Eventful Night The Threat, Eggs In A Bag
July 29 2013

Zetas have a big book about Reptilians, Green Reptile wants to give me "eroticism" but the Board won't let him, he tells me about the ancient reptiles from Earth who moved underground because they were forced to leave and how they want to reclaim the Earth back, Lord Malik pays a visit, and Hamish hoists me up in bed because he is not an Elder.

Very eventful last night. Very eventful indeed! So I went to bed last night and as usual lately I ask the Aliens to give me close contact. I regret that I did not write down the conversations but I couldn't have, since the Aliens were maneuvering me in bed and then I was also getting very sleepy and typing on a laptop computer while in the middle of the action can be quite awkward. I would also worry that typing might dissuade the Aliens from bringing me to them in the conscious state. So I will have to recall from memory best I can, at the risk of forgetting certain details or getting the order of events slightly mixed up.

Thuban and Pakeha

A Thuban was present. The Thubans are white praying mantis, although they claim to not be insects. They tell me they are dolphins that lived in the seas of Alpha Draconis. They were found there by the Reptilians and were genetically modified into what they are now, land-living grub-like they use their boomerang-shaped praying mantis arms like ice picks to haul their body forward when they walk.

An Alien most probably a Thuban was influencing me to rub my forearms and hands together in a very delicate way. Most of the Alien races that visit me from the Agenda are capable of using their mind and telepathic powers not only for communication and for transfer of words and feelings and visual images into my mind, but they can also use this telepathy to move my body with. The Reptilians, Black Ones, Orions, Thubans, and Zetas have all shown mastery in this skill. I think the Dinosaurs may have also done so a few times, so maybe it is something they all can do.

The Thubans have sensitive arms. Their arms are much more sensitive than human hands are, but there is also something very sensual about their arms. In fact, Thubans are quite keen on sexual encounters with humans and hybrids and other creatures. Thubans can totally engage in feelings of eroticism, and their most sensitive body part are their arms. You will find descriptions in the books on how the Thubans enjoy long hours of masturbating hybrids and how their sensual arms play into it. The Orion Project is a documentary and when I describe sexual behavior of Aliens or their studies of sex it is intended as science and as the study of alien life.

The Thuban made me rub my forearms and hands together in that same sensual stroking way that I've seen the Thubans do on themselves. So we were doing that together. It doesn't have to be a sexual thing necessarily, just that the Thubans have very sensitive sensual arms. Because there was nothing sexual about it this time. But later the Thuban approached me and was somehow starting to do the "energy rape" of me again, but this time I was just observing it and maybe even about to let it happen, but it didn't amount to anything because the Zeta wanted to talk to me instead. The Thubans are very sexual creatures.

So I was aware of a Thuban last night. They told me that Pakeha was coming in to see me. Pakeha is a Thuban hybrid. Pakeha is white and tall and slender and you could very easily mistake him for a Zeta Grey because there are similarities. That is why sometimes I say "white ET" when I can not tell the difference between what is a Zeta, Zeta hybrid, Thuban, or Thuban hybrid. Their skin coloration and eyes can be similar. In fact, in the far beginning when I first got to know the Thuban lady I had assumed her to be a Zeta and in my first notes of our conversations, when she first showed up with Snake the Reptile, I had referred to her as the "Zeta Lady". She is in fact a Thuban.

Pakeha has the same coloration and similar type of skin as the Thubans. He calls the Thuban lady his "grandmother", she is Pakeha's ancestor. But Pakeha has "normal" arms, not the praying mantis arms. And he has legs, not a slug grub body like the Thuban. Pakeha's eyes are similar to the Thuban eyes, in that they are the goggle eyes that look very bizarre. The goggle eyes adjust clockwise and counter clockwise like binoculars, and one eye can adjust irrespective of the other. A Thuban has a very dark brown coloration to its goggle eyes, and Pakeha's goggle eyes are green. Pakeha's eyes are green in the center and darker around the outer perimeter. His eyes are in other words not fitted with a dark pupil center, followed by colored iris and white outer perimeter. The Thuban eyes are two different shades of brown, center and perimeter, without any whites or colored irises.

