Contraptions in the MILABS abduction
January 12 2013

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Namely I had the most awesome conscious MILABS abduction of my life!!

Thuban chatty about stuff

I woke up early this morning but realized that I was still sleepy and it is Saturday morning so I went back to bed to catch a few more hours. But during that time when I was awake in the morning, a Thuban was here talking. I should've written down verbatum, because it was one of those milestone ET conversations which explains yet another stage of information, in this Saga. But, alas, yours truly was tired. I can recount for the gist of it.

I have 342 children there. The Aliens are not friendly. The hybrids are also not friendly. They will do experiments on me. That was the gist of what the chatty Thuban had got to say this morning.

Also, I have a skeleton, they say. Yes I do, I said, and I told the Thuban some areas on my body where he could touch me to feel the skeleton quite close under the skin. Such as on the hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, ankles and feet, if he wanted to or had a curiosity for it. But turns out it is not just curiosity, it is the fact that creatures with skeleton are harder for the Reptilians to eat, and so they have made these hybrids that - as I have been informed by the ETs long before and frequently so - have no skeleton, only a harder external connective tissue, which is also what the Dinosaurs have, I am frequently told. Now I know why it is such a big deal, to have no skeleton. For easier snack-packs a la Reptilian.

I start nagging. I ask and I ask for the Thuban that they would please let me stay awake and conscious during abductions from now on. I start to use the Thuban language of mind transfer in which we use no words, it is a splendid language, and Thuban is proud of me for being one of such rare humans who is actually able to use their language so well, albeit when I ask them why I am so capable they say that they are the ones who taught me. But I can use it and I love to use this language it is the best language in the whole world and I wish I would only get to use this language with everybody I speak with, even with humans, but humans cannot use it. It is the best.

Somehow, thoughts just instantly translate into series of voltage repulsions, ie. it feels like you have a viscous fluid which, though it may sound strange to you at this point when you haven't had Thuban interaction, seems to exist inside the head of the Thuban itself, a sort of organic tissue that responds to my mindwaves. There are contortional shifts within this viscous membrane inside of the Thuban's head, and it produces a sensation for both of us that are like tuning an oscilloscope with a sound speaker, only those are not sounds per se, but feel like voltage repulsions. And somehow, both me and Thuban can do this together, and it is really neat and awesome and all of my thoughts easily translate into concepts that are spoken in terms of those viscous gel-like distortions of a Thuban's inner membrane inside of its head. Neat, isn't it?

It is the most well-spoken, eloquent language I have ever had. I am able to express myself with perfect nuances, it is like my vocabulary extended by millions of more words, and as if I suddenly went from speaking baa baa like a 2-year old to speaking like the most well-educated scholar old person. And, with that eloquent language a la Thuban, I so eloquently said that I would so wish to stay awake, and expressed even all the aspects that I'd be just fine, I've done it before, etc, but it is so nice to whine and beg without the use of words and entirely within those voltage shifts in a viscous field. So I said it so well. And Thuban got me what I wanted.

I had the most awesome MILABS abduction I've ever had!

Alrighty! I open up my eyes, and I am in a contraption! I am in a basement that is also a hospital room. It is not a bright white hospital room, but a darker one without all those brighter lights. It feels damp as if it were someplace deep down underground. There are no windows, and it just feels like the walls are endlessly thick underground rather than walls with other rooms and the outdoors someplace nearby.

I am on a type of hospital bed which is also like a chair. I am not lying down on it but it has me sitting but not sitting straight at a 90 degree angle, more slumped and comfortable. The chair assembly is not white, but in colors of black and blue.


It is not of alien design now is it, wink? - the strange alien who always winks at me says just now about the chair
Who are you? - me asks
It is not an alien bed chamber. - Malik says with his deeper voice
I know. I wasn't sleeping there. What place was it? - me
And? Do you remember the face mask? - someone says at the same time that I said my previous
I remember it! - me

It is always interesting when Aliens speak at the same time that I do. It is also evidence that adds to proving to my satisfaction that these contacts are real.

There is a contraption about my head. My head is fixed perfectly still and immobile in some sort of headgear out of black maybe metal or carbonfiber or something like that. There is another strange contraption that goes into my mouth. It is a medium-thick tubing, white plastic semi-seethrough tubing. The tubing has ridges all across, kind of like on some vacuum cleaners, or the rings of the human trachea. I *think* but am not sure, that those ridge sections enable a tubing such as that, flexibility yet rigidity once flexed into position.

