Draconian Amusement Park
Crocodile Man History
And the Moon is not made of Cheese After All!
January 25 2013

Amusement Park

Last night I come to and Snake is in the process of escorting me down the elevator to a Reptilian dwelling underground. He says to me something such as "Let's go down the elevator" and I find myself in one of those elevators of same design as in the previous encounter experience where Snake took me down an elevator to where the Alpha Centauri humans were building for them a massive underground complex, read about that one here April 29 2012 - Visit to the underground facility?

The elevator is not like a tall standing box like what we're used to seeing in human buildings. These elevators have a rather large floor and they are shaped like an eraser at a diagonal slant.

The elevator Snake took me down underground in. Me and Snake represented as blocks to show the proportions. The way this elevator is drawn, it travels diagonally down and to the LEFT.

The elevator travelled for what seemed like a long time, and it took up speed and in the center of the path it went really fast and then slowed down some toward the destination. The elevator shaft is diagonal and not straight down. I wonder what prompted them to this engineering feature, perhaps it is safer for a larger descent than straight down, in case something goes wrong it would not have a free fall but simply slide down diagonally, I wonder.

I arrived in a large hall. The hall was filled with lots of furniture and columns, the columns did not reach all the way up to the tall ceiling. It seemed messy with things and props almost like a storage warehouse, but there were paths around every item very carefully so that there were plenty of spaces to walk around.

Well. There are plenty of other women seated around sofas when I arrive, and I sit down to be one of those many women. We chat a little and something has me mention that I am a science student. One of the women is fussy at me and says I am not ladylike something because of my studies. I fuss back at her and then I am told by an Alien from somewhere in the periphery that this woman is only 15 years old that I should let it go. Something like that took place. The women were of all kinds, but no elderly women and no children. I didn't quite like to sit with them, I felt that they are part of something else and that my mindset is a different one. I was about to find out that I was right about that.

There is a boy here, he has brown rather long hair. There is also an adult black male. And various other humans I can't recall them all. So many furniture and things, you can't see along any straight path very far because the large objects are randomly placed so that it is rather like a maze.

YES! That was the point! - Snake shouts out right now
Yes Snake, I figured. Did you have fun? - me to Snake with a bit of irony or taunt
.. Yes. The Reptiles live there. - says some Alien now

I shouldn't be listening to creepy ambient music when I am writing this, the song sounds a bit like a scary movie haha. But let's go on. There is a separate small section at the far back of the room.

There was good ventilation, tell them that. - Snake asks me to tell you readers
Yes Snake, thank you. Thank you for ventilation too. - me
That way they can run! - Snake says and his eyes glaze over, his eyes glaze over when he is stricken by lust

Yes, we go there to feel lust. - Snake says, as I just dubbed my next drawing as "Draconian Amusement Park", and he is watching my every move following what I am doing, bless his heart
Yes, there was wind there, so that they can breathe. - the Crocodile Man seems to say
Thank you, we appreciate it. It must have taken you effort to build it that way, I am grateful that we get air. - me
Yes. Otherwise they fall down and collapse. - Crocodile Man with some concern
Oh, how boring that would be! - me with some irony or taunt or with some meh
We can't chase the pregnant ones. Otherwise they will come and shut it down. - Crocodile Man
I understand. Pregnant women should be left alone. - me

You were not supposed to have there, Helter Skelter. - Crocodile Man but looks like Malik says, as I'm still working on finishing that next drawing, not a typo, that's how he said it word by word
You were not there, to show your pyy-pyy. - Snake says, pyy-pyy is their word for my lady parts
I know, I didn't show them either. - me
You were there to call us out, and to call us a King. - Croc Man says
Alright. Thank you for telling me. Are you the King? - me
We are not supposed to say that, because it will sound like we are arrogant. - Croc/Malik says
I don't think so? You just think that prestige means a lot to you. It is in your nature. You are Crocodiles and Reptiles, you can't help but be what you are. You have these natural instincts and urges, but that doesn't make them not wrong. - me

The Crocodiles and Reptiles are sad. - Croc/Malik
Why are they sad? - me
Because they don't have you all the time. - Croc/Malik

In your eager to be with us, you have forgotten to speak with me. - Hamish says now in my language, all previous are authentic in English

Here's what we're looking at. The blocks running along the top is part of the elevator shaft and the entrance from the elevator is noted to the top left with the red arrow, you step forward to the corner and then step left to enter the large room.