Pakeha has a penis and he is meant to copulate with me and try to make babies with me. I do not know if he is fertile, if his body produces sperm cells, but he is meant to have sex with me, at least to learn about how it is done and to give it a try. But it is the Reptilians who force him into it. Pakeha does not want to. And neither do I. But we try to get to know each other, but we've had a tumultuous friendship so far. I wouldn't even go as far as calling it a friendship. Pakeha despises me, he comes here acting all arrogant and cocky and racist and cruel. He tells me I am living in like a stone age settlement, he says it without words so I'm not sure what to call it. And he despises me as the most utterly primitive and inferior species. He comes here boasting and bragging about how he's supposedly good at math. He's very patronizing and demeaning, a real racist and sadist and he knows how to get on my nerves intentionally.

So Pakeha and me don't like each other, but somehow we're meant to become girlfriend and boyfriend. Yesterday I said that Hamish was my husband, that Hamish was the man of my life. Hamish corrected me and suggested that I was meant to be Pakeha's girlfriend. So when I went to bed last night there was talk about Hamish being relocated, and the problem seemed to be that I had said that Hamish was my husband. So I explained myself that I had only meant that Hamish was my best friend in the world, and I said that Pakeha was welcome to come visit. So that seemed to sort things out nicely, and Hamish got to stay. Thank goodness for that!

I WANT to visit

I was aware of the Thuban who was accompanied by a few other Aliens in their alien room up in the spaceship. I was asking them to let me stay awake for an abduction. They tell me that the humans don't allow it, they have asked on my behalf. The military team with surveillance people such as Aulis Greenshaw, Sergeant Wilkes and others are the ones who say that it is not allowed for me to be there awake. I told the Aliens that we could let me visit without ever telling them, that we could do it in secret. But the Aliens are not willing to break the agreements they are under, they told me of a consequence that would follow if they were to break the agreement, but I forget what it was.

The Aliens often show me a room in the spaceship, a room that I recognize having daydreamed about in my childhood and teens. It is a room with a big window to space and they have placed the spaceship so that I can see planet Earth big in the window. They give me that so that I would see my home and not feel so out of place, they say. I told them that I would much rather see them, and not Earth. I don't need to see Earth, pretty as it is to see it from outer space, big and blue and beautiful! I just want to see my Alien friends. My Thubans, my Zetas, everyone. I think of course that I wasn't daydreaming or inventing the room with planet Earth in the window when I daydreamed about it in my childhood, I think I was remembering it from encounters.

I was seeing these Aliens. It was as if I was already there. Perhaps, and I know this sounds strange, the Aliens are living in another dimension and we humans perceive ourselves in another, and I have had many experiences where it seems as if my body is already in their dimension, only my awareness is here. There is an excellent conversation and experience written down that will be in one of the future books where I am being made aware that all this time when I think that I am here and in my room my body is actually also in a hospital bed someplace else. In that conversation I am being shown this and told about it and I am trying to understand. I try not to think about it. I'll just let the Aliens guide me. They'll let me know in time.

Not sugar-coated

So I was seeing the Aliens in that room over in the spaceship up above, while I was still in my bed here on Earth. Two places connected via the telepathic link that the Aliens can enable between us. I started to cry, it pained me to see them and to realize what I am missing out on. I saw the beautiful Thuban and I cried because me and the Thuban have had so many arguments! The Aliens were telling me that they were worried about my health. They know that sometimes when they approach me with their work then I have become very upset. There were times when I nearly had a mental collapse from all the stress and when I was having serious heart trouble at night because of it. But I explained to them that it's not them! The only thing that ever hurts me is when they show me pedophilia.

The subject of pedophilia is so taboo and so illegal that I fear saying anything about it, but I have to remind myself that I am not responsible for it, only a witness, and that these are alien creatures not humans and maybe they do things differently. You will not find many abductees courageous enough to say that oh by the way I witnessed pedophilia taking place there among the aliens. I know several high-profile abductees who talk extensively about their Alien encounters, but they always omit mentioning the pedophilia, as well as much of the sexual abuse and prostitution that they witness. I am afraid every time I write it down of what repercussions someone might construe against me or what harm or distress it might cause to my readers. But I am a scientist and I refuse to present a skewed or limited version of facts. Some facts are uncomfortable, maybe even illegal. In the words of Malik the Black One, "it is not sugar-coated".

