The Orion doctor checks my heart
July 08 2013

I just got back from a visit with medical doctor Dunlop. He has been assigned as my physician. He is a pediatrician (doctor who specializes in children).

There was some sexual content in last night's abduction experiences. For the first time since I started documenting the alien contact experience, in the past few days I have not been keeping up with notes taking. I have been too overwhelmed by constant attacks of rapes by the aliens that I am now backed up with at least a week of material that I have to write down as soon as I can do it. The aliens are wanting me to teach sex to the hybrid youngsters, and this is causing me a lot of grief as well as medical distress. Hence they took me to Dr. Dunlop. (I think that's his name, if not then something very similar-sounding.)

I was nearly going insane with what the aliens subject me to. I don't even know if it is safe to talk about it on a public website. The constant attacks and rapes and agony that they put me through is enough to break a person's mind and spirit. That is why, reasonably, I was at a risk of mental collapse to a point where had the attacks not subsided I would have had to seek medical care for my troubles. Note that this is not a character flaw, I was really under severe attacks by the aliens which I don't see how any woman would have survived better than I.

I was also experiencing heart problems because of the stress of what they put me through. So last night's abduction took me to some sexual encounters, which is typical of the alien abductions lately. They want me to teach them about sex. I want to tell them that the first lesson is to not rape. This is what happens when you give sexual reproduction to something like alien insects who know nothing about it. They try to understand it, but they completely misunderstand the delicate workings.

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! The black doctor Dr. Dunlop was an Orion man under disguise! Oh yes that makes perfect sense! It was an Orion doctor! Oh happy me I got to meet with an Orion man! I just saw an Orion man looking at me and I realized he felt just like the doctor and that his physique was very similar.

In last night's encounters I was also brought to my son, a human or mostly human son about the age of 16 I would say. I hugged him and looked at him, I commented on how he has my eyes, but his father's nose. (Not that I knew who the father was.) But they take me to abductions while I am still to some extent unconscious, so I will act in them like I would in dreams. It is like sleep walking when I am over there. But I got to meet him anyway.

And then I was taken to the doctor's office. I was told by the person I was with that the doctor is not well-liked. And when I met him I kind of saw why. There was this distinct unpleasantness about the man. I was given a stack of papers to take to the lady in the reception. That lady told me that she likes the doctor, that she has worked with him for many years and gotten to know him. She knew that people don't like the doctor, so she was defending him in a way. I said that I already like him, and she looked at me and was surprised. I said that I start out by liking every new person that I meet. I don't need a reason to like someone, I then only need a reason not to like someone.

The lady in the reception was a big black woman. I asked if she would make copies of the stack of papers. She did so. It was a thick stack of papers with several stapled papers. She handed me the copy. There were many graphs. I took this back to the doctor.

When I had first arrived at the doctor's office, the young person who was with me had snuck into the office while I stood in the hallway with the doctor. The young person I was with had rearranged the labels on the medical cabinets. I watched him/her do it. She thought it would be fun to give people the wrong medical files. The cabinets were brown and had white sticker labels on them with patient's names.

I was back in the doctor's office. The doctor was a black man, a very dark black man. Rather slender build. Something different about his looks, very exotic. I sat down in the chair by his desk. He talked to me about my heart. They had ran a series of tests. So that is what those papers were. They were EKG's and the sort. Data from the tests. I then noticed that I was naked and when the doctor talked about my heart and he looked toward where my heart is I noticed that he can see my naked breasts. But he wasn't looking at my breasts, and that means that he was a real doctor.

As I was waking up back to my room, the doctor was still talking about the heart and the tests. He said that there had been a small loop or obstruction in the left part of the heart, I forget the medical terms he uses. He explained how sometimes the blood can't pass through and then the blood goes back and then comes back with more blood for a greater pressure to push through that obstruction. That is what I've felt in the missed heartbeats. It was all a technical and proper description, I'm not too sure if my mind could have crafted such an experience on its own. I have no evidence to think that these encounters really happened, but there is a possibility that they did. I am an experiencer of the alien and military abductions phenomena.

When I got back and was awake in my room I remembered some of the encounters, including the doctor. I was then told that he is a pediatrician and that he was now assigned as my doctor. I am a 30-year old woman but I know they have and need pediatricians over there. The aliens in fact want me to become a pediatrician so that I could treat the children. Almost every day the aliens tell me that they would want me to become a doctor so that I can help them with the children.

The doctor told me that his office is always open for me, or that his door is always open to me, I forget which it was. Yes I heard this while awake, and that surprised me. I was ready to dismiss this experience as just a dream, but I was being told about this doctor. General Patton then started telling me "Welcome to the battle of Syracuse" several times. I honestly don't know if General Patton is a real military (obviously under a cover name), or if he is an alien under disguise, because the aliens can do that. I once saw that Captain Swansea was a snake-type Reptilian, and I've seen a white lizard shapeshift morph through a chubby Illuminati hybrid with black suit and then further into one of the human men in black suits.

