Better Than A Filofax
December 22 2013

Close encounter of the closest kind in a clammy spaceship, Dark Lord gets uncomfortably close and sinister, and just spending Christmas with Hamish the Dragon Turtle, all true stories this is not fiction.

"Better than a filofax"

At night I dreamt that I was back in the house where I grew up and spent my childhood. I was on our upstairs balcony and noticed a white star shining brightly. The light grew larger and descended as an alien spaceship. The spaceship was shaped flat and with a strange outline, and was dark metal. It sweapt close to ground at the height of above treetops going one way along the length of the house and then flew back, a few times. I had my digital camera and was filming it, and I thought this was going to be great to show to everybody else!

Oddly my digital camera, which I know has run out of battery now in the real life, kept on filming and also didn't run out of recording space, but I wasn't experiencing it as a dream, I thought it was all really happening.

Suddenly I was inside the spaceship. It was surprisingly small and crammed there. The walls were covered in fixtures or pipes, as if utilizing every bit of space available, so that even the walls would be covered to maximum with utility and functions. The color scheme from floor to ceiling and walls was beige and browns. I was still filming with my digital camera.

Then I was shown myself with my clothes compromised, laying on my back, and propped up for the alien worktable. I still had a shirt on but my pants had been removed and my legs were propped up. My arms were probably positioned in the way the aliens always want them, meaning hands pointing up toward the head, arms flat on the sides at a 90 degree angle at the elbow. There was a black thick tube fitted over my mouth if not inserted into the mouth or maybe even down the throat, the tube was fastened with sticky tape but the tape was coming off on one side so it was loosely fit because of that. The look in my eyes was that I was unconscious, like a totally groggy person even though my eyes were open and staring right in front of me into nothingness.

When I saw myself like that and with naked lower parts I decided to stop filming because "I wouldn't let my mother see that", it was a bit too graphic for video I thought. Then that "image" of my body propped up, was sweapt from the arrival room of the spaceship where I was in, and into the adjacent room where the body was lifted over on a work table. I was watching myself but from outside of myself! Like a spectator being shown myself!

Then I looked behind me and there was an alien being there. He was now holding my body in his arms, cuddling me and holding me, even though my body was bigger than his was. Again I was watching myself in his arms, watching myself from outside of myself.

The alien was so perfectly real. This was, in fact, not a dream at all, and of that I am sure. This was a close encounter of the closest kind, with an extraterrestrial being. He didn't look anything like what one would expect. His skin is thick. Human skin is a very thin layer but his skin is more like the thick divesuit of a dolphin. The skin is a pale gray yellow white, smooth soft skin. The head was not a large bulbuous head of a Zeta. The creature had no external ears, and no nose. The eyes were small and with green irises, the eyes about the size of human eyes, and not those large Zeta eyes.

He held my limp groggy body in his arms and cuddled me, held me and rocked back and forward like someone who really loves a pet dog or a child. When I looked at him, because I was watching this from the outside, I approached him and I was now filming again, and I commented on that I hope he does not mind me staring at him. I looked at him so carefully and so close. I did not touch him. When I looked at him, and I might have said something to him, he started to smile! The corners of his mouth and he obviously had facial muscles in the cheeks that enabled this really big warm smile! He had the loveliest smile, and that is when I realized that he must have human DNA, even though he looks like an alien. He was a hybrid, but unlike other hybrids I have ever seen. (There are so many batches and versions.)

Quabble with the Aliens

I woke up from the experience and found myself back in my room and in bed as if nothing had happened. Immediately I called for the aliens telepathically to let me come back! I knew I had just had one of the best and most generous close alien contacts that the aliens have ever gifted me with. They had allowed me to come visit them, they had even given me a cautious gradual preparation in letting me see the spaceship approaching me from a distance, and they had probably placed this scene into my childhood home, I wonder, to create a safe environment where I would feel comfortable. (The aliens can make you think you are somewhere else, preferably a childhood home, so that you feel safe with them.)

They had allowed me to walk on my own and look around, whereas normally their abductions are carefully orchestrated where they cannot spare me a single second of time for me to do my own things or get situated. I was shown how they prop me up, and I was shown this alien holding me, and I was allowed to look at him, just the two of us there, no blurs applied to my consciousness, no hindrance to my ability to walk or go where I want, and we were given that beautiful moment together.

