Mean Aliens
July 23 2013

Last night I was raped by Pakeha. Pakeha is a Zeta hybrid who mostly looks Zeta. He said he is an energy vampire. The Zetas work up a human to make them agitated and then use that to access human energy and turn it into sexual energy which they prey on. The Zetas were definitely feeding that energy into their god The Eye. I could see The Eye involved and the Zetas were commenting on how The Eye was in fact happy with the outcome. The rapes are terribly cruel because not only do they involve sexual abuse but relies on causing aggravation and torment in order to flare up the human energy. Last night's attacks have changed my opinion on the Zetas and Agenda and I am no longer neutral tolerant. I am fed up.

Why can't they leave

I had a strong conversation with Zetas last night and this morning following the attack. In part they claim to be held captives by the Agenda and unable to break free. They seem to be themselves under mind control by The Eye and Agenda. They claim to be unable to leave and under the threats of violence and torture if they were to defy their captors. But comments such as those are interspersed with statements such as that they need to work on genetics and incorporate sexual reproduction into their genome in order to survive as a species, or comments about how they actually enjoy what they are doing. I can only assume that they have chosen to work for the Agenda. I don't see why they can't leave if they really wanted to.

I suggested to them that they could find help in some of the benevolent races such as the Pleiadians, Ashtar Command, and Galactic Federation. When I named those, the Ummites were listening in and suggested also "Ummo" as one of the sources of help for Zeta liberation and rescue. A while later Ashtar comes to ask me to please not refer the Zetas to Ashtar because they have tried to help the Zetas in the past and the Zetas ended up not showing up.

I woke up with a perfectly clear mind and all well and right now a Zeta is influencing my mind making it really hard to write. It was also trying to stimulate me sexually. Usually I would take a break when they are preventing me from doing work, but I refuse to let them decide what I do or do not say about them. They want to prevent the truth about them from being known by humanity. As an adherent of science it is my obligation to report truth the way it is. I cannot omit any facts and I cannot skew the facts. And I don't like censorship. Back when I was working on the book "Letters to SETI 1" I was under heavy influence by the ETs who were trying to prevent me from finishing the book. "Letters to SETI" describe in letters that I wrote to SETI the atrocities done by the Agenda including its child abuse.

Sexual offenders

We don't ask you to tolerate us! - yells a Zeta with despair
Don't talk to me you rapist. I don't like you anymore. Stop molesting me! - me

Zetas and Thubans are two alien races that work under the same Agenda organization which is led by the Satanic Eye god of theirs. Zetas originate from Zeta and long ago they had a nuclear power accident. They were trying to extract huge amounts of energy from nuclear power and something went wrong and they were forced to flee under ground on their home planet. Changing an environment as well as having been exposed to a huge stressor such as a nuclear accident caused massive changes to their species. In the process somehow they became infertile. They have joined the Agenda in hopes of teaming up with other races and are now

You are our circus animal, that is why. - says a Zeta
I don't want to be anymore. You disgust me. I want to kill you all. - me

They are conducting genetic experiments and borrowing human genome to incorporate it into theirs to make a Zeta-human hybrid which is able to sexually reproduce. But the Zetas are very perverted and obsessed with sex and with sexual feelings and are raping and molesting both human abductees and the human and hybrid children that they have there.

One of the things that makes humans great and prosperous and that distinguishes us from the animals is our ability to repress our sexual instincts or urges in order to lead civilized lives in society. We don't rape one another even if it would "feel good" from a selfish perspective. We lock rapists away and we realize that rape is a distraction that would ruin lives and make work impossible. The Zeta isn't wanting me to write this so I'm really struggling with the words, but I won't stop writing. I won't allow them to influence me anymore.

Zetas lack that self restraint. They spend an alarmingly large amount of their day on sexual activities. To be fair, they are studying sexuality because they are incorporating fertility back into their genome. But they are going about it in the wrong way.

We are not sweet and tender. - Zeta
You are Satanists. You should be destroyed. There was perhaps a reason why you became infertile. Same with the Draconians. You are not allowed to exist. - me

They are completely inconsiderate to the fact that rape violates and hurts the victims. And they refuse to believe that sexual offense on children will inhibit on their natural development of identity and can cause serious damage. Wow, the Zeta really didn't want me to write that last part there.