And now I saw the Orion man looking at me, and I realize that the doctor was an Orion man. If a Zeta can disguise itself as a fat woman with brown hair and make me think that the sterile medical examination room I am in is a girl's bedroom with plush pink and white carpets and filled with stuffed animals then they can certainly mask an Orion man as a human doctor. Unless it was my own mind that was incapable of processing the information correctly and interpreted seeing the Orion doctor as a human black man.

But they tested my heart for several hours last night it seems. They had a huge stack of papers with data and from our conversations it seemed like testing had been done for a long time. There was also talk about anesthesiology. I told them I don't want to be put under anymore, I want to stay awake to know what happens.

Could it be that all the military and men in black suits seen during alien abductions are just aliens under disguise? The appearance of a high ranking military man might instill in the human abductee some sense of trust or authority, power and prestige, which are what the reptilians like. And the fact that I have seen military officers standing and watching me as I go through cruel treatment during abductions and I've wondered how they can be so heartless and inhuman, maybe they were reptilians all along which would make far more sense.

If masking themselves is so easy for the aliens then there is no reason why they would not utilize such a technology during abductions and procedures with humans. Why cause humans distress from seeing alien creatures when they can make appearance of being with humans.

But I want the truth. I want to stay awake and get to meet the aliens just as they are. I don't need them to mask themselves as anything else. Hamish used to be Captain Stephens. I have yet to write a proper page detailing that and how I found out. Still sometimes when I ask Hamish to come near me, he will then morph into Captain Stephens. Hamish must not know that I see him as a red draconian when we talk and interact. My seeing the aliens might not be intended by the aliens.

The Orion man now looks at me. A beautiful handsome man who is black or a very dark brown. Slender body with a very firm fit look. Narrow pointy ears that stick up above the level of the head. The Orions are gorgeous. Their conclusion had been this morning that pretty much my heart is fine, and that I was experiencing no mental distress. I recover from the mental distress as soon as the attacks subside. The only lasting damage is that when things are brought up again that remind me of the attacks then I lock up and cannot talk to the aliens and my body remembers the agony I was under. But other than that I am fine.

Hello. I can see an Orion man looking at me. - me
Why are you writing about us. - Orion in a quick snappy and fussy way of speaking
I am writing a journal. It helps me to remember, and to process. I have no one else to talk to about this other than myself. - me
We are with General Patton. - Orion
And, who are you? Are you a human or an Orion? I cannot see clearly, I would like to know please. - me

Aliens or humans? Is this human MKULTRA disguising themselves under the alien abduction phenomena? Or aliens under disguise as humans? Or both aliens and humans working together? As much as I like a mystery, I would love to find all the answers to this. Being an abductee is like standing on a cliff, and there's mist down there so you don't see what's down there.

You were not going into an insane asylum. - Orion
No. I'm fine. I just get under a lot of stress when the aliens ask me to do sexual things with the hybrid children. Or when I am being raped by them. They cause me a lot of agony, and that ruins my mental health. But I recover quickly! - me
Dr. Dunlop wasn't here. - Orion or other alien
Then who was it? Was it an Orion? Because if it was, then I would be very happy to know. I love Orions. They are wonderful. - me
We were very happy to have you here. - Orion
Thank you. - me
Our collective consciousness is making with you. - Orion
Thank you. This is wonderful. And thank you for checking my health last night. - me
You are very grateful. Yet we have done nothing. Except for press on some buttons. - Orion, seems to think that the testing was easy, or that they have some technical equipment that do most of the work
Do you have a name for me? - me
Yes? Orion lizard. - Orion
A "lizard"? Are you a lizard? - me
Yes, and I am also a doctor. And I was pleased to meet you. - Orion
Likewise, dear. - me
Your muscles are, (...). - Orion
I am a medical assistant! - says a lady from where the Orion is, I think this was the fat black lady but I caught a white ET
Why do you disguise yourselves? - me
It makes this a whole lot easier. - Orion
Please don't disguise yourselves for me. I prefer to see an Orion man. I am not afraid. - me
Yes, but you are our snacks and lunches. - says Hamish to Orion and the lady to remind them of that Hamish is in charge
HAMISH! I love Haamiss! - me
We were running some tests on you, to see why you were so weak. - Orion
And what did you learn? Did you learn something? - me
Look at this! - Orion shows me a medical box that has red and yellow lights on it that react when connected to my heart
How does this work? What does it do? - me

As much as I should talk to the Orion doctor about medical procedures and a myriad of other topics

We are not friendly. - Orion
That is alright. I enjoy visiting with you. - me

I really need to go work on that book. "The Orion Project - Letters to SETI 1" will be out soon.

More telepathy was captured and went into the archives. It is too much work to post everything on the website or I would be sitting here all day. The conversations continued. The Aliens tell me that they have placed an "egg-reading device" into the bag here in the bedroom. I tell them I will not disturb the device. An Alien named Lasarus is talking. I ask what species is Lasarus. He tells me he is a "Mantid". "The Crocs" had wanted to put the egg-reading device into the bag. Find this and other conversations in the books. Everything gets posted there if not on this website.

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