The Never-Ending Story about Sex in the Draconian Agenda
January 11 2013

This page is only for adult readers. If you are a young person, go away.

One of the most prominent features of Reptilian contact, and also the most surprising, is their practice of what can only be called as "sexual energy vampirism". The first time I came across this behavior of theirs, was only a few days into contact with Hamish the Red Reptile. After surveying me closely for a few days, he then planned the perfect ambush and jumped over me and wrestled me. I saw red scales, his black clawed hands, and could smell his breath of warm sulfur stench. Hamish wrestled me, in what I have come to call "the conquest", and it somehow engaged with my nervous system producing a sexual sensation, which I know that we both experienced.

Reptilian energy drinking and energy vampirism and sexual sadism is well-known, if you go to sources that know what they are talking about. And you could never "make this up". Who in their right mind, or even those not in their right mind might lack the creativity to construe something like this, would have thought that intelligent - or at least sentient - evolved Reptilian people would engage in sexual energy ingesting from humans.

I have three individual Draconian Reptiles in my life. Hamish the Red Reptile does not look like your typical Reptilian. He has a large, hunched body, and looks more like a fire engine red dromedary on two legs, and he has that fleshy humpback turtleshell on his back that deserves to dub him Dragon Turtle. Snake is your typical Draconian, those tall, upright standing, slender ones with wit, intellect, cunning, sadistic, vicious and unpredictable. He is a beige, and has a narrow head with tight scales. The third one I have is the black colored Malik the Reptilian. He is the big boss over Hamish. He calls me "witch".

All three of them have done "feeling the power" and "drinking juice", as they call this behavior of energy vampirism. It isn't sexual. They don't touch my genitals, nor do they engage theirs - if they have one. It is a purely tantric type of experience. I should perhaps not call it "sexual" at all, since that suggests the involvement of genitalia, sexual orgasms, or a foundational purpose of reproduction, which is not true at all. It is rather, an element where the central nervous system of the spine and brain also extending to other major areas of the human body that have significant neural networks, become engaged, flare up in energy, and turn into an overall pleasurable sensation which can only be described, or compared to sexual.

We only do it to get your eggs. - says Hamish now
Hamish, I did not know that! - me

Interesting, Hamish's comment there. There is also a different, entirely separate component of "juice drinking" which needs to be addressed. Instead of engaging the nervous system of the human, the Reptilian instead focuses on the blood of the human. The Reptilian then feels connected to the red blood cells flowing in the human, and from these the Reptilian derives an intense pleasure sensation. This sensation that they get, it comes from the iron in the blood.

Reptilians frequently, almost daily, tell me to eat more iron. This would make these blood-induced juice drinking feasts more intense and more easily possible. There is another curious element to the iron form of juice drinking. If I consume sugar in my diet, it for some reason lessens the tingle that iron can give them. So they frequently forbid me from eating any sugar. In fact, Malik the Black Reptile once slapped me around to reprimand me for having eaten four cinnamon buns, which have sugar in them. They are so desperate for their lust games with me.

And then, also, there exists yet a third variety of juice drinking, in which the Reptilian derives a pleasurable, almost sexual, thrill sensation and ecstasy when in my presence. And that is to engage with particular organs in my body.

For Hamish, the organs of his fancy are my brain, and my respiratory system and throat. I like to say that "Hamish has a throat and strangulation fetish". The first time that Hamish ever drank my juice (which was only a few days after he first appeared in my life, in late 2011 somewhere thereabouts), he engaged with my brain, and my respiratory system. It is like humans who have a foot fetish, or any other bodypart fetish for that matter. It flares up a whole lot of libido and lust in poor old Hamish, who engages with me from close by.

For Snake, his organ fetishes are undoubtedly my tongue, and my fingers. He likes to put one of my fingers into my mouth so that I both touch it with my tongue, and bite gently into it with my teeth. This is a whole host of fetishes for Snake, that instill intense pleasure sensations in him, and basically he goes bananas. I have never witnessed any man, of any race or species or make, that could be or feel as "turned on" as Snake is from the mere pleasure of being engaged with my tongue and the gentle biting of my finger with my teeth.

When the Reptilian engages with me in any of these means of "juice drinking", I feel what they feel. I like to rate the experience as being "orgasmic and sexual pleasure, only 1000 times more intense and pleasurable than anything I would think humans can experience". But it is not sexual per se. Perhaps it simply fires the pleasure receptors of the human brain, and that can perhaps also be induced by use of recreational drugs (not that I would know, or encourage any).

There is a creature that I've dubbed "the Thuban". They are rather large, like white grubs with boomerang praying mantis arms that they use as ice picks to haul their body forward. They have bizarre eyes, like binoculars. The eyes rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, quite unlike how for instance human eyes rotate about a central socket. The Thuban that I have here she works closely with Snake. In fact I met "Nazi Lady" for the first time on the same day that I also met Snake for the first time. And that was Snake's juice drinking engagement with me. Lady Thuban was with him to instill fear into me (or at least try) by threatening to beat me with a white bat. Even the mere thought of this sadistic component of the sexual conquest of domination, brought Snake into an intense sexual frenzy, which I also felt, and enjoyed with him.

