Spending Night with the Scaly Boys
January 15 2013

Hey! This page happens to be nothing but fun! Childsafe rated page. This one's for everyone!

So it's 2 AM tonight and I've been trying to fall asleep but I can't. I turned the lights off at 11 or midnight and climbed to bed under the covers to get some sleep. Hamish showed up in my bedroom and thankfully after two days of Sassy Dragon Turtle he's been back to his normal sweet friendly self today.

When Hamish gets all Sassy Turtle Dragon he acts dominating and just in a cranky mood all day long. He is also then likely to throw verbal threats at me, like saying that "he would like to see me suffocate with the plastic bag" yesterday I think it was. There was a small plastic bag on the kitchen counter and when I said something friendly and nice to my Hamish Dragon, he said that he would like to see me suffocate with the plastic bag and he showed me a mental image where that bag is simply against my open mouth. Sassy Dragon Turtle.

Today Hamish has been back to his normal self. Which means that he acts more careful and talks more about grooming his scales than about verbal threats or domination. It was so bad last night that I even asked Hamish "if he has PMS?", not that I thought he would understand my pun. Every once in a while Hamish is Sassy.

We are not going to leave you alone now! - Hamish now, not angry
Yes Hamish, stay with me. - me to Ham-mish

It is always fun to watch my Dragon Turtle at nights when I go to bed to see what he gets up to. Not only am I at that time not occupied with my own doings, but that is when Hamish starts messin' with his own things as he knows to expect me to stay in bed. Usually Hamish retreats to spend night on the bathroom rug. He is like a big old dog that likes to nap on a bathroom rug. Tonight, like most nights lately, I specifically ask and invite Hamish to please spend night with me in my bedroom. I miss him when he goes to stay the night over in the bathroom and I don't get to see him all night and he is so far away.

So, Hamish decided to hang out with me in the bedroom. I think he likes it when the lights go out. I know that he prefers the dark. He always seems to get more snug and cozy with himself and his activities, when the lights go out at night.

Hamish told me not to be scared when I see him, and then he showed me his face and he looked to have a deep cut on his face next to the eye, on what I suppose should be called his cheekbone. I nearly shrieked and nearly went into a sobbing tantrum over my Dragon, has he fought? It did not surprise me. I can imagine that the Crocodile Man's team fought with Hamish over rights to my eggs. "Who did this to you?", I asked my Dragon. Turns out, Malik did. I asked him if it hurt, he didn't say. I don't think it hurts, my guess would be that it does not, since Hamish and Dragons don't seem to feel any pain if they are injured. They don't understand what pain is.

So I told my Hamish Dragon that his bathroom rug is in my room next to the bookshelf. I had placed it there today when I did some aerobics in the room so that Hamish would have a little safe zone square in the room where he could retreat to while I dance. Again, Hamish had been worried about my eggs because of all the strenuous exercising. It can't be helped, Hamish, I had said, and explained that I need to exercise to stay fit and to keep my weight and not to get fat and to get strong. He will have to understand.

Hamish came up to me and said that he would like to have some liver, or something about asking to taste my liver. I said to my Dragon, who must be hungry to say something like that, that I am using my liver and that I can't spare it for him to eat. A little while later Hamish, again with his Red Sock Puppet head right up close to me like I love it when he does, Hamish comes up close to me and does his thinking where he gullops a liver into his mouth. When Hamish is hungry he tends to start thinkin' about livers, and he often asks for mine. And I just say to my Dragon that no Hamish, I am still using mine and it cleans my blood for me, without which I would not live.

Earlier today Hamish had thought where he gullops my hand quickly into his mouth, too. I love it when he does that! It even makes a sound like quickly gulloping a hand into the mouth, quick like a fish snapping an insect off the surface of water! And sometimes Hamish does the funniest thing, he imagines gulloping a hand into his mouth, or that the hand already sits in his mouth, and then he makes crackling sounds as if he bites into the hand and the finger bones start snapping. I love the sound effects, and it is just so cute coming from a Hamish Dragon. He looks so cute like a Sock Puppet Dragon how can you not love that face?

