Stories with Hamish
February 21 2013


Last night Hamish showed up with the friendly Dinosaur. In spite of us knowing each other for a year and a half now, the Dinosaur is still skittish around me, well, Dinosaur has known me for far longer, but it was a year and a half ago that they made open contact with me. I try comforting Dinosaur to make him not fear me. He says that I might bite him, or that I might pinch him. I tell him I would do none of those things. Humans are usually angry at them, he says. Not me, I contend.

The Dinosaur wasn't here. He was like in another place, with Hamish, while I was here in my bedroom. Dinosaur was going to look at my digested food, and he was going to insert the thin plastic tubing down my nostril to collect some sample from the stomach. I told him that he could, I was very compliant. I could see the both of them, Hamish and Dinosaur, almost as if I were there with them, only a bit vaguely. Dinosaur has a very big head. Big and bulky, with yellow eyes that have yellow bright stripes like the pattern in citrine quartz. See here.

Dinosaur's body however is very slender, like that of a frog. Long, tall, floppy and slender of a body. There is nothing in the groin, no genitals no buttocks, just slender Dinosaur. They are surprisingly timid about their bodies, they object whenever I want to make a drawing of them, or when I intend to write about them somewhere or to someone. They also tend to feel a bit awkward if I show them too much attention, or if I shower them with too much praise and admiration they are not impressed. Sometimes they cheer up happy when I pay them attention, but mostly they are just too nervous to perform their work. After all, it is Hamish by their side who is forcing them to do these medical assignments. The Dinosaurs themselves, would much rather just have a bath.

As the Dinosaur got closer, though still in that image of another place as if he were interacting with my body or perhaps preparing instruments, I could detect his scent. The Dinosaur smells like a forest or a bit like the sea. It has that distinctly sharp piercing bitter odor that I love. His skin is a dark green with a fairly regular splotched pattern of dark green almost black and paler and yellow greens across the underlying dark green. It has a lovely pattern, and the texture of the skin and the skin being so thick and chewy-looking, makes him look like the perfect aquatic amphibian creature. No wonder he likes to bathe.

The eyes are big and yellow with those citrine quartz dark yellow streaks all across, and underneath each eye are deep big pockets, like on a sleepy person. Those pockets beneath the eye are another of its most striking features. Dinosaurs are gentle and intelligent, sweet and kind-natured. They are in a cheerful happy and corteous mood among each other, it is just that the Reptilians, such as my Hamish, threaten and bully them around to make them do work. I was not aware of any more close contact, or of any procedures done to me. To my awareness, I was here in my room working on the computer the whole time. (Or was I playing video games.)

Right now Hamish faces me and does a big guttoral palate sound at me. It just makes me ever so delighted I just shriek but quietly "Haamiss!" He faces me and opens his mouth and then closes the mouth and that does a soft fleshy click sound when his palate touches against the fleshy of the bottom of his mouth. I just love it so. I think it means that he is pleased. I do it to him too, often nowadays. I think he likes it when I do palate sounds to him too. It's a thing we've got going on together, and I love it so. I think the sound also uses air in the mouth to push the air away. I just know how to do it because I know when it sounds (almost) right like when Hamish does it. Oh God there is nothing like seeing a bright fire engine red Dragon Turtle do a clicking palate sound at you. Nothing like it at all. Oh my heart could jump out of my chest, how I love him so!

Hamish wants to hide

Last night Hamish was a cutie. Well, sort of. He was wanting to hide from the Black One again. I fussed at the Black One to stay away from Hamish. I've started forbidding Blackness from coming here, because all he does is scare up my Hamish Dragon, and come and drink my juice leaving me utterly drained. Black One doesn't get angry when I deny him his visitation rights, he just becomes a bit sad and disappointed, and tries again later. Hamish had seen that we have a closet room in the apartment and he asked if I could prepare it for him as a hide out. He would also put some type of long stick, like a broom handle, against the door to barricade him in there to keep anybody (Black One) from coming in. Too bad the closet room is filled up to the ceiling with stuff. I would have to find a way to take things out, and then of course to place a soft snuggy ruggy there on the floor for his feet. I don't know if I can.

