Green Praying Mantis wants to see me poo
And speaking Dragon with my Hamish
February 15 2013

Green Praying Mantis ET wants to see me poo

I'm sitting here by the laptop computer catching up with emails after a long night at work and just got home. Suddenly a Green Praying Mantis. A big one I mean, not one of those tiny Earth insects, but one of those big fellers that are extraterrestrial and can talk. Well whaddayaknow the guy has two antennae sticking out from his forehead above each eye, and they look to be made out of little round balls like connected in a string. The antennae move gently up and down in a swinging cyclic motion.

He is green, a lovely lush bright green like freshly sprouted leaves and greenery, you know that bright neon green that nature has when it is at its brightest in the foliage. He has those praying mantis arms and he keeps the pointy tip of those arms against the floor, and he uses those praying mantis arms to haul himself forward like using ice picks, just like the white Thuban praying mantis do too.

His head is that triangular shape like praying mantis. I don't see any jaws like on the praying mantis insect. I don't see the same eyes with tiny black dots that move around, like on the insect version. It is like an ET, and it looks like the praying mantis. He is beautiful, I was delighted to see him. Especially his movements, the way the antennae move, and how he uses his arms like ice picks to drag himself forward, is spectacular. Such a magnificent creature. And I know he is real.

He tells me that he wants to tell me something. He then tells me that I haven't had bowel movement in a long while now. Which is probably true. He then tells me that he wants to see me poo when I do it. Sure I say. Go right ahead. Green Praying Mantis and the Dinosaurs too. These guys always want to see me poo. (I don't know if I will let them.)

Hamish goes to work

I went to work and beloved Hamish Dragon came right with me. I work with patients. Having Hamish around was like having your kid with you at work and they scurry about and get up to things and touch stuff and do things. I gave one of the patients a quick shower. Afterwards Hamish stayed in the bathroom to look at the wet floor for a long time. Hamish had many thoughts about there being water on the floor. He went to stand on the water on the floor. I told Hamish not to put his Dragon Kissy Duck Feet on the wet floor it might be dirty. I can't remember what Hamish said but he kinda just shrugged it away. Later he says he doesn't like water on his feet, which I find somewhat odd because he goes to stand in the creek but that's when he pees and washes up, and come to think of it Hamish is always extra special careful to wipe his feet dry and clean on snug ruggies.

Aha! Here is the Dinosaur! Thinking about poo! Hey Dinosaur, why don't we go to the bathroom together! How awkward. Dinosaur and Green Praying Mantis want to see me poo. No thanks. That is why I always switch the lights off for doing that, even though I know that some of them (Reptilians at least) can see in the dark. I do it anyways. To hide myself. Dinosaur is here watching me.

Hi Dinosaurs! - me says to Dinosaur, he is just looking at me closely

Good thing I don't have to poo. Not even close. Dinosaur just watches me closely. And here is the praying mantis again, with its antennae moving about so elegantly! These two guys are really neat. I love these creatures. What a gang of beautiful creatures.

Hamish and his feet. Then I did some laundry, and Hamish does what he always does when he sees me do laundry. He gets so happy and delighted he sneaks up close to me and starts doing his guttoral palate sounds, where he opens and closes his mouth in repeated series so creating a soft fleshy palate sound when he is pleased. I then did some for him too, I responded by doing the same sounds right back at him. (It is very discrete and also I was working alone nobody - human - would see or hear me doing Dragon sounds.)

Then Hamish got fussy at one of my patients and wanted to go scare the patient. No I said to Hamish, No No No! Do not scare any of my patients or they will have me fired and then I can't have money to buy snacks with! (Hamish calls food "snacks".) But Hamish wouldn't let it go. Actually, when I went away, unbeknownst to me that patient had gotten out of bed and was wandering about. Hamish had seen me try to keep that person to stay in bed, and while I was away Hamish was fussy at the person. Hamish had been trying to help me and trying to keep that person to stay in bed, I found out when I got back.