The three green blocks are the sofas where us women sat in the beginning. The brown is where I saw the young boy and spent time with him for a few minutes.

The two X's are where the armed Draconians were preparing to ambush from, you can see the segregation with the thin walls and the open, door-less, entry to that area. The small x at the bottom is where I hid out when chaos erupted and avoiding to be taken back.

You didn't want to "Retreat!" - says Croc/Malik when I wrote in the 2nd drawing caption that I "hid out avoiding to be taken back".
Some of us think that it is very erotic, erogenous. - Croc/Malik
To, to do battles? - me

The caveat is this... - General Patton
What is the caveat? - me
We don't want you to talk to Malik. - General Patton
Why do you talk to him? - me
Why?!??? To inhibit, to prevent him, ...! Plus. It does a lot more harm than you wanna know. So. We are trying to prevent that. - General Patton, "it" in "it does a lot more harm" being Malik
Thank you General Patton. You are so very kind. I love you for that. - me
Yes, Sweet-Nips, Sweet-Cheeks! - General Patton, or "Sweet-Cheeks, Sweet-Nips", forgot as I started to type the actual order of the two**

**Why do I make such a big deal about "the order of words", or to "always note when something was translated into English from another language" and things like that? I take documentation very seriously. Also I am a trained chemist by trade so I have learned about scientific documentation. Decimal spaces, sources of error, estimates of uncertainty (noted as +/-), and so forth. I treat my encounters, and its documentation and analysis, with the same meticulous great care as a scientist of the caliber of a chemist. I can add no words, make no assumptions (without noting that assumptions were made), omit anything, and so forth. This website is all a genuine documentary, none of this is fiction and all efforts have been made at great scientific integrity and quality. While none of it is fiction, it being imaginary or hallucination is of course still in my consideration, but evidence points to authenticity.

So. I have not drawn all props and furniture in the 2nd drawing as they were, as I can't reasonably remember all the objects. There were also a lot more objects in this room than what are drawn, especially in the empty areas of the room.

About three rows of about ten or so armed Reptile soldiers were standing and ready in the sectioned off room to the right. There was no door so you could see into that room, I saw them standing there when I was spending time with the brown-haired human boy by the block noted in brown in the drawing. The soldiers were all real, they were moving about a bit in a natural way. They wore black military uniforms that were like overalls with long sleeves and long pants, possibly one-piece suit otherwise top and bottom. The uniforms were all black and with some dark gray splotches possibly, or just some dark grey (almost black) variation in coloration in parts of the uniform, so they were not all black all across. It gave a bit of a camouflage effect.

They wore black heavy military boots that look like what would do just perfectly in rough terrain even in swampy areas. Their hands were covered in gloves that were either black or a very dark gray. They had rifles in their arms, the rifles were held diagonally against their chest like soldiers do. These rifles, and I don't know anything about guns, were all black and as if made of carbon fiber or something like that, it doesn't look like metal. Medium length I would say, not long like hunting rifles, and not short like hand-held guns. These rifles had grooves running along the center. I will try to find a picture with resemblance to it later.

The Reptile soldiers standing in lines there were rather rigid with their lower part of their body so that they stood fairly still with their legs and position, but they moved about a bit with their arms and rifles, adjusting the rifle and such small natural movements, so they were not completely still, they were fidgeting a little. Well, I am not one to get easily scared, so seeing these rows of armed soldiers did not startle or confound me the slightest. I just saw them there and shrugged.