Oh the tubing might have been a blue black hue by the way, I just can't recall the colors clearly. There is also a mouthpiece that is fitted in my mouth. Waking up there like that I assume that this tubing probably connects another tubing that goes into my lung for breathing, I've seen too many hospital shows on tv where they only insert something like this into a patient if it is a tubing that goes into the lung (if not to the stomach to pump the stomach), so I mind myself to be cautious and respectful of this not to disturb any tubing that might be going into my lung through the mouth. However I notice that I do not feel any tubing going down my throat, I would expect it to have a strong sensation but there is none. Only now afterwards that I think about it, there must've not been any tubing going down the mouth. This was just a breathing mask I imagine, or whatever it was.

The Aliens do collect my stomach contents on a regular basis if not daily, and I was once awake for that when the BigHeads put a small thin plastic tubing down my was it nose or mouth to do so. And the Dinosaurs talk about collecting these samples all the time. But, the Aliens also talk often about the "facial mask" that I would have to have if I were to go there. For as long as I've been begging the Aliens to let me stay awake, they've been telling me something such as "yes but there would be a face mask involved", and all I've always said was, that "yes yes I can handle the face mask, do not worry I won't take it off". Maybe for oxygen supply. Who knows.

We haven't fed you with masks yet, but we are thinking of doing that. - possibly Dinosaur, in other language

Oh? So they can insert food into me with that thing? Ok. Anyhow, the mask fitted oddly over my mouth. I declare that it did not cover any of my face or even around the mouth. It was more like a scubadiver's mouthpiece that it fitted into the mouth, but even smaller than that. It was slightly large and awkward to have in the mouth, but not that it stretched my mouth much at all, like you see the scubadiver gear doing. Also, it was distinctly only in the lower part of my mouth, rather than filling my entire mouth from top to bottom. Somehow it also stayed snug on the lower part of my mouth, leaving a considerable part of the top of the oral cavity free of device. And it stayed snug on the lower part without nudging a bit, which I find to be applaudable engineering design to be honest.

I had a little hard to swallow my saliva and to be frank it was difficult to swallow my saliva I struggled with it and it kind of collected in my mouth. But I also found, once the two men approached me, that I was unable to talk. But talk I tried.

Human men there

You know those alien bastards haven't had men there before have they? - one of the MILABS men now
I think they have? - me
So, the sons of a bitches. - the MILABS man though he isn't talking as if he is really upset, more like he's expecting me to feel that way about them
Actually I was quite pleased to see the men there. It was a nice friendly visit, and I think that was fun. - me
Woo! A Thuban looks now real close at me and they rarely do that and I see his binocular goggle eyes! Awesome!

You were not anaesticized, kept under. - Thuban says in other language
I know that. Thank you. - me to Thuban
Yes you were our Lady! - Snake delighted
Oh yeah, Snake? - me to Snake

So first there was a black man. Tadaa! My first ever black man during MILABS abductions. I am pleased. After sixteen years of MILABS activity, finally a black man. Why? Just because I say so. He was fingering on my contraptions and he didn't really engage with me, he was acting as if I would be some patient who is asleep or nonresponsive, rather than to look me in the eye properly as if I were someone conscious and awake and ready to talk, you know the difference?

Finding myself in all these contraptions I figured for some reason that I've just had some brain surgery where they've implanted a small ultra-thin black square circuit into the back of my brain, a brand new implant. Why did I think so? Had someone told me that before? Did I somehow know it? Or was I only making assumptions. Or maybe it was the contraptions to my head that made me think that I had had brain surgery. Anyhow. I am awake. And I start to talk.

But I am respectful. I don't get upset or even scared either. I've always been dying to stay awake for abductions! They are so much fun adventures! Besides they are already taking place and it's mean and rude not to lemme know what happens during those, because it is a part of my life you know.

The black man goes away and two other human men approach me. One of them is someone I don't recognize. He is slenderly built, he is either in his mid or upper 30's or 40's even. He has black curly hair, the hairs on his head are thick, tight and curly. His skin is a darker color and his skin is not smooth but irregular maybe he had some acne when he was younger. His eyes are dark. He has such a distinct appearance he doesn't look like "everybody else". He is rather taller and more slender than most men I'd think. I've been seeing him a bit lately, the only one he could remind me of is Gillespie, but I don't think he acts sassy at all like Gillespie always does. But what do I know. And he is wearing dark clothes, black dress pants, black shoes.