I suggested for Hamish to come camp out in my room, but this is where the Black One goes first, to drink my juice. Oh my poor Hamish! If only he could safetly camp out underneath the desk, but I don't know if he can fit under there. What am I to do! Poor Hamish Dragon! Damn that Black One!

Malik has a penis

When I got out of bed today Malik was around and as I walked past him in the hallway on my way to the kitchen, there he just stood in the hallway facing me with his erect penis. "Oh? Do you have one of those?", I said to Incubus Malik about the fact the he appears to have an erection. I've decided that I don't know if it's sexual intercourse he's after, because if Malik can have his way there is no penis involved. He just wants to drink my juice, meaning my life force. It's not at all to do about sex. But Malik, and Incubi throughout the ages, have always used sex as a way to get human women in the mood. Also, I suspect, because human women might feel attacked if some random odd (black scaly bad breath) man comes on top of them, that when there is some sex involved then women might see a more familiar or perhaps not so random odd purpose behind the whole thing.

I mean, sure, as a woman I can admit that Malik happens to have quite a nice penis. In fact that one time when he had sex with me when he wanted to get me in the mood for the hybrids because I wasn't in the mood for any hybrids nor will I ever be, then that was the best ever. I've had some good tumbles with Malik the Dear Black One, but it's just that I'm fed up with the fact that it's all about him. He's selfish, he just wants to drink my energy and leave me feeling utterly drained and black for several hours before I can even get out of bed. He leaves me with a very drained bad feeling, and I don't like that. I still want him, of course, and I miss him sometimes. There's nothing like a gorgeous handsome black scaly paw with black claws resting on top of your hand and wanting a sexual cuddle. It's quite nice and cuddly being with Malik. But I don't want him to steal my energy!

But it's hard being mad at Malik. The other day because I've been rejecting him and I've been having a Seraphim Knight Angel come and chase him away with a fictive sword and with threats of fire, Malik said to me that "he no longer feels like my father". And about the next day after that he had said that "he wished I was his daughter and he were my father". Malik calls me his "witch", he also calls me his "bitch" (in another European language), as in female dog, or mut. And I do admit he's kinda cute when he shows up carrying a fictive hologram of a pillow-sized black widow spider under his arm wanting to come into my bed, kind of like a little boy who had a nightmare and is carrying his teddybear and wants to crawl into mom and dad's bed for the night. Malik is like a sick little old puppy with a broken paw who looks into your eyes beggingly and you just want to let him in under your covers. But he takes my energy.

Damn that Malik. He's so delicious and sexy, and he's also my favorite uncle that tiptoes around the apartment, sometimes with an erect black penis... But he gives me nightmares. I wrote a text yesterday after I woke up about Malik's shenanigans that night. It was far too graphic to post here, but look for it in my 2nd or 3rd book about the Orion Mind Project. Malik never hurts me. In fact I think that he loves me. He thinks of me as a daughter. He wants me to join them. I was asked to drink a small vial of Malik's blood night before last, because I had rejected him and drinking his blood (and semen, I was also asked if I would drink that) would make it easier for me to accept him. I drank neither. I've been offered to drink Reptilian semen before. They only have two very tiny drops.

The Reptilians believe that if I have their tissue or body fluids in me, then that makes me part Reptilian. They believe that the reason I am never afraid of them and seem to appreciate (I do) their company so much, is because the Crocodile Man had sex and ejaculated into me. I don't know if that's myth or science. But I still love Malik. He will forever be my Satanic dear uncle that tiptoes around the house. I see something frail and weak, innocent and sweet in him. I've loved him, and I always will. I just get fussy about his shenanigans where he hurts other people, including me and my sweet Hamish.

Lizardly Tails

While I was in the kitchen today, the brown reptilian who I don't know who he is yet, he is the one who first appeared the other day when I had talked to Hamish about how in the future I would have a house with rooms designated for reptilian visitors, with beds and comfy chairs and all for them, and this brown reptilian had showed up eager to stay in such a bed and he had then showed me how he would lie in that bed with an erect (small dog-like) penis wanting to have sex with me. Well, this fellow showed up in the kitchen with me and showed me that he has that long slender tail, and said that they (Reptilians) think that such a tail is very good-looking. I can't remember what words he used exactly, but that is what he said.