When I woke up and returned back to my bedroom the alien from that encounter spoke with me telepathically. I'm sorry I did not write it down. He told me about how I had been to the store the other day and the aliens had seen me pick up a filofax and they had known I had thought of buying that for mom for Christmas. The alien said that "this was better than a filofax", this was his present for his mom. He said that many times in the morning when we had a conversation, that this was "better than a filofax". And it sure was. The greatest Christmas present of all. He is my son and I am his mother. He was made of my egg, and he was holding me like that because he loves me. I will never forget his face or his eyes or that smile when he smiled at me. It was wonderful.

Yet, I know the aliens are just manipulating me. The other aliens there revealed, that this was done because they are afraid of losing me. They know I am planning on leaving them and making them leave me and how I am preparing to find myself a husband, and they desperately don't want me to have a husband and my own kids. They need my uterus every day of my life. So they are manipulating me. What may seem like a loving meeting between mother and son, was nothing but a well-orchestrated mind trap, and there is fundamentally nothing nurturing intended behind it, but only to try to trap me like a hunted animal, yet once again. But I can still cherish it for what it meant to me, the encounter irrespective of all else around it. Just me and him, that beautiful creature who smiled at me and how I was finally given the chance to look around in the spaceship. I desperately want close contact, and I want to remember all of my alien encounters! For so long they have robbed me of the memories. They just use me, and give nothing in return, not even my memories, and it ruins me, it is like rotting from the inside yet while with an intact shell. It breaks my foundations, to steal my own experiences from me.

The aliens told me they would be taking some eggs, and that they would be taking fecal samples and they also suction out stomach contents from me. They were not going to let me see or experience those parts of the contact, even though now back in my bed, I insisted that I could handle it, and that I would be happy to see! All the while I had a feeling that even though I thought I was back in my bed, my real body was still there in that spaceship, that this place I am returned to every morning when I awake, is just the dream. For surely the aliens cannot be living in a dream? So it must be us who do, the humans are much easier fooled than they, who are thousands of years ahead of us in their development. Surely they are not the ones, who are confused about this.

I had some more conversation with the other white aliens, white aliens are Zetas, Thubans, and hybrids, sometimes I can't tell apart who is which so I just say "white aliens" for the lot of them. They take fecal samples because they are studying my metabolism. They especially like it when I eat green peas, and they don't want me to eat any sugar or ice-cream. Get this: they suction out my stomach contents

We also like to take some of your pee. And, you also call it urine. - says a female Zeta thing
Hello! When can I come back to see you? - me
We don't want you to know more about us. We are not treating you like a cow. - the female Zeta says, the cow sentence she thought about how they let little hybrid children touch my breasts
... I would like to be left alone please. Would you leave me alone? - me
You don't eat any sandwiches. - the Zeta smiles, and she too has the ability to smile and must be a hybrid
.. I don't eat sandwiches no. - me
We wish that you would. - the female Zeta smiles and its eyes are closed as if to enhance the smiling gesture
I don't want to talk. - me
So we take your urine, don't we. - says General Patton
Hey General Patton. How are you? What are you doing there? - me
I didn't want you to be sad, so we came around. To look at you, to talk to you. - General Patton
I don't know if that's helping. But thanks. - me

The aliens suction out my stomach contents and then they feed it to my hybrid children. Yes. They use a thin plastic tubing inserted down one of my nostrils and it suctions out digested food from my stomach. They then put this "vomit" into the hybrid children's mouth or use another tubing to release it directly into their stomach, I am not sure which method is used.

Right now the aliens are giving me narcotics. The "white flame" sex drug, which the Agenda also calls "silver". It might be cocaine, I do not know what drug it is. They use it to try to pacify me and put me in the mood to be sexually active with the hybrid children. This is a nightmare, I cannot think of many things worse than this.

You are not our butterfly, but we want you to be.. - the female Zeta says

If you're clever, you would know that "butterfly" is a MKULTRA mind control term used for subjects. I've learned from the Agenda what "butterfly" means. It means when a person's sexual energy is totally flared up, usually with that sex drug. It feels like a white electrical flame all across the nervous system, and it can turn into sexual sensations that are 1000 times stronger than usual human sexual sensations. Agenda members use this to rape an abductee. It is very invasive and offensive, and the person ends up being "worn out", it is very much like spending up a battery and afterwards the person is lifeless. Alpha Theta "Archons" (they are called "Archons" on other websites), the Dark Lords, especially favor feeling and ingesting this so-called "lust" or "juice", or "coffee" as they also call it. But butterfly is when the energy opens up, that is all it means to be an "MKULTRA butterfly".

