Thuban Abduction Experimentation - And Hamish's Ruggy
January 16 2013

First part is general about Thuban alien abductions and their cruelty toward human abductees and hybrid children. Second part is about my last night's Thuban alien abduction encounter where they subjected me to some cruel experimentation torment. Third part is another lovely snuggy ruggy story featuring Hamish the Red Dragon.

About Alien cruelty

Last night I had a close encounter - consciously - with the disgusting white aliens who always try to torment me. I've called them Thubans. Thubans are big white slugs with boomerang praying mantis arms which they use as ice picks to pull their body onward. Their heads are small and look like binoculars. The eyes are like black goggles and each eye can rotate independent of the other; the eyes rotate clockwise and counterclockwise like when you adjust binoculars, rather than how the human eye moves about a central point in a socket. These creatures are a very bizarre sight to see.

There are what seem to be Thuban-human hybrids, because they have many features similar to the Thubans, such as the creepy binocular eyes and the white skin, and the stupidity is inherited also. But they are humanoid with the general human torso. They don't have a skeleton, and that is intended design, so that they would be easy for the Reptilians to eat. Instead they have a connective tissue exterior under the skin, I am told.

You can perhaps tell that I am not too fond of these creatures. Now when my ET contact begun I was all ears and all open and happy to interact with alien visitors. I also decided early on to be neutral, tolerant, and very respectful so that I could experience alien people and learn about them. I would not impose my own culture onto them, and I would love to visit with them and get to know them as much as possible, and hopefully we would all be on good terms. I would be the one to adjust, so that they would not have to. So that the aliens could remain as much as possible in their own, natural behavior, so that I could see them for what they are.

My Alien contacts began in August 2011, and life with the Thubans began about in April 2012. It is in April 2012 that I cut-off my first book about these contacts and where the second one begins. I believe there is already enough material for current newest material to belong into a third book already. But from the very start the Thubans were a tricky bunch.

The Thubans and their humanoid hybrid youngsters and children are exceptionally rude, cruel, racist, sadistic, and sexually abusive. They revel in subjecting human beings to situations of physical and mental torture and experimentation. Human abductees are frequently subject to a variety of sexual abuse. These creatures are highly racist. They uphold a high sense of racial (species) distinction. Their own race, of course, is regarded as superior. Human beings, but also other far more worthy races such as the Dinosaurs and Alpha Orions, are despised upon and constantly taunted. "Dog race", the Thubans and their children offspring call me.

Children, who are part my children from my DNA and eggs, are brought in to look at me, to "look at their dog race mother". I am precisely nothing more than cattle, dog, or sheep, to them. I endure complete contempt, disgust and mistreatment from these creatures.

At first I thought that they are doing medical work and studying the human species. So I wholeheartedly and willingly volunteered to take part in their projects to be their egg donor and subject for studies. I would tolerate being subject to examinations, experiments, and sample taking that seem to largely emphasize on the most private and uncomfortable, that being my sexual organs and fecal samples for studies of both bacteria and metabolism. I decided that I too am a scientist, that I have worked in the medical field myself, and that I could be an adult and scientist about it and put aside my own feelings of shame and privacy. I would be happy to oblige, and to help these fascinating creatures. In exchange, in them I would make good friends, and get to learn about a fascinating other culture that comes from outer space somewhere. The exchange between us could be good, both mutually benevolent and pleasant.

But that was not the case. I had embraced and welcomed all these various aliens, the Dinosaurs, Alpha Orions, Alpha Centauri humans, Draconian Reptiles, Thubans, and their various hybrids, into my sense of family. After all they lived so closely and intimately entwined into my life. They saw me in my private moments, at the bathroom, in the shower, or masturbating, or having sex with someone. They saw everything I do, from the most private and personal of moments, to the more mundane, such as watching television, eating my meals, or going out with friends. They watch me when I sleep, they watch me when I am awake. Everything is under scrutiny, everything is under their watch, and they are excellent observers nothing goes unnoticed. But I was fine with that. And by being fine with that, they become my family. Because only something like family, can be so close to you and your life, without it being a problem. So I let them into my heart. This was going to be great, oh and how fortunate I was to be ever so privileged to - as a scientist - get to not only make friends with but to study these fantastic alien people!