My Aliens

I cried and I wailed in the telepathy over the fact that these were such beautiful Alien people and I was missing out and how there had been so much conflict between us in the past. How many arguments I've had with the Thuban, yet seeing it I was just struck by what a magnificent creature it is. I could feel its mind, and all I could feel was love for this thing. If only I could get closer to them, to spend time in the awake state there with them, to get to build the relations with my Aliens that are trying to reach out to them but can never be fully realized until we are together, in the same space. The Aliens told me to please be quiet, because the little children could hear my every word and expression.

A little hybrid boy who looks to be the size of a 3-year old tumbled into the room. "Look! I am wearing diapers! I don't have to use a toilet!", said the little boy, who was indeed wearing a diaper. He was a tiny little boy and my telepathic talking had drawn his attention to come see what was going on. "What a beautiful little boy you are, I love you! You wear diapers because you are so little, and when I was little like you I wore diapers too!", I said to the little hybrid boy with white skin and yellow hair on his head. "Look! She said that she loves you!" noticed the Thuban and told the boy. Because usually when the hybrid children are brought to me, I go into a furious frenzy which the Thubans call "cacophony", but that's another story. So they think I don't like the children, but that's not it. So they're pleased when I seem to like them "after all".

Eroticism and a good story with the green Reptile

Suddenly, a green reptilian shows up in my room. He is in the other dimension but my mind's eye can see him quite clearly. He is clearer and more apparent than they usually are. A Reptilian, I think can choose the extent to which his presence is clear to the human, but I think that most humans might actually be blocked from seeing them at all. It is tempting for the non-seers to call me delusional but it is tempting for me to call non-seers blocked.

The green Reptilian was quite a spectacular green Reptile man. He wore no clothes, and he was covered in green scales that are stacked like roof tiles and protrude from the skin a bit. So they were not flat scales that would lie against the body. Long green tail, black claws on fingers and toes. He was more robust than not. Some Reptilians are very slender and I call those the "Snake-type Reptilians" because they have the same make as the yellow-beige Reptilian who goes by the name Snake, Snake also has flat scales that lie against the body, and a narrow tight head. This green Reptilian was built more robust and muscular, a lot like Hamish when Hamish adopts his upright standing posture (Hamish has two postures: camel hunched and upright standing). This green one of course had no turtleshell soft cushion hump back like Hamish does.

The green Reptile approached me where I lay in bed and he asked me if I would like some, and I quote, "eroticism". He was coming up close to me and into my bed and putting his body against mine. It was really snuggly the way he did it. I told him I would love to have eroticism with him. I've had "eroticism" with Reptilians in the past. Now this is strange, but each new Reptilian who encounters me for the first time, will do what I used to call "conquest", but I guess we could also rename it as "eroticism" couldn't we? A Reptilian will suddenly ambush me and wrestle me around and it creates this fantastic sexual experience that we both feel and share. It is incredibly intimate and beautiful, and I've rated the sexual feelings as being at least 1000 times more pleasurable than an orgasm. I describe my sexual conquests with Hamish the Red Reptile in the books Letters to SETI, because I wrote to SETI telling them all about it.

But as the green Reptile was trying to have the sexual moment with me, the Board kept interrupting. The green Reptile kept telling me that the "Board" was not allowing it. I told the Reptile that I was allowing it, to not listen to the Board. The Board are benevolent ET races and their tasks include protecting people like me from being harmed by the Reptilians. But I wanted to have a sexual encounter with the green Reptilian! Later I found out that the Board had been preventing the green Reptile from taking my soul. What seems like a sexual experience is in fact the Reptile preying on the human's very life force and soul and taking it away. That is what the Board wanted to prevent.

So, the green Reptile backed off and didn't complete our sexual tumble. He then started to talk, and I will kick myself for not writing it down verbatim. I really have to start taking daytime naps again so that I am wide awake at nights when the Aliens do most of the talking so that I can sit and write it all down. The green Reptile talked in a most clear voice that was unlike the voice of any of my own regular Aliens. And he told me the most fantastic story, listen to this.