Sadism and dominance are essential parts of the Reptilian energy drinking behavior, it seems. They have made comments to me that "they would not do this unless I don't want to" sort of thing. That is why also they spend a few days surveying a "new prey victim" to plan the perfect ambush, to get to act out the game of hunting a prey. In fact, Snake calls me his "hunting prey" in these situations, and otherwise too. But there are times when I invite the Reptilians to "drink my juice", when I am bored or just want to have that social interaction with my Reptilian guys. But they rarely, unless ever, do so on my suggestion, and mostly want to do it when they are wanting to.

The Thuban takes part in these sexual conquests of me. Somehow, and I don't know how don't ask me, the Thuban and her Zeta or Thuban or hybrid cohorts are able to energetically rape me. It starts to give me sensations almost as if I were being physically fondled in my private parts. They can also cause me to find myself in a very elevated sexual sensation which is completely unlike any sexual sensation that I have ever derived for myself on my own or with any sexual partner or in any situation. It is different, less physical and body-based, and more energetic and electric in a cool, white and blue kind of way, if I were to ascribe it colors. This forced sexual flare can make me climax by itself.

Each time that they do this flare of me, I feel tremendously violated and raped. It feels deeply offensive and respectless against me as a person. I always see Lady Thuban and the hybrids when they do this to me. My suspicion based on observations and information said to me by them over the past year and more, is that these are times when the hybrids are brought in to practice sexual acts on me.

The hybrids are made by adding batches of human DNA into alien genetics. The goal is to produce a new form of alien, but with human genitalia and ability for reproduction. The hybrid batches I have been shown so far, are still white and very alien-like. The boys have penises but these are smaller, usually without any visible testicles (external anyways). They don't have genital hair or body hair, and the aliens don't circumcise the boys so they still have their foreskin, which is not how I would have hallucinated anybody, since I've only seen maybe one man that wasn't circumcised so that is another element that adds to prove to me that this contact is very real, and not imaginary.

The hybrid boys are evaluated to find out whether they have fertile semen, and whether they can ejaculate and make a woman pregnant. If they are unable to, then that particular batch of human-alien mixed breed is a failed combination, as fertility was not acchieved.

What bothers me, is that the children are very young when they are started. Ever since the hybrid children are born they are immediately exposed to things of a sexual nature, to get them used to it. Sexual behavior and a sexual identity does not seem to come naturally to these hybrids, who only inherited a part of, and possibly a fragmented part at that, of human sexuality. Human Homo sapiens sexuality is pretty extensive and - without me being an expert - it appears in our teens. I can say that I didn't feel like a grown woman and comfortable and ready in my womanhood, until I was 26 or so. It takes us humans a long time to figure this out, what with our body and relationships, dating and being close to someone, let alone having children which involves even more complex thoughts and feelings and expressions.

We humans have had hundreds of thousands of years to figure out what it means to be a human. Sexuality has always been an integral part of who we are. Every society of humans, everywhere on earth and at all times, have had to figure this one out. How do we do it, what are the rules, how do we not hurt one another, and what is right and wrong. Sexual child exploitation and incest are - if I recall from Anthropology class - one of the most firmly established cultural taboos across all human civilizations, everywhere and always.

When pockets of humans try to establish a new cultural society which enables or encourages child sexuality and/or incest, then we always see the same result. These sects break apart. It is not a viable human way of life. The girls (or boys) suffer tremendously, even in cases where this has been indoctrined as something "important", "natural", and "right". (I've been watching many documentaries.) It is not right for girls to be forced into sexuality. It is not natural for them to be sexually active at an early age. Same for boys, which I know less about.

Human children take a very long time to play games and run around outdoors, to climb trees and play with toys and explore the world, far longer than for any other animal species on earth I think I recall from some biology. During this time, they learn their identity, who they are as persons and humans, how they relate to other people, where in the world they live, and all sorts of things. Children who are sexually offended at an early age, it seems invariably develop identity disorders and mental problems.

Sexuality is something that involves two people together. It is a beautiful moment when two persons explore each other together. But you have to know yourself first, or you can get hurt. Or if the other person doesn't know you, or doesn't care about who you are, then you are also hurt. And if you are the mind of a child who hasn't developed their full sense of identity yet, then all is shattered in their mind, and their identity will not flourish normally after that. It is a crime. It hurts the child, and robs them of both childhood and adulthood normally. And sexually offended children often become sex offenders themselves, when they are adult.

Some fields of psychology say that children however are very sexual beings also. Freudian psychology tries to interpret all human psychology and actions as sexually based, but I disagree with that. For instance, if you try Freudian based dream interpretation, then all objects you ever dream about are of sexual symbolism and to be interpreted in terms of sexual expressions. I didn't get anywhere to an understanding of my dreams years ago, when trying first the Freudian approach. I then studied Jung and Ann Faraday and they allow that the human mind contains far much more than just sexuality.