Anyhow! Where was I. The attack seems to have subsided. So they suction out my stomach contents and feed that to the hybrid children in order to study the children's metabolism. The children become physically uncomfortable due to some of the foods they are given, and some foods they vomit out because their bodies cannot handle it. It is gross I know, but it also makes some sense now that they've explained it to me.

Don't give me drugs. And I really don't want to be raped. I don't want to have any contact with any of you. - me
We don't want to either, but we need your butt here. - a Zeta says
And we wanted you to eat toast. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. I will eat toast. My Hamish Dragon, my Sock Turtle. My Turtle Sock. Hamish Turtle Sock Feet. - me
My blood was not drawn yet. - Hamish
Whose blood? My blood? Do you get to eat my blood? I would give you some if I could? My Turtle Dragon. I love Hamish, my Sock Dragon. - me

Enough Dragon coo, though he is cute. I asked the aliens what food they think I should eat. They want me to consume dairy milk, they tell me that often. I don't particularly care for milk. And last night Hamish suggested to me that I eat toast, toasted bread he means, and I didn't. Now he wants me to again. Seems that they want me to eat it so that they can ingest it into the hybrid children and see how they react to it. I've asked them why they don't just take food from the refrigerator, but it doesn't seem to be the same thing.

So they talked a great deal about my feces and all the foods they've found there and what the foods look like and how they identify the foods in my feces. I don't mind, I mean I can handle it cause I almost went to med school.

An alien showed me in the morning the trashcan that they have there in the room I was in earlier, and they showed me this round dish that was made out of something like paper or thin plastic, a white round dish like a petri dish with raised edges but somewhat unfortified and clearly disposable single-use item. The Zeta-type alien told me that "it was not a hat!", and she said it at least two times together with the mental image of herself having such a dish on her head like a hat. It was her way of making sure that if I find such a thing in their trashcan I wouldn't feel urged to put it on my head thinking it was a hat, maybe they think it kinda looks like a hat. Namely this dish is what they put fecal sample into, so she didn't want me putting that on my head. Zetas say silly things like that, they don't think logically like humans do, I mean it's not like I find a dish in an alien trashcan and go "Hey! That looks like a hat! Lemme put that on my head!", but it was kind thinking of them to warn me properly about it being not a hat.

The Zeta had asked me if I would like to see what things they had in their trashcan, and I said yes of course delighted, and then she told me about that dish.

While I was still in the spaceship... I approached the work table and I inspected it carefully. First of all the room in the spaceship was surprisingly un-luxurious, small and crammed, and the walls covered in utility rather than spackled smooth. The work table looked like a hospital bed on wheels, like one of those for transporting a patient, but I could be wrong. Just to say it was not one of those lavish solid-base worktables I have in the other alien bases.

It had a thin mattress on it, thin like one to two inches thick and plastic covered, and the mattress looked like as if it were given to them from earth, covered in brown plastic layer, slightly soft but just a dingy flat mattress. Now there were plenty of layers of things placed on top of the mattress, undoubtedly to protect from human bodily leakages and fluids. I inspected it very carefully and I was wide awake. There wasn't any single effective layer of extra protective coating on the whole mattress, but several ones. It all looked very cheap and disappointing.

I mean I've worked in healthcare and this was well below par for hospital standards. It was just a random mix of thin fabric or other coverings here and there. There was no professional hospital logic or know-how behind the arrangement, just a bunch of protective coverings on top of a very cheap hand-down mattress in a very cramped spaceship that would seem highly unsuitable for medical work of any kind. I was so disappointed and surprised. You have to wonder what kind of alien creature did the thinking and the manual labor to prepare for such a setting to place an abductee down on a work table. Well below par.

Another thing I noticed while in the spaceship. The air was moist and somewhat warm, by no means cold. The air was thicker than regular air on earth, thicker meaning more gaseous molecules than what we are used to, thicker, greater gas pressure. And it was exceedingly clear that the air there was highly contaminated. It did not leave the impression of being just "a different type of air", I mean, you could argue, or expect, extraterrestrial spaceship-air to have a different composition than the air in Earth's atmosphere, granted, but this air just gave the strongest impression of being poor. Air that was not at its best quality, air - which, had they the means - the aliens would have gladly replaced with fresh air.