He started by showing me a picture of the T-Rex dinosaur as humans believe it to look anyway. He then said, that his ancestors had been the Earth dinosaurs. A long long time ago, he said, his ancestors the dinosaurs had lived here on Earth on the surface of planet Earth. Another race, us humans, had lived here at the same time back then, and it was a long long time ago. The dinosaurs and humans had coexisted. I am not sure, nor did I have the impression, that those humans were the humans we have today, just like the dinosaurs that lived then are no longer what the Reptilians are today, but it was dinosaur-reptilian-types and human-types living and coexisting together on planet Earth.

Then the Reptilians had been forced to leave. He said that the humans had told them that it was their (the humans'), and I quote, "divine right" to be here on Earth, and so the dinosaur-reptiles were told to leave. The dinosaurs had "nowhere to go", he said. It all sounded pretty harsh and rude to me. I asked, why could they not coexist? There is so much space and land here on Earth? The problem of course must have been something else, not a shortage of land space, I imagine?

It almost felt as if a new alien people had arrived here on Earth who were the ones to claim Earth as their "divine right" to be here, even though the green Reptile did not state that it was a new population that came here I may have picked it up from the conversation. Either that or that they were still the "humans" who were already living here.

We were made to move into a space camp. - says some ET now
We don't want them to be worried. - says the ET
No one is worried. I am not worried. Thank you. - me
Yes, but we eat livers. - the ET, a reptilian-type of ET
I eat meat. Or I used to. I am now a vegetarian, or a vegan even. Sometimes I eat fish. - me
We make your eggs. And then we break them! - the ET
This was the black Reptile who wears a purple suit, possibly an Orion reptile but I am not sure. His scales and eyes are black.

During the conversation with the green Reptile, I wondered whether the dinosaurs/reptiles might have been impossible to coexist with, perhaps that they were violent and therefore asked to leave? I asked the green Reptile about it, but he wouldn't say anything about that. He continued to show me and tell me that his dinosaur-reptilian ancestors had been made to move under ground. They were put into an underground cavern and the entrance was sealed with big rocks and boulders by the other race. The green Reptile sounded sad and horrified when he recounted this story. I was sad about it too, it sounded sad to force some living creatures that once lived on land on the beautiful Earth to go live in an underground cave and lock them in there and call it someone else's divine right to be here instead. It sounds very cruel.

The green Reptile said, that then the Zetas found them, or that then the underground Earth reptiles found the Zetas, I forget who found whom but they found each other. The underground reptiles were given "weapons" from the Zetas, or that they "took" weapons from Zetas, I forget which because I did not write it down. The green Reptile mentioned the thing about finding Zetas and taking their weapons twice or more times, so I gather it was an important thing to them. The green Reptile then concluded his retelling with that the Reptiles now want to claim the Earth back, that is the war they are doing, and it also explains some of what I have been involved in with the Aliens and abductions.

The green Reptile expressed how he hates humans. I told the green Reptile that I would be his friend and that he doesn't need to hate me. I would never harm him, and I sympathize with them, I even told him it was good that they have weapons from the Zetas.

I have to be very clear about something. I am very kind toward the Reptilians. I show them tolerance, understanding, and compassion. But I don't agree with violence. While it may be good that they have weapons, on the other hand I do not agree with the use of weapons. I don't see the point in hating the Reptilians. I think understanding and compassion can go much farther, no matter what our desired outcome may be. Otherwise we just become like the things that we hope to destroy with our anger and hate.

I asked the green Reptile, that didn't the Reptilians come from Alpha Draconis, like I had been told? I forget what he said and I kick myself for that, but it was a bit complicated. Maybe it was that the original reptiles came from Alpha Draconis to Earth, a long time ago, but I forget and it's best that I ask the green Reptile about it again and have a proper interview with him some time, as he seems to know a lot. But it was sweet of the green Reptile to tell me, to share me their story, and I thanked him for having shared me their story.

