The sad story of alien prostitution, baby factory,
drugs, child sacrifice, and Satanism
January 07 2013

Friendly word of caution: this page describes gruesome elements of the Draconian Agenda as it acts on planet earth in an upper dimension. If the contents of this page are shocking and upsetting, feel free to discard it as a hoax or a hallucination and carry on with your life. But for those who have experienced this themselves, see that you are not alone and we might not have the same option to pretend this doesn't exist anymore.

Monster under my bed

Last night as soon as I turned off the lights in my bedroom I saw and sensed the Black One lying under my bed in wait for me to go to sleep. Seeing this Incubus monster under my bed does what it would do to anyone who discovers a monster under the bed, you suddenly become afraid of the floor and have to jump right into bed (unless you opt to run away) because you're too afraid that it would touch your feet with its hands reaching out from under the bed.

I had to turn the night light on because it makes it easier with the Incubus, and I fussed at the Black One I said something like, "Malik get away from under my bed! You are a grown man and grown men don't hide under people's beds!" He is there to cause me nightmares at night of course and so that he is right close to drink my juice as my human life force flares up from the nightmares. I turned the light off, fussed at him some more, and went to sleep, with Malik The Black One still underneath my bed.

Something happened last night

Something happened last night but I already can't remember. I had woken up in the morning still remembering some things that had left me wondering. Then the Black One appeared to me. Not the black Reptilian who calls himself Malik, but the Black Demon who used to call himself Betelgeuze.

The Black One

I chatted with Oh Blackness One. We had a good talk. There is always something funny and ironic about having a pleasant conversation with a real live Incubus Demon who devours souls and pleasures in the ritual sacrifice of children. Imagine being chased by Freddy on Terror on Elm Street, and then suddenly the two of you are best buddies playing chess together or watching tv like any two good friends. It's just funny to not have to be scared of this Incubus but to have a normal conversation with him. No, I'm not scared at all.

The Black One had a lot to say this morning. He talked to me about pentagrams drawn on the floor. He told me and showed me in his mental image a larger white pentagram that had been drawn somewhere and had now faded and he expressed how he misses having that one. He wanted me to learn to draw those. I asked him why he likes pentagrams so much, he said that they are used to do black magic.

He also wanted me to learn to do Thoth tarot cards properly. I said to him that if I get the deck of cards I would do his full reading using all of the cards for him, and I reminded him of how his "power" card had been the tower with fire and destruction and The Eye. He spoke about The Eye, this is their God and Ruler. I regretted to the Black One that I was not in position to become his witch (he likes to call me "my witch!", see here).

Because he has wanted us to do those things together. That we could not live happily together with him teaching me about Aleister Crowley and pentagrams and black magic. I could not join them, I said, because I have a choice and I know about light and love. And having felt and experienced both the allure of black Satanism that caresses you like soft velvet, and the loving light of God and The Holy Spirit the choice is easy and you always go with Light and Love.

Incubus throws me against the wall and drinks my life force

I can't remember what he said when he did this but he threw my body flat against the wall beside the bed I was in, not just into the wall but flat against the wall, which takes a considerable amount of more force and effort, and he pushed me rather firmly against the wall. This is a Demon who does this, I see him and I feel him when he visits. I see his black clawed reptile hand as he likes to put his hand on top of my own hand.

And in that moment he drank my "juice", as they call it, which is the life force. Oh yes, the thing that he said was that he wanted "that!", pointing to the base of my spine where the human life force is rooted. I said to him that it is the "Kundalini force" that resides there, and that he could not have it or that I would die without it. He then pushed me against the wall and engaged with my energy system and proceeded to ingest my soul and life force into him, leaving me with his black darkness and void soullessness after he steals a part of my soul and light.