Instead I have been sexually offended and abused, I have been forced into situations of incest and pedophilia. They design situations both mental and actual physical scenarios where I am to be subject to maximum psychiatric stress. What I thought was to be fellow scientists, medical doctors, biologists, anthropologists even, they hold no scientific code of conduct nor the scientific heart. For they are not civilized people, rather they more act as creatures, as insects, as predators and animals. I would not even call them people.

The first signs I had that something was seriously wrong with this gang, was when little children were brought in to see me, I was told that these children were mine. There is a severe amount of child abuse going on over there, and the living conditions for these children must be labelled as nothing other than an abusive sect, a sect which even revolves around sexual child abuse.

I have tried to be respectful of other cultures, and I have stretched that respect to its absolute maximum until it burst and can be taken no further. I've even tried to come to terms with that their youngest children, babies and infants even, are routinely subject to sexuality. Maybe it is just their own culture, and maybe it is ok. Maybe the children are ok. Maybe it works out for them. I swear I tried to respect their way of life. Maybe they have worked out an entirely different way of life, that works for them. But I see evidence that the children do not want to be sexually active. Sure enough, that they bring me older juvenile hybrids to tell me that they are ok, but the children suffer from it in their childhood and the older juveniles have no doubt been brainwashed into it, also I cannot blame the older ones for defending their culture, society, and lifestyle - the only one that they have got. And they are told that all other societies are wrong and primitive, worse off than theirs are.

The purpose - and whole objective, it seems - of the Thuban project with humans, is to produce a new species or race that is part human part alien. It appears that infertility is a big problem there in outer space. Both the Reptilians, and Zetas too I believe, have struggled with infertility and fear that their races are dying out. One very interesting key information I was given not too long ago, was when the Pleiadians said that the Pleiadians had sterilized Reptilians! The Reptilians cause a lot of havoc and suffering out there in space, and a friendlier way of regulating them - without having to kill them off, or to imprison them - was to sterilize them to regulate their population growths. And knowing the Reptilians since more than a year back, Reptilians would no doubt multiply their numbers endlessly if only they could. Resources are something that they could then steal from others, but they would want to spread endlessly and devour all of the world.

Little hybrid children ever since they are infants are subject to sexuality by the Thuban workers. They have to look at and touch human genitalia throughout their childhood. The children - both boys and girls - are also forced to have sex with humans as early as possible. And the children don't want to, they cry and scream and try to run away. They would much rather want to go play with the other children and play with toys, showing signs that they are just children, and not innately oversexualized in any natural way.

I tell the Thubans that sexuality arises naturally once they are older and that it is not something that they can force the children to have at a younger age, and that their development of identity will be severely disturbed if they are subject to sexual molestation. The problem here is, that the Thubans are animals. The Thubans themselves have absolutely no concept of sexuality of their own. And human sexuality is a very complex concept, even for us humans to fully understand. There are so many things that happen in human sexuality, that are physical, chemical, hormonal, environmental, personal, emotional, and mental. And the Thubans as a species have none of these aspects in themselves. They look at human sexuality and it makes perfectly no sense to them, at all.

Thubans do not understand how we feel, or what we feel. And, rather than fully study it from humans and to learn about sexuality the way that we understand it and have come to learn it and use it, they decide that they are entitled to produce human-type offspring and to keep them there, that we are animals and that "it doesn't matter". It is kind of like a human pet owner who decides to "just get a cat", or to get any other complicated animal with complicated needs, and to not bother studying up on it first, to understand what its needs and normal habitat are.

The Zetas and Thubans do not understand sexuality at all. Worse is that they make small attempts at understanding it, or at receiving some kind of sense of permission to keep humans, from the human militaries that the aliens collaborate with. The problem here is, that these military men who have chosen to collaborate with the aliens, go into pacts with the aliens that are illegal in a number of ways. These humans shun all sense of human law and ethical responsibility and dignity. These military human collaborators are heavy users of recreational drugs, which they receive from the aliens, both forms of drugs that we are used to here on earth, and other more exotic ones that even I have been forced to intake (against my will). These human militaries also accept to receive human women abductees like me as prostitutes, and there is also a huge amount of pedophilia by these men toward the hybrid children.

Somehow these human militaries and the Thuban animals have decided on an arrangement where human beings are "animals" and "dog race", and where women can be used as prostitutes and children can be used in pedophelia. I have been shown by Hamish the red Dragon many cases where the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men in Komi Saki, Japan, do acts of pedophelia against hybrid children. The Russian military coworkers, that including Korpral Olav Vetti, also do acts of pedophilia against children. The Japanese men seem to prefer little hybrid girls, and the Russian ones seem to prey on hybrid boys. These molested children are then sadistically murdered by the military personnel and Reptilians together, and then consumed. And somewhere along the lines both Zetas and Thubans decided that this all is ok.

