Not All Pleasant
July 16 2013

A page about Malik, the Dark Ones, MKULTRA, and all of it

After a few arduous days I have finally finished Letters to SETI 1. I haven't been writing as much on the Project during that time I have been busy. But the Aliens have gone about their business unhindered by my busy schedule. The first few days the Aliens were raping me constantly. It nearly sent me to a hospital. The attacks subsided, and I quickly recovered and am back to normal now, happy and same as usual. It is surprisingly quick and easy to forget about a series of rapes once they are over. Because I want them to be over, so I go on as if they never even happened. The rapes involve the aliens tapping into my energy and converting it into a sexual flare which they then ingest and get to enjoy. It can be highly traumatic.

The MKULTRA makes sense now, almost

Something that doesn't seem to belong in the Alien Saga I am writing is the MKULTRA. The Aliens mention MKULTRA quite frequently, and then we have the many human workers who seem to be undertaking the MKULTRA project with me. I have recently gotten some more understanding on this and it seems that it may be Aliens who were behind it after all.

Officially, we know that the MKULTRA Project was started in Nazi Germany and was then brought over to the United States where the CIA took it on and have used it for mind control technologies. The MKULTRA is about breaking down a person's mind and making them susceptible for being shaped, held back, or used for various purposes. The Aliens early on took credit for Nazi Germany and Hitler. The Draconians said that they were the ones who controlled Hitler. The Draconians and their pyramid Agenda seem to also control the CIA, or even if the CIA were to have some uninfested uncorrupted areas in it, the CIA is a highly coveted organization for the Agenda. The Agenda through its Black Lords want rule over Earth.

We already have it, tell them that. - Basmet or Malik wants me to add
We rule, I said. - the Black One
And tell them I am not a monster. - the Black One
Noted! - me
We just like sacrifices. - Black One
I don't like it. I try to be a vegetarian. - me
Yes, you are called, a softie. - Black One
Are you Malik? - me
Well I could not be none other. - Malik
My Malik. You are fascinating to me. - me

The more time I spend with the Agenda the more it seems that the MKULTRA was designed by the Aliens and then implemented via mind controlled humans to be carried out on humans. The Aliens do MKULTRA mind control too. And humans working in Nazi Germany or in the CIA who themselves are carrying out MKULTRA technologies on other humans... are already mind controlled by the Aliens.

I know this is a very dark and ugly topic and we really don't want it anywhere near our study of alien life. But we have to see the Aliens for what they are. Sure, if there are dark and sinister ones, then that is what we have got to study. A lot of the study and treatise of alien life chooses to entirely shun the Agenda, Dark Ones, and all of their shenanigans. But we scientists cannot work that way. I cannot be a chemist and say that arsenic belongs nowhere in the period table of the elements, because it is toxic and quite nasty to humans. And biologists should be used to a wide variety of sinister and predatory creatures in the animal kingdom. We are only dealing with a very sinister and uncanny alien force, but they are aliens nonetheless. And it is quite possible to talk to the likes of Malik, and learn from them.

And as much as we hate what Hitler and the Nazis did, we cannot deny the Holocaust from being a part of our history. Historians don't get to cherrypick the pages of their book. And certainly we who study alien life should also not get to choose what parts of alien life we choose to portray. A lot of the treatise on alien life in books and media chooses to entirely disregard the more sinister aliens, and even to refuse to have anything to do with those humans who look at them. They won't go away if we close our eyes to them. And our best weapon "against" them, is to understand them.

I have learned so much about Malik and his Dark Agenda just by listening to him.

Yes, you are like my daughter that is why. - Malik

What immeasurable value in having him right here on the telepathic line. To be able to talk to him. I am getting ready to make a thorough interview with Malik. Where do they come from? What are they? How do they think, and feel? I have unearthed that for instance did you know that Dark Lords are not really evil or heartless? They honestly don't understand or comprehend the pain or suffering that others feel. They are ignorant of it. And instead they feel immeasurable lust from devouring life force from their victims. They don't see the wrong in what they do. They are not what we would think they are.

Yes, but we are sinister, tell them that. And we are guided to be mischievous! Guided. Yes. - Malik
Who guides you? - me
That topic is not appropriate. But we don't guide ourselves. - Malik
Does the Eye guide you? The Eye guides you, doesn't it? Your God, the Eye of Horus you said? - me
We make it, bring it milk. - Malik, "milk" as a word for "juice", "life force"

They are some type of sentient living beings. They have thoughts and they communicate. They answer questions. Both of the Dark Lord individuals I have met they have personalities. They are distinct persons, Basmet and Malik are. They respond to what I say. They see and describe things around them. They feel. They fear. They long and they lust. They recognize the life in me. They recognize the life in themselves. They are old and ancient, wise and knowledgeable.

Religious fable or astronomy?