I said to him that yes it is very good-looking. While he had said that to me, he had thought of my human buttocks and about the fact that I have no tail. Then he had come up closer to me and almost wanted to put his arms around me, he stood behind me and nearly wanted to give me an embrace, just to cuddle a bit, but he didn't. I pick up on their thoughts and feelings, their thought images. Reptilians, it seems, think a lot in terms of pictures, whereas humans can think more in terms of facts and information. Reptilians are very pictorial in their thinking, and also when they talk, they can show clear images depicting what they mean to say or carry out.

Malik is here now acting all romantic and cuddly. It is like when you are a woman and you are trying to have a fight with your boyfriend because of something that he did, and then he shows up and starts massaging your shoulders and kissing your neck, and you can't be mad at him anymore even though you are trying. Malik isn't massaging or kissing my neck, but he is acting all sweet and making romantic advances. We've had a romance, Malik and me. I don't know how that happened. He's an Incubus.

That is not an image of Satan. - says Hamish now about this Incubus image
What is it an image of? I think it looks like Malik. - me
Hamish responds by opening his mouth with disgust.

Anyhow. So the brown Reptilian was acting a bit cuddly toward me, which is nice. He is one of the thicker Reptiles, he has the same body form and build as the white lizards, as opposed to for instance Snake who is one of the very slender Reptilians who have a narrow tight firm head. He has those rows of little protruding scales, like Hamish does, and like the white ones do, that look like the roof of a gingerbread house. A thick head like a rottweiler or a pitbull terrier. A nice, rusty brown color.

I then said that "Hamish has a tail too", and when Hamish heard me say that, Hamish hunched down a little and started stomping his feet up and down real fast, but in those little strides that don't lift the feet too far high but only lifting them a little. I'm starting to wonder if Hamish isn't feeling happy Dragon when something I do or say makes him stomp his feet. Because there are a number of times when I have said something to my Hamish Dragon, when he has responded by stomping his feet real fast. I sometimes wondered if it means he is feeling stress, and sometimes I think that maybe it means he is happy. The best example of when I cause him to stomp his feet is when I shriek at him very excitedly "Haamisshh!!", but sometimes when I do it also causes him to pee a bit, so I don't know if it's stress or that he is happy. Maybe it can be either, in different cases.

Hamish was hungry Dragon last night

Last night I declare Hamish was hungry. Because he looked at me and thought of my thick beating heart and wanted to eat it. Then he thought of my spleen and said that he wanted to eat my spleen. I said to my Hamish Dragon that I would love to give him all of my organs to eat, but that I am still using them. In fact if I were to die, I would want nothing other than for Hamish to eat my organs. That way I could give him life, and live with him for ever. When I die I want to donate my body for Hamish. I really do. Why? Because that is what he eats, and he is my beloved Hamish Dragon. I don't think it's any more gross than that humans eat meat and organ meats too. I don't eat red meats, I think eating cows, pigs or chickens is almost as bad as eating humans or anything else that lives and is conscious like a mammal. Or the Dinosaurs.

Hamish snuck up real close to me as he was hungry at my organs and I got such a really close good intimate feel of Hamish that was so delightful. It feels like he has a lot of libido, he felt all tingly and amazing. I just wanted to cuddle him. I love it when he puts that cute little Sock Puppet Head of his right up close to me and looks at me with those big yellow car headlight eyes of his, and especially when he opens that fleshy toothless frog mouth of his.

Hamish thought about putting a severed off human hand into his mouth. He has thought of that before, and I never knew if he actually wanted to eat it or if he was only showing me terrifying images somehow to scare me or instill dominance on me. I now have the answer. When he puts human fingers with the bones and all into his mouth, he feels the texture and it makes him feel good. Hamish has no tongue so he doesn't have that texture-taste sensation that we humans have from our tongues touching the food. But he feels the food against the walls of his mouth, in particular at the back of the mouth there are ridges that cause a pleasure sensation when it is touched against. This biological feature of course must enforce eating behavior, helping such a Dragon to want to eat and be nourished and survive, just like human taste sensation.

