Happy Christmas 2013!
December 19 2013

Just Dragon coo, and Dragon stories, my Hamish, with a Christmas twist! The Orion Project is a documentary, this seems to be real alien contact. It is not written to be fiction, and I am reminded of that every time when a Dragon tosses me.

Earlier this week I woke up in the morning and Hamish was talking about the little Santas that he finds in our kitchen. It is Christmas time and we decorate with little Santa figurines with red pointy hats, little ones hidden among the flower pots, or up on the shelf, but Hamish finds them all. He likes to look around when everybody goes to bed at night. When I'm safe and sound (and my eggs) in the bed I've asked him "Hamish what do you do at night when I'm asleep?" He likes to look around sometimes. And you know Draconians are curious creatures.

Every time I have a Draconian Reptile visiting he will start out by looking around. They love snooping around human people's things around a house. Objects and items of all sorts, they even get into the cupboards, drawers and closets looking around. They familiarize themselves with their new surroundings, typically they are looking to make sure there are no hidden weapons. I can't tell you how many times a Draconian has asked me whether there is a "knife" in a particular desk drawer in my bedroom. (I think I've checked, and there is none.)

The other night I had a new green Reptilian visiting and he claimed to have been hiding out in my bedroom closet, even though I think there isn't quite enough space there for him, and he calls himself simply "Lizard". He told me at night when I crawled in bed, that "everything was fine here, except for that trash", and he shows me a mental image of my bedroom paperbasket. Now there is nothing too offensive in my paperbasket, mostly just a pair of leggings I threw away, but the Reptilians are always!!! bothered by the presence of a mere humble trashcan. They just don't understand why anybody would "choose to store" trash in public display like that. One might as well place trash items on a piedestal, it means the same thing for a Draconian, who thinks like a Reptilian Lizard thinketh.

But Hamish was notably concerned about there being little red Santas around. He had already inspected them at night, he has concluded that they do not speak, and they do not eat anything. But he is mighty keen on those objects and quite upset that they would be "showing power" and "taunting" him by being red. So I asked my Dear Dragon, "Hamish what do you think we should do about those Santas?" Hamish's suggestion was to dunk them into the toilet, and I could see Dragon smiling about that because his lower eyelids were closed, and that is when a Dragon smiles. I told him we should do that. (But we haven't.) But boy did we have a fun moment together, just thinking about getting even with them Santas!

Last night when I had gone to bed and all the lights were off and everything was quiet, and the night is so dark now at Christmas time, I curled under the covers and I wanted to spend time with Dragon Turtle. "Hamish. Why don't you spend the nights here in my bedroom with me? I miss you when you're gone. Do you have to stay the nights in the bathroom all the time?" After all, I have got that little pink bathroom rug here for him, and I would be sure to make any other accommodations for Dragon that he wants. Nights when he has been in the room with me have been sweet. Like camping together with a best friend. There is nothing like waiting to fall asleep with your best friend sleeping nearby. It's that familiar safe feeling that nothing else can beat. Friendship, togetherness. Like the feeling of not living life all by oneself, but having someone else on the journey.

Hamish used to sleep, or at least lie, underneath my bed at college. I had this humongous super King size bed that was so tall that they didn't even make bedskirts that were that tall for it, I had to special order them. So Dragon used to camp out underneath my bed. This was when I was first getting to know my Dragon, that Red Dragon that had stepped into my bedroom one day and there he was, and forever would be. Totally unapologetic, a bright fire engine red and orange tall Reptilian man with strange bulging yellow eyes like headlights and that odd soft turtleshell humpback soft cushion on his back displaying a neat row of black thorns growing out of it, a long limp tail and flat red duck feet. There he was. He would wrestle me in bed during the day to show me his power, and at nights we would both go quiet and I would see him lying down all flat on the floor right underneath me, like bunk beds almost. Like camping together, except that one of us was a Dragon.

I didn't know that it had a skirt! - Hamish says, "skirt" in my native language otherwise English
It did. It was that fabric that wrapped around and gave you your very own mancave down there. Giggles. - me
It was not dusty. I could see right through it. - Hamish, and Hamish remembers peeking out from between the bedskirt at my college room

Hamish did not want to come camp out in my bedroom last night. He said he wanted to stay where his shedded scales are, he tends to those and is "drying" them. So he won't come and spend the night in my bedroom, like best buddies, like we used to do.

You said that you had vomited, but it was not accurate. - Hamish in my other language
Last night I said to the Aliens that I had vomited. Because they showed me naked hybrid child genitalia. I then noticed Hamish looking around the floor and bed where I was at, and he could see nothing. It was figuratively speaking, very symbolic of how I felt. So not entirely inaccurate.