It is an intimate moment, it almost feels like sex. The Black One drinks human life force

Yes, you are like our pet. - says Malik the Black One in Reptilian guise this time

The Black One drinks human life force not only for his sustenance and nourishment, but they also derive a pleasurable sensation that I would rate as 1000 times more enjoyable than human sex. So it is a drug as well. Reptilians have a huge capacity for feeling pleasure. If you think of it in terms of Darwinian evolution, it is possibly so that the ones who felt it the strongest, had the most incentive to conquer and kill others in their pleasure seeking, and so this trait evolved into stronger within their species.

Malik threw me against the wall a second time. I wasn't afraid or upset, I kind of liked it, though I did declare to him that now I was left with some of his darkness while my light was around him. It is ok, I recover after about three hours, and my light will be back to its former glory, and Malik's stolen light will be scattered. Malik then approached my physical heart. The human heart has a lot of life force. In the past when Malik has started drawing life force from my heart I can literally feel and see the heart wither like a live flower that turns black like burned paper and I know that it will kill me if he drains it all, so I reacted by having him know that this was not allowed, so he stopped draining my heart.

For some reason the conversation went into prostitution. I think I was remembering something of that from last night, I can't remember anymore. And I was saying to the Black One that I would want to stay awake if anything happens. I don't want to be abducted or used for anything if I can't remember any of it. One of the other Aliens responded with surprise or horror at my wanting to stay awake for such a horrible thing, and I said that I was curious and I needed to know what goes on.

On a few occasions like two times, Malik came up closer to me and then I could smell his breath. It smells like disease and rotting and death and corpses. I try to be nice and not comment on it or anything, but when I smell his breath it has a physical effect on my body. It makes me feel nauseous and sick, and I have to ask him to back off. I would literally get very ill and vomit if he stayed close for too many seconds.

I asked if I could have a conscious close meeting with him at night so that I could come visit him. He said that it was not possible. I asked him why, and he said that I would die if I got that close to him. It is true. I feel that when he is close my body starts to die. And there was that one time when I woke up with him leaning right over me and I was so scared from what I saw and felt that I was whimpering for God and Jesus for the many hours until daylight. He is not a joke. He might be Satan himself for what I know.

Hamish was around and was watching me. I know how Hamish fears the Black One and how agitated he feels. The many times Hamish has wanted to hide under my bed, or in the closet or the bathroom, from the Black One. And I know quite how scary the Black One can be, so I feel sorry for my Hamish Dragon when he feels that way. So I reassured my Dragon, that it was ok. Me and the Black One were only talking.

How about some prostitution?

The conversation went into prostitution and I declared that IF it has to happen then I have to be allowed to stay awake and that they should tell me in advance so that I could do my hair and makeup and put something nice on. "I could not go like this", I declared, having no makeup on and sad clothes and a cold at that.

Second sleep

I fell asleep again. In the dreams I was on a moving train. A guy starts fighting with passengers. He then comes up to me and punches me. But I was not afraid. Instead I started talking to the guy. Believe it or not I have Arcturian Angelic protection and they are the ones who steer these nightmares into safe situations where I feel no fear.

I am then at a recycling station in the dream and they have found the skull and bones of a child among the waste. This, no doubt, is a reference from the fact that Malik and the vicious ones murder so many children in ritual sacrifice, just to devour their souls.

Then I am in an old small house in the dreams. I am rushed by a lady to go to a room with her. She ends up pushing me into a small bedroom so that I hit the floor. While I am still on the floor and I am on all fours about to get up, someone starts spanking me. I realize it is a man. He does that for a while. Then he has sex with me for several minutes. I am awake. Later he pulls me to the bathroom counter so that I am up on it. I see myself in the mirror. He then has sex with me more. Aliens tell me that they (Aliens) need to watch.

After it was over I chatted with the guy and we talked for a bit. I think he asked me to tell him a few things about myself, or that I chose to tell him a few things. I told him about my career. He never hugged me, made eye contact, or kissed me or caressed me for the sex, and I find that very odd and impersonal, how a man can do that.