Hamish likes for human fingers to touch against the back of the mouth. I was able to feel from Hamish how he feels when that happens. It is really neat, almost orgasmic. Well who am I kidding, it does feel orgasmic. I said to Hamish that I would be happy to put my hands and fingers into his mouth and touch against the back of his mouth for him, just so that he could enjoy that with me for a while. Although I worried about any potential digestive juices or toxins that might be present in Hamish's mouth, after all his mouth smells like a putrid bog. He then said that the Dinosaurs sometimes do that to him.

Another thing that Hamish finds erotic, and maybe all Reptilians do, is that the root of their tail is an erogenous zone. They like for their tail to be pulled at the base of the tail. BUT DON'T GO PULLING A REPTILE'S TAIL WITHOUT PERMISSION! It seems to need trust, and the right circumstances. It appears to be a rather submissive act for them, they would feel vulnerable so you really aren't doing them any favors by asking to pull on their tail without things being right. Hamish has said that the Dinosaurs sometimes pull on his tail. Just so that he can feel good.

Another thing that Dinosaurs do is they help Hamish by scrubbing his shedding scales off when it is shedding time for Hamish. I want to do that too. Oh I wish they would let me pamper and cuddle my Hamish! I would scrub and groom his scales for him, put my fingers against the back of his throat, and yank on his tail a bit. I love my Hamish Dragon, but he doesn't want to be touched. Draconians don't like to be touched, usually. Yet they are exceedingly romantic cuddly creatures. But there's something a tad bit complicated about the approach, it's not like you as a human can just approach them and cuddle. It needs to be on their terms, it seems. But Draconian Reptiles are very cuddly, erotic, sensual creatures. By far more so than humans ever were and will be.

Come to think of it, I've not had a single reptile who was part of my life who didn't cuddle with me. Only some of the higher rank ones haven't, but they don't interact with me much either. Like the brown winged ones (I wrote about them in that other night's encounters which were too graphic to post on the internet, find it in a sequel book), some of the white lizards (but other white lizards have), and I don't think Strawberry has cuddled me? Oh good god, what ever has come of my Strawberry Dragon? He used to be so sweet. That little dang thing was always feeling so cold, poor baby-boo!

He hasn't been made into a dinner yet. - Strawberry! Here he is! Good god these guys are so telepathic!
Strawberry! - I shriek, and realize that I shouldn't call him Strawberry
I haven't been made into a dinner. - Strawberry
I've missed you! - me
Oh, there now. - Strawberry
You are so much fun! You and me have had good times together! - me, and I realize that that isn't true, we've just talked a bit
How are you doing! - me
No one has eaten me. - Strawberry
Are you alright? How are you feeling? Are you happy? - me
Well... We don't have the sewers here right now. - Strawberry
What do you mean by sewers? Do you live in the sewer? - me
What is your real name? - me
Colonel Wilkes doesn't want me to tell you. - Strawberry
Are you a Reptile? - me
... You are giving me cascades of white feelings! - Strawberry, he himself is of black energy
I know. The Reptiles call it "juice". Would you like to have some? I think you need it. - me
Look there, I am not your baby. - Strawberry
No, but you are my friend. And I like you very much. You are part of my Draconian family. - me
I might, not push your eyes out. - Strawberry about pushing my eyeball out with his finger, accompanied with a graphic image depicting it
No thanks. Let's leave each other's eyes alone. You and me both. We need eyes to live. - me
No, yuck. That one. - Hamish about Strawberry in European language, all other in English

Hamish has started humping me

Last night and lately, Hamish has started humping me. How he does it he stomps on me. He does it to prepare a female for sexual intercourse, for mating. I don't know if Hamish is about to have sex with me with his penis soon. What Hamish does to a female is he hunches down from behind and stomps with his feet on her behind rather slowly, it's like a massage. This is how Hamish would start before mating with one of his own Red Dragon Turtle Ladies. I think Hamish has a wife. Sometimes Hamish goes to a cavern in the mountains in the far East and there is this cute little smaller Red Dragon Turtle Lady there, and I can tell from how she acts around Hamish that she really likes him a lot. They seem to be family. Every time when I ask Hamish if I could see more Red Dragon Turtles, he puts me in connection with these Dragon Turtles living in the mountain there.