Black One Malik told me not long ago that the center of the universe is The Eye. And that The Eye is swallowing up the universe into it, pulling in space itself. If I recall, there is a theory in astronomy or perhaps they even found some evidence for it that the center of galaxies or the center of the universe has indeed a black hole that is swallowing up stars and planets and space. Malik said that their home world was right at the edge getting ready to be swallowed up next by The Eye. That is why the Black Ones were offering it life force, building that huge network of electrical power that I once saw when I looked through Malik and got to see what The Eye was, or what it has.

The Black Ones are giving The Eye vast amounts of energy coming from living organisms that are either tortured, put through lust, or fear, or sacrificed, and that energy is taken into a large web that is placed across The Eye. The Black Ones believe that The Eye is a sentient creature that speaks to them, and it tells them what to do. It is their God, they fear it and they respect it. They believe that they are safe as long as they follow its command. They believe, that by giving it life force and by building this network that is made out of the souls of victims they can keep the Eye from swallowing up the universe, and spare the world from being devoured by The Eye.

Interesting. Is The Eye just an astronomical feature, a type of black hole that indeed is swallowing up the space, and the Black Ones' world being next? Did the Black Ones personify this impersonal astronomical feature, do they think of it as an entity? Are they displaying religious thinking? Thinking perhaps, that if it were a person, then they would be able to speak to it, to appeal to it?

And do the sacrifices really work? Is this nothing other than when humans sacrificed virgins or goats to the Gods in hopes of preventing volcanic eruptions or bad storms or getting it to rain to save their dying crops? Is it an example of magical thinking? And what if The Eye does not speak to the Black Ones. If they only feel led by it, and if all of the acts carried out by their Agenda under the yellow pyramid symbol are only things done by the Black Ones themselves, and if there is no conscious sentient Eye God at all, but only as a projection of their mind, a woven mythological construct that they abide by and believe in?

Bad Vibes

Next we have to consider that truly sinister hellish and Satanic emanance and vibe of the Dark Ones. They are so scary and hellish that one night when I woke up with Malik leaning over me in bed he was so close I had the worst scare of my life and nearly ran to church. I stayed up the entire night praying to God, Jesus, Angels, to anything that might hear me and come save me. The hellish feel to the Dark Ones cannot be overstated. I advise everyone to stay clear away from the Dark Ones.

They are not a biological study, where you can place a creature into

Thank God we are not! - Malik, probably about the petri dish

Where you can place a creature into

You are the ones, in our barn. - Malik
Hello Malik. I have some questions for you. Where do you come from? Do you come from outer space? Are you from Orion? Where are you from? - me
Try, hell. No we are not from space no. We are a demon! - Malik
You are not teary-eyed about that? - Malik
You are not with ghosts. You are with me! - Malik

Demons. I was going to say they are not something you can place into a petri dish and study or watch behind a window glass or stay in your car while you're in a safari. They are not the kind of creature you study like a diver watching sharks through a cage in the water, or a diver in a deep sea submarine. When they get close they can get to you. They boast about making humans insane

Yes, that gives me laughter! - Malik
It is rude. - me

Stay away from them. The only reason I am still unscathed is because I have Arcturian protection. I want to study them, and they are clearly ruling over a group of ETs under the Agenda. The alien abductions, hybrid programs, all of it is done under the Agenda. Few abductees seem to even know about this. Most abductees probably don't even know they are being abducted by aliens. Some are vaguely aware of the Zetas. But even fewer know about the Dinosaurs (also called "Saurians" elsewhere on the internet), Reptilians, praying mantis. But even fewer still know about the true leaders of the Agenda, the Black Ones, Dark Lords, and their creepy Eye God.

Demons are ruling over the Aliens, and those Aliens who are affected and ruled are all very regretful about this. Alien races are enslaved. And once you have a few races under the Agenda, they can be used to do war and get even more aliens on board. The Pleiadians seem to want to talk now. I think the Pleiadians would like to say that there is something still vaguely consentual about joining the Agenda, because the Pleiadians have not joined.

Nor did the Vegas! And now! Look at them. - says a Pleiadian, sad about the Vegas who have probably been destroyed
You are not, for whom the bell chymes. - Malik
I wanted, to drink some water. - Hamish wants some water in the plastic tub again, let's see if I will prepare that for him for the night

I want to study the Aliens, but then I should also study these demons, because they too are a form of intelligent sentient life. Why should I not study the Black Ones? It is tempting to want to shun them over to religious studies. But was not religion a form of science, an attempt at explaining the universe, with less restriction, more open, and based on morals and right and wrong, philosophical questions, and not physical evidence based reasoning? But a science nonetheless, attempting to explain reality. And religion has known about these demons for a very long time. Malik, who has said that he is Jezebel, is a very well-known demon. So is ramhorned Basmet, who is the same one as Thelema's Baphomet. These are real entities we are talking about!

What then is a demon? A life form but not made out of atoms? A life form that hops through portals?

Tell them, that we don't do magic. - Malik
What do you do then? - me
What? Isn't it obvious? - Malik
Are you real? - me

I am reminded of when Malik tore down the bibles from the bookshelf any time that I question whether he may be real. It presses me to have to study Malik and the Black Ones scientifically and to try to think like a biologist, yet having to embrace tools given to us from mythology and religion, because Malik and Basmet are not physical entities. By own admission, they are demons. What is a life form? A creature living on Earth and made out of atoms? Or anything that can think, speak, live, that eats, has a name, that can tear down bibles from a bookshelf and tear a psalm book into four pieces spread all around on the floor?