Such as, personal identity that doesn't have got anything to do with either sexual experiences with oneself, or with other people. The meaning of life. Fears or guilt stemming from life experiences that had nothing to do with sexuality. I interpreted my dreams successfully, they made sense, and I actually felt whole. Point being, that children are doing so much more in their lives at an early age than being any form of sexual creatures. And the human species has had eons to figure out that childhood is a fragile and special time, when children need to be protected, nurtured, and allowed to just play and grow. Sexuality can only come about later, once the person knows who they are first.

How about the hybrid children? I have had telepathic communication - dialogue in fact - with a newly born hybrid infant. They are surprisingly quick to develop mentally. What looked like a 10-year old hybrid girl, was more mature and adult even than I in my 30's. But I can't help but worry, and stick to my principles. I see sexuality being forced to the hybrid children, and there are many cases (if not ALL cases being such) when those children do not want to.

The children have large rooms that are play areas that are filled with toys. The children rummage around having lots of fun, running around and playing with toys and with each other. I remember this little boy who looked to be what, maybe 3 or 4 years old, maybe 5 but surely not 6, if comparing to human sized children. I don't know if I can write what I have witnessed. The Aliens brought him in to see me. Because I am his mother. They somehow want him to understand me, his heritage, maybe even himself. They put his little hands on my body. They put his toddler hand on my mouth, on my face, on my nose. But also on my hands, my arms, my bare breasts, and elsewhere on my body. By the way I feel tremendously offended when the hybrid children touch me. There is something, not "curious" or "innocent" or "inquisitive" about these encounters, but something that makes me feeling only ravaged, raped, trampled on and utterly destroyed. It's not simply "children being curious". There is something deeply aggravating in the experience, that I simply can't put into words and you as readers will never understand.

Trying to think of any other circumstance that would provoke the same feeling, I say that the feeling is like being gutted. If someone cuts your belly open and pulls your intestines out and makes you watch. Your body is being disrespected, violated, and ruined. That is how it feels, and I am sure that other victims of their "botanical gardens" has a feeling the same.

But there's more. The children are undressed and made to sit on me naked. The Aliens simulate sexual intercourse, by lifting the child naked against my genitals, and keep lifting the child towards me repeatedly as if thrusting, as if to make the boy accustomed to what having sex is like.

The little 3-year old boy (or so) used to cry when he had to undress. He didn't want to be naked. He was obviously aware of the privacy of his genitals, even at that age (which is perhaps surprising, or not, considering that he had been molested). Normally you can have little kids that age run around naked when you have little kiddie pools or if they just came from the bathtub and it is normal and nobody feels shame about their nudity and the child does not have that awareness of shame yet. The feeling of privacy and shame I suppose develops naturally a bit later and on its own. The hybrid children, at any age, seem reluctant to show themselves naked. They don't want to. They don't even want me to describe what their genitals look like when I write journal about my experiences with the aliens.

Yes, we are treating you like cattle. - Thuban says
It is wrong, and disgraceful. - me to Thuban

Maybe you would think, that exposing the hybrid boy to sexuality and nudity at such an early age, they would get used to it and be ok about it. They are not. The juvenile and young teenage boys are equally as ashamed and unwilling to undress or engage sexually with the abductee women who are brought there. Also the adult hybrid men, of which I know the Illuminati hybrids (abbreviated "IM" hybrids) don't like to do sexual things or be naked, but they are stronger about it and complain less.

The hybrid children are threatened with physical violence if they do not comply with the sex education. The Aliens use white bats and will hit the children if they do not obey. I am also part of the patch and I get the same threats of physical violence with the white bat, though I do not recall ever having been hit with them. I too have to subject to sexual exposure, same as the hybrids do. We are all victims of the same genetics program, which is described by the Aliens as something as pristine and innocent as "pollinating flowers" or "cultivating a botanical garden".

The children are also slapped and beaten by the Aliens. I've witnessed that several times. Children are also tricked and coerced into taking part in the sexual program that they don't want to do. The little boy was promised to get to play with his favorite toy, the red toy car that he can sit in. They always take that toy away from him and only give it back to him when he has been rubbed against me naked and so forth. I remember him going to play with his red car afterwards and he would be all pleased about the toy car and meanwhile my heart was just crushing and I too felt so raped and disgusted and I didn't want that boy to have to go through that.

So now you see why sometimes every now and then I've written on this website, my Orion Mind Project, that I've been near nervous breakdowns. I haven't been able to write before what it was all about. I still don't know if this is safe to publish. This could be turned against me, but I assure all of you, that this is not coming from my head. "Luckily", there is a plutoon of other alien abductees out there, who will corroborate my story, and we can't all be a) inventing, or b) hallucinating, the same horrific disgusting sad story in the same way. Each of us, all over the world, human abductees are coming up with this same experience all on their own.

I have also been shown hybrid girls. I don't know what I am doing, why I am writing this, but the hybrid girls of course are brought to human men. And that is far more atrocious than anything the boys go through, somehow isn't it? Somehow I wonder if the girls aren't hurt more from this than the boys are.