Now, transporting air into spaceships on long space travels must be a hassle. It would seem time consuming, "expensive", if not complicated, to prepare for large tanks of spare air as well as a ventilation system which would continuously filter or replace the air inside a spaceship in order to maintain a desired quality and composition. To filter out contaminants, and to replace consumed air molecules. For instance: if you have humans breathing and living in a spaceship, you would want a ventilation system which filters out the carbon dioxide that we exhale, and which replaces in more oxygen from a spare tank because we spend oxygen and need to replace the oxygen that was used up. Humans would also reasonably exude dust, dead skin cells, and bits of food and filth would end up in the atmosphere of a human spaceship, so a filtering system would need to be in place to take these contaminants out. If the air is not purified/filtered, as well as replenished with fresh air, the quality of the air in a spaceship would quickly diminish. And that is the impression this alien spaceship gave.

There was the strongest impression that the air inside this spaceship was filled with waste material resulting from the alien beings' normal metabolic activities. There were foreign and unfamiliar to me materials in their air, things that I suspect were exhaled (if these aliens respire, breathe) or secreted by these aliens. Possibly this is their "normal air", but still, it had the strong sense of being "not fresh". I am sure that the aliens would press a button that says "refresh air" if they had one such a system in place. It was liveable and fine, but it really felt like the air was by no means fresh, and the contaminants in this air was clearly not of a human origin. It was un-fresh air resulting from alien inhabitants.

The air felt sticky and laden with metabolic materials. I could feel it to the touch, I could also smell it, and it even seemed to be somewhat sticky on the walls and soaked into all of the things in this spaceship. It was really below par to what one would expect. I am not complaining, simply describing. Meanwhile I got to spend time in a real alien spaceship with a real alien being who smiled at me, so I am over the moon happy about the experience!

We have more children for you to be shown. - a Zeta says
I don't know if I want to. This is rude, I am hurt. - me
And I see a brief glimpse of a Thuban, its goggle eyes moving about, and its mouth with baleen opens, a very bizarre sight indeed!
We don't have any gloves when we touch you! - a Zeta says, not angry
That's fine. - me
So we like to feel you out. - the Zeta says, with image of Zeta fingertips feeling a human on the skin, I know they like to touch.

It was the most spectacular alien experience to get to experience being in that foreign alien spent air. I must say the air felt if not looked a bit yellow. It was moist and almost dripping. You know when you have a fan above the stove and if you don't clean it you get a bunch of oil and a whole host of food residue from cooking gets stuck on that greasy oil that sticks to the fan? It was that same kind of feeling. Metabolic materials, sticky and almost greasy, moist and humid. A place where organic creatures inhabit, where they metabolize materials and their bodies exude metabolites, and an air that is clearly not processed through any adequate filtering or replenishing systems, yet the air is of an acceptable standard, just that they haven't gone through the extra effort of building luxurious systems that would maintain air at a perfect quality. So it as quite a surprise.

But what confounds me, is that they place a human abductee - me at least - on that makeshift table with that dingy mattress and those cover sheets on the mattress, and there will be fecal samples, urine, saliva, all kinds of body fluids. They also talked about how they bring male abductees there and collect semen. What is the hygiene practiced? I am seriously concerned about the hygiene. Maybe our Earth hospitals are overly exaggerated about cleanliness and hygiene, just that this wasn't the sterile perfectly crisp clean hospital setting that I was expecting of an alien race that travels hundreds of miles (thousands? millions? megamillions?) to get to us.

It was fantastic to experience being in a habitat that belongs to, and is lived in by, an extraterrestrial creature from outer space. What surprises me is that these aliens can touch a human, it seems we can touch each other. Our bodily fluids will touch on each other's bodies. There are no cleanroom suits utilized, and that puzzles me? I was in an air habitat inside of a small crammed spaceship in an atmosphere laden with extraterrestrial body metabolites and undoubtedly also a whole host of human bodily fluids, all mixed together. Greasy and unclean just like the grease with a whole host of remnants from a variety of cooking above a stovetop.

There was the faint but unmistakable and impossible to ignore smell of formaldehyde or acetone. I've worked in a chemistry lab so I can tell you the smell is faintly similar to formaldehyde and acetone. This could hypothetically be one of the alien metabolites, something they exude naturally from their body. Or it could be a chemical utilized by them in their medical practices. The hygiene, cleanliness, and medical professionalism of their work done on abductees I rate it as highly questionable.