The Zetas and Thubans are racists. They call me dog. Yesterday morning I woke up to hear the sweet words delivered from a Thuban: "My

I don't want you to make a book about us. - Zeta or Thuban
I already have. And I will make more. It just tells the truth. If you don't like the truth, then you can change how you act but you can't change the books. I am sorry. - me

"My pooch! My cunt!", the Thuban said. I gave it a lecture and told it to stop using bad language. Now they are giving me the sex drug. They just want me to be a pacified victim.

They call me dog and cattle and circus animal. They show me mental images of a giraffe at a zoo. They show me to the children as if I were an animal, instead of letting the children meet me as a person. They tell me I am their pet and cat. It is highly offensive and diminishes any personal worth I should have in their eyes. They use it to validate their inhumane treatment of me and other abductees. They are sadists and rapists and they wouldn't have to be in order to carry out their work.

Do you remember that? - a Zeta shows me mental image of the zoo
We were holding you captive there. - a white ET
Yes! Like a bear! - a white ET

"White ET" means white Thuban praying mantis, Zeta, or Thuban hybrid or Zeta hybrid as they all sometimes look fairly similar (all these also act similarly cruel and sadist). As for that zoo which it showed me a mental image of just now, I was once taken during an abduction to a zoo that they have there in a spaceship or alien base. They have a large floor space which is covered in fake grass and has a few fake trees. The room is not square but the border of the wall is curved. The ceiling and walls are painted like a blue sky. At one end there is a raised wall that doesn't go all the way up to the ceiling but has a higher level up top. A ladder leads upstairs and there were Zetas standing up there. In this pen they had a naked young human man living there. I had been taken there naked and they wanted me and the young man to have sex and the Zetas wanted to watch. That is what they showed me just now and asked me if I remember it.

It is difficult to write about these subjects keeping in mind reasonable written or unwritten rules of censorship in the public media. I don't want to offend or disturb any readers especially the young audience. If you are someone who wants to learn and study the truth of alien life I must refer you to the books. The books are entirely uncensored. Some of the books are so horrid that I will also give out censored versions of them too.

We are only making a baby. - a white ET shows me a white hybrid baby
I don't care. You are rapists and animals. - me
We are not that! Rapists! - another white ET fusses
Yes you are. - me

Mind control

But there's more to the cruelty by Zetas and Thubans than just the acts they carry out on humans. They will use mind control to influence and engineer aspects of a person's life. And they design an abductee's life in intentionally damaging and sadistic ways. This morning a Zeta admitted to having made people at my college think that I was cheating on tests!! What! I never cheat! I once had all the books in the same room when I took a test in high school and the teacher had to leave and I didn't cheat. And still made an A. Ironically that test was about human sexuality and reproduction...

A few years back... They really don't want me to write these things because they are influencing my mind to go completely blank. The Zetas are telepathic. They live with a hive mentality. They communicate with each other telepathically. They are all aware of one another's thoughts and feelings. This is how they communicate with human abductees also. But they can also use this form of communication to influence a human. Because we humans aren't used to having someone else's thoughts in our head, it is easy to design thoughts and feelings and place them into a human's mind and make the human think that it is their own thoughts and feelings. It is a very easy thing for the Zetas and Aliens to do.

The thing is, when a human is feeling agitated and distressed, this flares up a lot of nervous energy. The Aliens then use that energy to convert it into a sexual energy and they feed this energy into their god The Eye. I know it sounds ridiculous, and it is ridiculous but true.

Once and for all. What the hell is that Eye thing? - me
It wasn't made for kittens. - a white ET
I am not a kitten. I am a human. - me
IT WASN'T FOR YOU! - the white ET yells
Tell me what the hell it is! Is it Satan? What the hell is it. Tell me. Does it even exist? - me
It is my God. - speaks Hamish in my native language quite calmly and sincerely
I don't think it's a good god. You should discard it. It is disgusting. It kills people. Stop listening to that Satan of yours! - me
We don't go to church with it. - the white ET from previous
What is it? Is it real? Why do you talk to it? - me
It makes us feed with it! - some ET not Reptilian
Why don't you stop listening to it? Just leave it alone! And your lives would improve! - me

The Agenda Aliens want to make their abductees suffer and have mental agony because then they can use that to extract that person's energy. The energy is first felt like a sexual euphoria by the Aliens and is then passed on to The Eye god.