I wake up and realize I had got my wish. The Black One had let me stay awake for prostitution. When I woke up and back in my room again the Black One said that "several hundred children each month" result from the prostitution business when women like me get pregnant. So it is not that the Black Ones and Aliens want to provide their human collaborators with women and sex, but they do that as a form of payment to those men, and also if and when women like me get pregnant, those children are taken by the Aliens and used for ritual sacrifice.

The Black One had said to me that the babies are at their best when they are "two days old". That is when they have the most life force for him to consume. What confuses me is that all the human men can get women pregnant like that and not care that their babies are being murdered by vicious demonic aliens? How can they not have a heart and care about their own children? Children who are half them? Little baby boys that would have grown up into adult grown men who look half like them and who are half what they are? How can they not care about human beings? I don't get it, where is their heart, where is their soul? Is it because they get sex, drugs, women, money, and power, from their collaboration with the aliens and that is somehow more meaningful and valuable to them than their own children?

The man who had sex with me is married, and he thought or said to me afterwards when I was awake again that it had been better than with his wife. Oh, I recall that as I was pleading to Blackness that I'd want to stay awake for the alleged prostitution that takes place while I am asleep, that I would be happy to close my eyes or wear a blindfold if it is that I am not allowed to see. That must've not been the issue, since I was not blind folded and I was able to see.

And last night one of the last things I was said by the Aliens before I went to my bedroom (to find Malik the Black One hiding under my bed) was the Illuminati hybrid man said that I am his "luxury prostitute", like a "high end prostitute". I had not been called that before, and I said to him not to flatter me, that I wasn't that attractive to be given such a high rating.

What else?

So, what else is there? The Black One did mention The Eye god last night. I felt the Black One as he got close to me to drink my juice, how terribly frail and weak he feels. He feels very sickly, cold, lonesome, and also insane. I feel sorry for him and I pity him. I almost want to wrap a blanket around him and take him in my arms. He suffers so tremendously.

But it is true, that anyone who gets too close to Malik the Incubus would instantly die. Malik knows this and he keeps at a distance, for he doesn't mean to kill me. I am too valuable to them, I am their food source. I do not hate Malik. They kill babies, and they put women like me through prostitution, and all other manner of bad stuff, like they also take credit for Hitler and Nazi Germany. But none of it is my fault, I don't like what they do, but I choose not to become emotionally involved. That is how I get to study them, and learn more.

Oh, lots more!

Gee darn I mustn't forget all these things! Black One also mentioned the Jews, something about that he doesn't like the Jews. And so I asked him, Malik why do you dislike the Jews so much? Because he had told me not to like them either, and I had said that the Jews are among our most wonderful people, who have done some of the most good here on earth, and that they are generally a well-behaved wonderful people who live good lives and are good to others. "They are from Vega and Lyra", Malik replied. That is why he hates them. "But surely you cannot blame them for what their ancestors are? The Jews do not even know about Vega and Lyra!" I don't think it's fair. (And I'm glad that I'm not Jewish. I would hate to have the wrath of Malik the Blackness on me. *Shivers*.)

That is why you see so much persecution against the Jews, persecution that does not even make sense. The Black Ones rule many humans on earth. They can possess human minds quite easily, and love to make humans cause violence. Oh yes! I nearly forgot! Blackness told me that they possess many men and cause them to do crimes and rape!

Hahaa! I remember now the first dream that I had! I was in a place filled with drug addicted men that's it! There were gangs of men who were all drug abusers! One of the gangs had a young girl with them. Each pocket of men of about three or five each was supposed to have one woman! I was offered drugs and I declined. The men used drugs that made them barking mad and dangerous. And before I went to sleep for the first or the second sleep, Black One offered me Cannabis, and I had graciously declined. Black One had then complained regretfully, that "we are so much easier to conquer when we are on drugs".