When I was awake in my bed again the aliens asked me if I knew "how many kilograms of semen" they were going to extract. They wanted to show me how they take semen from human abductees. I said they only need "one sperm", not kilograms of it. I said I don't want to see it.

They want to learn about sex

They are here to "borrow" our human DNA to make Zeta-human hybrids that have genitals and are fertile. Sadly they estimate the hybrid children's sexual provess at an early age. Children who are not able to reproduce or have sex are terminated. The Zetas expect me to have sex with my own hybrid and human sons. Stating the obvious of course I tell them to all go to hell.

I am shown genitalia again all the time. The aliens will show me mental images of human male genitalia, scrotums, and then the hybrid genitalia which come in a variety of forms based on the particular genetic batches. They bring in the hybrid children to see me naked and to try to have intercourse with me.

They also want the little children to see my naked breasts and touch my breasts. I don't want them to do that either. I really am tired of all the aliens and I want this madness to stop. They don't listen to me, they don't care what I say. They just say that I am a "monkey" or a "gorilla" or "dog" or "cat". They don't treat me with any kind of respect or like a person.

They wanted me to have sex with one of those Russian men again, unless that man is already my grown son with Olav or with one of the Russian men, these men all look the same by now, my sons with Olav and some of the adult Russian men such as Olav and Stanislav they all look fairly much the same. It's really a nightmare.

When I went to sleep last night, before my encounter with the alien who hugged me, the aliens told me how to prop my arms. First the aliens used their mind powers to flip my body so that I am on my back in bed, and then they told me how to prop my arms, you know with the hands facing up and the arms flat at a 90 degree angle at the elbows. They usually place my arms this way, but this time they told me to, so that I would do it myself so that they don't have to bother. So I did, but then it didn't feel comfortable and I asked if I could put my arms on my belly instead. But they don't want me to.

And also last night before I fell asleep for the alien encounter, a Zeta when we were talking, it pulled my body straight up. I was laying in bed and it pulled my upper body straight up so that my back was straight. It then said something about "prohibition against showing power", notably enforced on them by whatever governing agencies that oversee and modulate alien activities on human abductees, but I said it was fine that I enjoy when they do that. (It was done sternly, it is similar to "hitting" when they do this, they do it like when a human decides to "hit" a child. But it doesn't cause pain, even if it is done sternly and abruptly and it causes a disruption to my body, I mean it is invasive and offensive to push a person's body like this, but it causes me no harm. I must say I am mostly intrigued and happy to be maneuvered around by aliens.)

Satan himself

Last night I made a prayer to God. The Dark Lords do not like that. Dark Lords are aliens from a world called Alpha Theta or Alpha Thetis. They are an ancient and very sinister race. They live in dimension 2 if not lower. A Dark Lord recently explained to me what dimension 2 looks like. He explained that it is like seeing the world flat. I wondered how can the world be seen as a flat dimension because you can still move in every direction, I mean a room doesn't become flat so that you can only move in two directions left and right or up and down along a flat 2-dimensional sheet, can't you still move forward and backward too, into or out of the "page"?

The Dark Lord explained that you can still move around the 2nd dimension in any direction you want, but every time you do, what you are looking at is a flat sheet in front of you. There is no depth perception. And he said that the 3rd dimension (which is where we humans are in) is an "expansion" of space, or of the universe. An "expansion". There are also fourth and fifth and so forth, dimensions. There are at least 12 dimensions. The Seraphim Angel is from the 12th dimension.

I had the worst nightmare ever. I didn't see Satan but I felt that he was near. Just being in his uncanny presence. And I screamed and I screamed for Jesus to come save me! Jesus didn't come for me. I was so scared and in a state of suspended hell for too many seconds that felt like at least 15 minutes. Then the devil, note a Dark Lord, approached me and he wanted to show me some videos of animal torture on dogs and cats. He was going to show me how scalps are removed and brains exposed and all sorts of hideous torture. I didn't want to see, and luckily I woke up in my bedroom after what seemed like forever. I was so grateful that this is a world we can wake up into, because while I was there with the Dark Lord I did not know of any other place, I thought I was really trapped.

