Hamish throws me over coffee table
and other six items of Reptilian happenings
January 24 2013

Ok so I'm living in the snakepit, the Dragon's lair. Right here in my living room. First the most recent story, all these stories occurred just within the past 3 hours or so:

Item number 1.

1. Most recent, just a few seconds ago. I am watching a show about doctors and hospitals and a patient needs lots of organ transplants of the stomach, intestines, etc. After a while I get tired of the show and switch channels. Hamish comes up to me and I knew he was watching television with me because earlier I was watching animals and a crocodile and I'd said for Hamish to come check out the big crocodile and Hamish was watching and taking it all in from the show and I can see this Dragon Turtle and I watch and feel his breathing and feel his impressions and expressions. We are watching tv together. So Hamish says something about the organs and the patient, he shows me his mental visual of the show that was just on before I switched the channel. I then say to Hamish that "yes but it is only a fictional story, it is not real, they are actors", I say that because I don't want Hamish to feel sorry for the "patient" who is just an actor and is ok. That is why I broke it to him yet again that some things here on Earth are fictional. Hamish then goes into a complete rage! "Do not say that to me!" he says (not in those exact words, and in another language)

"I am not your Dragon Turtle", tell them that. - Hamish says right now in English
I am not going to be asked to relax, either. - Hamish in English
I love you Hamish, you are doing just fine. - me to Hamish
I did not want to see when they bite one another. - Hamish in my own language

Yes, I had a feeling Hamish was worked up and worried after seeing the two leopard males fighting just before I flipped to the hospital show. I watched at least three minutes of two leopards fighting, it was a very rough fight and quite brutal. This must've scared Hamish and made him feel agitated, because Hamish, if you don't already know, is an utter sweetheart. He hates violence.

So Hamish said to me "Don't say that to me!" about the hospital program being fake not real and as he said that, Hamish threw me off the sofa and I flew against the coffee table. It was the most rough Hamish-toss I have ever had, in my one year and several months with Hamish. The movement started with him reaching both of my arms straight forward, in the same fashion that Hamish holds his own arms, and then I flew off the sofa and far up against the coffee table. My feet were on the floor but in this toss Hamish had pushed me quite firmly far up against the coffee table.

I didn't make a fuss about it, rather I kind of like it when the Reptilians toss me around. It is the best evidence I have of this being real. (No, I didn't slip, and no I didn't do it to myself. I was thrown off the sofa.) This was the 2nd best Reptilian toss I have had, only surpassed by the 1st best which is when a visiting Draconian threw me across the air from bed to the far end of the bed. It was awesome, but I have respect for Hamish's thoughts and feelings. My red Dragon Turtle. He is obviously feeling agitated about things, and even before he said that it was the leopard fights that had got to him, I felt it in him just before he said it, that that was what it was. I somehow sensed it from him, I have a good connection with my Turtleness. (By the way, I never did tell him to "calm down", like he says up there. I let Hamish be Hamish. Most of the time.)

I do not want to be lied to, by your tv. - Hamish says now in my language
I apologise Hamish. - me to Hamish my language
I wanted to see it in reality. - Hamish in my language
There are such programs also, that are reality. Some programs are theatre. - me
Yes, I did not quite know that. - Hamish
Yes Hamish, it's ok. - me
I wanted to hit you some more. - Hamish as he thinks mental image about me propped up against the coffee table quite firmly
Yes Hamish, you may hit me. - me to Hamish
I wanted to see you drinking no sugar. - Hamish
There is no sugar in my tea. - me, I was drinking blueberry tea in the living room watching tv

Isn't it fun? I'm just watching some television and having some blueberry tea and this red Dragon Turtle comes and gets upset that the tv isn't real and tosses me across the coffee table. Cool isn't it?

I did not want to see a fake doctor. - Hamish about the program, ok so THAT's what he was upset about, perhaps not the leopards then, my mistake, again... which makes sense, cause that's exactly when he got upset, not during the leopard fight, and that's what he said to me when he hit me off the couch

Yes, Hamish. I will honor you. - me
I want to see the pale there. - Hamish, he thinks either of me or someone being a dead white corpse, or of one of the white aliens to sit here with me, this white somebody on the sofas here
I do not know which you mean? - me to Hamish, still in my own language translated

Item number 2.