Black Ones want humans to do drugs and alcohol, because then their minds and souls are so much easier to possess to cause them to do crimes. The Black One had said that "there are so many men there who would like to rape me", about the drug addicted gangs in the first sleep of the night. I don't recall anyone having any sex with me the first sleep that I had. But that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

[I never drink alcohol, I don't smoke, and I don't do drugs. And I am very firm on that. I am convinced that drugs and alcohol cause aging, deterioration of the brain, and would make me less good of a scientist. I need my brain, and health, and I also think that it is disrespectful toward the human body to intoxicate it with such things. Which is why I also try to eat very healthy foods. The human body should be cherished.]

Yes, we are glad that you don't use any nicotine. - Malik
That's right. Because it would hurt my DNA. And the babies. - me, sheesh
We don't mind intoxicated. - Malik
I know you don't, but I do. - me
Would it be better if we didn't come here. - Malik
... No. - me
Because you wouldn't get raped then. - Malik
I don't know. I am already ensnared in this. - me
That is because you are my witch! - Malik
(*This paragraph was placed after the end of the page as I was proof-reading, but occurred as I read this segment. The above paragraph in brackets was also placed afterwards.)

Why the Queen, of course

I am sorry to bring this up however I am far from the only one who writes about the Reptilian Agenda who brings up the Queen of England. Reptilians and Black Ones love to play around humans. They frequent military leaders, politicians, monarchs, priests, even sports coaches, any human in positions of power who has access to other humans.

We also do this to doctors and medical staff! - says Malik in his friendly Reptilian form
We also do it, to make you into dolls. - says General Patton right now
Why, what? What General Patton? What did you say about dolls? - me
We don't want to argue with you. - General Patton
I haven't argued. I just don't understand everything. - me
No, and the niceness stops there. - General Patton

The reason there is so much pedophilia in churches is because the Black Ones are demon incubi who possess the priests. They especially want to try to make priests do pedophilia against their own children. Also a lot of pedophilia among sports coaches for this same reason. But priests irritate and provoke the Black Ones especially much because they are intending to be so holy and righteous as well as for worshiping a god other than The Eye god of the Reptilian Dark Ones.

But, monarchs are also a main target for the Black Ones. If, for reasons outlined by David Icke it is the case of a more deeply rooted family history and genetic factor I will not comment as I have no first-hand personal information on this, but all I have seen for myself is that the Dark Ones mingle very much with monarchs as well as world political leaders.

The current pope of 2012/2013 by the way has at least one strong Black One superimposed with his body and ruling his thoughts and soul. Even I can see that very clearly. And I have every right to say that, the Catholic Church surely knows about the Black Ones. Many priests I have spoken to (even before my own encounters with the Black Ones) know well about the Black Ones and have conversations and quarrels with them on a regular basis. If you look at the Catholic pope you will see the Black One having a field day in him.

So the Reptiles and Black Ones ensnared the Queen of England into my dreams as well, and this isn't the first time that they bring in European monarchs. It is either a mind game because of their obsession with power and with leader figures, or that I was actually mingling with entities who are the ones who live through these persons. I was just trying on coats with the Queen of England, in the dream. I've also been taken to her rose garden, and other things that I can't speak of. The Reptilians are either using these figures as holographic characters in dream scenarios that they weave for me, or that it is somehow more real than that.

The Reptilians once wanted me to have children with Prince Charles of England so that the British monarchs could kill the children in blood rituals and drink their blood. I mean, heh, how outrageous is that? I am deeply sorry to even be writing this stuff. I know it sounds like I might be inspired by David Icke's stuff, but I used to always shun Icke's stuff as nonsense, and I certainly don't want this to be true. Anyhow, whatever. The Queen of England has a white lady lizard who is called "Queen Mother", and she is actually very nice to me and likes me.

So in Summary

Whoever you are, reading this. You cannot comprehend any of this material unless you experience it for yourself. This has all been about the Reptilian Agenda. I have so much more to say about it than this, it really isn't all that strange or difficult to understand if you just have someone who knows what it is to explain it for you. I think I am really starting to understand the Reptilian Agenda, and I am so pleased about that. I have wanted to understand.