The Dark Lords ARE NOT to be underestimated. They can possess human minds and turn humans madly insane. They possess humans and make them do drugs and alcohol (for better susceptibility), they make humans do murder and rape and torture. The Dark Lords were responsible for Hitler, Himmler, and the Nazi movement. They were the creators of Satanist Aleister Crowley. I mean, when I am here and the Dark Lords are somewhere else, we can talk and I can spend time with them and it's fine. It's only when they come too close when it envelops me in what is literally hell and agony beyond worst nightmares.

When I woke up the Dark Lord asked me if I had noticed that he "smells". I said I had not come that close to sense his smell. The Dark Lords smell really bad, but that's not the main problem. The main problem is the hellish satanic utter terror that they exude. He was angry at me because I had prayed to God before I went to bed, because I had shunned Satan. I apologised to him and referred to him as "Sire" and I honored him and such. It is good to be on good terms with the Devils that run the Agenda.

Namely he had come to ask me not to abandon him, that is why he had given me that hellish nightmare. I must say, I have been able to maintain mutually very respectful relations with my Dark Lords, until now that I have been praying for God to be in my life instead. The Dark Lords rule over all of the Aliens in the Agenda. The Draconian Reptilians and Zetas are some of many alien races that are being pestered and ruled by these mischievious "Archons", as other websites call them.

The Dark Lords are Incubi, they love to ingest the sexual "white flame" that we talked about earlier on this page. If you deny them that, they can find their own ways of getting to it. They are mischief and trouble, and they are an incredibly formidable enemy, if they want to be. What you have seen with me and Malik, Bezelbaub, Basmet Baphomet, Sif, Manon Masuf, being like friends and I've even had my fair share of laughs and good times with them, don't think these are tame beasts. They can be very nice if they want to be, but if it is sadism and torture they are after, they are where hell comes from.

The Dark Lord explained to me that they have to give life force to The Eye because that is what has stopped it from expanding. It seems that The Eye is a black hole. It seems that our visible universe came about because of expansion. What we see in atoms, planets, stars, people, anything, is because a "nothingness" expanded through the lower dimensions and into a third dimension (our place of perception) and into also other higher dimensions. Higher dimensions are around because of expansion. Now this sounds an awful lot like Big Bang, doesn't it?

I would believe in the Dark Lord's retelling of the universe first and foremost, and any human constructed science around cosmology and astronomy would have to find a way to fit into theirs. I mean, I am not going to listen to Dark Lords talking about the universe and then try to fit it into our human Big Bang theory and such. No, I trust that the Dark Lords know the universe, and if our Earth science fits with it, great, we were right, and if our Earth science does not fit, then we were wrong. We are monkeys. We couldn't possibly understand the universe and expect all the other far older and more advanced alien races to adjust their science after ours. So if the story of The Eye fits with Big Bang theory, then they were right first, and our theories simply coincide. And if they don't coincide in places, then it is we humans who have to abandon our beliefs in some things.

The Eye is a cosmological principle. I asked the Dark Lord if The Eye is a creature, a person, does it talk? He did not say. But the Dark Lords fear The Eye. The Dark Lords believe - and it seems to be accurate - that they have saved all of the expanded universe from collapsing into The Eye.

The Eye is a place of darkness with me. - says a Dark Lord, and I must say I really love hearing his voice, this is a familiar friend. I have grown acquainted with Dark Lords, before I realized how sinister they can be, and he is a dear friend.
Is it a person? Can it talk? - me
It has made us. - Dark Lord
How was it, that it made you? How did it make you? Aren't you biological beings? How can you think, if you were made by The Eye? You are sovereign beings? - me

Dark Lords are the Djinn. They have also told me about Ifrit (you can Google that one for yourselves). So The Eye is a place of lowest dimension, it seems. And it is a thing that swallows space itself. It gobbles up space, it is the opposite of expansion. If expansion is what made our universe and what made space itself and all of the atoms and stars and planets, The Eye is the balance of the universe that tries to undo creation. The Eye is a hole and it looks like things spiraling into it, which creates several "lines" around the swirls around the central hole, and those lines and the hole of the eye is what makes it look very much like an "Eye".