Hamish loves his shedded scales. He will talk to me all about them, where he peeled them off from, some of the scales are his "underpants" if they are from his groin area, some are from his back hump, some from his arm. They come off in large sheets, and some come off in just individual bubblewrap bubbles about the size of a U.S. quarter each. The scales are seethrough and slightly yellowish beige white. They feel soft and pliable like rubber sheets. When they come off they are moist. And what I am still puzzled about is that he tends to pee on them. Then he washes them in the toilet water. And then he lays them out on the bathroom radiator or on the bathroom rug in the bathroom to dry. Then he stomps his feet on them, steps on them, wipes his feet on them, and stands on them for hours, and he tells me he is "drying" them. This is Dragon behavior.

Get this. Sometimes when he has given me or shown me shedded scales there has been his pee on them. Every once in a while Dragon lays his shedded scales on top of me. The other night he layed some across my arm on the arm that was facing up. I just thank him, because I know it's a gesture of some kind. It means something to him. I like to think that it means that he has "approved of" me. That he likes me even. But he once placed a shedded sheet on top of the freshly baked apple pie I had made. He was not wanting me to eat it because it contains sugar, and sugar disrupts my DNA for their genetics work with my eggs, so he was placing his scales there to "claim" the pie as his own, so that I would not eat it.

So I am thinking that Hamish is building a nest with his scales. I wouldn't be surprised if Dragon Turtles on Alpha Draconis used to build nests like Hamish is doing, out of their shedded scales, and then laying their eggs in there. I know that Hamish feels very at home with his scales. The way that they feel underneath his feet makes him feel safe and very at home. He also likes the smell of his shedded scales, so this is definitely a behavior I envision them having done at home, in the fern forests of Alpha Draconis. Please remember that Hamish is not a "human". His race lives more like "animals" do, far from "civilized", I mean they don't use clothes or live in houses. They lived in fern forests and didn't build artefacts!

Today Hamish has another mudpile of his poo in the same corner of the bathroom floor. He asked me if he could use my bathroom towel the small one that I use for drying my hands. Namely he had gotten some latrine on his duck feet. That tends to happen when he accidentally steps on the runny latrine. Every now and then I see that Hamish has some of that poo on his flat duck feet. Then he wants to find a rug or something to wipe his feet clean. And this behavior is very important to this Dragon, because he does it very carefully and thoughtfully. He really stops what he is doing and his mind thinks about the wiping of his feet, so it is not just something done on a whim.

We used to always live in castles. That is why we do these things. - the black Reptilian I think
Whose castles? You can live in my castle with Hamish. Hamish is welcome here. I take good care of him. He is my Honored. - me
He is just guarding your eggs from me. - the black Reptilian says
I know. Don't take them from him. They are his snacks. - me
He also likes to rub himself on them! - black Reptilian says and shows he his mental image of Hamish rubbing a sheet of shedded scales between his ankles, yes I've seen he does that a lot

Hamish wipes his feet carefully when he does. There is a moment of pause where he prepares himself and gets ready to wipe his feet, then he wipes his feet backwards on a rug. He is cleanly, you must know that! He is my cleanly Dragon.

I haven't got excrement on me now, tell them that. - Hamish wants me to tell you readers, in English

He is such a cutie, oh my I can't even tell you. Last night I tried to explain to him how much I love him and what that means. I love him so much that it hurts. I told him "I love you Hamish" so many times last night. And I told him, that I love the person that he is. That there is a person and a soul inside him that is more precious than anything!

I wasn't with duck feet, when I get prepared. - Hamish says, about what I've been writing here about when he prepares to wipe his feet, he listens carefully
... I wasn't with duck feet, in my latrine. - he says
That's ok. You are perfect. I love you Dragon Turtle. *You are the best.* - me
Those are, my monkeys! - Hamish carefully explains to the black Reptilian who is sitting on our living room sofa, and Hamish thought about the Christmas tree which I dressed with big red ball ornaments just a moment ago for my Dragon Hamish

Last night I asked Hamish if he would tell me about his race and about how they lived there on Alpha Draconis? He said that they had lived there until the race from "Alpha Theta" or did he say "Alpha Thetis" came. The same story told by so many other alien races who get seized by the Black Ones. The Alpha Remulan cutie-pie scorpion told me the very same story, about having lived peacefully in forests in a natural habitat on a planet and then the Alpha Thetans had arrived and taken them. Hamish's race too, was stolen from its natural world, and it is a very tragic story!