It is their nectarine. - says Hamish, he has seen me eating nectarines a lot lately

Zetas boast about how they torment homeless people on Earth because "no one would believe them anyway". In fact abductees are more likely I gather to become homeless and destitute. The Agenda Aliens will deliberately ruin their economy and personal relations. The Agenda will influence an abductee's loved ones to start arguments and with physical violence.

I was never able to tell certain persons in my life that the reason they were behaving very aggressively toward me was because they were under mind control by Aliens.

The Aliens also like it when their victims go to jail. Black Ones boast about all the people they have made end up in jail and how they continue to torment them further once there. This is sadistic sexuality that the Agenda uses both for the personal pleasure of Agenda members but ultimately the goal is to take a person's energy and soul and feed it into The Eye.

The Agenda will find numerous ways in which to totally destroy a person's life in every way. They will then use those aggravating details and remind the abductee of them to cause further torment.

There was a time in my life when I was completely destroyed by the Agenda and then they made me promiscuous. They do that too. And then they sent me to the Free Mason D/s Master who was under such a strong rule by the Black Ones that I saw the Black One in him. That Free Mason man did hypnosis and mind control on me and programmed me with code words, but it was the Black One doing these acts through him.

The Agenda deliberately do what they can to ruin the economy of its abductees. We are meant to be poor and starving, preferably homeless. They made me lose my job once by turning my boss berserk and totally mad. It was very clearly Agenda possession.

I will one day write a more elaborate book on these topics covered here. Just now the Zeta tried to make me forget about this entire page and delete everything. I noticed it was the Zeta's thought and feeling and not mine. It is easy if you are telepathic to put thoughts and feelings into someone but to formulate them as if they were that other person's own thoughts.

Another thing the Zetas and Thubans do is sometimes they think it would be a great idea if I had sex with some strange random man when I'm out and in public. Thing is they are never even my type so it's very clearly not me. I pity the people who aren't even aware of Zetas. They would embrace every thought as their own. It is very easily done. We are a flock of sheep, easy to mind control.

The Zetas and Agenda want their abductees to be very sexually active. It has had the opposite effect on me. They will also ruin and end relationships that they are not happy with. They want to decide who their abductees have sex with. They will break relationships that they don't want and they will then send to you the person that they want you to be with.

First they sent me to a young man who is a Satanist. They had been prepping that young man for many years and even before we had ever met he knew all about me and knew what I looked like and had developed an obsession with me. I ended up never going to see him because there were some disturbing things about him, such as that he shared with me that he had thoughts about killing children. I excommunicated him and he threatened to rape and murder me.

Then they sent me to the Free Mason. He too is destitute and has been for many years, because it makes him easier to control if you keep them weak. I was supposed to marry and have children with him. I suspect that he has strong ties to the Agenda bloodlines. But I broke up with him. Still years after I broke up with him he does everything he can to get back together with me.

The third man that they were going to try with was going to be Clemens who works for the CIA. He was expecting to receive me to Thanksgiving 2012 already, but I wasn't ready for him yet. I was supposed to be ready and trained as an MKULTRA Doll or Cat by then. Now what I need you to understand is that the MKULTRA is not a human invention, it is an Agenda invention designed and implemented by evil aliens from outer space.

The worst part is not over yet! - says Malik the Black One trying to pose as General Patton
Stop lying to me! Be yourselves! Stop hiding behind fake images! You won't be more successful if you aliens pretend to be humans. I won't listen to you if you pretend to be humans. - me
You are not starsouls are you? - Malik winks his eyes
.. So that's what this is about. - me
Yes and we also want your eggs, prepared for us here. - Malik

I have love for Malik, I really do. But that is my trusting and loving nature. I have known this man named Malik for two years now.