Then havoc broke loose. All of a sudden the soldiers attack all the humans and the humans, men, women, and at least one child that boy, everybody starts running around like chickens it's just chaos all around. I am not scared but I feel a bit bothered and uncomfortable with all the commotion and noise, so I find myself that corner marked in the 2nd drawing with the small x and I squat down there to get away from it all. I wasn't scared, it was more like if you're living in a college dorm and the others start having a wild party you kind of want to just retreat into your own little corner, shut the door, turn off the lights, put some earphones with music on, close your eyes and try to relax because you've got school the next morning kind of thing. That sort of commotion does not interest me.

I'm just not easily impressed nor scared by these Reptilians. They can come at me with pentagrams, Satanism, Aleister Crowley stuffs, images of medical torture, I'm just not into it. Most human abductees are frightened and terrified by these Reptilian activities. And women who have sex with Reptilians tend to have a horrific experience with it and say that they were brutally raped. I just cherish Reptile sex, because quite frankly, it feels great. And I think black men with scaly bodies are quite handsome and delectable. I'm an idiot. I was supposed to run around and get scared.

After what seemed like a few minutes the chaos party is over and all the humans are being gathered up and taken away. I don't want to go away and I want to stay in my hiding, but eventually they find me and it's time to go for me too. At this point all was calm and gracious in that place during cattle call.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE WERE GRACIOUS?!???!! - a Reptile yells now, he looks like one of the soldiers
I'm just saying it was calm at that time. - me
Yes. Because we had run out of energy. - Reptile
Did you, get tired? - me
Yes of course. We were chasing our lunches, our snacks. - Reptile
Just don't eat me, ok? Don't eat me. DO NOT EAT ME! DO NOT EAT ME, I SAID! - me
No. General Patton won't let us. - Reptile
Why? Oh? Why doesn't he? - me
Because you are not, the needed one. - Reptile
Then why was I there, running around? - me
Because you were like, our pizza. - Hamish? Captain Stephens?
Who said that? - me
No. Don't get arrogant with us. - Captain Stephens?
We chased the iron, just a little. - Malik/Croc, in my own language all others in English

Where was I. That was about it with the experience.

The Moon is not made of Cheese after all!

Actually I think I woke up at night and that is when I had this chat with what I think was Snake the Reptile, after which I fell back to sleep and had the encounter at the "Reptilian Amusement Park". So this part came first before all of that above.

But first I got up and then Malik got too close to me and that made me nearly vomit because his close presence makes me physically ill, so I yelled at him asking him to please back off which he did, and thanks to that I didn't have to throw up.

When I went back to bed Snake - I think it was - was very chatty. He told me many things. He said that this world that we humans live in is just an illusion, and that illusion is made by the moon. Yep he said that. "Your world is just an illusion made by the moon", he said something like that. Oh? Isn't this world of ours real? I declare it sounds exactly like David Icke stuff. David Icke - The TRUTH about the MOON - don't just read my website, also listen to this video by David Icke

Snake then showed me close-ups of cities on the moon! I saw lots and lots of buildings there! Beautiful magnificent cities! Well-planned! People living there! I was also told that it was "secret", how was it I was told... not confidential, what was the word they used... something that means that it is very secret and I shouldn't tell the world about the cities there. I don't know whether it was human governments who said that to me (about it being super secret) or if it was the Aliens who said it.

I was told by the Reptilians who live in the moon cities that humanity is in a safari and a zoo for the Reptilians. We are their cattle. We are their prisoners here on Earth. And the Reptilians eat us from this safari we are living on. We are their food. Now obviously, you can do an internet search and find this stated on other sources, but what is exciting is that I am now another independent (and I should say credible) source. I didn't just read this somewhere. I was told directly by the Reptilians. And I've seen it and been shown.

I think that's all for now. Phew. I've been sitting here for a few hours writing on this and compiling this information. But the moon somehow creates an illusion that we humans live in. They said that this world that we humans see isn't really as it seems, that we humans are really living on another planet.

Listen up!

You see, and listen very closely here, this is important, the Reptilians are living in some other dimension. They can visit humans but humans will normally not see them. I can see glimpses of them. And the Reptilians can bring a human into their reality, their dimension, and then you and the Reptiles are in the same world, you will be in their world.