Our dear Fürst

Then came along ours dear friendly Malik the Black One, and the green Reptile stepped aside. Malik stood on my bedroom floor and he really wanted me to see him. "Can you see me?", he said. "Yes, I can. You are black, a reptile, and there is a fire around you", I answered, still lying in my bed in the dark at night. Malik is a handsome beast. He is short, by no means tall. In many ways he looks similar to the black Gremlins in the 1980's movies, except that he does not have the ears and his eyes are white with a pale gray dot for a pupil.

The Fürst does not have scales. His body is dry and rough, it reminds me of the dry texture of an elephant's knee or under their feet. There is nothing glossy or moist about his skin. He is covered in scutes. He has a tail. Fingers and toes with little black claws. The area between the eyes is sunken in and has two little nostrils without an exterior nose, and it looks cuter than the face of a pugdog. He is really cute! Malik has a penis but most of the time it is on the inside of his body, it is the kind that tucks away. He doesn't wear any clothes. His body posture is always hunched and with knees bent softly. I could see him standing right beside my bed, really close. But there was this heat emanating from him and I told him that it was like a fire around him. I can imagine that most people would think this black creature is Satan standing in fire.

But Malik was gracious and gentle with me yet again. He doesn't want to scare me. He told me that Pakeha would soon come in and take my eggs, or do something with my eggs I forget what it was, and I told the Fürst that Pakeha was welcome to come in and that I would help him with the eggs. I also asked the Fürst if I could please stay awake and conscious during the encounters. At one point, I think what I was doing I was Honoring him (by calling Malik "my Honored") and he flung my body up I was lifted from lying down on my side and up at a 90 degree angle with legs still down in bed but back straight, in what seemed like a fraction of a second, and he even put the palms of my hands almost together like in a prayer and my hands close to my face. "My Lord!", Malik corrected me. So from then on I referred to my Malik as my Lord. I told him I had never had a Lord before so I was very pleased about that, and I slid back under the covers. (I LOVE IT when they lift me up and throw me around. It proves to me that they are real. Plus it's fun.)

I was aware of my Lord Malik's thoughts and the visual images he had in his mind. He thought about humble down-to-earth things as my dental floss. I don't often floss but the other day I actually did for a change, and Malik must have been watching and wondering what I was doing. I explained what it was to Malik but I used the wordless form of communication that the Aliens enable when we are connected. I just explained to our Dear Fürst that I have these teeth and I can clean in between the teeth using that string. Then Malik thought about our living room sofa, but it was phrased, even if in the wordless language, as a question. It was fantastic to have this Black Creature who has this imposing presence that most people would misinterpret as the Devil and who had roared at me that he is to be called Lord and who had flung up my body in less than a second with utmost speed and strength, to humbly ask me for my permission to let him sit down on our living room sofa. He always does that. The Aliens always ask. I don't care how many times I've told them that it's ok to sit down and no need to ask! They will always ask. And I think that's charming and humbling. Of course they can sit! Go ahead Malik, my Lord! No need to ask!

So he sat down on the center seat of the three-seat sofa in our living room, right behind the wall that my bed was against. I could still see him from there, in the mental connection that we have. Black One Malik having a seat, overseeing the Shenanigans taking place here for the night. I placed my hands against the wall, knowing that my Malik was sitting there on the other side. It was my way of trying to feel him, I really enjoy having my Malik near. He is so sweet and gentle and kind to me. All they want is my eggs. He is not here to hurt me. It is so humbling of an experience that someone who could be so scary and dangerous, who could have thrown me into the wall or killed me had he chosen to, chooses to be ever so gentle and sweet, and to even ask for permission before he sits down on the sofa. Before he left, he had possessed my right hand and placed it on my naked tummy the part of the tummy below the belly button where the uterus and eggs all are and he had had my hand pat my belly gently. I knew that at the same time his own hand was doing the same. That is where the eggs are. Malik is so gentle with me when he visits. We almost have a father-daughter relationship, he is that way with me.