MKULTRA is thought to have started in Nazi Germany. The Nazis and Hitler were most definitely by Agenda design. They boast to me all the time how Hitler was a success. I have written about it elsewhere but the Agenda wanted to get to the Jews, because the Jews were seeded by the Vegas and the Vegas were declared an enemy of the Agenda because they had not wanted to join or succumb to the Agenda.

Malik? Why does your Agenda want to harm the Jewish people of Earth? - me
We don't want to harm them. - Malik
Then why were they harmed by Hitler? - me
Hitler wanted the gold that they had! - Malik not angry
But I don't understand? Why kill someone because of gold? Do you know more about this? Had it to do with the Vegas? - me
Yes. They were Starpeople. - Malik or someone else
Malik? Why are the Jews hurt by the Agenda? - me
Look, this is... - General Patton, and a thought image of the US Navy ship he used to work on

MKULTRA was then taken to the United States and implemented by the CIA. The CIA is heavily infested by the Agenda. That is why drugs and prostitution are heavily used by the CIA, or at least my sources and other sources seem to say so.

The scary thing is, that the love of my life with whom I lived for four years and was going to marry, he said that he was accepted to join the CIA but he claims that his father would have contacted the CIA and told them that he wouldn't let his son join.

The MKULTRA Doll is a woman who has basically been lobotomized, either with the actual brain surgery or by other means. The MKULTRA Cat is a mind controlled woman who has been made oversexualized. They were going to make me into one or the other and then give me to Clemens as his wife.

No! General Patton wanted you for himself! - Malik
What? Why didn't he say something? He never told me? Is he even a real man? - me

Wow, I used to have feelings for General Patton, oh damn. At one point I was so madly in love with General Patton. I don't even know if General Patton is a real man (obviously not his real name though) or if he is Malik posing as a man so that he can get to me.

So part of this story is that there are benevolent ETs incarnating into humans on Earth to try to combat the Illuminati and dark forces here. If this sounds unbelievable or impossible then you're probably a human who doesn't need to know about the battle between good and evil taking place here anyways. These souls are called Starsouls. The Agenda has told me that they used to simply kill the Starsoul humans, "but then they come right back" so it's no use. The best way to try to combat them, they say, is to turn them into MKULTRA mind controlled victims.

Every time that I think about what kind of a man I would like to find some day, the Agenda starts flooding me with images of who they want me to be with. They want me to be with a man who does domestic violence, who uses drugs and mind control on me. It's ridiculous.

There is so much evil in the Agenda I don't know what to say.

What do we make of this

I used to adopt the tolerant neutral view in my alien contact. I wanted to study them and I cherished being an alien contactee. I had the Orions, Dinosaurs, Reptilians, Thuban praying mantis, Insects, not to mention my Hamish, and many more right at my disposal to learn from. We were able to have clear two-way telepathic conversations and I could interview them and learn all about who they are and how they live and think.

But what we have here is more sinister than we could have ever imagined or dared to expect. So the question becomes: do we continue being scientists, or is this an exception? There comes a point where you cannot simply observe and study alien behavior, when that alien behavior incorporates pedophilia, sexual assault, torture, racism, and mind control. There comes a point when you cannot marvel at the creature that Hamish is, when he drags my hybrid children down to the river and drowns them or pulls off the arms and legs of a living Dinosaur. There comes a point where I wake up and realize I have been under evil control that has stopped me from living successfully and has robbed years of my life.

It's time to apply morals and intervene. Scientists don't like to intervene. We are taught to make observations. The worst thing you can do as a scientist is to inflict a change upon the object you are studying. But I want to change Malik. And I want

We are not Santas. - Hamish with thought image of a Christmas scene with decorated Christmas tree and presents
But Hamish. Why do you have to be mean? Why can't you be nice? What if somebody hurt you? Can't you be nice Hamish? My Hamish? - me

But I love my Hamish. I love him, but I don't love the acts of cruelty he does. My Turtle Sock Feet.

I was happy to hear that! - Hamish
Hear what, Hamish? - me
That you like me. - Hamish
I love you Hamish. I always will. You are my Sock Turtle! - me

So what we have here is mean aliens. But aliens nonetheless.

MKULTRA mind control? - Hamish
It's what Malik does. - me

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