The other man who approaches me is a more heavier set guy who looks to be in his 50's. His hair is thick and grey white, he is also Caucasian. His eyes are blue or grayish blue. He has like gray or beige pants lighter color not black, and he has a long sleeve blue plaid shirt on.

I try to talk to them, in fact I must've started talking already to the black man, but with that contraption in my mouth I sound just like a person at the dentist. I feel something at the back of my head something swollen so I worry that it might be bleeding or whatever after my implant insertion surgery which for some reason I thought that I have had and I start trying to tell the black man about that. My arms are free but my head is fixed, I try to signal with my arms as well that I think there may be a problem there. Everything's fine though. But I make at least three sounds like if you're at the dentist if not worse, all the while I am struggling to swallow my saliva because it's hard.

But the black man went away and those two other men approached me and they got real close to me. The men were talking to me and I swear I heard every word and sentence in perfect English and I'll be darned as soon as I woke up back here in my room I forgot every single word. And they said such good things too! They said wonderful sentences that are really interesting, I remember that. I heard them clearly then, and it was good stuff. I just can't remember a single thing now.

The second man who had gray hair came up to me and he started rubbing me with his one hand on my breasts and his other hand on my privates. I just knew that they want me to cum, but I wasn't about to do that and so I didn't. I don't want to do that in some strange place with some strange men.

But before that man started rubbing me, as soon as he got up close to me (he remained dressed the whole time I must add perhaps, so did the other guy), I did what I had always known I would do.

You didn't have to bite into it. - someone says about the mouth contraption
Did I bite it? I'm sorry. - me
Yeah. - he says
I'm sorry I said. I didn't know that. - me
Yeah we just worry about getting plastic pieces coming off... - he worries that I might swallow some pieces
I won't bite it if I'm awake next time. I apologise for that. - me

I've always known and always said to my MILABS men that if only they would let me stay awake, if only they would, then I would just hug them and hug them. For I would be so happy to finally know and see and have it be real once more for one more time. I feel like I am constantly suffocating and only when I am together with them can I breathe, for I have to know this, I have to know. I wouldn't be scared, I wouldn't "bite them" like they keep asking me if I would, I wouldn't be scared or angry or even upset or worried or anything like that. I would only run to them and hug them and hold them and never let go, because I could feel that they are real. And so I did, just like I had always known it was my true reaction.

I put my arms around him best I could cause he was to my left side and I was somewhat awkwardly stuck to the chair table, but I hugged him and I put my head (which was now freer it seemed) right against his belly which I could reach and I held him and I wouldn't ever let go, because he was a real man.

You weren't intoxicated this time. - ?
Thank you. Please let me be there again. - me
Just don't bite the "contraption". - ?
I won't. I promise. - me
Now, more ladylike next time, huh? - ?
What do you mean? What,.. - me
Pantyhose. - General Patton? (not GP in all of these though)
..P.. Pantyhose? You want me to wear pantyhose for the abduction? What now? If you want I will do it. - me

Captain Stephens used to want me to wear pantyhose for the abductions all the time, back when I was a teen. But that was ages ago and I don't want to think about it. Anyhow, I hugged him and it was so good to be in the same place with my MILABS guys. To hold him and to feel him and he was real. To be where all of my emotions, from these things in the past, are validated, are allowed, rather than piling up and not allowed because this might not be real. Where I am allowed to breathe. That is how it feels. I can breathe when I am with them, because all my emotions from what they have done to me, are validated, are real, in that moment when they are real and solid before me. Not just voices, not just telepathic remote viewing contact, but a real physical man and I am real and I am awake and they are there and I am not imagining things. And no one can take this away from me. And I can breathe.

And then he started rubbing me, and I knew that they wanted me to cum, but I didn't because I don't want to.

They were talking to me and I was trying to talk to them but I couldn't and they said awesome things like about where I am or what they are doing and stuff really good stuff but I can't remember now that I got back here. Then I realized I was free and as soon as I was I hopped off the table chair and ran to the door and did what I always do. I started to escape. Why do I always start running away? It is some kind of instinct. Always when I realize myself awake during an abduction, doesn't matter if I'm at the Syracuse hospital, or somewhere underground, I start to run away. I escape like a large animal that is just waking up from anaesthetic.