Do not talk about our Lord like that. It does not want to be seen by you. - says a Dark Lord to me
I do apologise. I did not mean any harm to you, nor any disrespect to your Eye God. I apologise. - me
You are my rabbit! - says the black Reptilian, his pointy mouth with sharp teeth opens, and his lower eyelids close in a reptilian smile, he was happy.
Don't you get to look at my goosebumps anymore? - says Hamish to someone, and shows off his blunt orange bumps on his body, oh strange creature Hamish, but I love him

My Sock Turtle. Anyhow, if you ever draw The Eye, you must remember to include the eye wrinkles and lines above and under the "Eye", or it is not a complete rendering. The lines and eye crinkles are important, because that is what it looks like. The Eye is not literally "an eye". It seems to be the grandest of black holes, a central feature of the universe, which tries to undo the expansion that created space.

A rift? - black reptilian or Dark Lord, about the Eye being "a rift"
What is a rift? - me
The great undoing, you said that it was! - the black Reptilian says and smiles with his eyes and his mouth open exposing the many sharp white teeth
Who are you? - me
You are my cat here. - he says
Ok. - me
Don't be too nosy now. - says Dark Lord
Ok. Whatevs. - me
You are not our, typical woman! - says General Patton

The Eye is not literally an eye, but it looks like one. The Dark Lords sacrifice life force into The Eye, and that is what stops The Eye from swallowing up space. The Agenda, symbolized by the yellow pyramid, is an organization scheme all about producing and giving life force into The Eye to stop it from swallowing up worlds. Life force is souls, and those souls end up in a state that feels like hell, inside The Eye.

If you go through The Eye you find yourself in a most surprising place. You end up in a white space, the white being the life force, and it is a power grid network system, like an electrical power plant. But, crucial to this story, is that Dark Lords have their targets exposed to torture, sex, sadism, pain, fear, disease, madness, things that flare up the life force because of strong neural response, crucial being that Dark Lords only feel "lust" from this, whereas their targets feel suffering beyond imaginable. The Dark Lords are not compassionate, simply because they are unaware of the pain, and instead they feel tremendous lust. "So it is not their fault", you could say. I am quite convinced that if Dark Lords were equipped with the sense to feel the pain that they can cause to others, then the tormenting would stop, instantly, because if you feel the pain of another, it is your pain too. The lower dimensions are linked to unconsciousness, and love and compassion can only come about from consciousness. So that is how the story goes.

[The dream encounter with the Dark Lord happened first. Then I woke up. And then I fell back asleep and had the peaceful encounter with the alien being in the funky spaceship. Also I forgot to say, that the Aliens told me when I returned, that they are given most of their supplies from the Russians.]

Hamish and Christmas

While I had been sleeping, Hamish had been here enjoying watching my mother cook Christmas meals in the kitchen. When I returned from the dreams, Hamish was in the kitchen in the other dimension, standing right beside my mother behind her back and curiously watching her cooking. He is such a curious delightful Dragon Sock.

And Hamish a while later retreated back to standing right by the Christmas tree. He asked me how the various Christmas tree ornaments were attached to the tree, if any of them had safety pins. I said that no, there are no safety pins, and I explained to him how each of the decorations are on the tree, some are treaded through a branch through a loop and others are simply sitting on the tree. Hamish then felt safe and assured so he placed himself to stand so close to the Christmas tree that his body was leaning against the tree, and he just stood like that, now that he knew there were no needles or pins there that might hurt him. He enjoyed standing so close to the tree, he loves that tree.

It doesn't smell like anything, to them. - Hamish says about the tree, the Christmas tree does not have a smell (it is a plastic tree not a live one)

Hamish is also expecting Christmas presents under the tree, he can stand there by the tree just looking under the tree and thinking about wrapped Christmas presents, but we don't have any, cause we have no children in our family and we agreed not to do presents. I tell Dragon that I would give him wrapped presents if he wants them. Then the black Reptilian had said that he wanted some too, and I had asked him what he would like for Christmas presents and he said he wanted a "bomb" and his thought image was of a grenade. I said I would not give him a "bomb", but he could have something else if he wants to. The black Reptilian tends to be sitting on our living room sofa when I wake up in the mornings.

I asked the Reptilians what they had been up to all night when I sleep, what had Hamish been up to, I asked? The black Reptilian said that Hamish had been with them (with the other Reptilians) in the living room, talking with them. The Reptilians always have like conferences and meetings in our living room at nights when I sleep, it is funny. Probably planning world domination.

And when I returned from the alien encounter abduction at night, some Zetas had told me that they were like doctors, so I had asked them if they could tell me about Hamish's physiology. So the Zeta "doctor" said among other things about Hamish, that when Hamish gets hungry he feels a "surge" in his stomach and then he gets hungry and he starts nibbling on things and on people. They also said that Hamish is violent and likes to attack and strangulate people. I said that I know about his love of strangulation. They said that part of that is instinctive, but part of that is learned behavior, Hamish's love for strangulation they mean.