Let me say that again, because this is worth stating. I had a patient who didn't want to stay in bed so Hamish had seen me trying to encourage the person to stay put in bed. I then left and Hamish started fussing at the patient. I know what Hamish does from a distance because we are so well connected. Only once I got back, did Hamish's behavior make sense. The patient was out of bed. So Hamish was trying to keep order and neat and tidy because he had seen from me that the patient needs to stay in bed. What this means is a) Hamish watches me closely (which we already knew), b) Hamish learns and adapts to what I do, ie. a person doesn't necessarily need to stay in bed, but this one did, and Hamish caught on to that, c) Hamish was helping me, d) little evidence of Hamish being real, his behavior would not have made sense had the patient not gotten out of bed and I didn't know that the patient had gotten out of bed but I knew Hamish's behavior, so once yet again Hamish proves himself a little.

But as I helped the patient back to bed I realized why Hamish was so fixated by this one patient. Namely Hamish had come to work with me many days already and he had never paid so much attention to any of my patients and here now Hamish was clearly very fixated. Guess what it was guys? As I helped the patient back to bed I saw what the reason was. The patient was namely dressed all in red. The shirt was red, pants were red, even the socks were red. That is why Hamish was fussy. In fact Hamish had wanted to fight and scare this person, of course I told my Dragon quite sharply that No, Hamish, do not do that or I can't have money to buy snacks and Harry Potter movies.

(For those of you who might not know, Hamish is a red Dragon and he feels challenged to power by anything or anyone wearing red. Be it Santa. The Spiderman character. A patient in a hospital wearing red. Or yours truly dancing in a red neglige which I only did once and never more. Oh Hamish, I love you so.)

We talk Dragon now!!! Hamish and me!

Hamish was fun to have around I guess. It made me love him more. I realized what had happened. After one and a half years of knowing this Dragon Turtle named Hamish and living with him closely every day, we are now speaking his language perhaps sometimes more than my own. I find myself making Hamish-vocals to him when I express myself to him.

I don't know that Hamish ever expected me to learn or to speak his language. Well he probably expected me to learn his language, because he uses it to me so often. But he might be surprised that I am using his vocals now to him? I know the Dinosaurs and Hamish have a great thing going on, they talk in series of Dragon-Dinosaur vocals. The Dinosaurs talk to Hamish in "words" and "sentences" that are two clicks with different pitches. Or two frog chirps, or just two sounds. The Dinosaur language is delightful.

I do guttoral palate sounds to Hamish when I want him to know I am pleased, accompanied by a mental image for him depicting that which I am pleased about. I can also do the pleased exhale which is a soothing sound that kind of means "it's ok, I'm happy with you, don't worry now". I can do that one. I can also do the static hiss that means "quit it! stop! no more!", but I do it more mentally than out loud but he can hear it. Static meaning it sounds like the static on a tv channel that isn't operational, or radio static in between channels. I only give Hamish a static hiss when I need him to stay away from something he is intending to do that I fear might harm or concern him, so I strictly only use it to guard him from things. I don't use it for my irritation or "to show power" against him, which would be other possible uses of the static hiss. I would never show power against my Hamish.

I don't EVER want to even try to make the goose basooning sound. It sounds horrible, like a horn. It scares me and I won't ever use it against Hamish Dragon. I don't even want to hear that sound coming from me. I can do the grunt-purr now, but only barely. It is very difficult. You have to put it in an exhale of course, and there are series of sounds, it is hard to make and what it means I kind of know, or I think I know, but it is difficult to explain.

Hamish Dragon showed me the orange goldfish or Japanese karp in Japan again that he likes to look at. I now got a greater look at the place it is in. It is not a pond at all, like, not a pond on a lawn kind of thing, but a large water complex with wooden walkways built there and Japanese old-style homes and things. Very pretty. Hamish likes to go there to look at the fish. I told my beloved Hamish that I would buy him those same kind of goldfish one day when I have the means. I love my Hamish Dragon MORE THAN ANYTHING. More than coconut cream pie and ice-cream.

Hamish Hamish Hamish how I love you so. Hamish Hamish Hamish I will always love you. I wonder what Hamish would do if I slipped into

No, you mustn't be afraid. - Hamish says now in my other European language

if I slipped into a red fullbody pajamas, not that I have one. Would Hamish attack me? Or what would he do. He would undoubtedly say No, Santa! Hahaha, I will NEVER forget how he said, "Why???? Santa!" as soon as a video game character I was playing with changed into a red fullbody pajama. I know it's mean to laugh or even snicker at somebody in distress, but my god Hamish how excellently priceless that "Why??? Santa!" was. It is just a red pajamas. Ha-misss!