Hamish then asked me "why those appear" and "what they are", showing me white larvae again. There is a lot of white larvae over at the Reptilians' quarters. It didn't take long for me to figure out that those are corpse larvae. And once when I "invited myself" to go visit with the Reptilians, Malik the Black Reptilian I think it was, who said that "first they would have to clean all the larvae out first" if I were to come visit. (Didn't visit. Don't know if they cleaned.)

Hamish then shows me an image of a white adult hybrid corpse lying on a table there and its abdomen is open and I suppose there are larvae there. I then take a mental image of as if I were to take the liver from that body and put the liver into Hamish's mouth. Hamish is very pictorial in the way that he thinks and communicates, so I like to use the same to him. I want to show Hamish that I suggest that he has a liver snack from that, since Hamish Dragon is obviously hungry. Hamish then says "No", that "the liver is not clean". Ok.

Also earlier before the liver talk while my night light was still on, Hamish comes to my room and starts sniffing and he asks me "Can you smell that? What smells so good", maybe not in those words but that's what he said. At first I thought it was my raspberry drink so I lift up the glass and point it toward where Hamish is on the floor, "Hamish I think it's my raspberry juice that smells so nice", I say to my Dragon not in those exact words. Hamish sniffs a second time, he thinks that it smells good. That is when I realize, it is my bathrobe that smells. When I took it out today to wear for the first time, it smells very strongly of man's perfume.

Hamish is very sensitive to smells. He often comments on various smells. He complains if there are bad smells. He doesn't like the smell of onions, garlic, or trash. He loves the smell of men's perfumes. I have some lady perfumes in my room but Hamish has never commented on those. Not many days ago I even asked Hamish to have a smell at my perfume and to tell me whether it bothered his nose. He didn't say.

I've been trying to send Hamish to a particular SETI scientist and everytime that Hamish seems to go visit his home, Hamish goes to his bathroom and smells his perfumes in the bathroom and he likes those and he won't stop talking about them. I'm trying to have Hamish to visit Seth Shostak. (Dr. Shostak doesn't talk to me and he is not involved with Hamish or with any of my stuff.) Hamish knows enough about Seth, he calls him "the one who speaks on the radio", and Hamish says that he "doesn't want to go find that record", the record that SETI sent out into space all those many years ago. Interestingly I never told Hamish about Seth speaking on any radio or anything about the record. Hamish found out about those all on his own.

But Hamish loves his perfumes and Hamish also sniffed out Seth. I don't know if Dr. Shostak ever noticed Hamish that near him, but Hamish loves the way that Seth smells. Hamish is very sensitive to smells. Hamish loved that my bathrobe smells like man's perfume and he noticed it.

I want to get Hamish some presents. I want to get him a nice armchair, one that does not revolve, because ages ago he said that he would like to have one. I will also get him all of the Harry Potter DVDs because he loves "the boy who fights with a stick" and "Malfoy". I will get Hamish some yellow cut flowers because he loves yellow flowers. I did already get him a nice fancy big red bathroom rug, but he rejected it because "it didn't smell right". It smelled like factory and he already fell in love with the old bathroom rug that he imprinted his scent on and uses to groom his scales on. Like a big red dog named Hamish. But now I know to also get Hamish some men's cologne. He loves that. I love Hamish, and he will get presents. Hamish also loved the red ball ornaments on the Christmas tree, both here and at college. He commented on when we took the tree down yesterday. He loves those shiny red Christmas tree balls. He loves to look at those.

After commenting on my liver, I figured that Hamish Dragon is hungry. He then started thinking about eating a Dinosaur, and I said no, Hamish, please eat my hunnun instead. Hamish then showed me a baby that is my baby. It looked like a human baby only its skeleton was different. I think it has the beginnings of that external skeleton of connective tissue. They make them like that so that they are easier to eat, I learned just yesterday or very recently from the Aliens.