The door opened! I was scared that the greyhaired man would come after me but so far so good! I got through the door to this room I woke up in. I open another door, and go through. I am now in a hallway, and there are some creepy things. In the room that has no door so I can see straight in and I approach the room a little, there are some weird aliens there. And in the room also not covered by a door, to my left, there are also creepy aliens. In the room to my right is an Illuminati hybrid chubby chum, I go there for a while, I am not scared of them.

Then things started to get more fuzzy, I had more dream elements mixing in. I had some dream segments in the middle, where I am shopping on the market with the darkhaired human man, things like that. But the man remained in my dreams, clear and crisp as day. Somehow I figured that he was British, or for a while I dreamt that I was in Britain outdoors on a beautiful day. This man was going to do oral sex to me, he said that ladies had told him he is really good at that. I told him that I was good on doing oral sex too and that men have told me that. I didn't want him to do any on me, though I don't mind if I do on the MILABS guys I guess if they really wanted me to I don't know, but I really don't want anyone touching me. I don't recall being given any oral sex - thankfully - but it's something too intimate enough said I guess.

I felt a tug when I was waking up and I immediately knew from the tug that I was going back to my bedroom, I didn't want to go, I didn't want to let go of this place where I was awake and conscious. I got back into my bedroom rather quickly and as soon as I did, that whole clump of conscious encounter where I could have still remembered everything that they said and what happened, it all instantly became like a blurry cloud that was about to leave me altogether. I could have entirely forgotten all of it, every last bit as if it never happened, but I somehow held on to it, and thankfully it did not leave. This is a precious memory. I was awake in the basement, and I got to meet with my MILABS men, and that is a precious encounter. Because it's real.


Added: I now remember that after most of this, towards the end, there was a female hybrid kind of thing with those strange brown binocular goggle eyes like Thubans,

Oh, don't call those strange. - says Thuban lady now a bit sadly
I'm sorry, they are just different than my eyes. - me

There was something about toilet or latrine, oh yes. In a dream I had had to go to the bathroom and when I did I was trying to flush before this strange obnoxious girl came in to the room I didn't want her to be there to see it before I flush but she was pushy and wanted to be there. I was trying to interpret this into understanding and that is why I kept thinking that she is a new roommate at college. But no, she was a hybrid alien girl person thing.

But when I woke up here, not long passed when the Aliens told me that they have to clean up some poo from the floor where my table chair was. It was the same hybrid girl or someone similar to that, and a Dinosaur, both declared that they have to clean the floor.

With regard to me peeing during abductions, I am known to need to pee when I'm abducted. I will typically, in my half-hazed state, pee on the floor during abductions. That is why when it is the Japanese abductions, when they bring me to their Japanese cohorts in Japan, there is always a Japanese lady who escorts me to the bathroom, and they close the door on me and make sure that I use the toilet. Ha ha, Japanese are strict about nobody peeing on the floor. I peed on the floor in my Syracuse hospital abduction (heheh, I don't think anybody knows). But it's because I'm only half awake, I can't know what I am doing, I am like in a haze. I also needed to pee when I had the Thuban abduction.

But in my defense, I also think that they deliberately want to see my latrine because they are studying it every day to see how my foods metabolise. That is how they know so much awesome stuff by now about our foods. Hamish said the other day that "cheese has substances similar to penicillin", and some foods have "cell toxins" Dinosaur has said. Aliens want me to eat yoghurt and drink cow's milk, but I am not to eat or drink any sugar or fruit juice or sweet fruits like pears or peaches, or orange soda. They have an opinion about my foods, and their priorities are different than mine.

I said that I would clean the floor myself if they brought me back there, but they are reluctant to let me do that. It is their job. Thuban also said in the morning before I had my awesome conscious abduction experience, that "they do not work that way" or something to that effect, when I had asked to stay conscious. But conscious I was!


Added: Thuban also talked to me this morning about that I have "12 strands of DNA" and that is why they are using my DNA. I asked what it means to have twelve, why I don't have only two like everybody else, where it comes from, what it means, etc, but Thuban didn't say.

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