Hamish has shown me a red crustacean that lived in the water. It had two round bulging eyes like Hamish has, and it was flat and the same fire engine red. This kind of creature was genetically modified, unless it is Hamish's natural ancestor, into what he is today.

Hamish also talks about how he is "an old grandfather". As an individual, he is very old. Even the other aliens tell me so about Hamish all the time. I asked him if he feels healthy, he said that he does! So he isn't showing or feeling any old age, but possibly he sheds a bit more often because of his old age, I do not know? I would cut my own arm off for this Dragon Turtle if it ever need be. I would throw myself off a cliff just to save him another day. I am so close to him. He is a living being, from another planet, but he is so much more than that. I have never known the kind of love that I feel for him. My Sock Dragon, my Beautiful Hamish the Honored.

I mean, how can you not fall in love with someone who talks about red Santas showing power first thing in the morning? How can you not love waking up to that? Or going to bed at nights with a big red Dragon Turtle stomping his feet on the tiny square of a little pink bathroom rug just because he likes the way it feels underneath his feet, stomp stomp squish squish. Or when he shows me his back hump, really makes sure that I see it, because he "knows" that it signifies power "in all those who see it". Of course it does. But I must tell you seeing his back hump is always most perplexing, than it is awe-inspiring. It is a strange thing on his back.

Last night I told Hamish that his back hump makes him look powerful or dangerous, whatever it was I said, because of course it became a topic of conversation again. I told him that it is a "shield" and it "protects" him.

They don't like my smell there. But you do. - says Hamish to me in English and shows me a mental image of the Japanese men that he visits who are part of the Dragon Dynasty
I don't mind your smell Dragon Turtle. I Honor your Scales. You are always welcome with me. And I will kill them if they disrespect you! Are they treating you nicely? Are they nice to you Hamish? My Honored Turtle. My Sock Feet Dragon. - me

So when I told him that his back hump was a shield that "protects" him, he said that no it did not serve that purpose, the purpose of the back hump was "racial identification", so that his race can be identified from any other races, and he corrected me and said that it was not a "back shield", it was his back turtle! HAHAHA! HE SAID BACK TURTLE! I love it when he calls that thing his back turtle! Hihihi!

So he told me about how his race lived on Alpha Draconis, before the Alpha Theta came. They lived in forests and they lived in large herds, he said when I asked whether they lived individually or in groups. He then continued to say without my asking, that each herd had one leader and all the others would respect him and follow his lead, but that the rest of them were not friends with each other. Namely one Dragon Turtle in each herd would - presumably by fighting and showing his strength and dominance - earn leadership of the pack, and the others would not fight him, and the others would follow him and the leader decided where the herd goes. But the other Dragon Turtles in the herd would fight and not be friends among themselves. I was so blessed to learn this bit of information about a real alien species of Dragon Turtles.

My grandfathers liked it. - says Hamish and he feels warm and cozy from the thought of this, he is referring to the herd behavior
What did they like? - me
Their backs. - says Hamish and is feeling cozy and pleased as punch, he means the "back turtles"
They were nice weren't they? - me
My sock feet, were not there. - Hamish shows me his foot and he means that he was not physically present with the herds

He told me more about their way of life back then at home. There were just two things that Hamish needs in order to be happy. 1. eggs, 2. water. And he showed me a mental image of Dragon Turtle eggs. Hamish has a girlfriend of his own race and they have had at least two or three batches of eggs. The eggs are rather large, elongated, and they do not have a pointy edge but both ends are blunt. The shell is very soft and not at all like eggshells on hen eggs. The egg is very pliable and the shell is just like a skin almost. (Now, this piqued the interest of Crocodile Man who is listening in now. Crocodile Men are kept there in the Agenda to work at incubators and with eggs. Earth crocodile DNA was taken to make a new "humanoid" intelligent race that would be good with defending eggs. Crocodile Men are in my opinion polite and gentlemen. I know that a Crocodile Man always takes Hamish's nest of eggs, and I wish they didn't!)

The Alpha Remulans don't want you to know what happens to them. - Remulan, the brown scorpion
I won't ask. Just let me be with Hamish, let us be alone! - me. I don't want to hear any bad news about Hamish's BABIES!!!

Hamish's race makes eggs that are rather large, about four to five inches long, all eggs laid are the same size. The coloration of the skin that makes for the soft eggshell is a gray or beige, and the eggs are speckled with was it dark green or dark grey speckles. The eggs are speckled! Does this suggest camouflage? Fascinating! All fascinating! There are about five to eight eggs in each batch that I've seen. I haven't counted them but it looks to be about five to eight of them.