Then Hamish started talking about my appendix and he said that sometimes they bleed and are taken out surgically. He would like to eat my appendix. That is when Malik appeared and Malik too thought that it would be a good idea to take out my appendix so that it could be eaten. Malik in the past has also talked about having my spleen taken out, because I would never notice or miss it.

Hamish then said that the Japanese usually give them squid to eat when they are hungry so that they don't have to starve. It then seemed as if Hamish had gotten some squid to eat and that his hunger and thoughts of food subsided, poor Dragon having to resort to thinking of eating my appendix if only I could spare a piece of my organ meats. For those of you who don't know, the appendix is a small piece that extends out from a part of the intestine. It ruptures and bleeds in some people and when it does is very painful and has to be removed surgically. People can live without it and it is never a problem to have it taken out.

I love it when Hamish Dragon pokes up his head right up close to me. It makes me beaming with joy and often I giggle like a little girl. It is like having the head of a walrus sneak up right close to you and nearly snuggle into your arms. He puts his head real close and he is so snug and cozy, when Hamish is not Sassy Dragon that is.

Hamish said that he would like to hide from Malik. I got to see Hamish's face a second time and it still had that big cut on the right side of the face and again I wanted to just scream and cry for my Hamish but I contained myself best I could and tried to just talk to him about it a bit. But I said to Hamish Dragon that he could come climb up in my bed and sleep next to me. I would hold him all night and protect him from Malik, I said. After a little while Hamish said for me to move over so that he could sit on the edge of my bed. I moved over and Hamish sat down. Hamish said that he did not like to put his feet on the bare floor. So I hopped out of bed and retrieved his snug ruggy from next to the bookshelf and placed it right where it would be underneath his feet if he were to sit on my bed.

Hamish then hopped out of bed and got to standing on the snug ruggy. Hamish has loved that snug rug ever since he first started visiting me at college. It was yellow then the rug, and he would stand on it as I took a bath. I then moved to another place at college and his yellow ruggy turned into a pink ruggy when I washed it with a roommate's pink rugs. But Hamish loved it the same. Hamish recognized it as the same rug. Oh the joys as I used to watch Hamish stomping his feet up and down on it real fast! And he just stands on that rug and goes all delighted to be on that rug. It is Hamish's snug ruggy. So of course I had to pack it with me as I flew all the way from the United States and back to Europe to visit with my family over Christmas. And I didn't have much luggage space, I had to spare several pieces of good clothing just to pack Hamish's snug ruggy with me. But snug ruggy came with us, and here it is on the bedroom floor. I couldn't bear leave without it.

So Hamish hopped off the bed and onto his snug ruggy. One would think that a Dragon Turtle would prefer to sit on a comfy sofa (he likes those too) or to stay with me in my bed over standing on a bathroom rug. But he loves standing on little rugs more than anything. He camps himself on a rug and is pleased as punch. And then - I got to see the thing I love the most! Hamish said that he was going to wash his scales and groom himself. Then he did what I love the most more than anything else in the world. He stomped his feet up and down on that rug, right here next to me and my bed, and I just loved that moment more than anything else today. The highlight of my day, the highlights of my life are when Hamish stomps his feet up and down on that bathroom rug.

Oh and before he sat down on my bed, he showed me his thought image of my covers over by the foot end side of the bed and he said that he was going to "wipe his scales on it", and I had said that sure Hamish do that. Hamish has a thing about grooming and wiping his scales. He does it all the time. He uses a bathroom rug most of the time, he also uses my bath towel. He wipes his feet and scales and white pieces of shedded scales come off.

Maybe about a week ago one of the most fabulous but confounding things ever happened, with Hamish and me. Hamish took my left hand and turned it facing palm of the hand upwards. Hamish then gently placed two bits of shedded white dead scales into the palm of my left hand, for me to keep. The shedded scales look like round white pieces of bubblewrap, Hamish's shedded scales look exactly like bubblewrap. But, like Hamish is, those two bits of scales were invisible in my hand. Somehow Hamish exists in another dimension, and so does his shedded scales.

