I am an Alien Abductee
July 10 2013

Cruel white ET who reveals he was Matthew all along abducts me last night and puts a
white tubing down to my stomach to suction out food contents and I nearly vomit.

Last night was interesting. The Aliens were more clear about alien abduction than usually. It seems to have been spurred on by when the Orion man gave me four symbols of writing in their Orion language yesterday, which he invited me to put on the book cover for "Letters to SETI". The text he gave me means "The Letters have already been given to you", he wanted to add that on the book cover in his language. The Orion man has been very keen on me making the book cover because it says "Orion" Project, so he thinks he is personally responsible for any content associated to it. I try to explain to him that it is just a name, and that I've named it after them since they were the first ones to contact me in the beginning. But he takes it seriously anyway. Because it has their name on it. So he thinks people will think they wrote everything. Oh well. Orion logics.

Zeta appeared

So last night I turned around and lo and behold behind me appeared a Zeta. The Zeta seemed to be in their other location, or here. It is a holographic image from another world, another dimension, which I was seeing and also feeling. I was scared from the encounter. Something instinctively makes me afraid and nervous. There is a distinct harsh and nightmareish feel to them. But I decided to be welcoming and friendly, I shook my head to rid myself of the fear and uncanny feelings and said to them they were welcome here.

The Zeta wanted to study my brain cells, or neurons, and had with him a device. He then said he wanted to use the plastic tubing, and had a very nice technical term for the plastic tubing in the other European language that we use. He used the correct medical term for the tubing inserted through a patient's nose to deliver nutrition into their stomach if a person is in coma for instance. I just don't know what it is called in English, so I've named it "plastic tubing". He wanted to put that down my nose and suction out some stomach contents. He was interested in seeing the digested smoked salmon. I had some smoked salmon late last night so he wanted to see that.

I was up late till 1:30 AM working on the book "Letters to SETI 1" so I had to tell him to please wait and that I would be with them shortly. The Zeta-type ET expressed in thoughts how they were being forced to do this work. It was not his own idea. I have lately found out from my ETs that if they do not comply and work on the projects and abductions on humans then someone would pour benzene into them. Several ET races on the Agenda have told me this. And have told me of how it has happened to friends of theirs. So at times like these I tell them that I will help them, that I will do whatever I can to help them get their work assignments done, so that they can live a safe and wonderful life.

I made the ET wait maybe an hour or so before I was ready for bed and too exhausted to work on the book any longer. I turned off the night light and undressed and told the Aliens I was climbing in bed and that they can take me now if they want.

I perceived through our "collective consciousness", which is what they call the telepathy network which transmits thoughts and words, emotions, body sensations, and visual images, that a Zeta was outdoors downstairs by the main door to our apartments. He was trying to open the door and asked me why it was locked. I said that it locks itself automatically at 6 PM. I was surprised that a Zeta would actually have to walk starting from downstairs, through the main door, up the stairs because we don't have an elevator, and through our front door. I have seen Aliens baffled and blocked when my bedroom door has been closed or locked.

Somehow you think that Aliens who can come here and be invisible to the human eye would somehow walk through walls. My mind would not have invented a Zeta bothered by the closed door. Imaginary Zetas would walk through walls and instantly teleport themselves upstairs. But they figure it out. I offered to come downstairs to open the door to them. He didn't take me up on that offer. After a little while I see the Zeta on the inside through that main entrance door, and now he is trying to open the door again but from the inside, commenting on how he can't get out. I told him that I would be more than willing to open doors for them anytime if they needed to get in or out through a door. So the Zeta was coming for me.

The creature is a white slender extraterrestrial. He has an overly large head and is one of the ones I used to call "bigheads". The interesting thing about the abductions is that they seem to already have me there in their medical room in another dimension while I still think that I am here in my bedroom. Sometimes my awareness is shifted gradually over to that other place, and I become aware of being in the medical room naked on my back on the medical table and with aliens around me. I have only had a few rare fully aware abduction experiences. I don't think they want me to be there aware, as it does not serve them. The Aliens often tell me of the screaming and trouble that human abductees are if they are conscious there.

I didn't write down the things the Aliens said, because contact was closer than usual and I didn't want to risk ruining an encounter simply because I would be typing on the computer or taking notes. The white ET was rude and ruthless. He slapped me around in bed using his mental powers. He made me spread my legs and put my hand on my privates and then said that he wants me to get dressed. He told me to get dressed a few times, but I didn't bother.