I wasn't ever able to tell whether the eggs were laid in any type of nesting material. The mother Turtle also seems to keep at a distance from the nest, though she lingers close by, she doesn't seem to sit on the nest. Hamish and the mother Turtle both spend a great deal of time staring at the eggs, just looking at them. And when Hamish's wife Turtle has made a nest of their eggs, Hamish visits her often, so that he can look at the eggs. They seem to enjoy looking at their eggs with anticipation and affection like only a parent would look at their babies. I know they love their eggs and their babies. Hamish would be the most perfect parent, I think.

Hamish? Are you a good parent to your Dragon eggs? Are you a good father to them? - me

Last night Hamish told me what it feels like when he has sex. Hamish has a slender white penis, it narrows to the end. Draconian penises, in case you haven't noticed, are covered in a natural fragrant oily fluid. Draconian penises are very fragrant. The smell is very similar to lavender. The inclusion of a fragrance does not surprise me, since the Draconian sense of smell is incredibly acute. Reptilians talk about smells all the time, and they pick up scents that humans simply are not aware of. The oily fluid is possibly just the mediator of the scent molecule, so that it can be excreted from the body.

Hamish was able to convey to me from his thoughts and his memories the sensation that he has when he has sex. Reptilians don't do multiple repeated thrusts. They do it just once and properly and sex is a quick affair usually lasting just two seconds. But their penises are sensitive. Hamish told me that he only feels that sensation once he is fully in the Dragon female.

It's fascinating to think about the juxtaposition of instinctive behavior, versus conscious chosen behavior. Where do we draw the line? Does Hamish have sex with the Dragon female simply because he has a mechanism in his brain that tells him to? Is he driven by the "good feelings" that he might get (which IS what drives human reproduction at least in many cases I'm sure)? Or does he think about having eggs and babies and making the next generation? What goes on in Dragon Turtle's head? What thoughts does he have? Isn't he marvellous?

As for "water" being important to him. He showed me how he likes to just stand with his flat red duck feet in a shallow slow flowing creek. And I've known Hamish to love putting his feet into water. He can stand in shallow water quite often at his favorite creek. He has also, if I am not mistaken, asked a few times for a foot bath here at home. "Eggs", and "water" for standing in, are what are most important for the Dragon Turtles, said Hamish to me last night. They love standing in water.

I have to strongly suspect that standing in water serves the purpose of cleansing the feet, and that dirty feet might have caused health problems for them in the past? Do they have bacteria and bacterial infections on their home planet? Here on planet Earth animals bathe and clean to avoid bacterial infections. Or is it just that Dragon Turtles have sensitive, sensual feet, because they do?

Always remember when you are reading about Hamish that the soles of his feet are very sensitive whereas his hands are not. He does not use his hands to touch things with, he never does that. Hamish would never pick something up with his hands in order to inspect it or to feel it out. He uses his feet to touch and feel with, which in a way makes more sense if you are living like a Dragon Turtle in the fern forest. He will step on things to feel them out. He also likes to step with one foot down on a person (alien or human person) whom he dominates, so it is also a sign of dominance. He only stands on someone when it is the "finaly say", like saying "enough arguing I won the argument it's over now no more".

An interesting clue is that when Hamish has sex with someone then he will have the female on the floor and he steps on top of its back. It is like when birds copulate. So there is the feet again. But if Hamish is "handling" something, he uses his feet. Sometimes he uses his mouth. But never the hands. Hands are used for different things, typically for clawing or clasping on prey.

My victims!, I said. - says Hamish because of what I wrote about prey
Yes Hamish. Your victims, and snacks. - me

He is beautiful. Absolutely spectacular.

You don't think that I smell, so I could stand here. - Hamish
Yes. You can stand here with me. - me, I am aware of Dragon Turtle standing behind me in the other dimension, he is more than welcome to
I am guarding my eggs. - Hamish

I had to wonder if Hamish feels lonely, last night when he told me about how his race lives in large herds. Does he feel the need to be with his kin? Would he enjoy tending to his race's natural behavior, moving in packs through the fern forests, on the hunt, or stopping together by a creek to put their feet in the water? It pains me that this beautiful magnificent creature has to spend his days with me, with this stupid human, when he could be out there enjoying life. I want him to enjoy his existence, to fill his day with meaningful impressions, good memories, and companionship with his kin. I know he has told me he would rather spend his time with the other Dragon Turtles who are hiding in caves, but he has to work here so that the others are safe. I try to make life as comfortable as I can for Dragon Turtle. The least I can do to this magnificent creature, the love of my life, is to adore him, is to not argue with him. God forbid if he were with some other human who yells at him,

I would scrape at them. - says Hamish and I see the appearance of a big black claw on a red scaly finger on his Dragon paw, and he sounded fine about the idea of having to be mischievous and clawing someone who is mean to him
I would never let anyone be mean to you. - me
Hamish thinks about the nuisance when toddler hybrids pee their diapers, and how that smells to his nose and that this was someone "being mean" to him.