Hamish claims that when he grooms, that lots of his shedded bits of scales accumulate on his grooming rugs, whether his favorite snug ruggy, or here, mom's woven bathroom mat in the bathroom. But I never see any bits of scales on it. His scales, like him, are in the higher dimension. But Hamish talks about grooming all the time. He does it frequently and many times a day. It makes him come across as very vain and fashionable. He likes his appearance, and so do I. He is a very handsome Dragon, his fire engine red scales are breathtakingly gorgeous to see. I love watching my red Dragon Hamish when I get good close looks at him. So handsome.

But now Hamish was standing on his bathroom rug here next to me, and Malik had joined in on our conversation about whether my appendix could be removed. I think what I said was that yes Hamish could eat my appendix if it were ever taken out, because then Hamish got so excited that he stompety stomped his feet lifting his feet real high up on the bathroom rug! I've seen him do that sometimes. Sometimes he lifts his feet extra high up. Maybe that means excitement. I must also say that Hamish can stomp his feet up and down real fast even when he is not standing on a bathroom rug. He sometimes seems to stomp his feet when he gets frustrated or angry at Malik, something like that. It may be a form of communication, but I just think it's delightful to see.

"I can't sleep, Hamish", I whined at my Hamish and I sighed because I just can't sleep. Then Malik and me got to talking. I whined at Malik, too, that I can't get any sleep. It was nice having my two boys here with me. Both Hamish and Malik were in a good mood, and the boys were not fighting with each other, so it was great having their company.

Malik then shows me his mental image of a checkered black and white floor, and he says that he "likes those" floors. He has said to me before too that he likes those checkered floors. Oh yes! Before that, Malik asked if I would like to play a game of chess over someone's life. Basically that someone dies if I lose and something like that. Malik also asked if we could play over Hamish's life. Malik has asked me this of chess and Hamish at least once before. He saw me and my sister playing a game of chess about a week ago and then Malik had asked me if I would teach him how to play. Malik also wanted to learn to play Sudoku when he saw someone here play it. I told him about how Sudoku is with the numbers. I guess I could teach Malik how to play chess too. But he likes the checkered floor and maybe he likes that they have that in chess too.

At college where I had the small shower room where poor Hamish always got his turtleshell hump back caught on that shower door handle (and I used to think that he was rubbing his hump on it, instead turns out he was just getting stuck when he was trying to turn around in the small room!), the kitchen floor was a checkered black and white.

The very first night I stayed there at my new place, when I looked toward the kitchen late at night I saw that a portal to hell had opened in the kitchen. It had the strongest most distinct feeling of Malik the Vicious Black One. Malik is a real live Incubus for those of you who don't know already. Incubus is like a Succubus only male. And that first night I woke up with Malik leaning right over me in bed. I had a scare of a lifetime and stayed up all night praying for God and Jesus and the Angels to save me. I have never been so scared in my life, as when Malik really leaned over me that first night. The Aliens thought that I was staying at a hotel and it took them two weeks to stop asking me when I would return back home from the hotel even though I was telling them that I had now moved and would be living here. This was only the second place of residence that they had seen me in since their contact begun in August 2011. They haven't been as confused about my move to Europe this time, but they have asked me a few times when I am returning back to the United States and college, but they seem happy enough here. It's me they're after. And a certain bathroom snug ruggy doesn't hurt to have.

So Malik said that he likes the checkered black and white floor pattern. He then tells me, "I like them because they move", not verbatum like that. He then shows me his mental visual image in which the tiles of the checkered floor start to move! I was astounded! If you imagine two adjacent rows of black and white checkered tiles, black tiles moved all to one side and white tiles all moved to the other side so that it leaves you with one row of only black tiles and one row of only white tiles. I wondered whether Malik's eyes are somehow different that he sees it this way.

But it was like one of those 3D images that are hidden within a blurry image and if you look in a special way you get to see it. Malik then showed me how in this visual image of his the distortion of the black and white checkered floor continued. I asked him if it was a portal. Malik has told me in the past that these floors are gateways or something like that. For those of you who don't know, the Illuminati, Free Masons, all of it they use the black and white checkered floor. It is a Satanic floor, if you didn't know already. But I didn't know that the tiles actually move like this, for Malik the Incubus.

