July 15 2013

I just wanna say I love my Boys. Hamish and Malik, my two Alien space boys with scales and a tail. These two boys fight over territory and rights to me. Hamish wants me for my eggs, which his alien team extract from me and are made into hybrids. The aliens working for him are making a new fertile hybrid race, and Hamish who works as the "prison guard" he calls himself, he gets to eat snacks. And I get to have a big red Dragon. So everybody is happy, except for some of the hybrids. And Malik is here because he is one of the Dark Lords running the show. Malik wants to feed on my life force, yes, and he also wants me to supply them with hybrids so that they can feed on their life force too. So it is an ecosystem here.

Also, and don't forget about my fish. - Hamish, with image of orange and white Japanese carp fish that he has with his Dragon Dynasty Japanese men in Komi Saki Japan
Yes Hamish. Your fish are here too. - me
They were tasty snacks. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. Yumm! I am glad you eat fish. - me
They were told me, they were trouble here. - Hamish, from his thoughts I see that the Japanese man has told Hamish that he is trouble because he eats his fish!
Do you still have the red fish there? - me
I am watching if it lays some eggs for me. - Hamish, he thinks about what if the red carp fish would lay a cluster of eggs at the bottom of the pond
I hope it lays eggs for you. - me
Yes then I can have them as snacks, tasty! - Hamish

Hamish, let me remind you, is a real Dragon Turtle. I am not making this up, and this is a documentary. I have proof at least to my satisfaction, from events such as Mr. Shenanigans Malik tearing down bibles and psalm books from the bookshelf in the middle of the night, and Hamish throwing me across the coffee table when he finds out the tv had lied to him because Grey's Anatomy on tv wasn't real. I have two big Draconian boys and I love them dearly.

I gave Hamish that vat of water last night and even left a towel laid out next to it if he would like to wash his feet. In the evening Malik sees it and gets jealous. Malik is jealous when I honor Hamish too much or when I show Hamish too much attention or give him presents. So I think Malik may have peed into the foot bath water. He was thinking about peeing in it last night, and in the morning Hamish tells me he hasn't used the water and that it is my water so I put it away, and Malik was thinking about peeing into the water, so maybe he did.

One thing about Draconians and Aliens and their pee. Remember Gon? I think it was Gon who may have peed on Hamish's pink bathroom rug that I have for him here in the bedroom. It was someone who peed on the rug when it was visiting, I hope it wasn't that Ken Bakeman's Pteradactyl who did it. And Hamish once peed on the pile of sheets on the floor when I was changing the bed linen. He said that the sheets smelled like me and then he peed on them. Hamish sometimes pees or even poos in the corner in the bathroom and then the Dinosaurs come and clean it up.

Malik was a bit horny yesterday morning. He solicits me for sex and he shows me his erect white penis, which is on the inside of a black external penis casing. Malik actually has to have two erections, unless we can regard that black casing as a type of foreskin. Yes, this is Black One anatomy. But the only reason Malik solicits sex from me is because he knows that humans are more willing to let someone intimately close to them if they are in a sexual embrace. He is in fact really an Incubus, and all he is after is my life force. This sounds like science-fiction but these seem to be real creatures. If this sounds impossible then it is we humans who are behind in our botanical and zoological studies.

Malik was here this morning, and Hamish gets distressed when Malik is here, and Malik always chases Hamish away from the bedroom at nights.

This is Lasarus! - Lasarus
Hello Lasarus. - me
Malik and me aren't after a cacophony. - Lasarus
There is no cacophony here. I promise. - me

Lasarus is one of the white ETs on my team. I forget which he was, if he was a Zeta or a Thuban type. Malik is here this morning and he came up really close and I got to see his appearance. He is such a handsome black reptile. The center of his face is flattened and depressed and there he has two little nostrils. It looks like a pugdog except even cuter because the face is even flatter than that. Last night Mr. Incubus was looking at the bedroom bookshelf and used a word I could never have managed to hallucinate myself because I did not know the word, he said he didn't want to see the catechism there. I might place out some bibles soon and see if we can capture on video camera Mr. Malik messing with the bibles.

Last night a white ET worker with green Thuban goggle eyes showed up wanting to take some tests. They took urine tests and fecal sample and inserted the plastic tubing down my nose to try to catch the fried fish I had eaten but I told them the fish was further down the intestine and that it was too late now for any samples of that. They are always keen whenever I eat something I haven't eaten before and they then want a sample of that. The other night the Dinosaurs said that they already had a sample of eggs so they didn't need to get a sample of my digested food then, when I had eaten eggs. Because they already had that.

By own admission, the aliens have said that they sometimes inject experimental foods or materials into my stomach so that they then can see how it digests. They are doing metabolical studies on me because they need to know how the hybrids need to eat. The hybrids are fed gruel. Hybrids cry and get upset when they see me eating sweets. Whenever I eat pancakes or ice-cream one of the chubby Illuminati hybrids shows up really sad and frustrated and wanting to have some, but they are not allowed sweets.

The alien worker last night told me that his "grandmother" was the Thuban praying mantises. I thought that was sweet, to call them its grandmother or grandfather. I was right that these guys are hybrids made from the Thubans! Because they look like the Thubans only they are more humanoid and have functional arms, not the praying mantis arms, and their eyes are green but still the same type of Thuban goggle eyes and same white coloration of the skin.

For the past several days the hybrids have been asking me to play checkers or chess with them. The Orion man has wanted me to play chess with him. But I have been too busy. I have a chess and checkers set here in the room. The little kids always show up and want to play with me. Then last night the aliens said that there were no other toys here besides that. And that made me start to cry. I was in the shower then getting ready for my abduction. So I thought I would go to the basement and get all my toys from my childhood. I have lots and lots of toys in boxes and can bring them up and lay them out on the floor and let the kids play. Over in the alien base the hybrid kids are literally wading in toys.

But I love my Hamish and Malik. They are my Boys. I also love the Dinosaurs and Thubans (sometimes) and all the others. I love having Aliens!

Why don't you go to sleep when we tell you to? - says Lasarus or other white ET a bit sternly and in my native language. It is 8:20 AM right now. Last night I made the worker wait for a long time before I got too tired and had to go to bed. I'm not a very good abductee am I, making them wait.
You are slaves. - says the white ET or some other ET

Tell them you are not insane, or they would think that about you. - Malik approximately, in other language
No, I don't feel like it. - me, other language
Say it I said!?!! - Malik, other language

You are not a well-trained dog. - says Lasarus I think it is, when I read "I'm not a very good abductee am I, making them wait"

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