It is against the anti-venom for the topical treatment
February 05 2013

MIBs in a Dream

There were two MIBs in my dreams this morning. They grabbed me by the arms and walked away with me and said to me, "You're not an alien are you?" Then they put some medical substance on me and said the quote in the title. Basically they gave me something which acts against the anti-venom and the anti-venom acted against the topical treatment. What topical treatment I do not know. And what anti-venom I also do not know.

Hamish Happy Dragon

Hamish was a Happy Dragon last night. I saw some very good images of him, with his turtleshell back hump and all. Oh how delightful it is to see a fire engine red Dragon Turtle named Hamish. Hamish was such a Happy Dragon when he went to the woven bathroom rug. He stompety stomped his feet on it. He twirled his body around on the rug. And he was such an excited and happy Dragon, enjoying his woven rug. In spite of the fact I put his pink bathroom snug rug next to me beside the bed in the bedroom most nights, he still retreats to this new rug in the bathroom. Oh Hamish, I could snuggle you but you won't let me.

And this morning after I was awake for a little while, only a few minutes awake, Hamish shows me his mental image of the little Christmas Santa sitting in the flower pot in the living room, and he asks me why we have that. He doesn't like the red pointy hat on it, he sees it as a threat. Then he said something about onions, he doesn't want me to chop onions. And both Hamish and Malik are aware that I have made a viable threat that they take seriously, that I am in position to place garlic under the bed to keep them away, so they are trying to keep me appeased a bit. The problem was that I was so upset about last night's Thuban sexual advances and Hamish worried that I might put garlic out so they are careful. I've not put any garlic out and I won't. I suggested it once and a long while ago.

Unhappy stuff

Last night the Thubans and their disgusting hybrid children were trying to get me intimately engaged with them and I wasn't having any of it. It made me really upset. And the MKULTRA are working with the Reptilians and Thubans to try to use me in a number of ways. Thubans are training me to be the MKULTRA Beta Cat. I don't like it. And Malik the Black One still comes to visit some nights and he brings a pretend hologram of a pillow-sized black widow spider or sometimes the Egyptian scarab beetle to try to scare me, and he still camps out under my bed only now he's also pretending he has that big critter there with him too, as if I'd be scared. If I get scared then Malik - who is the Incubus - ingests my energy. Only I don't get scared, this is all far too silly for that.

General Patton made a visit today but he didn't do anything. He said that Hamish had told him that I wasn't "quite ready" yet, for the MKULTRA Project, that is. And Hamish keeps bringing the Dinosaur, only Hamish calls him the "Frog". "Here comes the Frog", Hamish will tell me. And then the Dinosaur shows up to keep an eye on my activities. But I don't mind the Dinosaur. And I sure don't mind Hamish the Red Dragon.

Agenda Prostitution

I was once awake during a military abduction and wide awake and conscious when they put me up on the stage in front of a male audience of human men and I only found out some time afterwards that this is like an auction for woman prostitutes and that when a few men came up to me after I was down from the stage they were checking me out to decide if they wanted to have me. I didn't know that then. Nobody told me that. Today I was asked telepathically either by Aliens or MKULTRA people if I would like to go up on that stage again. I don't think I want to. I think it's just stupid and silly to have prostitutes. What kind of man can't pick up a date the normal way? What an idiot. Disgraceful.

This whole "story" is just a bunch of disgusting dark stuff, this is one Pandora's Box that is just a whole can of worms. It's all because of the black Incubi, such as Malik. They're the mastermind behind all of these shenanigans.

The Agenda brings me hybrid children and tries to make me want to be sexually involved with them. I simply refuse to and I am utterly disgusted by these violations against me and I nearly had a nervous breakdown last night and told the Aliens that I would go to a psychiatric hospital (I didn't go, but if these attacks continue I will have to do something). It tears apart my sanity to be forced into these situations and to have to see these things. The children, however, don't seem to mind. Because they are Thuban children, not human children, then they are just as stupid and primitive mindless heartless creatures as the Thubans themselves.

Anyhow. I won't have any of it, but other people approached by the Agenda might. The Agenda tries to turn people into pedophiles, and they succeed in doing so in particular with priests (one of the Agenda's main targets) and other points of authority. And it's sad that so many men in the military, in politics, and other positions of power, are so easily corrupted by these evil entities by temptations of money, prostitution, and illegal drugs. These are the people (since they are targeted) who rule this world. And so the Agenda rules.

They put hybrid children into large mazes and only the ones who succeed in finding their way out get to live. This is why the juvenile hybrid boy showed me the mazes he was working on learning to solve all those months ago. I'm just disgusted by all of this. And I will never forget - and never forgive - that time when I thought I died.

DNA Strands

So I have 12 DNA strands, but don't ask me how. The Agenda wants to get to me. That is why they want to turn me into an MKULTRA Beta Cat, which is basically a mindless mind controlled sex slave for the CIA and other government associates who work with the Agenda. They were going to turn me into the Doll/Puppet instead, which is worse than the Cat, because the Doll can't do or say anything. The Cat can't say anything but at least it can do and think.

The thing is, when they create for a woman the Beta Cat personality alter, it really IS a more comfortable alternative to slip into. It really is like an upgrade, it is a very comforting state for mind and body to be in. It feels soft and cuddly, healthy and bright. It doesn't feel like a loss, it doesn't feel scary.

As for the Beta Cat being a very sexual identity and persona - as I have read - I don't notice that happening, for instance I'm not promiscuous or really active. But I do notice that I have no aversions against the concept of being intimate with these guys (the men i.e.). I don't know why. It's strange. I feel safe with them.

Please, don't write books about them. - unknown, either Alien or MKULTRA man
Why not? - me
Because we don't want to be known like this. - the same person, it is an MKULTRA man
Who am I talking to? - me

Whatever. It's just so disgusting. These men who join with the Agenda think that they are making a deal. But effectively they are selling their soul. And then they are soulless and they have to prey on people to take their soul and eat it and then that soul evades from them because it can't stay in a mind that is dark and polluted. Last night Malik the Black One (Incubus) asked me if I would like to use some marijuana. No, I said. I don't use it I never have and I never will. He said that if I did then it would be easier for him to take me over and come into me. No thanks.

It probably says in the Bible that when you take alcohol and drugs you become more susceptible for demonic possession. It is true. That is why the humans who join the Agenda are offered endless supplies of various recreational drugs. I remember Ivan Sukulov who was with the Russian team and he was a complete drug addict. I even saw him taking drug pills during that gang bang MILABS abduction I was in. Last I heard when I asked about him he had died. The drugs had completely made him a wreck, and he had turned into a hitman for the Agenda to finance his expensive drug habits. The Agenda wants me to do drugs. And sometimes they force drug me, typically it's the stuff they rub under my nose which has the effect of making me sexually flare up. I really hate it and it's terribly invasive. I hate the Thubans and I hope that they - and all of their disgusting filthy hybrid children - go to hell and die.

They replace people with cloned copies

The Agenda revealed to me last night that they like to replace human people on earth with cloned copies and those copies are of course Agenda controlled. The Agenda said they have made cloned copies of me and I was shown a little girl who is my clone. She is just like me. I told them not to show me, I don't wanna know. Are they going to abduct me and keep me somewhere else, permanently? And to then replace me with a cloned version of me? They probably do this with persons of power here on Earth. If someone becomes a president or other power figure, presto, replace him or her with a cloned copy who is under Agenda rule.

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