Some rows of white tile then lifted up from the level of the floor and the rows were moving around into a 3-dimensional holographic structure but I didn't see all of it. I thanked Malik for telling me this and for showing me about the floor. Malik was pleased that I was happy to see it. He loves to teach me about sinister things like Aleister Crowley and these floors, it makes him feel proud just like a father teaching his daughter. It is almost like a loving thing that he does for me. He would like me to be his "witch" and to learn these things.

Malik is also pleased today because I told him just a few hours before I went to bed that I would like to snuggle with him, to put it mildly. Malik seems to take physical intimacy seriously. Last time that I asked him for cuddlz, at first he got really mad at me as if I had broken some serious cultural taboo. But then he took things very seriously and declared that "we would have to get married next Sunday". Interestingly Crocodile Man who snuggled with me today got down on one knee and presented me with a gold wedding ring. The Reptilian men seem to think that they have to marry a human woman that they take to bed so to speak.

Right now I see a group of Reptilians wearing black hooded capes. They are telling me that they would want me to join them to take part in their ritual sacrifices in the woods. Regrettably I cannot join them, but they don't get angry at me every time that I decline. Malik seems to like me a lot. Malik is working on trying to get me to be with him. He also wants to find me boyfriends. He has hooked me up with two men so far previously, real men from real life. Both are creepy fellows whom I had best to avoid. Both are part of the Agenda, one is a Free Mason the other a Satanist, so you see what cup of tea Malik has. Not my cup of tea.

I still couldn't sleep (and still can't) so I went to the kitchen to eat something. Made a big platter of oatmeal with cranberry jam. I told Hamish to come watch the cranberries. He loves to see the red berries because they remind him of the round red scales on his face. Hamish also loves to see me eat pomegranates, same reason. I told Hamish to come see the red round berries that resemble his scales. It always makes him delighted to see those but Hamish said that because of Malik he couldn't. So I just spent time talking to Malik in the kitchen. Malik was friendly towards me. Malik acts like a father figure and I feel that he cares for me and wants to take me under his care like a daughter. There is a distinct nurturing comforting feeling of having Malik care for me so fondly.

Malik never hurts me even though he drinks my juice (vital life force) sometimes. And I think that Malik and me have bonded. We have had beautiful intimate times together, and today I invited him for some more though he didn't. I talk to him a lot about love and light, trying to get him to abandon his vicious satanic evil ways. I want him to stop enjoying hurting others. I really want him to learn love and compassion. I love that he always listens to me when I talk about it. The other aliens Pleiadians etc always commend me for being able to talk to them so that they listen when I talk about love, light and compassion.

I never get angry with Malik and we get along great. He hurts my Hamish and I ask him to stop hurting Hamish, that I love Hamish and that he means the world to me. Hamish is Malik's "prisoner guard", Malik says. Which I guess makes me Malik's prisoner.

It is 4 AM. I still can't sleep even though I ate all that food. I had some fish after I had all that oatmeal. I thought for myself, "maybe that I am pregnant with the Crocodile Man and that is why I am eating so much - but already eating like a pregnant woman?"

Now all I want in this world is to fall asleep comfily, to have no more creepy abductions, and to have my Hamish Dragon stomping his feet here on the bathroom rug. I also hope that Malik does not camp out underneat my bed. I hate it when he goes under my bed!

Malik is trying to find me another boyfriend. At first while I was in the United States my 3rd from Malik was going to be a CIA person. Now that I'm in Europe he is finding local men in this country. He found a high level police officer who has a summer cabin in the forest. We'll see if he manages to make our paths cross, like he did with the other two. Malik is like a dad who wants to hook up his daughter with the right men. Only that his right men are the wrong men. Good night!

Stop calling it a snug ruggy it is not that! - Hamish, not angry
What should I call it instead? - me
It is, my space! - Hamish not angry

*I would normally say this is January 14 but I already made a page for that day. This is the night between January 14 and 15, technically the 15th.

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