2. Ok. Phew. Moving on to item number 2, which occurred a bit previously before item number 1. I was in the kitchen making sandwiches to have when I'd go to the living room to enjoy some tv. Hamish asks me about the water facility that takes the sewer water and processes it in our home. I said to Hamish that I would have to do some research, but that I could of course then show him what that facility looks like and how they process the water. Hamish has shown interest to this before, ever since I moved in here. Hamish then says that he would like to talk to the persons who work there, that he has a problem with, I think he said the problem was that there is so much filth or something in the water. Hamish is referring to my bath water. I take many baths here because it's cold and it's winter. Hamish watches when I pull the plug to the bath as the water floods down to the sewer drain that is visible under the bath tub, and you can see that the drain area floods a bit as it can't keep up with the water, but it's ok it doesn't flood other parts of the bathroom floor. But Hamish has watched it many times and he really doesn't like it! See previous entries to see how many times he has referenced to his dislike of the drain underneath the tub. I don't really say anything else to him at that point. It's not like I can refer his message to the people who work at the water facility, and it's not like his point needs to be made to them.

I wanted to see you eat snacks. - Hamish says now and thinks to me his image of my bread sandwiches
Yes, Hamish. - me, I say with just a slight Dragon purr at the "Yes" to make him content
I did not want to give you hits. - Hamish
Yes, Hamish. I honor your scales. I love you my Dragon Turtle. - me
Hamish is here just watching me, I see his sock puppet little head of his, covered in red scaly bumps all over his face that look like red bubblewrap. The scales on his face are round. Scales on his back are like little fingernails stacked neatly together, and they move beautifully when he moves. And scales on his throat are large flat sheets. Beautiful Hamish Dragon.
I love you Hamish. - me

Item number 3.

3. Now for item number 3, let's see if I can remember all the many happenings in just the past few hours. Oh yes. Item number 3 will be when I was making those sandwiches... Hamish is now making little head movements. He engages with me closely so that I will see his head. He is showing kindness and humility, perhaps as a form of apology after his raging fit just now, where his head is bobbed down rather fast, he lowers his head in little nods, the head is raised, and he lowers his head again in a little nod, he is doing several of them. I've known him to do these head nods when surrounding circumstances have me believe that he is wanting to calm me down and to comfort me.

Sometimes those head nods don't go just quickly down, but smooth out down and forward slowly. Slow head nods that go down and forward in a bow and go up a little at the end are usually accompanied with gentle exhales, also a form of being nice and showing kindness, he does those and I feel distinctly calmed by it. I guess it feels a bit like a baby rocked gently in someone's arms, it is that kind of a behavior and feeling. Hamish uses his head a lot, for everything. Although he has arms, he doesn't use them for anything really that I've seen.

I did not want to see you bleed. - Hamish in my language
Yes-No, Hamish. - me to Hamish
So that is why I did not hit your head into the table. - Hamish approximately

Although, to be fair, I could be completely misunderstanding about his head nodding behavior. For what I know it would be a threat, but it just doesn't feel that way. I've been wrong in my interpretations of Hamish's behavior many, many times.

You do not just belong to me now as my woman, you belong to others now as well. - Hamish says now
I think Hamish *might* be referring to other Draconians. Because I am always welcoming to other Draconian Reptile visitors, and somehow here Hamish was thinking I would be his alone.

SO ITEM NUMBER 3 was that when I was making those sandwiches and putting cheese on them and... suddenly Hamish comes up to me and starts stomping with his feet on the kitchen floor. He lifts his feet up and down up and down but slowly. In fact he engages with me to show that so clearly that it possesses my own two feet and my feet start doing it with him. It's many times that Hamish's presence has possessed me, that I feel him so closely that my body does what his body is doing. Usually that just means that I slump down into an arched position with my arms stretched forward like his does, but sometimes it means that my feet do the same stomping that Hamish happens to be doing at the time.

I do not want to be prohibited here. - Hamish says
You are welcome here. I honor you Hamish. You are my very best friend. I want to have you here together with me. I love you Hamish! - me

My pet Dragon Turtle. Oh dear my. Well anyway Hamish came up to me and his feet were being very busy going up and down up and down on the floor, his little duck feet and my feet were doing it together with him. I wondered what had made him so eager. This was before item number 2 with the water facility, I am working through these Dragon happenings backwards. I then notice that I am right in the act of placing red bell pepper pieces on the sandwiches on top of the cheese, and I go, "Ah. There we have it." I invite Hamish to come closer to have a real good look at those red bell pepper pieces so that he can see that they are not red Reptilian scales at all. I tell Hamish that they are not scales, that they are a fruit. "A fruit without sugar!", I add, and snicker to myself because this situation with this Dragon is just hilarious. Hamish not wanting me to eat any "sweet fruits", because "what I eat, he eats", because he eats my "hunnun" (eggs), he told me just the other day. ... he was never so happy when I ate as when I had that grilled chicken a few days ago. Oh that was splendid food for me and our hunnun now wasn't it, Dragon.