Cuddly Kissy Feets of a Dragon I just want to cuddle them

No, then I will bite. - Hamish in my other language

Hamish Hamish Hamish, my cuddly Kissy Dragon I love you so. I love your tail and your turtles

I love your neck! - Hamish in English (he does, he has a throat fetish)
I don't love your murder, tell them that. - Hamish adds, also in English
I have told them that. - me
And tell them that I am guarding your egg. - Hamish in English
Yes, Hamish. I have told them. - me in English

Now where was I. Oh yes. A rant. About a Hamish Dragon. I love you Hamish I could cuddle you and I love your turtleshell humpback and I honor your scales and your red Lobster color and No I won't eat crawfish or shrimp or lobster or crabs, No, Crabcakes!

Well now, don't humor me. - Hamish in English
I don't humor you, my Dragon. I have honored your scales. I love you so much. I love you very much my Hamish. I just wish you understood. I am so scared to lose you, I would die.. I want to keep you forever. I feel like I need you. - me
You mustn't pretend to bite onto it! - Hamish in my language

Hamish Hamish Hamish. I love you so. You are my Kissy Dragon. I love you I love you I love you

Yes, but I am not that kind of Dragon. - Hamish now in English I think it was in English I forgot

Hamish Hamish Hamish Hamish Love Love Love Love Kissy Feet Dragon Turtle Humpback Kissy Dragon Feet. Love Love Love Hamish!

You mustn't say such things about me, or they will mistake me for kind. - Hamish in my language
But I love your scales. - me to Hamish in my language
You have, my hunnun here! - Hamish in my language, hunnun means my fertilized ovum

Actually Hamish said the word "hunnun" while I was at work today and that is when I realized, cause he said it in such a way, that just like his name, "Hamish", "hunnun" comes from Hamish's own pronounciations of things. "Hamish" is his name because he says his own name in Dragon Turtle language as an exhale that sounds like "Haaam". And "hunnun" is similar to the frog chirp between Hamish and the Dinosaur, see it has two syllables, hun-nun so there are the two chirps. It comes from their own Dragon language.

Yes-No, Kissy Feet. - Hamish says in my language but uses English "Kissy Feet"

OH MY GOD I COULD MELT INTO A PUDDLE OF HEAVEN! My Dragon Turtle is so cute now he is saying Yes-No Kissy Feet! AAAAHHHH! HAMISH!! I don't think Hamish will ever know, how cute he is. How much LOVE I have for him I ADORE this beautiful fire engine red Dragon Turtle. Hamish! HAA-MISS! By the way Hamish has tossed me around a bit in bed lately, but I love it when he does. Like he shows his power by positioning me on all fours with my head bowed down on the bed. Hamish is a strong Dragon. But he never hurts me. He has never hurt me, even though he could. He could snap me like a twig, but he is Gentle Dragon. Gentle Dragon Sock Puppet Head.

Yes-No, what you said. - Hamish in my language about Sock Puppet Head
Yes-No. - me in other language

So in speaking Hamish's own language I've started doing his guttoral palate sounds when I see him. I show him a mental image of himself and then do the palate sounds that mean I am pleased to see him. I don't know how he will react or if maybe I am irritating to him. But I can't help myself, I just can't! Hamish! This Dragon Turtle is cute. I love him.

Yes, but we are not your concubine. - Hamish speaks to me in English while his mouth opens a bit while saying it, signaling that he is giving it as a warning perhaps, or some other expression

I didn't think that you were going to give us any iron. - Hamish

Iron is when they feel something in my blood and it gives the Reptilians chills. That is why Reptilians like blood rites. It gives them the feeling they call, "feeling the power", sometimes also "feeling lust". Iron is in our blood so that's what he means. He just said it out of the blue now. Anyhow.

Right now I am shown the white bat that the Thubans use to beat and instill obedience into human abductees (and hybrid children) and they show it as if it were hit against my bare arms, in a mental image. I then respond by saying Yes-No while showing the mental image right back at them. Then the Thuban says so out of himself that he shakes,

We do not want to give you sperm! - white Thuban says so he shakes

Whatever, Thubans. I just want my Hamish. Nothing else. Nothing less. Just me and my Dragon Turtle.

Yes-No, chocolates. - Hamish in my language
Because it disrupts you with the sperm. - Hamish in English

The Aliens are convinced that when I eat sugar it reduces my fertility, and then makes their work with the hunnun useless for a few days each time that I eat some sugar.

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