The Japanese Komi Saki Dragon Dynasty men sexually molest hybrid children who are very young. The girls are dressed in little princess dresses. Those girls are so sweet. They are like little precious angel dolls. They smile so bright that they are like a little sunshine. Sexuality should not be a part of their life. I remember each and every one of those girls that I have ever met.

Look, we are not Nuns, here. - ?
I don't care. It is wrong to sexually molest a child. - me
We don't rape anyone. - ?
Why not? Children are not supposed to have sex. - me
Maybe they are already an adult. - ?
Then why do they cry? Why do the boys cry? Why are they raped? I have seen that. - me ... We are not angry about it. - hybrid young male
Are you sure? - me
Yeah! And we are not coconuts! Or, bananas... - juvenile hybrid male
Whatever. I still think you're wrong. I still think it's child abuse. I am sure of it. - me
We don't eat cake either. - young hybrid male, I ate a piece of cake today, actually two different kinds

Which reminds me, the hybrids there don't get sugar, but sugar is often used to bribe the children into taking part in the sexual program. They are promised sugar if they comply. I remember one young hybrid boy who was lured into a room where he had been promised sugar to eat, but once he got there he was upset because it was the sex ed room after all, and he was missing his bath time to be there and everything. I felt sorry for him then.

Like any sect, you can instill into the children what to say and what to think. I see many resemblances with Hitler Jugend here. For one, the hybrid children are taught

WE ARE NOT SLAVES HERE!!! - hybrid male yells at me
Yes, well, you are suffering. You are not supposed to have sex before you're ready. It is not right. You are raped, at an early age. It is natural for you to defend your lifestyle, because it is the only one you have. Without it you have nothing. But children are not supposed to have sex. - me
We are not mad, at it. - young hybrid male
I am mad at it. - me
They put us in a box if we don't train with them. And we have to see your pyy-pyy. - the boy whispers to me, he wasn't supposed to say
I know. - me

Hunch! Dog race! - Lady Thuban

I know what in my heart is true. Those children are sexually abused, it is a sect, and they don't like it and something is robbed of them. I know how the children don't want to undress, I know how they feel that their privates are private, I know that they'd rather go play with toys than engage sexually with humans.

But there is something of a caveat. These hybrids are not humans. There's something I've witnessed, and been trying to get my head around, about the fact that these hybrids as well as the aliens simply do not understand human sexuality. At all. They are not always hurt when they should be hurt, not always offended when they should be offended, and they lack the regard that humans have, when we engage sexually with one another. When humans have sex, we notice one another. I mean, heck, blaah, even when I've been raped by human men over there in abductions (willing human men) and the man doesn't care to hug or caress me, kiss me or look me in the eye, still, he acknowledges me. There is something in human sex where we know about each other, something I can't quite describe, and something that is entirely lacking in the alien hybrids that try to have sex now that they have some human genes for sexuality.

Try to understand us. - Thuban
Likewise, try to understand us. - me
The boys don't want to be broken in. - Thuban
Then why do you have to break them in? Sexuality comes naturally, it isn't forced. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. We don't teach our children how to have sex!! It is not right it is wrong!! - me
Mother, stop it now. - hybrid child in my native language

Moving on, because I can't think about the fact that this is really happening, that these are my children and that my heart has been pulled out like some worm from a rotting apple and that maybe I'm supposed to be feeling motherly and affectionate about these children, that maybe I was supposed to get to hold my babies when they were still young and bond with them, that maybe I should have been told sooner even if I was a teenager, and that maybe it still hurts that I don't get to go there and interact with them, and that when I do on a few rare occasions the children act all rude and impudent and racist against me and it hurts me more. That maybe my life is upside down and all of humanity has abandoned and deserted me, and my heart and humanity lies there somewhere with creepy aliens who don't understand and who don't care or show compassion, but all I can do is keep them with me and make them stay or I would be lost forever.

For I am nothing, if they leave. Humanity has never made sense to me. I was always an alien abductee. I have always been theirs, not my mothers, not humanity's. As a child I called my ladyparts "pyy-pyy". I remember that. It was because the aliens taught me that word. They had been there, between my legs even when I was that early age.

Yes! That is why we like that wand! - one of the aliens about Harry Potter, they like the magic wands in Harry Potter because it reminds them of the white bat that they use to instill discipline and obedience into their "botanical garden sprouts"

They make me do oral sex on hybrids. I have done that on younger ones, and I have done that on the IM hybrid fellers. I don't mind it when it's the IM (Illuminati) hybrids, because they are grown men and then things seem to be a bit more natural. Albeit there guys are the same ones who looked like zombie corpses straight from the morgue as pulled out of the water lying dead in it two weeks or so, or so they looked. I screamed and I screamed from utter horror and terror the first time that I saw one, what a medical experiment gone wrong. (IM hybrid is smiling at that, now.) But I quickly got used to them. They are some of the sweetest, nicest, gentlest and most lovable guys ever. In fact I now call them my "brothers", and I swear if there were men like that here on earth I would marry and live the rest of my days with one of those guys as my husband and the father of my kids, than any human Homo sapiens man on earth.