I asked the green Reptile where does Malik come from. What race is Malik? What IS Malik! I've long thought that Malik might not be a Reptilian at all. Sometimes I wonder if he's from Orion because he used to go by the name Betelgeuse, which is another name we have for the star Alpha Orion. Or are they demons, because Malik has said he is Jesobel which I think means Jezebel the demon, and Basmet who is of the same make as Malik is Baphomet the ramhorned demonic deity in Satanism and Aleister Crowley's Thelema.

But I declare, when Malik had sat down on the sofa the green Reptile was happy and it seems that the green Reptile *might* have conjured up a fake creation in the form of Malik. I really don't know, but if I find out later that the Black Ones, being depicted as satanic demons might just be illusions made by the Reptilians when they want to instill fear and respect in us human sheeples then let it be known that this was the first time that was hinted at me. But I could be wrong, it could have just been green Reptile snickering at the whole thing. I like to think that Malik is a real man Mr. Fussubus The Great One. Not to mention how Hamish fears him. I think Malik is real, but I have to write down every hunch I have along the way, even if they prove to be wrong later on. I love my Fürst.

Malik did this and then he said that. - Malik
And then he was dominant. - Malik

Malik said just now, while I was preparing a breakfast snack and took a break from typing. I knew he has been following my writing. He always does if I write about him because that's like dialing his phone number and speaking to his ear over the phone. (He said either "Malik did this and then he said that", or "Malik said this and then he did that", I forget, but anyway.) He was following how I was writing about all the things he said and did, haha! Isn't he dang cute!

You even wrote about my penis. - says Malik and thinks to his black penis the way it is when it is out
Yes Malik, I often do. It's pretty neat. - me
We don't want mind control with you, if you like my dong. - Malik

Oh gee, Malik. Anyway. So last night when I asked someone told me that Malik is from Alpha Draconis. So that is where he is from. While Malik had still been in my room last night, he had asked me if, or why, I was not afraid of him. I forget how I answered, perhaps I had answered that he is my Lord and I am not afraid of my Lord.

The Book about Masters

One thing I forgot to mention earlier, is that while I was still seeing the Thuban and Zeta in the spaceship while I was in bed and before the green Reptile and Malik had showed up, at some point I was asking about the Reptilians. Then a Zeta had shown me a book that they have there. The book cover was white and on the front cover was an alien symbol. It was a circle, and inside that circle was the pyramid triangle, and inside that triangle was the eye. "This book contains everything about our Masters", said the Zeta. The Zeta said "Masters" or "Meisters". I said I wanted to read it, I asked if I could please come there to read it or if I could borrow the book here. I was shown some text from inside the book and it looked like alien writing. They had shown me that when I was asking about the Reptilians. Everything they know about their Masters is written there. All the history, everything.

The Zetas, Thubans, and the many other Alien races working for the same Agenda, are all being forced to be there. They are under threats of violence. They are all ruled by The Eye god who makes them do things. They are living under fear and they wish they could leave. Even Hamish is ruled by The Eye and fearful of it. When I told the Aliens that I wanted to visit them, the Aliens told me not to come there, not voluntarily, and asked me how I could volunteer to go there when it is such a bad place, with The Eye and all. What is The Eye?

At night I dreamt that I was in an underground place and there was an Ancient Egyptian site there, columns and tempels, perhaps even a whole city. But it was ancient and mostly covered by that black muddy soil. It was strange being in a place where instead of the sky you have a thick endless slab of rock up above your head, even if it was tall to the ceiling. I was with a group of school children and we were here to get a tour of the sights. Perhaps I was taken to a reptilian underground base and shown real artifacts. And perhaps it is difficult to fully wake up when you are taken to see them in some altered dream state that I cannot fully explain yet. Or perhaps it was just a dream, inspired by my own thoughts, or perhaps inspired by what reptilians continued to talk about as I fell asleep, who knows. But I remember no alien encounters or abductions from the night, which is too bad.

Oxygen and Hydrogen and Critters

When I woke up in the morning I was told that because of me Pakeha now had some of my bacteria on him. I expressed my deepest apologies, and the Aliens said that it was ok because they had a way of cleaning those away. Last night the Zetas also said that they needed to give me oxygen if I visit.