I could have just screamed and complained and hated all of this and wanted nothing to do with it, but instead I chose the journalist's and investigative scientist's approach. I have been tolerant, neutral, and polite throughout. It is like when you are a field biologist and you visit the camp of cannibalistic humans in some far remote area of the world. You do not go there talking about Western society and rights and wrongs, if you want to experience a glimpse into another culture, another way of life.

Instead of screaming and hating on the Incubus Black One Malik, I have listened to him. I have been perfectly tolerant and neutral, kind and gracious. And that way he has opened up to me and invited me into understanding his crazy and dark world of evil. I probably know more than any other - benevolent - human out there. Without ever having joined their forces, I am still on the love and light side, still I have access, and I get to see, and I get to interview and ask questions to these creatures. And I can show what the Reptilian Agenda is like, perfectly untainted by any of my own emotions or judgement. As it is.

Why do you say that it is "crazy"? - Malik in Reptilian form
Because you do not feel the suffering that the children have. - me
We don't want you to reveal all of our plans. - Malik the Demonic form, possibly not the same as the Reptilian form person

The Incubus Demon appears and orders me to lie down for him. After a minute I am free to do so (had to finish up some computer work first). I lie down and he says:
You are the most sacred of all things, you are a mother. - Demon Incubus (not verbatum I forgot the exact words by the time I got here, also said in other language)

I asked him how he can say that motherhood is sacred when he kills the babies. He then said that "it is like a poison", that he "needs to have more". He then regretted that I did not take their offer to take (recreational) drugs from them. I said that I am a scientist and that I need my mind to be sharp, so I decline their offers for drugs. Sometimes they give me drugs without my permission. And the Black One had once asked me to use "mescaline" (a recreational drug, Google revealed to me) if I am to read the Aleister Crowley books. Recall that I only first ever heard about "Alistair Cromley" from the Reptilians; that they possessed a friend of mine to come over for a visit and talk about Thelema (out of the blue!) and Crowley ALL NIGHT until 5 or 6 AM and to next day bring four Aleister Crowley books to me (he had NEVER mentioned these things before nor I to him); and there was one more thing I forgot.

I must admit that I kind of feel affection toward the Black One. I will admit that I love caressing him, because it feels very intimate and cozy. I am kind to him and I never say no to a snuggle with Blackness Incubus. (The best sex I ever had, was with The Black One.) But I am not part of the Agenda, by any means. I am a deeply compassionate and empathic person. I say no to drugs and child abuse. And I continue to teach the Black One about love and light, and about why he should consider becoming a practicing Christian or other religious person to be with the Holy Spirit and God of Love and to abandon his Church of The Eye.

Malik is my little frail uncle that tiptoes around the house. He likes to camp underneath my bed. And he sends me to human men collaborators from the United States, Russia, and Japan (Dragon Dynasty men) as a prostitute. He offers me recreational drugs and I decline. But he is still my frail little uncle that tiptoes around the house. An inclusion into my life. I love him still, and I always will. He is kind and gentle to me. I feel that he suffers, and I will continue to try to help him, and offer him my loving hand and embrace.

He could kill me in a snap if he wanted to. He could possess me and turn me insane and criminal. He has possessed people in my life and turned them against me. He ruined my life years ago just to turn me to the Agenda, and when my mind was weak he sent me the Free Mason Master so that they could have me join the Agenda and play with me like a sex slave and teach me how to be a prostitute. Oh Malik, you are such a mischief. This is ridiculous.

I forgot to mention. Malik this morning asked me had I ever heard of "King Tut". "Yes", I said. "He was one of the Kings in Ancient Egypt." Malik then said that it was one of their proudest creations, to have people following them then. I said to Malik that is he that old, to have lived back then? And I said that the Egyptian pyramids then must be the power symbol of the Agenda.

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