So the question is, which of us is in the real world? Are we humans captured in a virtual reality, like David Icke says? Seems like it now doesn't it. One thing you need to know is that humans are primitive. The Reptilians can talk to your mind telepathically. They can insert their mental images into your human mind and then you see it. They can toss a human with a real physical force. They can have a sexual encounter with a human using only energies. They can change their appearance and form into an illusion so that the actual raptor dinosaur looks like a human military, earth monarch, or politician. If they can do all these things, and we can't, who are then we humans to say that we have got a grasp of reality, and they don't? Who are we humans to say that we know what's right and what's real, when there are Reptilian creatures who can insert and alter new perceived realities into our minds? We humans are primitive, we are the cattle.

Yes, tell them that they are the slave race. - some reptile

When humans have a reptilian encounter, we start thinking, is this imaginary? Is this a hallucination? Am I crazy? Are other humans going to believe me? THEY are the ones living in "reality". WE are the ones living in some illusion. Or so it seems, as we unravel this big mystery saga called "The Draconian Agenda". It is like in the movie The Matrix, or is it? They showed me a glimpse of what the Earth really looks like.

Crocodile Man tells the Reptilian history

Anyhow, moving on. A Crocodile Man appeared to me at night when I was awake, and this was probably before I then fell asleep to have that experience at what I've dubbed to be called "the Draconian Amusement Park". Oh, but first, I forgot to mention. After I was at the room with all the reptile soldiers running around, me and other humans mostly children were taken to what was a projection of a house and then there were projections of scary alien faces in the windows from the dark outdoors and murderers coming in to kill us. I think, or at least have reason to suspect, that the Aliens were just enjoying scaring us humans.

But this magnificent beautiful Crocodile showed up. He was not a man at all, he was a big black crocodile on four legs. He has these beautiful thick paws with little thumbs. Lots and lots of black pointy bumps all across the top of his head and back so there were no areas on him that I would be able to touch or caress on him, all over he was rough and scaly. Little black eyes, long tail, long crocodile snout. He told me his story.

Him and the crocodiles used to live on Earth way back in what I assumed to be millions of years ago when the dinosaurs lived. There were also others like him but living in the sea, he told me and showed me in his mental images. Like big sea-living crocodiles who also hunted, and had long snouts with lots of sharp teeth.

Then came some people to earth and the crocodiles were banned from earth and made to be infertile by these people. These people who came to earth were highly evolved friendly benevolent ETs. The crocodiles and other vicious reptiles here on earth attacked and tried to munch on these alien visitors, and therefore the people decided that these reptiles had to be taken care of. These reptiles were made infertile, and banned from this place.

The way that the crocodile explained it made me understand it from their point of view. He was only hungry. And when he had come to my room, he had said that he was "hunting iron", and "hunting for minerals" in my body. They are after some type of energy that the iron in my blood produces, it nourishes them through energy vampirism, and they access it by doing acts of sadism, sexuality, or torture on humans. But I really and truly understood the reptile, I saw it from his point of view. And that is important. You can be human and reject entirely the Reptilian's point of view, or you can sit down and listen to them and learn about what they are going through, and then still reject what they are doing, but having learned of them as well.

In spite of the viciousness of what they do, I want to learn about them. Anthropologists also visit cannibalistic societies here on earth. Biologists study also the venomous spiders and "evil crocodiles". But above all, and what none of us should try to forget but always do: humans do the same or worse. We keep animals as cattle and they live under horrendous circumstances and are killed and eaten.

But I suggested to the crocodile, that he could try to eat less conscious creatures that would suffer less if harmed and eaten, such as fish and rabbits, I suggested right off the bat. You shouldn't have to eat humans, I said to him.

The crocodile snuggled with me and it felt tremendously sexual and pleasurable. He was over me in bed and he was trying to "drink my juice", to extract the sensation that they get from the iron in my blood. But it wasn't working much, he thought of the potatoes I had eaten just the day before and blamed it on them. Potatoes have sugar. The reptiles believe that when I eat anything with sugar then it makes my blood's iron less potent for these purposes. I said to him that he was welcome to come back and try again with my iron another time. He was pleased and excited that I was so welcoming.