If only the hybrids would themselves realize the pain of their society and lifestyle, but it is the only world that they know. Not all children end up being consumed, and many of them grow up into adolescents. I have even seen one old grandmother hybrid lady, oh she was wonderful! If only all hybrids would get to enjoy growing old into wonderful elderly men and women! But the hybrid children are taught to despise us humans and to think that their culture is ok. The hybrids do not realize that they are not free, they do not realize that forced sexuality, violence, cruelty, and racism are wrong and not necessary.

The children grow up into being exceedingly arrogant and impudent individuals. No matter what talents they learn, and some learn mathematics, or puzzle solving, some learn how to play a musical instrument, or ballet dance, they all act extremely impudent about their talents and act as if everybody else is trash. And that kind of attitude can only poison their heart, not to mention that their talents are rarely all that impressive either. For instance I have hybrid boys come in to tell me that they are so good at math and that I am worthless at it, when in fact I see from what they know that I am far better, but I don't shove it in their face.

They are told that we humans are worthless, primitive, that we live in the stone age type of thing, even our bodies are somehow regarded as inferior or ugly somehow. What these children are never taught, is the great potential for human love and kindness and compassion, the immense beauty that this world can offer. Sure, we have our wars, diseases, famine and injustices, but at least most of us try, and many of us live beautiful lives. And while many of us do not seem to care about animals or other humans, we are many humans who learn to love animals when we have pets such as dogs or cats. We humans try not to be racist, not among our own human diversity, and not toward other animals who lack some of the physical or mental talents that we ourselves have evolved. When we humans see "inferior" animals such as dogs, we are far more likely to feel love and curiosity towards it, than to feel hate, disgust, and utter contempt, like Thubans, Zetas, and their hybrid children do when they see us.

I would much rather see a Thuban and Zeta culture and society where their children are left to play for as long as they feel like it, and where toys are not taken away from them to be used as a pawn to force them into sexuality. Where hybrid children are taught to see humans for what we are, and with curiosity and love and companionship, where hybrid children are free to play with us, rather than taught to despise and look down on us. Where one isn't taught to look down on another. Where hybrid children are allowed to actually feel the love and adoration of the Dinosaur species like I feel, rather than taught to hate on them and to want to beat them. Oh how I love the Dinosaurs I have never known a species as beautiful and wonderful, and anybody who feels any less than I do about them is truly missing out on one of the most beautiful wonders of life.

Where hybrid children can explore and discover their own sexuality all on their own if and when it appears naturally. And to choose to abstain from sexual activity if that is how they feel. For reproduction is not only about the sexual act of fertilization, it is also a personal and emotional experience for oneself and together with someone else. The children should know that. They should be sheltered throughout their childhood, their childhoods be filled with fond memories and lots of fun and love. A child should never be beaten, or threatened, and a child should never have to cry or be afraid. And I would wish for my children not to have to fear Hamish the Red Dragon when he appears, because the children cry and are afraid of him. I would wish for them to somehow learn to love my Hamish the way that I do, because Hamish is good and kind to me and I love him dearly. If theirs was a culture of love then they too could learn to adore my Hamish Dragon.

I am afraid that the Thubans have adopted a pet that they cannot handle, and that we humans and any of our genetic offspring are far more complex than they had imagined. For there is a great potential for harm and suffering in the human psyche, body and mind. The most beautiful thing I learned during my pre-medicine studies at college was to feel complete awe and respect toward the human body, how magnificent it is and how nothing is more pristine and worthy than to maintain a human being at health and for humans to lead meaningful, comfortable and happy lives. And if they, the Zetas and Thubans, also study the human anatomy and medicine then I would wish for them to arrive at this most central conclusion as well.

There is something lacking in the mind of the Thuban, and in the Reptilian as well for that matter, that makes them just look at humans as this "strange thing", for they do not fully or even partially understand us. They are like a chimp with a kitten, who acts carelessly or even breaks it. For they have no right to take in humans into their quarters, they harm and injure us in multiple ways. For what they are doing, I have concluded, is not science or research. What they are doing is foolishness, impudence, and torture just for the heck of it. They will never understand us, and we have got something that they are lacking and that they will never understand from us, no matter how they torment and torture us and our children.