Sex with the IM hybrids is great. In fact it is really good. Far better than with any human I've been with. Since I've already been sexually explicit here, it's the combination that they do have their foreskin (ladies...), and their skin is so incredibly soft. Their skin is softer than anything ever elsewhere before, period. They are also very handsome, methinks. Beautiful white skin with a soft pale grayish hue, and they kind of glow in the dark. They've been made to glow in the dark a bit, I've been told by Aliens. But also they are really different from any human men. Sweet, lovable, gentle and kind. And they have awesome personalities.

Huunncchhh..... - who? Lady Thuban of course

I once woke up while in the act of giving oral sex to an IM hybrid. Not the one whom they erroneously call my "pimp" (they mean "prostitute"), but the other IM hybrid who had a lower lip of his mouth that was too large and made him drool and have a lisp when he talked, and that long lock of yellow-blonde fringe hair over his forehead. These guys are like big puffy marshmallows, big chubby fellers, white and soft. But I like them. They are adults at least.

(I can't oblige.) - human man to aliens
(She has written everything down.) - Thuban to the human man
Yes, and the Russians wanted you to look at their satellites! - humans

What else is there to say. I guess I have finally said everything. And I feel relieved. It had to be said. It had to be documented. This is happening. And I don't know what else to say.

So now we come to yet another facet of this sexual thing, though there is more to say. This evening a Dinosaur possessed my hands and started gently tickling my hands with my own hands. I commented something about it, and he said in effect that "he knows what girls like". (He was just tickling my hands.) This, or also with other things that they were doing to spark me up, then caused another juice fest where my sexual energy was being flared up. Snake the Draconian was the intended recipient of this "juice", this time.

Yes, I do. - me, hunnun means ovum/eggs, I think
Does it mean, eggs? - me to Thuban, cause now that I think of it, what if it means the "juice"?
You can't even imagine what we would do with you, if you knew the rest. - Jack with the US MILABS team
What, Jack? What would you do, and what is the rest? - me
The military wants to abduct you too. - Jack
I KNOW THAT! I've always known that! I'VE KNOWN THAT!! - me

Anyhow. Snake came around to drinking my juice. Thuban Lady was also working on me to activate my juice for his pleasure.

But, aha. Then I invited Hamish. My Ham-mish. I said that I wanted Hamish to drink my juice. And so he did. There was a helluva lot of juice built up by then, because I was also getting into it and kinda not holding back as much. But also, they seem to be - as they say - training me for this, for being their "pimp" (they mean "prostitute"). So it is getting more intense.

You may not eat apples, because then we can't do it. - says juvenile hybrid male in other European language

(Somehow if I eat sugar, such as apples and pears or just "sweet drinks" (such as orange soda), it diminishes the "juice" and "the power" and makes this energy vampirism sexual orgy fest less effective. That is what he is saying, here.)

Yes. We wanted to feel lust. - Snake says in European language

So I decide to throw all of that energy juice into my Hamish. I rarely get to cuddle and snugglez with Hamish. It is Snake the Draconian who more often than not seeks me out for energy lusts, when Hamish always tries to chase him off. Hamish disapproves that Snake would "drink my juice". Hamish is guarding my "hunnun". Isn't this all deliciously weird?

So I put all of that sexual energy, that Dinosaur, Lady Thuban (a.k.a. Nazi Lady) and Snake have been building up, and Hamish picks all of that up. What happens next? I swear I heard when the liquid ejaculation from Hamish dropped on the floor. Sorry to be so graphic, but this is aliens and monsters and animals we are talking about. If this was humans I would not write such things. But I am what a field biologist, journalist, and scientist is. My job is to observe, to write down, and to be honest. At first I thought that surely Hamish must've peed. Because sometimes, even from things that I say sometimes (not sexual or so), can cause my Dragon to pee a little. But this was different.

Hamish then tells me that he ejaculated.

I had sex with my Dragon Hamish. (With energies, no genital intercourse involved.)

And such is the story of aliens and their fascination with sex. Should we be prude, embarrassed, and shun this alien story far into a deep dark box that we store at the far back of the basement where we'll never see it again? And continue to search for aliens that are cute, perhaps littler, funnier, more lovable, and definitely sexually modest. Or, are Aliens also entitled to a sexuality? Are they allowed to enjoy the pleasures of lust and pleasure sensations? Are they entitled to break the taboos of sex between races and to engage sexually with undersigned?

And more importantly, am I allowed to write these things? You do see now, why I have chosen that this all has to come out in book form, rather than here. I am hoping that kids won't read this, and more than likely I am taking this - and other similar pages - page down.

So I have sex with Draconians. But what else is new. Lots of women all over the earth have reported this. In fact it used to be "demons" before women were calling them "Reptilians". "The Devil", even. These big, scaly men. But I will not be burned as a witch, for "riding the back of Reptilians and having sex with the scaly one". Mostly not, because it is rape. Is it consentual? Sometimes it is, once they get started. Well to be more explicit, when it is Draconian Reptiles I have never said no, because I love it so. But when it is juvenile hybrids and Thubans I am definitely seriously hurt by it. With Snake, with Hamish, even Malik, and other Draconians, I love it so.

