Zetas and Tubing
July 28 2013

Hamish loved this music this morning, we were listening to it.
He enjoys the violin.

Last night, like every night here lately, I've been asking the Aliens to let me have a conscious encounter. I know they abduct me every night and they keep me asleep and make me forget the encounter. I want to spend time with them there and get to know what happens.

So the Zetas or Thuban hybrids told me last night that they were going to insert plastic tubing down to my lung and suction out some cells and samples from there. That didn't sound so nice, but I said that they could do it. I also said that I wanted to be awake for the encounters. The Zeta told me that if they give me an encounter then I would have to keep it a secret. (They don't want me to write about it here, for instance.)

While I was asleep and in dreamland, I dreamt that I was outdoors at night. The sky was black and everything dark. I noticed some tall Zetas hiding behind some rocks or bushes. I was curious and went back to see them, and there they were. Three or so tall Zetas stood up from behind where they were hiding and stood in line. They were beautiful. Tall slender with big heads and large dark eyes. The skin wasn't white or pale gray, but a pale skin with a yellow hue. A while later I became aware of laying down on my belly on a medical table in their laboratory and having plastic tubing inserted through my nose down to my stomach.

I woke up after the Zeta encounter and was back in bed in my home. I was so happy to have met the Zetas. A Zeta spoke to me but I didn't write down the conversation. The Zeta talked to me in length about how Malik harms the Zetas and how Malik has forced the Zetas to work for them. There is a lot of violence and threats against the Zetas. The Zetas also talk about how they don't have a scrotum and the goal of their project is to incorporate human genetics into theirs to make a new fertile Zeta race, but without the loss of too much Zeta qualities, so they are working on that.

Malik came around and started ingesting my life force from my head. I didn't want him to because it was draining me of energy as well as putting his dark dense blah energy, around me. I asked Malik to leave and I started asking Seraphim and others to please come help me remove him.

Eventually I fell back to sleep and became aware lying on my belly on a medical table again and a Thuban hybrid was in the act of inserting plastic tubing down to my lung. I told myself to stay calm, and it was ok. I didn't panic and it wasn't bad at all. I've wanted to have close conscious encounters for a long time, and now finally we're getting there!

In the morning Hamish was around. I showered my Turtle Dragon with lots of praise and admiration. I love him. But after meeting with the Zetas, I almost want to say that I loved the Zetas more. Hamish who is here he now thinks about his Harry Potter movie DVD there in my bedroom. We have yet to watch his movie. I've decided to ask Hamish to let me see him and take a photography before I will let him watch Harry Potter movies. If Hamish lets me take a picture of him then I am buying him every Harry Potter movie in existence. I know he can do it, I know Reptilians are supposedly able to come into our dimension and let us see them. I want a picture.

Alien contact is fantastic.

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