When you get what you ask for - a visit to the weirdness
January 02 2013

Please lemme visit, and Green Reptile says hello

Last night I begged the Reptilians to let me stay awake next time that they pick me up (they seem to pick me up every single night, at 4 am). I gave them examples of when I had been awake with alien abductions in the past and that I had been ok during it. I just want to meet them in person and I don't want to miss out on the contact.

They told me how they insert a plastic tubing into my nose to pick up some of my stomach contents. I already knew that they do that, in fact I was awake for it once (read about it in one of the earlier pages).

Then a new green Draconian Reptile fellow showed up. He was so handsome! His head was covered in all kinds of ornamental structures! He had those two rows of blunt bumps that each start from above the eye and go up along the forehead to the back of the head. And then he had combs on the head. I've seen the row of bumps and comb structures on a black Draconian Reptile also previously. Oh it is so handsome and so grand! He was a bright lime green coloration. Of course, since this was his first visit with me, what other could you expect than that he "drank my juice". It feels very sexual and intimate and is like a cuddle. I loved it. So did he.

I don't know, maybe this is how two Reptilians greet each other. Sexually, sort of. It's not real sex but it feels really good. It's really got nothing at all to do with sex or reproduction so it's not like that. It's more like a greeting and a dominance game and that it feels really good energetically and all over. It's fun to have these intimate moments with a Reptilian. I love it so. Plus I get to see lots of scales and tails and all kinds of Reptilian features, including long fingers with claws and such. Oh how they are grand. Vicious, but grand.

All this I was still in my room and getting ready to go to sleep.

Not so nice

Next thing I know I am with a male hybrid and I am giving him oral sex. (I am somewhere else.) I wake up like that, and that is not the first time. Later today the Thuban says that they wanted to know whether he could have an erection or not, and that the answer was that no he could not. They are taking human DNA and mixing it with alien DNA and creating all these hybrids but making different batches (different gene combinations and trials). Basically they seem to want human reproductive capability but without too much of the other "primitive" human DNA factors.

Well I didn't mind (also I was part asleep) so I did some of that. Then turns out there was a whole bunch of these young guys there, like more than ten of them a big bunch. Anyhow, I won't go into more details, but to my recollection nothing else sexual happened between me and any of the other hybrids. I just don't agree with how the aliens go about evaluating hybrid sexuality. I say let them discover it on their own, it is such a complicated thing even for humans. But the interesting things happened next.


I was offered food to eat. There was this big dining room, the size of it was huge as if to feed a thousand people in a conference or on a big ship. I sat down with some other people. Most of this was confusing and I can't quite grasp it all, but I have found myself in similar buffet situations during abductions before. It seems that I am often offered food to eat from the humans. This was

No, Honey, we don't have catering. - General Patton
Then did I only dream it? Why do I dream that, during an abduction experience? - me
Huh? Say what? - General Patton
I don't know anymore. What do you know? Why don't you tell me everything? - me
Well, we won't get stuck with you on this. - General Patton
On what? What are you talking about? Tell me? - me
Our plans are not for you to know. - General Patton
I don't care anymore. - me

We haven't, delivered your baby yet. - General Patton
But I'm not pregnant. I have my period right now. What are you talking about? - me

Bubonic Plague, you say?

I am asked to stand with other people - the others I can remember were all adult men - in a small circle. We are outdoors, it is not night but brightly lit. They are evaluating us to see if any of us have contracted the bubonic plague. The way that I interpreted it in a dream was that I had to walk on rocks and if I stepped on a mushroom that broke under my feet then that would mean that I was infected. This, of course, was not involved, but I was partly dreaming it. The only reason I was even partly aware of the abduction was no doubt because I had asked to be conscious during it.

They say that I am infected. I object and try to talk my way out of it, so I start talking about the mushrooms and that they would always break no matter who would step on it. Goodness, these guys have to be so confused when they listen to me when I'm in a half awake state. They must only laugh and not pay attention to anything I say. Haha, my explanations.