I wondered if this crocodile was the same as Malik, because in some ways there were similarities. But the problem is that reptilians like to change shapes. For instance Snake used to go as a humanoid man-like reptile, but nowadays he goes by what I believe to be his true or truer form a small, very humble-looking raptor dinosaur, of the same color of course. I didn't see The Eye structure in this crocodile's belly, and so I figured that this is the one and only "Crocodile Man". And the crocodile then said that "Arek" had said that it was ok for him to come here, and that is when I concluded that yes this is Crocodile Man, and not Malik the Reptile.

Malik of course has no boss and listens to no one else, except that hunger pangs in his belly, that he calls The Eye. The Crocodile Man however, is a newer character who appeared together with Arek another red Reptilian, and Arek is the boss of the Crocodile Man. I need to draw a chart that shows you all of the Reptilians I have and who belongs in what hierarchy and how.

But phew. I have now completed this day's documentation. Let me get on with my day. Oh no, I still have to do some more work on the Gargoyle case, namely, I have to start planning on my excursion to go see the North Port Gargoyle who likes to put his feet in his mouth like a parrot and wants to play with me (or perhaps eat my heart and blood).

I forgot to add that the Reptilians sadly said that they were afraid that humans would now come to attack their moon cities "now that humans have space technology" or something like that. And that I think the whole fight arena was either an Amusement Park similar to a paintball experience for them, or that they are training to deal with humans and attack, or perhaps a combination of both. Somehow from what I was told and with my impressions of it all, I actually think that it was an Amusement Park. Good thing is, I am in position to ask the Reptilians myself. Unlike other abductees or contactees I can actually have a nice little chat with the Draconians, and they are happy to answer my questions and explain themselves.

Also to add: The reason I think this was an Amusement Park like a paintball hall for the Lizards, was because when I woke up from it some of the things either said to me or just in our conversations when I was back in my room, were that the Reptilians "like it when they scream", and that "even the men scream". Heheh, hihi, I just hid back there and I didn't scream or run. I'm not the kind of girl who gets scared, I don't know why. I just-don't-know.

Also don't miss: in the future books that come out where I publish all telepathic material, there will be two pages (two Word document pages, maybe four book pages) of verbatum conversations with some more with the Croc Man about this "paintball" place, and then a long conversation with the boy I met there, the brown-haired boy turns out is my son like I thought or knew he was all along. He is taught to not "love me" because I am to be seen only as a "hunnun donor" (hunnun meaning eggs). I have a chat with him about his living conditions and I tell him that I would like him to live with me. The reason I can't post the material here is because it needs to be translated and that's a lot of work, so just look out for it in the book whenever it comes out. It won't be in the first book of the series because the first one goes from August 2011 until April 2012, then the 2nd one reaches from April 2012 and hopefully makes it all the way to January 2013, though that is not guaranteed, this might be in the 3rd book. His name is Sam. I asked. He looks like me. He is beautiful. I love him. I want him to live with me.

I want to have a skydiving experience. - Illuminati (IM) boyfriend chum
That's very brave. Aren't you afraid? - me approximately
Have you ever done it? - IM approximately

The Illuminati boyfriend was assigned to be my "pimp", they call it (they mean "prostitute"). He has to practice having sex with me, and he is also - I think - supposed to have sex with me so that I wouldn't want to have sex with human men with the risk of getting pregnant. I'm not sure actually whether this guy is fertile or infertile. Sometimes I think he is infertile, but I think he and I have at least that one little daughter together. Heheh, he is always wanting to do things like driving fast cars, he keeps telling me, so him wanting to do skydiving doesn't surprise me one bit. He just decided to say that out of the blue right now. Now let's see if FINALLY I can tear myself off this dang page and get on with my life. I've spent at least four hours writing and documenting these things here, I don't know if it's worth it sometimes, but at least I'm producing a great body of work that will be published and is carefully done and will perhaps benefit someone. Plus it's a very important documentary to make, and I may be the right person to do it. Bye for now!

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