So when I realized that my new "family" was a dysfunctional one that practiced child abuse and sexual offense and incest, I still tried to come to terms with it. But it didn't take long before I was being near to mental breakdowns. They cause me such agony and psychological torment that several times over the past months that I have had them here I have been close to admitting myself to a psychiatric hospital in hopes that there would be some kind of escape, some kind of refuge and resolution, offered at a hospital. Not that a hospital would ever understand what I have endured and had to see and been subject to, for they would always believe that my experiences and encounters have been purely imaginary, but at least they could have accepted that I believe, and suffer from, my alleged encounters as if they were real. And no doubt I would have been given a similar treatment plan as someone who would have been forced to have children I did not know that I had and forced into incestuous situations with those mine own children, and forced to witness as human militaries molest those batches of children.

I can only try to imagine what this terrible ordeal of alien abduction does to those of you humans out there who in addition to being tormented apart by these sadistic things that we are subject to, if you also feel fear about what these aliens are, or what they look like. Thanks to my being a little of a biologist and a medical scientist, I have not feared what these many different aliens look like, even though I do admit that still every time that I see Hamish the red Dragon, or one of the Thubans, their physical appearance affects me. And that I am so fortunate not to feel fear towards gynaechologic or rectal examinations or sample takings, because I have worked in the medical field and intended a career as a physician. So these are two major distress factors that most of you abductees would have, in addition to the ones that I too share with you. My heart really goes out to you other abductees, and support groups are needed. We can only support one another, and I don't think any outsider who hasn't had these experiences, could ever understand, or be able to construct the support that we need. For the first part is in believing us that our experiences are real, because taking away the legitimacy and authenticity of our experiences and encounters, is to disable our process of ever healing from them. Telling someone "it didn't happen", or having that attitude towards it as a therapist, is to prevent any form of meaningful processing of the experiences for the victim of abduction and alien medical torture.

I will say that I will not ask the aliens to drop dead and to go to hell so to speak, because I wish to maintain my status as their "prized valued egg donor of 12-strand DNA hunnun" (hunnun is my alien's word for eggs or ovum). I wish to continue to observe and to research this, and I think that I have and can continue to produce high quality work on the alien and abduction phenomena. For instance I think I may be one of the best to actually understand and explain what the Draconian Agenda is. It is with my tolerance that I have gotten to come really close to my perpetrators, even the Pleiadians commend me at how well I can speak with the Black One Malik, the big black Incubus boss of this whole thing. And he teaches me things about the Agenda, and he treats me lovingly and kindly just like a father does to a daughter. And I am blessed and privileged to have such insight and continued access to these things, and I wish to stay there.

The damage has already been done, the aliens do these many various things of sadistic cruelty and abuse - many of which I have yet not described here because it's too much to stomach just now.

"Stop crying, you filthy man." - I say to the Japanese man from Komi Saki, as he is now watching me and crying and wiping his tears from his eye. Obviously Hamish had informed him of what I had written here about them being pedophiles and harming children.

My last night's abduction experience

So that leads us to last night's abduction experience with the Thubans. To be fair, the Thubans have been saying during daytime for me that they would like to employ me into experimentation and "animal testing", and I always say that yes I can take part in some, though I would like to know what they are first so that I can choose whether they are something which I could take part in. I would not want to be permanently injured, or die for instance.

Last night I had a terrible nightmare. I was in a room upstairs in an old building where walls and floor and ceiling all consisted of narrow dark brown wooden planks nailed in, and some of those planks here and there were either missing or coming loose, so it looked a bit shabby. In that room was a large doll that came to life and came after me. It was like an evil doll and once it got close to me it tried to grab at me. It was just the atmosphere about it that made it a nightmare. The same events could have taken place with a friendlier atmosphere, without it having had been nightmareish.

At one point I see a normal human boy with brown hair and I yell for him to go run out and get a hammer and nails, we are going to have to nail that doll down to the floor to keep it from getting at us. The boy runs off to go get me those things, and I am left to struggle with the creepy doll for some longer.

Once I woke up from that dream - or nightmare - I then realized that the doll is of course a hybrid child. It looks precisely like them. This one reminded me of the gingerbread man (see here). It is a figure like an outline of a person, but they lack the same chiseled features on places such as fingers, hands, neck and face, that we humans have from the skin resting on our bones and muscle. It had large eyes like the Thuban, those goggle binocular eyes that are black center and brown on the outlines and rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. It had yellow blonde hair in thick straw-like hairs, a bit longer than shoulder length. It was wearing some white garment with short sleeves on the arms.