I would die for Dragon Turtle. I would sacrifice myself and end my life, even if it only gave him a while longer to live, even if he never knew of my fate. Just so that that person who lives inside his mind could continue watching the world with those yellow bulging eyes, so that he can find little things that he thinks about, so that he can know himself as a red Dragon Turtle, rustle his scales, shed and tend to his shedded scales, place his flat red duck feet into shallow waters, and know himself, and be himself, and see the world through his eyes, the way he thinks about it. I can't tell you how much he means to me. He is special.

I wish I could equip myself with a sword and stay by his side guarding him at all times. I would never sleep. I need him to be safe always.

Last night when I had gone to bed and either before or after we had that conversation about his race, and by the way he thanked me after I had "allowed" him to talk to me about his race. So he had enjoyed talking about his race. That is when I got bored and Hamish had retreated back to his bathroom rug in the bathroom and I called out for Hamish telepathically, "Hamish! Let's play hide and seek! Come find me!", I said to Dragon and simply put my head underneath the covers. And Dragon was game on!

So Hamish started to look for me! He knew what the game was about! Well, I told him that I will hide and now he has to come find me! I'm sure he must've known where I am? Yet he played his part and he didn't come straight into the bedroom. You know that tingly feeling of anticipation you get when you are a kid and you are playing hide and seek and you get almost nervous and scared about being found? Yeah I had that feeling, as I hid underneath my covers, I almost scared myself with the thought of Hamish coming in to find me!

So Hamish sent me mental images of a wide variety of items throughout the house, anything that had a pocket in them, and as if he were looking into those items to see if I was in it. He showed me the mental image of a shoe in our hallway and peeked into the shoe to see that I wasn't inside the shoe. And he looked inside the pot on the kitchen stove, and in the cupboards, he looked for me. Oh god I was giggling so bad this was the most fun I've ever had in a long while! And he wouldn't just come straight to find me, he was looking inside all sorts of things, especially things that were too small for anyone to hide in!

I just giggled and laughed from my bedroom, as Hamish went about the apartment in other rooms peeking into this and into that for me. "Hamish! You have to hurry, I am running out of air!", I hollered to Hamish, because it was true. I was suffocating under my blankets by now and it was getting really hot, and Dragon hadn't found me yet. So I came back out from under the covers so that I could breathe and I told Hamish that the game was over because I couldn't breathe so I had to come back out. But he was so precious searching from me, in shoes and in pots and cupboards. That was a total surprise and I would have never thought that Dragon would play with me like that!

Some nights when I get bored as I'm waiting to fall asleep and I can't sleep, I tell Dragon to lift me up! "Hamish! Lift me up it's fun do it!" But he doesn't lift me up by my command. He only does it if he thinks it is a good idea, to show power or something like that. But it's great fun when Dragon tosses and tumbles me around in bed, or when he flips my body up to sitting with a straight back. It is always fun being handled by a Dragon Turtle from Alpha Draconis.

Tell them about them. And why they cannot eat them, I said. - Hamish says for me to tell you readers about red crabs, he showed me the mental image

Ok. So you all cannot eat any red crabs because they have red shells which resembles Hamish's Honored Race. So you are not allowed to eat his little cousins and aunties and children, the red crabs, lobsters, langoustines, shrimp, prawns, and all other little red shell fish. Because they look like Hamish's race. So that is very important, that you do not eat them.

Tell them they can eat those. - says Hamish for me to tell you readers, and he shows me an image of French snails on a plate

So you can eat escargots. Enjoy.

Today I dressed the Christmas tree and I called for Dragon to come do it with me. "Come dress the Christmas tree with me, Hamish!", even though he can't obviously help me, but he can be there with me and take part in it. I was so happy to put the big red ball ornaments on the tree, and I invited him to come closer to see. He will love those. Hamish is looking forward to Christmas much more than I am. Every day now he goes to the Christmas tree and just looks at it, and he wanted for so long to see the red ball ornaments on it, and he expects to find Christmas presents there under the tree. He stands by the tree a lot. I find that he goes there in the evenings just to stand there and to look at the tree and think about red ball ornaments and wrapped Christmas presents. I haven't had any of those thoughts this year yet.

Please don't miss out on this: Christmas with Hamish and Malik 2012.

So from Eva and Hamish a Happy Christmas 2013!

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