If I were imagining this, then the Aliens would of course have regular air there in the spaceship. Things would be easy, like the way they do it in the movies. You just walk straight in to the spaceship. But the Aliens have different air. The Aliens say they breathe "hydrogen", which I doubt would be hydrogen gas, or wait a minute, wait a minute! Outer space is mostly empty space but the most common gas in space is hydrogen! If the Aliens don't breathe oxygen then they would perhaps simply take in regular gas that is easy to come by. I'm sure they have some gas in their spaceship, because the amount of gas determines the pressure contained within a space. If the pressure is too low or too high then biological creatures such as humans would be in serious trouble. Pressure is one of the major things that need to be within the small parameters that our bodies have evolved to. Anyhow. The Aliens don't carry oxygen in their spaceships so they provide it via gas mask to the abductees. And if I were imagining this then I would have made it far less cumbersome.

I don't think the Aliens do Creb's Cycle. I don't think they use glucose and oxygen for energy.

Another thing I would have simplified away from any imaginary alien encounters, is the nuisance of dust mites and bacteria crawling all over humans. I would have somehow thought that these critters are too small for the aliens to notice and that it wouldn't be a thing at all. Just like it was in the old times before humans had invented microscopes to discover all these little animals that are crawling on us. But the Aliens, who do not have dust mites or bacteria at all over there, they are appalled. They think I'm barbaric and primitive and they tell me I have "lice" all over me. With "lice" they mean dust mites. The Aliens are appalled by these creatures and they always clean them off when any end up there. I am sorry about that.

Morning with Hamish

This morning I was aware of Hamish. My Red Sock Turtle. He is such a cute Dragon. I had told him that I would do anything for him just ask. So he decided to take me up on my offer. He asked me if I would clean the bathroom floor. He camps out on the bathroom rug in the bathroom and he doesn't like the floor to be dirty, so I will clean it for Dragon today. Ironically he won't let me wash the bathroom rug itself because that is where he stores his shedded scaly bits and then those interdimensional scaly bits end up in the washing machine and Dragon is distraught to say the least! (Find the story of when the bathroom rug was washed, somewhere in the Thoughts or Stories section. Oh it was an ordeal, for the both of us!)

"Hamish The Great. Also known as Hamish The Elder", I called him, while I still snooze in bed in the morning. "Yes-No, Elder", says Hamish and hoists my body up to show me his power. He doesn't want me to call him old, even if it was Hamish who had given me that full name of his long time ago. I had been laying snugly in bed one second, and the next second Hamish had hoisted me up sitting in bed with straight back, all the while I am very aware of Hamish, it is as if he and I are overlapping, I have his body and red scales superimposed with myself. I LOVE IT when Dragon lifts me up! It is so intimate and close, so snug and precious.

Hamish stayed in me that way for a little while, and I put my head back down on the pillow. I curled into a ball in bed and felt Hamish near me, so close as if he were in me. Me and Dragon Turtle as if we were one, and I love him more than I love myself. I wanted him to stay that way forever.

I wasn't snug with you, I said! - Hamish hollers from the hallway. I am sitting in the kitchen.
Yes, Hamish. - me
Otherwise we won't come here with Pakeha. - Hamish
It's ok. Hamish was showing his power. - me

I told Hamish how much I loved it when he did these things. That inspired Hamish to do some more. He pulled my right arm straight up in a line above my head, and held it down there rather firmly, but not aggressively. "I am holding you down!", Dragon declared, more mischievous than hostile. It seemed that we both were enjoying it. He held my arm down for a while, and I let him. These are the moments I live for. Close encounters with my Turtle Sock Feet.

I write the summary at the top of this page and write: "... and Hamish hoists me up in bed because he is not an Elder", to which Dragon says:
I am also not a Sock. - Hamish
And it was also not an Eventful Night, because nothing happened I was here the whole time. - Hamish
So what should we call this page? - me
The Threat! - Hamish declares making sure to say it very clearly, said in my other language, not angry, but he seemed to have thought it was a good idea, so I am putting that up there as the second title
Also, eggs in a bag. - Hamish, ok, a third title. I love having Hamish title my pages!
And, no Sock Feet! - Hamish, not angry
No Sock Feet. - me

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