He then says something about "pears" and I say no, that they are not pears. They are not sweet. They have no sugar in them, I tell my Dragon.

Item number 4.

Item number 4. Snake wants to do sadistic reptile cuddles with me, but he is held back because the "militia" doesn't want him to. Turns out all this military activity with the MILABS (MILitary ABductionS), is also because the US and my country's military are guarding me or I'd be atrociously killed by sadistic lusting reptoids very quickly.

We do not want that. - say some friendly Reptilians now

These friendly Reptilians who popped for a mental visit are hiding out in a dark place under ground, I see them there and I feel whereabouts they are. They looked to be black or purple-black-blue colored in the dark. Their eyes are dark. They were so cute, they looked different, more rounded slender heads.

Anyhow. Snake was wanting to have some romantic sadistic moments with me, but he complained that the "militia" (he didn't say "military") didn't let him.

Item number 5.

Item number 5. And we are still working backwards in time. I wake up after a nap (and wait till you see what may have happened during the nap for item number 6.)

Hahahaa!!! Hamish right now possesses my body so that I can really see what Hamish is doing. So Hamish starts doing these whimperings that he does every time that he is looking at something which he is unhappy about, i.e. more specifically this mostly happens toward visiting other Reptiles. Hamish makes my body do these movements together with his own body, as our two bodies are connected so well. When Hamish connects with me very well, he does that so that I can see and feel him and get his message, but what also happens is sometimes that my body will do the same as what his body is doing. So my body suddenly just now started going into these contractions. My arms and chest ribcage started becoming very tense, tenser than I've ever done to these parts myself so it was very unusual of a feeling and happening. Like cramps but like when you contract muscles.

So my body tensed up real hard in these parts, then my throat wanted to make a little sound, then I relax. Then another tense up and throat sound, relax. And a few times cycled like this. Kind of like little coughs, those sounds, but with the mouth closed. Then in the 2nd or 3rd cycle I see my red Hamish and that he is doing these, what I call "whimperings", and Hamish shows me his mental image of those blue Reptilians in the cave or underground who have those round heads, who are obviously part of the friendly Reptilian group. Hamish is showing me with his behavior that he doesn't like them, and I guess also wanting to tell me to be loyal to Hamish and for me to also not like them.

Anyhow. Where was I. Stuff still happening all around, even as I am writing this. Phew... I swear if I were only making this up (which I hope I've clearly established by now that I am not), I wouldn't be making stuff happening as I'm trying to quickly record previous stuffs. Because it's quite a lot of writing and frankly I'm getting tired phew it's a lot of work. But I guess it's really important. I mean, I've got Dragons and Reptiles here.

So. I woke up after a nap, right? During the day. It was maybe 2:30 or 3:00 pm or something thereabouts. Wait, first this:

Hamish! Haamisss! I love you. - me to Hamish in my language, I just saw him and he was so cute and I just had to say that
Yes, Hamish. - Hamish says with one little nod of his head, he sounds calm
Haamisshh. - I say with my affectionate voice, I have many different ways of saying Hamish

So after I woke up from the nap and I remembered the dream that I had in the next item, item number 6, I wondered if that encounter was real and I tried to connect to the reptile from that dream just in case it would be real and find me. A Reptile then started talking to me. It said that it was up in a "space rocket". I always laugh when the Aliens say they are in a "space rocket", instead of a UFO or spaceship as I would call it. It just sounds so fun, space rocket is like something primitive that humans made in the 60's sort of thing. Ha ha. I mean, rocket means thrust rocket, you know. Ha ha ha... ha ha. Always makes me laugh when they say they are in a "space rocket". But they say that.

So that Reptile up in a "space rocket" said things to me. It said that they are converting my uterus so that I can have Reptile babies. It said many things, obviously about them needing my eggs and bits of this and that, I should've written it down but I'm getting lazy about writing everything down, it's a lot of work and it's not like I get compensated for my work I don't even know if anybody is reading this because I really do this for all of you guys (if there are any) because this is a labor of love for humanity, and also because I love these reptile guys. This is a fascinating story.