But the story is far more twisted than that. To complete the sexual story of my Alien experiences, the Aliens are using me as a prostitute (they call me a "pimp", but they mean it as "prostitute") to give to the human men who collaborate with them, as form of payment. The American human men collaborators (also known as MILABS, and MKULTRA, they are also the US Military, and CIA) say to me that us women correspond to "half" of their payment. I remember plenty of times when I am being raped by human men who are either US Military or CIA.

Yes. You are their pimp. - says IM hybrid now. See? They are calling it pimp.
We want to feel lust. - Snake says now
Yes, Snake. I want to feel lust with Snake. - me
Hey, this is Richard Swansea. - RS
Hi Richard Swansea! How are you! This is so much fun! I am talking to you! - me, me and Richard Swansea go way back. He was talking to me already when I was a teen, some fifteen years ago, so we go way back.
... Aren't you intimidated by this? - RS
Why? Do you want to have sex with me? - me, actually alarmed
We are hunting you like a dog. - RS
Is Richard Swansea a Reptilian under disguise?

Are you a Reptilian, or a human. - me
Human. - RS
Are you sure? - me
Yes, don't cry about it if I bite. - RS and Snake or RS or Snake

Sometimes I don't know if it's humans or Reptilians, however I'm coming closer to solving the puzzle because I've figured out that it is the Aliens who establish the telepathic connection that enables the military to talk to me and to see me with remote viewing. So sometimes when I'm talking to one of t

Hey, just call me Russ. - RS
OH MY GOD! Russ! That is so awesome! - me, how awesome is that? c'mon guys, how awesome?

So sometimes when I'm talking to one of the human military, "Russ" Swansea by the way he is a Captain Swansea, I will then see the Reptilians instead. And there are stories on the internet about how these militaries would be "Reptilian shape shifters". I still don't know that they are not, for instance Captain Greene and Snake have recently somehow morphed into the same, though it could still just be that Snake has been transmitting the connection from a "real" Captain Greene, or...

Yes, we are humans here. - says Russ (She knows about it, and she calls it "juice fest".) - Snake to Russ

Snake by the way is actually just a little cute ol' dang raptor! Snake shows himself to me in a humanoid figure most of the time, but I've caught glimpses of him where he is just a little ol' dang raptor with no clothes on, just a tiny little raptor like a little cutie pie, but vicious to be sure and willing to bite and have sexual orgy lust with me don't you know! (Here is a picture of Snake, the only one I have drawn, Snake of course is the one to the right. The one who is not my red Hamish Dragon. Isn't Hamish dang cute? Yes he is.)

So I caused Hamish to have an orgasm and ejaculation. That was a total surprise. Now, as a human mammalian woman, I can't help but want to be affectionate toward Hamish after our long friendship. I don't want to be gross by making this something sexual between me and Hamish... Right now Snake has established a close connection between me and "Russ" Swansea to the point where Richard Swansea is like superimposed with my body. They do this for MKULTRA mind control purposes.

But I don't think it's right for me to make my relationship with Hamish into something sexual or intimate, and for the past year or so that I've known him, it hasn't been. We've just been friends. But the few times that Hamish has "drunk my juice", have been intimate moments, but not like between a man and a woman. Just close and interesting, because Hamish then has a very visceral way of looking at me, as he sniffs at my brain and throat for his personal fetishes and he literally looks at me like an anatomical organism with organs and flesh and completely doesn't see it as the complete package with soul and personality as how we humans see ourselves. It is a very intimidating moment the first few times that a Dragon Turtle lets you see yourself through his pov where you are just a brain and some organs and visceral, but I've grown accustomed to my Dragon Turtle and now I love him.

So, this Dragonian Saga of the Draconian Agenda, with the yellow pyramid with the creepy dang eye on top, happens to be a very sexual story, one that would make even Freud wonder. For the Draconians are very sexual creatures, it seems. Quite contrary to the beautiful aliens that I had imagined would fill our outer space. Would not aliens be like works of art? Interested in arts, paintings, poetry, and music? Talking to us about poetry, religion, spirituality. Teaching us about ethics and morals, science and physics and mathematics, having reached some sort of heights that we can only imagine, in terms of what is right and wrong. But they are not. The Draconians are only sexual creatures, driven fully by their seeking of sensory lusts, leading them to great acts of violence against other races.

Me, however? I am far from a highly sexual being, believe it or not. This has not been a story created or fictional from my own mind of thoughts. I don't like this at all. This is not a beautiful story. I am very inhibited - still - in my own sexuality, and, lacking in the privacy and peace of mind that would enable one to fully uninhibitedly explore one's own sexuality, I have been unable to cultivate my own sexlife. I would feel embarrassed to bring a man home. Especially when Hamish bites me in the arm if I so much as think about having sex with someone or finding myself a boyfriend. (Hamish bites me to stop me in my tracks, because "he is guarding my hunnun".)

