingly well-eloquent sentence from Dragon Turtle. He makes good full sentences when something is really important that he say.
Yes Hamish. I love you. I honor your scales. And I want close contact. - me
No, he won't let us. - Hamish shows me the military man who has been watching now for a few minutes
He has, no right! To ruin my life! I want to meet my Dragon! NOW!!! - me
Have you seen what they have here in the cellar? - military man asks me
What do they have there? - me

Oh yes, and I had gone over our living room bookshelf earlier before starting this request for close contact, and one of the books I had noticed was a book about torture. Don't worry, it is just one of hundreds of books in our home and most of our books are things like religion, spirituality, New Age self-help books and psychology. But we like a variety of all sorts of things, to have general knowledge. But Hamish had also asked about that book. I had said it is about torture. He was expressing some great deal of curiosity about that book. I said to him that I would read from it with him if he wants, though I shouldn't be encouraging Dragon into things like torture. The Draconians can be a bit fond of "torture" and "torture devices", especially Snake is he hollers about it all the time. But it could also be that Dragons grow up under such a culture heavily laden with sadistic torture and power structures.

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