Item number 6.

Item number 6. I fell asleep for a nap in the early afternoon. I dreamt that I was watching a beautiful reptile. It was sort of humanoid, i.e. not raptor form. (By the way Snake visited me today with his requests of lust sadistic cuddles, in his raptor dinosaur form. He no longer disguises himself as a humanoid man in a uniform because I told him that I love his authentic raptor form and for him to be himself.) Oh no, I want to watch that show that I hear starting on the tv, oh the sacrifices I make for this documentary.

In the dream this beautiful handsome reptile. He was sort of humanoid in that he was not a slender raptor dinosaur but had a rounded head and a fleshier body sort of the frame of a human. It was covered in tiny scales and was a yellow coloration, not a bright yellow more of a yellow that is almost beige in some parts. And there were areas of green, that bright refreshing green of some tropical leaves that the sunshine shines through. The green was blended across the yellow and not in any sharply defined areas. There was some green in places on the head, and the belly and throat was mostly yellow.

Oh my god I'm gonna cry again when I think about what I saw in that dream... This reptile had three combs on the head, just like the three combs on the reptile who just a few days told me not to masturbate because I am theirs and called me a mut, see earlier entry below. It had a snout with teeth. But its eyes. Its eyes were rather small and they were black. It had eyelids both on the below of the eye and other eyelids on the top of the eye.

I was before this creature for what seemed like a very long time. If a dream, it did not fade

IT WASN'T EROTIC WAS IT!! - Snake shouts out right now, this was Snake not the three-combed Reptile, good that these two look so different that I can tell them apart, Snake said this in English
Now, I don't know if it was, but no it wasn't. It was a beautiful encounter with a creature. I find you creatures so beautiful and magnificent, such a handsome reptile. - me
YES BUT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE EROTIC. - Snake shouts out again
Was it? Was it really? Ok, hm, oh. - me
Yes, it was supposed to be about lust. - Snake
I didn't know that, I apologise. - me
That is why we tried to make it look like your boyfriend. - Snake

Geez, that's why I thought it almost looked like my boyfriend from last night, the guy from my date. Because it was as if it almost was him, yet I saw a reptile with three combs and scales. I mean, the outline and shape of the head and body was just like on my boyfriend, I didn't get to that part yet. (I don't recall a penis on this lizard, since you're wondering. Not that I looked down below either, because I was captivated by its reptile eyes, with eyelids closing, so real, so beautiful, so magnificent.)

So I wasn't sure if I was trying to dream about my date from last night because it looked and felt sort of like him, the outline only and the feel and the surroundings sort of. But what I was looking at was a lizard. A beautiful magnificent lizard. Oh god the way that its eyes were closing and opening, I was so taken by what I saw. Its eyes, I looked into its black eyes, with upper and lower eyelids closing and opening. SO REAL! So beautiful! So serene! Just a while ago on the sofa, before Hamish tossed me across the coffee table because tv shows aren't real, I was thinking about that encounter and the eyes that I saw, and I cried. This magnificent creature, in that dream encounter. So was it real?

I touched the lizard in that dream. I was fully awake, and this dream was not fading. It stayed real and solid. This beautiful, magnificent, real live breathing creature, and I watched as its beautiful lizard eyes opened and closed a bit, how it was blinking, so real. I was fully awake, and gently I touched its face, I gently touched its beautiful body. Scales, blinking, real live breathing lizard. It was a serene moment that I will never forget. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, like touching nature. This was so beautiful, and now I am crying again.

What what? Did I finally catch up with documenting this? Can I now go to the kitchen and start cooking on the dinner? Watch some more tv? Get back with my life? Detach myself from this computer? You mean my work of documenting this is finally over for now? Until more beautiful reptilian happenings happen. And I will be happy to tell you all of them also. I wish I could share with you these magnificent moments, as humble, quirky, sometimes scary, sometimes funny that make me laugh, sometimes upsetting, sometimes confusing, and all manner of types, little things about red bell peppers, big things about human DNA and world politics. All of it. Scary things. Heartwarming things. Big things. Little things. Reptile things.