After a while longer with that creepy thing coming for me in that room, a UFO descended to the ceiling of that room. All around the perimeter of the UFO, inside it, were aliens looking down toward me. They were of the Thuban or Thuban-hybrid form. I was taken aboard the UFO and asked to take part in experimentation.

I was placed into

You were also tagged, do you remember? - unknown
What was I tagged with. What tag was it? - me
And we took a sample from your mouth. - a Thuban with blonde hair
What sample. Saliva? - me
No.. - Thuban
What sample was it. - me
And a DNA! - Thuban
Why? - me
We are the most inquisitive species of all kinds. - Thuban
... What do you want to know? Where do you come from? - me
We are collecting all the papers. - Thuban
What papers? - me
Of your alien children's birthrights. - Thuban
What? Birthrights? Why do they need birthrights? - me
Ohh, don't! Stop it! - Thuban hybrid sad, someone said something it didn't like

Oh well. So I was then placed into a device where my body was standing up right but my body was fixed so that my head could not move at all. Something was done to my lower half of the body first. I experienced it as if my lower half just completely vanished. Then they did some similar type of testing to my upper half and head instead, while I was fixed to that metal-type frame.

Then they wanted to do a psychiatric torture experiment, where they said to me that they were placing several scorpions on top of my head and one on my shoulder. Funnily, I think that these "scorpions" are somehow mind-generated and holograms. They did not look like scorpions at all, but rather like beige and light brown little brown patties or that little gray insect that runs around at night or under rocks, that little harmless thing. These were rather large, about the size of one of my hands. One on my right shoulder, and several others sitting on my head. I was supposed to get very frightened. Instead, there was this very agonizing atmosphere involved, that tormented and terrorized me, but the "scorpions" themselves did not cause me fear.

This all sounds very easy and ok, but these aliens invoke in the abductee an immense sense of terror and agony that is completely exhausting and traumatizing. They are not pleasant or polite. They treat us like lab animals. It was not pleasant.

On a happier note - Hamish!

On a happier note, Hamish has been absolutely cute and adorable. Last night I did a lot of laundry so I even threw Hamish's new adopted bathroom snug ruggy into the wash. So his rug spent the night hanging to dry. Oh what does a Red Hamish Dragon do all night when he does not have his snuggy ruggy to camp on like he always does? I was so concerned for my Dragon, how would he do without his snug ruggy?

When I woke up in the morning, Hamish was seated on the living room sofa and turns out he had been sitting there all night. Last night he had indicated to me without words that he was feeling a bit anxious about not having his rug. In fact as soon as I had folded the rug and put it on the hallway floor on its way to going to the laundry, Hamish had seen his ruggy there and looked all shocked! And he continued to look at the rug hanging to dry and he was feeling agitated a bit, but in a way that was just fun for me, kind of like a big dog that wants its toy from up on the shelf, his favorite slipper or something.

"Have you washed my feet?", Hamish said to me this morning. He was telling me that he had not been able to wash his feet. He calls it "washing his feet" when he wipes them and stomps them on a bathroom rug. I guess it keeps them clean. But above all Hamish has very sensitive feet, and he loves to feel something nice and soft under his feet, kind of like we humans have a need to sit and have something comfy under our tush after a while or we get tired and then we feel all better when we are sitting. For Hamish, it is his feet, and then he is comfy and all ok. So I washed the bathroom floor and replaced the washed bathroom ruggy on the floor for him. I'm sure that Hamish is relieved to have it back. I am relieved that Hamish didn't get angry or fussy about it, he remained perfectly calm and I was so proud of my Dragon for being such a big boy about his rug being in the wash for the night!

(Right now a Dinosaur appears to snicker at this rug story with me. He thinks that it's fun too. The Dinosaur has a great sense of humor. I love the Dinosaurs, now we can snicker and giggle together, well, I'm the only one who giggles, he just feels terribly amused.)

Yes, we wanted to drive them out with you. - Dinosaur suggests that removing the rug is a way to get rid of Hamish the Reptilian (in other language)
I want to keep Hamish. - me (in other language)
Oh? - Dinosaur (in other language)
I love my Dragon. - me (in other language)
Then we suggest that we speak to furry mice. - Dinosaur (in other language)
The Aliens sometimes call me a "furry mouse" because I have hairs all over, hahah!

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