Then the Aliens said that they were "in a hurry". They said this repeatedly and in my native language. The voice was awkwardly mechanical this time, but I didn't want to let that scare me. So I kindly responded to them that I would do my best to help them get their procedures done on time. It seems that my stalling before I finally went to bed had spent some of their time allocated on the abduction and they were getting behind schedule.


The Aliens often tell me that I tend to vomit during abductions. I have no memory of vomiting there. They showed me a big white bucket and told me that I could use it if I have to throw up. They always keep a bucket on the floor next to the medical table. I often insist to them that I do not vomit, but they insist that sure I do.

Suddenly I was overwhelmed with tremendous nausea and it was so close that I would vomit. I have a strong stomach and it takes the likes of food poisoning to get me to throw up. I could feel the aliens working in my stomach. I felt the plastic tubing in my stomach. Oddly I didn't feel the tubing in my esophagus, throat or nose, which should have triggered more of a sensation in the human. The gag reflex should have been more pronounced than any nausea was, but all I could feel was nausea. I told the Aliens how I was nauseous, I complained about it several times. I struggled not to vomit, here in the bedroom. And I managed not to vomit. The nausea passed.

After some time the nausea returned, and again I could feel an object being moved around the inside of my stomach, as they use the white transparent plastic tubing to suction out my stomach contents. And I must say, as a person who has worked in the medical field and is trained in laboratory methods, they do a very thorough job. The task was carried out with focus, intelligence, and in an unwavering way. That is the impression I had of the way in which the procedure was carried out. The nausea subsided after a short period of time again, and I did not vomit.


I got a perfectly clear visual of a Thuban white praying mantis. How beautiful it was. A white slender alien creature, with black eyes. Those words do it no justice. What a magnificent sight it was to see. I complimented the creature on how beautiful it was.

The Aliens spoke to me mostly in my native language. I was called "mut". Sometimes the white ETs call me samoyed. The other day I was their lhasa apso. And last night I was their dachshund. In fact they used the name for dachshund in my native language that I was not familiar with. And sure enough it is a dog breed. The Aliens are very well-versed in dog breeds. They must study up on that so that their offense can be effective.

I forget most of the things we said. But it was fantastic. Closer contact than they usually award me. And I do think it was spurred on the fact that they saw me working on the Orion written language last night. I invite more close contact with the Aliens. As uncomfortable as elements of it are, I am more intrigued than anything. The white ETs are cruel and they rough-handle me and call me names. I am also at risk of sexual abuse, and uncomfortable medical procedures during abductions. But who can say no to alien contact. Close alien contact. These creatures are fantastic. Even if they are rude.


This morning I had a dream that a group of two or more men had me follow with them. They took us to an ice skating rink which was closed after hours. The men broke in and I followed in with them. I sat down to watch as the two men went ice skating. I don't skate. We were the only ones there, and most of the lights were turned off. One of the men went back to the entrance hall and started opening the padlock to one of the lockers. I thought we had broken in and here I thought he was breaking into a locker.

Two women and then two men out on the yard see that there are people here. I know we have broken in so I tell the men that we've been spotted and I run into the storage room and try to find a way out. I hide under a table but of course it is no use. We are found. In the dream we all get sentenced to prison and I am looking at two 30-day sentences. I feel miserable about having let these men lead me into crime and now I have a sentence.

I wake up from that dream and realize I had probably been at a skating rink with Olav. Olav is a Russian Army Korpral and missiles expert. He loves ice skating and ice hockey and practices his hobby very often. About half the times I am shown Olav in a remote image, he will be found ice skating and playing hockey.

When I wake up the white ET is telling me that most of the military men that they work with do not want to volunteer for breeding projects, but that Olav had been nice enough to volunteer. The ETs had wanted me and Olav to have sex. The Aliens want to study "intercourse techniques". I don't think me and Olav ended up having sex this time, because I woke up and am back here. There was of course no prison sentence, and we had probably not broken in either. And the locker must have been his own.


The white ET told me this morning that "he was the one who was Matthew". That was kind of shattering to find out, even though I quickly settled with the thought and it makes sense. Matthew is another, or newer, name for Andrew. Andrew was a young man working with the MILABS men in my teens about fifteen years ago. Andrew wore the black suit and tie. He had red hair and glasses. He was the cruelest person you will ever find.