Oh dear god, fire engine red Dragon Turtles are just the cutest being that there ever was or will be. I've been telling Hamish that he needs to make babies so that his beautiful race can be preserved. They are so cute and wonderful, the best in the world. He is such a sweetie, you have no idea. I try to tell you readers how lovely this Dragon Turtle is, everything from his bright fire engine red color, that cute odd fleshy cushion back hump on his upper back, the tail the claws the scales and all, his cute little Sock Puppet Head of his, the way he opens his mouth at me and how he makes those soft palate click sounds when he is pleased, and how I've started making them at him too. His grunt-purrs, coffee brewer sounds, hisses and everything. I've loved this Dragon more than I have ever known love for anybody else. I would lay my life down for him, I would die for Hamish if I ever could to save him somehow. His life is more meaningful and precious than mine own. I guess that's how women feel when they have children, when you love someone more than your own life. When it is true love. My beautiful Dragon. I want to be 80 years old some day, and still have and know my Dragon Turtle. My precious little Hamish, how I love you!

Sometimes I nearly cry when I think about that I don't know if he will be safe every day. I worry about him and I want to make sure that he is being fed. I want him to live a long healthy prosperous life. I want him to have many babies with Dragon Turtle Ladies. Oh god if Hamish had a little Dragon Turtle baby! I cry just thinking about it! We humans think we are all that. That we are somehow the epiphany of life. But here is this wonderful Dragon Turtle. He speaks, he thinks, he feels, he shows me when he has been watching an orange goldfish feeding by the pond. He stomps his feet on the bathroom rug, he bathes himself in the shallow creek. He finds little yellow flowers in flowerbeds and goes to stand on them, just to feel them underneath his feet. And he likes the smell of flowers. This is a real living breathing person. A wonderful living guy. He is somebody. He is so beautiful, I would do anything and all for this Dragon. Anything at all. I would defend him with my own life, even though I am not strong.

I want to feel lust with you sometime. - Hamish in other language
Yes, Hamish. If you want. - me in other language
And I am not your Dragon Turtle! - Hamish in other language, not angry
I know that Hamish. - me in other language
So you mustn't give me desire to strangle. - Hamish in other language, he has a strangulation fetish

But Hamish has lately started wanting to stomp me on my back or buttocks, as if he were preparing to mate with me. In those times I've also seen his penis. It is a small penis like that of a dog, rather pink colored. Hamish showed me last night, in pictorial images, that he does not have a scrotum. Maybe he meant that therefore he is not fertile? The Reptilians seem to have a fertility issue. I was once told (by my Aliens of course, first-hand source I don't copy stuff from the internet) that the Pleiadians had sterilized the Draconians, in a way to stop their shenanigans.

And now the Draconians are after human eggs, to try to make some kind of fertile new species. But they seem to be experimenting on other Alien-human hybrids first, before messing with their own Draconian genes. Zeta-human hybrids, and also Dinosaur-human hybrids are made. Reptilian-human hybrids also exist, but that is more of a fine-tuned work and only reserved for those humans who have passed prior tests. I've been told long ago that my DNA was suitable for Draconian-human mixing. One of the reasons for that is my docile and welcoming nature with the Reptilians, which I don't even know where that comes from, because most humans are spiteful toward the Reptilians, but I just love them so and we get along great.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, life has never been the same since that day in August 2011 when the Aliens decided to make their presence known, and to let me in on the genetic fertility experiments I had been involved in all my life. In my teens I had known of Zeta abductions but that was rather sparse (for my liking, I would have liked to have more) and then seemed to go away throughout most of my 20's. In my teens I also had one or a few encounters with Reptilians, and I was always curious of the Reptilians then, and wanted more contact.

Hamish first appeared when I was meeting with that Free Mason boyfriend whom the Reptilian Agenda had gotten me together with by serious manipulation over years of time to get me to that point. And Hamish then showed up again all of a sudden right there he was in my bedroom like walking in through a portal a few months later, and here he has been with my, my Dragon Turtle Kissy Feets, and life has never been the same.

Lady Thuban is around too of course, and every once in a while says to me "Hynch!", or "Hunch!" That big white grub that "used to be whales in the sea" from Alpha Draconis, with those boomerang praying mantis arms that she uses like ice picks to haul her body forward. And those eyes that adjust like binoculars. I once had a very close encounter with Lady Thuban, as close as it gets, and I was fully awake. Too bad I had to pee that time (I ALWAYS have to pee when I am abducted!!) and a hybrid girl with yellow-blonde hair had to run off with me (boy she ran fast I had a hard time keeping up!) to go find a bathroom.

