Zetan cruelty
July 06 2013

Recent attacks

Some explanation is needed. In the past two days I was under constant attack by the ETs. I was raped by them time and time again which nearly led to my demise. The Orion Project is a documentary. I document a case of real alien contact. It is regretful that censorship is required when the topics go into matters that are sexual. Sexual atrocities of the aliens seem rarely to be discussed in the literature about aliens. Few sources go into the depths of alien contact with the Agenda. It is my obligation not to obscure.

The more graphic details will of course be available in the perfectly uncensored books. We have to remember that children are reading on the internet, and also that the general audience has not vouched for accepting exposure to some of the uncomfortable details, when they have stumbled upon my page.

Lately I call them the "white ETs". I have a visual of the ET that interacts with me, but sometimes I have hard to tell apart the many varieties of white-skinned extraterrestrials that work on the team. Some are white praying mantis that I call the Thuban, sometimes they are the Zeta Greys, and then we have the many varieties of their hybrids resembling mostly their alien counterpart. White ET is a collective term for these groups similar in appearance and when it was not possible to distinguish the racial identity of the visitor.

The Agenda consists of several ET races that all collaborate. The Agenda has a common goal, but the individual goals of member races are often also a part of the activities. Infertility seems to be a major problem among more than just a few of its member races. The Zetas became infertile in the process of moving underground on their home planet when a nuclear disaster rendered the surface of their planet uninhabitable. Zetas are now borrowing from human genome in the attempt of constructing a Zeta-human hybrid that preserves as much of the Zeta qualities as possible but incorporating human sexual reproduction and fertility.

The Zetas and other white ETs are completely insensitive and ignorant of the meaning of human sexuality. That is why they are conducting cruel sex experiments (sexperiments!) on humans to try to figure out what this sex means. White ETs are telepathic in nature. Telepathy is useful for communication between individuals, and is far superior to use of spoken verbal language or other means of communication, and it is therefore not surprising that telepathy - as a coveted trait and ability - is so frequently represented among a vast variety of aliens. Telepathy is a way of sending thoughts but also emotional and other information into the awareness of a recipient, from mind to mind.

The Zetas and other white ETs use their telepathic abilities to conduct cruel experiments on humans. Zetas can read a human and uncover all of our secrets. They know precisely what things matter to us the most, whether it be family, our career, education, or anything else that ties closely to us. They are experts at psychology, at least in cruel psychology. They will implant into a human thoughts and feelings that the human will think are its own. They will place conversations into the mind of the human to make it think that persons in their life are saying and feeling these things about them. They will play and act out cruel arguments in the mind of the human, while themselves staying in the background and observing. The goal is to cause frustration and aggravation in the human subject.

The nature of the taunt will look different to different individuals. The white ETs and Agenda will in fact havoc your life, if you are an abductee in these programs. It has recently become clear to what extent the aliens have desolated my life, and it wasn't until I realized that the Aliens were to blame when I was finally able to release and let go of all the hurt I have been put through and all my years of troubles and agony.

For the sake of brevity I will save the details for next time, but they have influenced people in my life to hurt me, ruined my education to some extent and caused me to lose my job and have also made countless of people closest to me in my life to lash out at me and hurt me. They will then use these "creations" of theirs to play them out in my mind and implant dialogue from these persons so that they can engage with my emotional side.

Major conflict in life is constructed by the Aliens, so that this can then be used as material for forcing a huge emotional response in the human. What they want is agony, frustration, and torment. And at the point of greatest torment, the alien then uses their telepathic ability to stir up a strong sexual response in the human. The energy from the emotions fuels the sexual energy, which becomes intense like burning in a fire. I have called it "the white flame".

I can identify a few different reasons why the Agenda will do this.
1. The sexual and emotional energy is fed to the Black Ones who rule the Agenda, and the Black Ones then forward that energy into their Eye God.
2. Zetas are teaching their hybrid children about sexuality and also assessing hybrids' ability for reproduction and sexuality.
3. For pure sexual gratification of the white ETs, in other words they are enjoying the feelings.
4. Out of cruelty and as an expression of sadism.

For the past two days I have been subject to constant attacks and sexual offense by the Aliens. I am sorry but I have still not recovered to a state where I am ready to write more extensively about it.

I am now under strong Arcturian protection which is the only reason why I am doing fine right now. I would have ended up dead from suicide, dead from mental breakdown, or dead from heart failure, or at the psychiatric ward if it were not for our Arcturian friends. The attacks are that severe. I am fine now, I am doing great with the Arcturians. I occasionally get a visit from the Seraphim Arcturian Angel, but I have my very own Arcturian living through me under protection. General Davies has his Arcturian Ishmail doing the same.

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