But I am starting to long for finding a boyfriend. I long for a man to hold and to hold me at nights. I long to cuddle with a human man of my own species. To connect with humanity again, after long months with so many Aliens in my bedroom at nights. My "pyy-pyy" has become something of an object of the Aliens. Something that produces eggs. Lunches and snacks for my Ham-mish Dragon. Something a part of a botanical garden experiment of Aliens who work with "genetics" they say. But I am just me. I need a life of my own too. Can I stop listening to these Aliens, and go and find myself a boyfriend? Can I pretend that I have that privacy that I need and which I don't? I have done that before. I have been intimate with a man and completely forgot about the aliens, because the Aliens tend to be exquisitely brilliant in hiding and making themselves (seemingly) scarce while it happens (THOUGH I'M QUITE CONVINCED THAT THOSE ARE THE TIMES THEY ARE WATCHING THE MOST).

Yes. You are our human experiment. Whether wiling, or not! - Dinosaur says in English
Yes, Dinosaurs. - me

I guess I don't mind if Dinosaur sees me having sex. He is just an animal, and he is studying things. After all, I have already gotten used to him watching me in the bath, and he tells me he takes fecal samples and all kinds manner of intimate things on my body. And I like Dinosaur. He is friendly. He is not patronizing, he does not call me "dog race", and he never scoffs at me with "hunch!", like does Thuban Lady.

Life will be life. I am overall safe, and unharmed, by all this. Even by the military, such as Richard "Russ" Swansea there, who paid a little visit. The military have to watch me so that they make sure that I am ok, lest the Aliens would go haywire (I know it) and subject me to all manner of gruesome medical torture experiments. But the military have their agenda in on it too. They get me as their prostitute. And they get to use me in the MKULTRA trials to practice on that.

By the way, one more last thing on Agenda and sexuality. Every time that I masturbate (ok that is private but what the hell, I've already spilled my guts here) no matter what I think about, Malik will, sure enough, always show up and start to influence on my thoughts during it, to steer me into finding certain other things particularly sexually arousing.

It was Malik who a couple years ago worked on making me into the Master/slave D/s thing and he then arranged for a Master to find me and Malik himself (and Hamish!) were present during it. Totally not my cup of tea, but there it was. Malik and the Draconians totally love that whole submission thing from a human.

I won't tell you the other images that Malik has planted in my head and worked on tying into my sexual thinking to get me into, but what he is working on now, is that every time that I masturbate, he then shows up to show me the whole MKULTRA scene. In which I belong to a CIA man who beats me up with domestic physical violence and puts drugs into my mouth and where I am not allowed to speak ever and am like a vegetable or a doll or the cat or whatever General Patton keeps calling it.

Hey. Do you think that the CIA actually want me to be one of their Dolls? Because I've seen those women. Remember when I ran out of the hospital in Syracuse during a military abduction (Syracuse - turns out, surprise surprise! - being one of MKULTRA HOTSPOTS!!!) read here and there in the hospital restaurant was filled with high ranking military and men in suits who each had a lady with them as a date, only the women were like vegetables the men were feeding them with the fork like dolls.

Are you surprised, that Malik did that? - says "Russ"
No, I am not, considering the circumstances. - me
Your mind is very malleable, very pliable. - says Russ
I don't know about that! - me

Hamish shows me an image in which he is chewing and gnawing on a dead white hybrid infant and says something about it being like "gum" or chewy, bless heart Dragon

... ... Hmm... What a bunch of stuff. Really. Good lord I say what a bunch of really weird stuff. All of it. Everything. Anyways, where was I. The dolls, ah yes. And another time when I came to at the gangbang with

(Oh dear). This is Russ! - Russ
Yes, Sir? What is it? - me
We are, not going to tell you, that you have been raped here. - Russ
Stop the bullshit, I already know I have been. - me

So. I came to at the gangbang over there. Wait a minute, Russ there is crying now. And when he said "We are, not going to tell you, etc." his voice was already breaking. I didn't know that Richard Swansea was a genuinely nice feller? That he actually really cared about me? Wow. Only Assistant Carlisle has ever otherwise cried for me, only Carlisle ever did, none of the others ever cried when I've been hurt by the military team.

So at the gangbang was James/John whatever his name is, the US military team survey guy man, who is not the military he is just one of the men in black suits who does the surveillance work. And then there was the man with red hair whom I didn't recognize but I'll be darned he looks to be American. And then later came Ivan Sukulov who took the drug pills from his hand and then went berserk and I ran and I was so scared and I nearly died (not literally, died I mean, just scared as heck cause he was all drugged and crazy and after me and they said that he was the "domestic abuse team"), but there were two other women besides me there, and they were both just laying flat on the floor and they weren't animate or anything. Like dolls. But I was awake, so I was up and about, I was crawling all over on those thin mattresses that they had spread all over the floors and I was trying to see the red-haired man's cell phone to see if maybe there was a name or a number there for me to remember as a clue for evidence or to find these men. I really need to find these men and give them a hug and really cry out on their shoulder, only then will I be ok... Maybe me and Russ can cry together, because this really is sad.