Andrew used to torment me and he was exceptionally sadistic and verbally abusive. He especially liked to talk about playing cowboys and indians. I just thought it was his personal sexual fantasy. So when the white ETs not so long ago told me they wanted me to play cowboys and indians with them I had a suspicion then that Andrew had been one of them all along. But this morning it was confirmed. The cruel and terrifying white ET from last night is the one and same as Andrew, or Matthew. The Aliens have been tormenting me for years, only under the disguise of humans in the past.

Captain Stephens was Hamish all along. That is why Captain Stephens, a military man with brown hair and a big nose was always keen on my period blood. The MILABS abductions may have been Alien abductions all along, only under disguise.

Alien Attitude

What I want are conscious encounters with the Aliens. Sure I can live with them. They are cruel, they are sadistic, they sexually abuse me and put me through uncomfortable medical procedures which more than likely will end up making me vomit. But they are Aliens. We will figure this out. They are impossible

You there! You are our sheep! - white Thuban ET
You are not our Princess. - says the Thuban Lady with contempt

I was going to say that they are impossible to like.

Like us or not. We are coming in. - Thuban hisses with great contempt
You are welcome here. I like you enough. We won't argue, I will welcome you here. - me
You are with our sons. They are our sons! - white Thuban ET about the cruel ET who was Matthew, who seems to maybe be a Thuban-human hybrid who knows

They are ever so cruel and rude, sadistic and ruthless. The Aliens like to slap me around in bed. They call me names and put me down, and there is an overall nightmareish sense about them, the kind you have in horror movies. But I will like them. I will make friends

Yes. We are going to help you play. - Thuban lady says now warmly and kindly, thinking of me playing with the hybrid children

The Thubans are so special. Sometimes I love them, but sometimes they are impossible. But charming nonetheless.

The white ET tells me they are here for school, to learn. He then tells me:
You are our monkey. - white ET probably Matthew
We haven't spanked you before, but we would like to try. - someone says to me

I nearly forgot to say that the white ET last night had put his fingers on my privates. I could feel his fingers against my skin. I decided to stay calm. I was not being molested. He just had his hands there so it was ok. And previous to this the white ET approached me wanting to have sex with me. I am not sure if he can actually have intercourse or if he was only carrying out some aspect of their medical procedure dealing with the reproduction and fertilization. If to test my reactions to his invite, if to get me ready for Olav, or if in fact he is a creature that enjoys sexual activity, as it seems. It felt like he was having some intercourse with me, after which he asked me if it had been good. I also saw a Dinosaur last night.


Are these Alien encounters real or imaginary? Could this be the case of a vast and engaging hallucination? The Agenda Aliens reveal information about themselves which correlates with other people's stories. I find it puzzling that a vast number of people around the world could be experiencing the same or similar imaginary process complete with the yellow pyramid, The Eye god, Black Ones, Zetas, Dinosaurs, Orions, Reptilians, and the many elements that are matching. What is it in the human mind that could produce such a complex and intricate hallucinatory experience the same in all of us?

The Aliens also say and do things that seem like proof. When they tell me things that I could not have known and later check and it proves true. But most of all, when they toss me. When Hamish threw me over the coffee table, because the tv had lied to him because Grey's Anatomy on tv wasn't real. Or that time when the Reptilian threw me across the air. Or when Malik decided to be mischievous and shenanigans and tore down the bibles from the bookshelf, tearing one book of psalms into four pieces scattered all around.

I am an alien abductee.

Yes. Of course. - says Hamish to that
I am going to watch you drink coffee or tea. - Hamish
No, Hamish. I am going to have some oatmeal for breakfast. But I wasn't planning on any coffee or tea. You should know that I usually have a cup of tea in the evenings, and that I rarely drink any coffee because it upsets my heart. - me, I say to my red Dragon

We have doctors here. - Hamish
Yes, Hamish. - me
So you don't have to worry about your mental health. - Hamish

My real name is Pakeha. - Pakeha, who is the white ET from last night, and is also the one who used to go as Andrew and later Matthew

And more conversation. Find it in the books, as the story continues. The Aliens reveal to me that the "diamonds" they were going to put on a collar around my neck and that were used to pay for me with, were in fact "cubic zirconium", not the first time they revealed that to me. And the Aliens want me to have sex with Suleski, so that they can fertilize my eggs.

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