They drive a truck up and say I have to get into it. Reluctantly, after thinking about it for a while, I step up the small metal ladder and through the door at the back of the truck. I walk through what is like a small and very narrow passage like when you board an airplane only narrower and not as sturdy. I reach a fork where I have to choose whether I go left or right.

The sign by the left passage says "Radiation treatment" or "Radiation exposure" or "Radiation damage" or something to that effect. The one to the right is therefore for me and is the one for infections, so I go right.

The passage is still a narrow hallway on that portable truck that had stopped there. I start to try to escape. They say I have the bubonic plague, which of course I don't believe a word of. I run away for a bit. I am in a large hangar type of building which is missing walls. It has a roof over head and is large. There are many pillars and partial walls and fences but you can see through bits through the fences into the outdoors.

I try to escape. Hah hah, isn't it funny how every time I am abducted, I either pee somewhere on the floor or I escape. Well I always try to escape and run away, but sometimes I pee on the floor too. (That's why the Japanese when they get me over there to them they always make me go to the bathroom. They are very serious about it.)

It is one of those pillars that is shaped like an " H ", a dark brown rusty color holding up the roof. I hide in one of the " H " crevices hoping that no one will see me. A guard comes up to me. He is human and wearing a dark uniform and he has a gun of some kind, a larger rifle type of thing. His hair is black.

Yes. It seems that you were apprehended. - ?

When he sees me I do the weirdest thing. I shapeshift into an alien. I do it twice and for him to see. I have no idea why I did that for him, mostly I just try to hide that fact. But anyway, then a young female human nurse comes up to me. By now I am feeling very weak and I'm gasping for air and nearly fainting. I am notably weak.

The nurse draws my blood from my finger. Then she tries to put a bandage over it, but I am bleeding heavily and she keeps putting more bandage around my finger and my hand and the blood is just flooding up under all the bandages and trying to seep out. She says that it has stopped bleeding.

You weren't supposed to be there, were you? - says a green Reptilian who has been following my typing here all this time
Who are you? - me
I am not, your friend. - Green Reptile
What is your name? Do you have a name? I love Reptilians. You are so cute! - me
You were not my friend, were you? - Green Reptile
You are so cute. I want to be your friend. - me
From hearing that, his eyes flare up like if a fire had lit beneath them and made them get into a roaring rage
This is not lucky, is it? - Green Reptile says in the same usual calm without the eyes flaring anymore
What do you mean, "lucky". - me
... At first we thought, that you were just very nosy. - Green Reptile
Then what is it? What do you think it is now? - me

These Snake-type Reptilians by the way, which he is, are very keen and curious. They notice everything.

We are also sadistic, and we want to feel lust! - Green Reptile blurts out now
Yes yes, I know that! - me
We are not friends, with any humans. - Green Reptile
You should be. Humans are fun. They are cute and friendly! I can be your friend. - me
They, bring me in. - Hamish says now
Hamish! - me
They wanted to, kill your heart! - Hamish to me
Yes! And eat your flesh! - Green Reptile
You're not gonna eat me! How rude! - me
Does the sandwich say that to you? - Green Reptile says in my native language
No. It doesn't. But I am not a sandwich. - me
There now. The shrimp sandwich we will have for lunch. - Green Reptile in my native language
I had shrimp yesterday, and I guess they've seen me eating sandwiches, though I haven't had any shrimp sandwiches to be specific

Anyhow. I then escaped and started to run across the place. I made my way to a place that was sided by very tall metal fences and the gate that lets you in and out of this facility was also as tall as the fence, and wide enough to let through large trucks. There were some more human men people there. Then for some reason I saw or was shown this facility from above. I told myself to remember the outline so that I could point it out on a map from the shape of the landscape.

It sits actually right by a lake. The lake looks handmade at least partially because it has straight lines with a sharp 90 degree angle.