I did not want to eat you, tell them that. Because they might be afraid that I would be dangerous. - Snake in English for me to tell you guys reading this, the 2nd sentence I forgot the exact words by the time I started typing it, but the first sentence at least is perfectly verbatum
I didn't want to eat you. - Snake
I know that Snake. - me
I just wanted to feel the romance, the passion. - Snake
Snake, my Darling. I know. You and I shared a beautiful, lustful, moment once. - me

By the way

By the way Hamish threw me into my bedroom wall when I was in bed, the wall next to my bed, just a few days ago, and he really pushed me in there against the wall arms and all, but it was neat-o. A real live Dragon. I let him have these moments and manners, he is after all a Dragon. I allow his natural behavior, and I won't try to "tame" him somehow. We get along great and this is part of his communication. We might condemn it as humans, but these are Dragons we're talking about. You can't tame a tiger. And you shouldn't tame a Dragon.

There are friendly Draconians. Like Elmer. And the Resistance Force which made an appearance just here on this page a while ago (and started Hamish whimpering at them, in item number 5.). You might feel outraged or shocked that I "let" him do this, like letting Hamish toss me, but for many reasons I love Hamish as Hamish is. I like it when he tosses me. It is the best body of evidence of him - and the other Draconians, and what not your average assortment of Aliens - being real.

I'm a bit tired from all this writing, but I think of myself as a bit of a biologist. I am a trained scientist (though my field is not biology) and I treat this with care and dignity. That is why I have accomplished to produce this fantastic documentary on this website and elsewhere in my notes which will be turned into books. I enjoy my contact and interaction with Dragons, I cherish Hamish as body my best friend and my pet, and all things are good between us. I was impressed and intrigued when he tossed me over the table, gosh you should've seen it! If only I had a webcam following me around so that we could capture these fantastic moments of Reptile toss.

Signing out. Me and my Dragon have got some things to do... Maybe perhaps I should shield him from television, I mean he takes all in that he sees and he is easily affected by impressions that he sees. Oh haha I forgot another "item" bless his Dragon Heart... I think it was during the bell pepper incidence when Hamish was stomping his feet with me to show his feelings about seeing the scale resembling pepper on the sandwiches, but at some point I shrieked at Hamish his name in my utter delight as I always sometimes do to him! And Hamish then said for me to be careful, "so that he would not pee". If I shriek at Hamish in my excitement and delight of seeing him, it can cause him to react in ways that seem to be stress. Sometimes my shrieks cause him to stomp his feet up and down a few times with lots of energy, seeming to be stress (sometimes I used to think that my excitement was contagious, but now I think it might be a reaction to stress), but sometimes if I shriek it will cause him to pee a bit. I've seen that a few times. He gets scared, maybe.

Also Hamish told me in the kitchen while I was making sandwiches, he said that he had been tortured or injured or what it was. The others there don't treat him well. He really is such a Sweet Dragon and he is harmed a lot. I feel guilty and ashamed to be hosting him. I mean, how can I make his stay with me seem more pleasant? I can give him a nice, warm pet bed. And I also want to get him a nice armchair that he has asked about. I want him to be happy and comfortable with me. After all, he spends his days and nights with me. Sometimes he retreats to Japan, or to that creek in the forest where he hides his scales and washes up in the creek, and sometimes I find him in various caves or underground bases, and he looks at me sometimes from these other places and then I can see him and where he is. Sometimes he visits other Red Dragons in the mountains in a secret location that I won't tell you, and there is a little lady female Dragon Turtle there, she is ever so precious. They are hiding there.

Oh Hamish the man of my life! I shall never love another like I love thee. If only you knew what love is, in that little sock puppet head of yours. Now let's go watch some more tv, if I can find some Reptile-friendly-rated television shows.

Yes... - Hamish says now
Yes... - I say to Hamish in response
Hamish then shows me a clear mental image of one of our kitchen knives, and I start saying to my Dragon, "No! No", because I wonder if maybe he is afraid that it could hurt someone, or that he is now going to express a subtle threat for violence, and in both of these situations I always just say "No" to my Dragon, but in a kind gentle way I don't try to correct his behavior in any way, but then he says:
It looks as if you are cutting into scales. - Hamish, "scales", or "my scales", I forgot, in other language
He says about the red bell pepper, showing me an image in which red bell pepper is being cut with this knife.
Hamish, I would never cut scales. Scales should not be cut. I promise. I will protect you. You are my Dragon Turtle. I will never ever hurt you in any way. I love you more than myself, that is what love means. I will protect you. - me to my Dragon Turtle.

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