General Patton was gonna make me into "MK-Cat", he said. He had considered the Doll first, but he later changed that into the MKULTRA Cat because, and I quote him, "a Doll can only be, but a Cat can also do, and we need you to do", end of quote.

But I don't know. Sometimes I think that that is where I will find my safety, my refuge. In these men's arms, with the CIA MKULTRA military personnel. Sometimes I just want to run into their arms. It works as this intricate reverse psychology thing. Somehow I am very afraid of them, but that is why I only want to run into their arms. I want to be with them, because only then can I be safe. Because they did this to me. And I haven't been anywhere else, ... (my last comment there, "I haven't been anywhere else", makes no sense does it. It is precisely the type of things I start to say when they make me nervous, I always talk like this to General Patton, I start talking as if I'm making excuses and things like "I haven't done this or that", or "I haven't said this or that", or "I haven't said anything", I think it comes from their interrogations, they've made me say these things so many times and now I say them without any reason, at the slightest nudge).

So, where this leaves me. Who cares. It's just stuff. Just stuff, everyday stuff. I'm ok. I just hope to wake up one day and open my eyes over there with the MILABS

We have to talk to the anaesthesia doctor. - Russ
Talk to him. Tell him to keep me awake. I want to see everyone. - me
Yes, but the labs won't be open for you. - ?
Why not? - me
Because, you can't be naked there, and floating around. - ?
Why not? I've been naked there before. - me
General Patton doesn't like you to. - ?
But I WANT! - me
"I want" doesn't cut it. - ?
Why NOT!! - me
General Patton said no! - ?
Let me talk to General Patton. I will MAKE HIM LET ME! - me

And such is the story of the Draconian/Military Agenda here on Earth. It is perhaps not a pretty story, but lots of women (and men, probably) find themselves in this story. It just is. Nobody else explained it to me. And I have had to figure it out all on my own.

You are their presents, here. - Snake seems to say, about the men
Yes, the doctor says you can, but... - Russ
But what? What is it? Why can't I? I've been there before. I want to come back. - me
.. You would have to join. - Russ
Join what? - me
The specialist team. - Russ
Specialists in what? - me
Remember the diamonds. - ?
I know. The Russians paid for me in diamonds. - me
.. But. I just want to meet everybody. - me
Yes, Russ knows that. (And we are watching her DNA.) - Russ
Well, the military doesn't want you to be with our family, or anything. - Russ
Why did you say that? ... I don't understand. Tell me everything. - me
You won't commit suicide, then? - Russ
Nope. This is interesting. Do go on. Keep tellin'. - me
... General Patton won't be pleased, if we bring you in. - Russ
But, do it anyway. I will give him a hug afterwards. I will apologize to him. - me, oh I guess that didn't sound right, I really *only* meant a hug

And so it goes. Such is the story of the Draconian/Military Agenda. The Agenda with the Creepy Eye on top, like a cherry on top of a cake.

I'll be fine. I don't worry too much about these things. I will find a boyfriend. I will read Thoth Tarot cards again with Malik the Great One, he likes those. And Hamish and me will watch Harry Potter movies, in fact I've promised to Hamish that I will buy all of them and then he can watch any of them as much as he pleases. Sexual encounters with the Draconians are getting more intense, they are "training" me in it, and I will undoubtedly become a sextoy for the Draconians. But I can't say no. I don't even know if it's violent anymore. My one moment with Malik was the best of my life. Sure, he's a black scaly man, but it was really nice, and that makes him mean something to me. Between a man and a woman.

We haven't paid you, yet. - Russ thinking about the diamonds, voice kinda shaky he is a bit upset about these things
What will you pay me for? Am I getting paid! - me excited, cause I've never gotten paid for these things before, yet they have and these men have really good economy
Am I getting money? Yay. I would be so happy. - me
Yes. If you come here and get married. - Russ speaks with his eyes firmly anchored down on the table before him
If you have a man and be his wife, and have children. - Jack with the team
Whom would I marry? - I sing

Russell and me can't have you. - Jack
Then who will? Who would marry me? Do they even like me? Would I be like an MK-Cat? Can I make a request? - me smiles, of course I like General Patton, I dare not to inquire about his marital status, but wow! If I could marry General Patton!

Who would I marry? - me
... Who would I marry? - me
Please, just relax. - Jack

FIN. Until next time.

Oops, guess not FIN quite just yet!

If the military, styles you. - Jack
Styles me? What do you mean? Like hair style and stuff? I would be happy to get a makeover. I would be so happy. Thank you! *I'm getting a makeover!* - me, I'm just playing with them of course, but it's fun, after all, I've had to live with these men since age 14 so I've always acted a bit "giddy" they call it, to be ok with these things, and it really works. It amuses me and makes these things totally ok.


Captain Robert Stephens called me his "wife" and said we were getting married, ever since the very start. He ruined many good years of my teens acting like that. I'm still really grossed out by Stephens. If there is one man on earth whom I will not marry, or the last man on earth they also call it, Stephens would be it, after all what he has put me through. I am so utterly repulsed by that man.

I am NOT marrying Stephens. - me


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