Life with Aliens is just magnificent. Different, but magnificent. These creatures are so weird and different, they have such splendidly different appearances. Their behavior, their culture, their physiology, so different from humans and from anything we are used to here on Earth. I've gotten acquainted with concepts such as "scales", "the Eye"

Please, don't become a doctor with us. - says Orion man now English
Why not? Am I not approved of anymore? - me English
No, please, not. - Orion English

Aha, I think what the Orion man said was because I wrote "the Eye". The Eye is the Draconian Reptile's God, well to be more exact it is the God of the Black Ones, the Incubi such as Malik. The Eye actually lives in the pit of the stomach of the Black Incubi, that is where it resides. "It tells them what to do", because the Black Ones are ruled by the hunger raging in the pit of their stomach. All this has to do with dominance and with the satisfying of the Black Ones' hunger for life force, Satanism, ritual abuse, and world domination. That is what they feed on, that is what gives them lust and the feeling of power. The Black Ones are contortioned into a state of misery when they are not appeased by satisfying their needs.

The Alpha Orions are not part of the Agenda by choice. They were forced into slavery to work for the Agenda by viable threats that the Agenda would destroy the Alpha Orion world and probably also their entire race if they would not comply. Thuban whales were also forced to join. And so were the Dinosaurs. Zetas seem to have joined too willingly sometimes, because some Zeta creatures can be far too vicious and sadistic, but there are also other Zetas who are pure love and benign with humans.

Another group that you should know about, and of which you find nothing written on the internet other than on this website, are the Alpha Centauri people. They look like Asian humans. Their skin is a bronze tan, their hair shiny black. Their women have very long black hair, the men have shorter hair. Their eyes are all brown and small almond shaped. They wear red uniforms. The Alpha Centauri send some of their adult men and women to work for the Agenda, in exchange that their main population back at home be spared and left alone. The Alpha Centauri see it as their duty to take turns to go to work

Yes, we work here in the mines. And things are not as ruthless as you think. - says an Alpha Centauri woman to me right now, in English
Thank you for speaking to me, I care about you. - me
We are given water and all, food too. - Alpha Centauri woman
Thank you. That makes me feel better. - me
And we are allowed to write letters from home. - AC woman
That's good. Do you have children there? - me
No. (...) - AC woman
Do you have a husband? Are you a woman? - me
We are not afraid of you anymore. - some alien to someone either to me or to another alien
We are not, "hunched" around! - AC woman, about the Thuban "hunch!"
That's good. - me
And we are not in the Evil Eye either. - AC woman
And, we don't like perfumes either, like this non-black Draconian. - AC woman about Hamish, who likes men's cologne

Phew. Sometimes aliens start talking and talking and I'm really grown so tired now for the day. I've been writing here for a long time and need to go do other things. I really put a lot of time and effort into this Project, to document these Alien contacts, and the Draconian Agenda. It is such a fascinating story isn't it? I guess that will be all for now, but if they speak more I will of course feel obliged to write it down, elsewhere in my archives.

As I logged off to go do those other things, the Alpha Centauri woman says to me, in my native European language,

On Mycenae there was a bull, that was a Dragon, called Minotaur. - Alpha Centauri woman

Mycenae, Greece

The Black Reptile now tells the Alpha Centauri woman that she may not speak with me further.

I thought you might want to know that, because we have always sacrificed our children to them. - AC woman, translated from other European language

The Alpha Centauri also have to sacrifice some of their babies to the Draconian Reptiles, to appease them. In ways, humans do that too. How many legends on Earth throughout human history of settlements having to give virgin women or babies to various monsters and Dragons?

Now Black One possesses my left hand and has his own black scaly clawed hand superimposed with mine and he moves my left hand against my body up the naked back under my bathrobe and stops at where the kidney would be. He then makes a bit of a growling hissing warm exhale and means to communicate something to me by doing all of this. I am not afraid of course, I don't fear him. I don't know why but I just don't fear the monsters, I'm too gullible and sweet. All for now! Not yet, there's more:

Yes but we have snacks there! - Hamish says now in reference to the kidney incident

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