I love my Sock Turtle, and I love spending Christmas with my Dragon.

We don't want to call you anymore. - a white Alien hybrid with a big bulbuous head like a big embryo, in the other language, "call" as in "calling on the telephone", they mean telepathy
But you sleep here with us! - the alien smiles and indicates to my bed when I sleep in my bed
Why do I sleep there "with you"? - me
Because we like looking at you! - he smiles
You are pedophiles. Go away. - me
We don't want to give you a brown recluse. - says the black Reptilian/Dark Lord
Go away! No brown recluses or pedophiles! - me
Brown recluse, in case that you don't know, is a very dangerous spider.

Merry Christmas with me and Hamish The Great

One more thing, I nearly forgot: the alien in the spaceship that I was taken to, they showed me that they have another room there that is like a cockpit. It has a huge window that is buckled, not planar. They told me that it is "100" (or whatever number it was, a thousand, or a million) times stronger than plexiglas, and they asked me if I would like to watch outer space from that room with them. By then I was already back in my bedroom, yet I have the funniest feeling that another version of my body exists there with them all the time in that other dimension. But I said yes, that I would want to see space from the window. I was shown diffuse images mentally transmitted to me from inside the spaceship.

Then the aliens said that they had "millions" who wanted to meet with me. They have a population of millions of Zetas and the crowd wanted to meet me. I thought that was great! So they were going to fly this spaceship through a tunnel. I asked is this a wormhole, does it contort space and time? I think it was a wormhole! I don't recall the meeting with the "millions of Zetas".

We thought you would like this better than a filofax, that is why we said that. - says one of the white aliens
I thought it was a wonderful Christmas present. It was a nice Christmas gift, thank you. To finally get to meet you. - me
You are my mother and I love you. - the alien from the spaceship he is here with me in the living room but he is in another dimension, I seem him vaguely like a ghost, and he hugs me
I love you too. You are my son, and I love you. - me

Later this afternoon the aliens had said about this alien that he was once my "baby". I said that I was sad that I never got to hold him or know about him when he was a baby. I was also later told that this spaceship I was in, it has many stories, or floors. I asked how many, but they didn't say. They said it also has a "restaurant", the restaurant is where the aliens eat and it is on a lower floor than where the medical examination room was in.

I was not happy about that. I was sad. - the alien says and makes a "sad face", he shows me our Christmas tree and that there are no presents under the tree
Did you want me to have a Christmas present? - me
And I couldn't give you a filofax, so I thought I could give you ME! - he says and lights up
Wonderful present! Best present ever for a mother! - me, I say but then I think that what if being made to have these children is a violence and offense, not a blessing?
Thank you. I want to see you again. - me
You are my Mommy here. - he says and wants to hug me again
You are lovely. I want to see you again. - me
You are our cattle here. - says he or another similar Zeta creature while I am still speaking

Enough of that, don't you think? I've been writing here for a couple of hours, and it's Christmas and I've got things to do. Oh, and Hamish also said that he would - or that he already had - placed sheets of his shedded scales under the Christmas tree. Also in the morning when I woke up, he had told me that he gives me pieces of his scales as a "payment". So now finally we know why Dragon Turtle keeps giving me bits of his scales, I never knew if he was showing power or what. But he thinks like this: he gives me pieces of his scales as payment, as currency, in exchange that he gets to "buy" my eggs. That is how Dragon is thinking. I love Hamish.

One more thing: the aliens showed me a mental image of a dinner plate with a piece of "entrecote" with fried potatoes and cooked vegetables. They said I should eat something like this that it would be good, when we were talking about what they would like me to eat which is good when they suction it out and give to the hybrid children to eat. Turns out this was an exact platter that one of the Russian men had eaten. So they are taking food from the men too, not just from the mothers.

I know I was with the hybrid children some more after that but I don't remember it, it was all vague, something about a "makeup lesson", I was asked if I would like a "makeup lesson", I thought I was teaching the group of eight or so girls to do makeup, but when I woke up from that dream turns out the aliens had wanted me to teach them how to do my makeup. Makeup obviously for prostitution purposes. Whatever. Let me have my Christmas, with me and Hamish my Sock Turtle.

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