And when I wake up

When I wake up back here I have that feeling as if I've been somewhere. And been somwhere running around and abducted. Oh I also met Hamish during that abduction, or so I think. There was this huge large creature with a funny head. I now recognize it as Hamish's funny sock puppet head that has the mouth right beneath the eyes with no nose. He kept reaching toward me with his head and I was afraid that he was going to bite me. Haha, Hamish and his biting that is cute. I LOVE HAMISH!!! He looked like a walrus.

When I wake up there is another MKULTRA man talking to me. He says that "it's ok", because "General Patton is there". He and General Patton talk to me a bit. They are doing all of this because I have "twelve DNA strands", and they do this to all the "Star People", and "it is better to do this to the Star People".

I hate writing about this stuff it's not exactly fun. But this other guy, who has black hair and is probably new there. He says that he is now my "trainer" instead of General Patton who used to be. This new guy shows me his genitals (from remotely, since I am back in my bed). My theory is that they use sexuality as a means of not only breaking me down and making me receptive to their communication but also to somehow get me used to having them near because what they do otherwise is rather invasive.

Then I also found out from the aliens that they claim that I was in fact given the "bubonic plague" and that "it was ok" since "they had administered the antidote". The aliens then said more about how they are studying bacteria. And the aliens said that I should "be pleased to know that there are no bacteria there where they live".

What ever

I don't know anymore. Do I even want to know about these things? I mean, I love Hamish, but that's about it. He's become more than a pet, a friend, or a family member ever was for me. Not that he necessarily feels the same way for me. But this is all a weird strange mess. I hate the Thubans, I hate having the hybrid children put their hands on me and touch me. I tell them that it's rape. I hate having to see the hybrids or having anything to do with them. I hate the way the Thuban talks to me. The Thuban is a large white grub with boomerang praying mantis arms that it uses like ice picks to pull its body forward. It has eyes like binoculars that move about in a very strange way. You'd be shocked to see it the first time.

Thubans could be nice if only they wanted to. They make these beautiful quiet soundwaves or air vibrations by rubbing their boomerang arms together. I love that they communicate that way. I feel the communications like beautiful songs. And their minds are so open and so wide, they are aware and beautiful. They talk about being "evacuees", and Hamish or the Dinosaur has told me how these creatures used to live in the sea like whales, but how they were then genetically modified. The Thubans could be nice to me, if only they wanted to. But no. I am a dog. They even showed me a mental image of a bunch of little dogs yesterday. And they tell the hybrid children that I am a dog. So what gives.

Hamish at least is nice to me. It is Hamish who protects me. Hamish is my friend. Hamish says Yes-No, and that makes me smile. Hamish is the one who pokes up his Sock Puppet Head right up against my face, because he has to put his head right up close to something in order for him to see clearly, being near sighted and all. He is the one who stomps his feet stompety stomp! on the bathroom rug and then says that he does it since he is grooming himself. And Hamish protects me, in a way. He keeps all the other aliens away from me. All of them. Every single one. Because I am his hunnun (eggs).

But what about the MKULTRA? I was going to be trained for - no kidding - the KGB for the Russians, said General Patton just yesterday I think it was. He said it was to have me work with Russian missiles. I knew already from what they've said to me before, that I was to be trained to guard the Russian missiles with remote viewing. What ever. The bubonic plague? What ever.


I forgot to say, that when I woke up back here again the man who is supposedly my new human MKULTRA trainer said something like "We would be happy to give you place to roam, just don't run away". Seems like just after I had run away in the facility and when I had gotten to the outdoors where I couldn't go any further because of those tall steel metal fences and the gate then I saw the top view of where this place was as if I was lifted up into the air or just shown from the air and then I woke up back here. Then this man was still talking as if I had just ran away. Anyhow.

The second thing I forgot to mention is that when I was shown the top view I was then told that this was in Iceland. Not sure if that is true or not, seems kind of odd. But the explanation was that having this research facility in such a cold and isolated place meant that the bacteria such as the plague could not escape the facility.

What ever, right? At least I have Hamish. And he looks like a walrus and he is really big when you see him in person, and he tried to bite at me! Love my Dragon, he is the best - or only good - thing that came out of this.

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