Tell them, Malik is someone who can laugh at them! - Malik
What are you? What are you Malik. My Malik. What kind of creature are you? Where do you come from? - me
Tell them, we don't go down the sewer drain. But we are living in underground bases. - Malik

I have more reasons than not to classify Malik and Basmet as living creatures. (I just saw a black shadow walk across the room, it was one of the boys.) I know these gentlemen are real

Please! Do not tell them about the ramhorned one! - one of my white ETs or Basmet
I won't. - me

I am honestly afraid of Basmet sometimes, because he starts groping in my heart and causing me real heart trouble and unlike Malik he won't stop when I tell him to so I always have to ask the Seraphim to help me. But Malik is different. Malik listens to me.

I WON'T THROW YOU OUT THE WINDOW, FOR THAT! - Malik, what now Fussubus? What did I do now?
What? Why did you get upset? What's wrong, Malik? My Malik? Did I make you angry? Huh? - me

I know they are real, because they can throw my body around in ways that cannot be recreated by any known thought or mental process. If I can be thrown through the air, and no I didn't jump and I didn't fall. Also Malik tore down the bibles from the bookshelf. So these are real physical manifestations that prove their existence. I have not recorded any of these phenomena so they are not formal evidence at this time. I am only personally convinced but cannot share that evidence to others yet. I am planning ways to recreate it.

Malik? Would you be willing to demonstrate your powers and your existence? If you would throw down a bible from the bookshelf while I am watching and filming it? Would you be willing to do that, to let humanity know once and for all that Malik is a real entity and not imaginary? - me
We want to play with you, with a ball first. - Malik
Why? - me
That is how we always start this! Throughout humanity, we have never been seen. We have only played with you, like balls you see. - Malik
Please, do not call me Mr. Fussubus or Shenanigans anymore! - Malik, not with an angry voice
Alright Malik, I won't. I apologise Sir. I mean you no harm. - me

He is standing there looking into the bookshelf right now. He is pondering about my proposal of tossing some bibles.

There are no good ones, to throw? - Malik
I'm sure there are. I will find some for you. - me
I don't like the catecheses. - Malik
Why don't you like them? Why don't you like bibles, Malik Jezebel? - me
Because they make fun of me. - Malik
What do they say then? How do they make fun of you? Are you written of, in the bible? - me
Yeah, lots! - Malik
What does it say about you? - me
That we are, in a fire. That we are ghosts, tell them that! - Malik

Were the demons and devils that are described in the bible, some sort of alien creatures? And the fact that we cannot usually see them or hear them at all, should not pose too much of a hindrance in our acceptance of them being real entities. Humans do not hear all sounds, we cannot see all things. Our perception is limited, we already know this. But for entities to be transparent is yet another way in which our senses cannot perceive. If our eyes cannot see them, and our body cannot touch them. We can walk right through them.

I think it's time to take beings like these away from religion and into biology. Or at least to apply biological methods in our study of them. But they are more than just biology. We need anthropology, history, religion, as the Black Ones display all those. They have a culture, a worldview.

They don't have black socks, tell them that. - Malik, he is a black scaly thing and he shows me his black scaly feet
Malik you are handsome. - me

As for MKULTRA. I am starting to conclude that it is a project designed by the Aliens. They use MKULTRA on human abductees. The white ETs who may be Zetas or otherwise are similar to Zetas, they use mind control and MKULTRA to turn women like me into Beta Cats. They also call me cattle, dog, cat, circus animal, and butterfly. They want to decide when I have a bath (if they want to watch me naked for a long time with me lying still). They decide when I go to sleep, by making me think that I am sleepy, when they want to abduct me, or do other things to me. They are simply herding their cattle, training their dog. We humans do the same to animals. We teach our dog to sit, so how is this any different? Only that they are capable of entering into our mind and making it seem as if they are our own thoughts and decisions.

They also want me to want to have sex with random men when I go out. I know it's the Aliens putting thoughts into my head, because it's hardly ever a man I would be attracted to. And after the series of rapes it will take a long time before I can feel any sexual desires or interest toward men so it's odd that the Zetas still think that they can somehow get away with trying to make me want to have sex with random people.

It is invasive, it is cruel and it diminishes my own rights to self and my life. They value their projects more than they value my rights to live my own life the way I need it. So that is where MKULTRA comes from. There might be no humans involved in it at all.

Yes there are! - Pakeha shouts
What? Humans? Why would humans want to do MKULTRA mind control on me? What for? - me
They are planning a take-over of the world. - Pakeha
Who are? The United States? The humans? What nations are doing this. - me
They all do this! With us! - Pakeha
Well if they all are doing this then nobody can win can they. Then it's moot. - me

It is interesting. But it isn't all pleasant.

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