You Are My Buttercups
December 11 2013

Hamish with his Scales, Alpha Remulan my new favorite, and Royal Babies for the Swedish Royalty in the lower dimension, and lots of other Alien Stuff

I have decided to let the Aliens go. The main, unless only, reason is because they are sexual predators. They bring hybrid children to me, children made out of my eggs and I am told I am their mothers. The children come into my home in the other dimension to look at me. But the Thubans who work with the hybrids want the hybrid children and me to be sexuall active with each other. The hybrids are also brought in to see me when I am naked in the shower. It is all very invasive and offensive. The Thubans also show me mental images of naked hybrid genitals, or hybrids in sexual situations, often hybrid children. It is all aggravating and I have asked the Aliens to leave.

No, the other reason why they have to leave, is because of the Dark Lords, also known as "Archons" on other websites

We only want to feel the lust! - says a Dark Lord now, not in a scary voice, but sounded uplifted and happy
Yes but it ruins things for me. So I don't want to do it. You gain something from it, whereas I have my whole entire life ruined. So I cannot do this with you anymore. - me
We wanted to feel the lust, with you. - Dark Lord says
No thank you. No more lust from me. No more is to be had. It is over now. - me
And I want my eggs, here. - says Hamish from the bathroom floor standing on the rug there

The Dark Lords are beings, or entities, from a place called Alpha Theta. They are an ancient race and have been known on Earth through millennia and have been named things like the Djinn in Islam, or Incubus or Succubus, they are probably also the same as Devils, Demons, maybe even Satan himself? They are black entities who consume life force from other beings. Think of them like plants that consume sunlight, only the Dark Lords consume radiance from other living beings. The Dark Lords call this life force by names such as "juice", "coffee", or "lust". When a Dark Lord ingests your life force, he contorts it into sexual pleasure, which is why Incubi and Succubi are thought to "have sex" with the person, but the problem is that it leaves the person drained and lifeless. And that entirely ruins the quality of life.

So, between pedophilia and sexual assault, and having been drained by hungry Dark Lords out of my life force, the Aliens have to go.

Hamish and his Scales

But the Aliens are still around, same as ever. It is only I who have changed, in my attitude towards them. Me and Hamish still watch movies together and he still acts charming as ever and makes me laugh every day, and he is still my best buddy ever and I love having him around. The other day he had put individual

I am not Sock Puppets! Tell them that. - Hamish wants me to say to all you readers
They know that now. My Hamish. I love you. - me
I was only here for my eggs, I said to him. - Hamish, he said to the Dark Lord
I love you anyway. You are a cutie pie! I love Hamish! - me
My Zeta Remulans, were not here. - Hamish
Who are they? - me

Hamish had put individual

Tell them I am not Sock Puppets. - Hamish
I have told them that. - me
I have nothing else that they might like to know. - Hamish
Oh Hamish. If I had a penny for every time you are adorable, I would be a millionaire! - me
They don't want to hunt me, or chase me, they said. - Hamish
Who said? - me
Hamish has a habit of saying "he said", "they said", or "I said to him", without telling me who he is talking about.
... I said to the Zetans. - Hamish finally adds when I had given up on receiving the answer
I said to the Zeta Remulans, I said! - Hamish
Alright. Ok. ... What do they want then? - me
They wanted mine. - Hamish, I know he means eggs, which essentially are my eggs

Phew. So Hamish had put individual shedded scaly bits into both of my winter coat pockets. He showed me that in mental images. Individual bits are round about the size of a U.S. quarter coin, they are white and slightly yellowish and translucent, like bubblewrap bubbles, rounded scaly bits that once sat on bumpy surface on Hamish's skin. And when I thanked him for those scales in my pockets, I guess, then he said that "he had washed them". He washes his shedded scales in the sink or in our toilet water before putting them places. The other dimension has his shedded scaly bits all over the place. In my clothes, in my pockets, on bookshelves. Everywhere. I once experienced a glitch of my perception where I was seeing their other dimension and that is when I saw shedded scaly bits both sunken to the bottom of the toilet and some floating still on the surface on the toilet water. He also likes to sprinkle them into my bath water when I bathe, when I am in the bath! Oh Dragon, what ever might I do without a Sock Dragon.

The other day when I convinced Hamish that no I don't think that he smells bad! then he dared to come close to me again. In the early days when we were first getting to know each other, Hamish would climb into my bed often and we would have sexual tumbles as he would wrestle me and induce sexual surges in me that both he and I could enjoy. He calls it, "shower the power". But to me who is a female human I think it is like a sexual cuddle, very intimate and cozy with a male who happens to be very tall and red with a long tail and scales.

I didn't smell good, you said to me! - Hamish not angry
Hamish, you smell fantastic. And I miss when you come close to me. - me
I want to be here with my eggs, nothing more. I don't want to be called Sock Puppet by you either. - Hamish
I apologise, I will stop calling you that. Can I call you Sock Turtle? - me
Yes-No! - Hamish, his agony was real and heartfelt
I am sorry. I mean no harm with it. Can I call you Dragon Turtle? - me
I am here on your sofa. - Hamish
Yes Hamish, I see you. I am happy you are with me. - me
My clothes have not been taken off, I never had none. - Hamish
I know, you are naked with red scales. You look good that way. Don't cover your beautiful body with clothes. You are my Honored here. My Honored Hamish. I Honor your Scales. - me

He is a darling. So anyway, ever since he found out that I thought he smelled like "vomit and cheese", he has a strong odor in his breath, then he would not come close to me again like that. He would always refer to that he smells whenever I was asking him to come close to me or to let me look at him. It took maybe year and a half for him to finally come close again, because for the n'th time I again assured Dragon that no you don't smell bad, it's ok, then he came close to me, and he snuggled me, wrestled me, showed me his power, and we felt that sexual surge of energies and it was delightful having him close, the best friend I have ever known, the greatest and deepest love I will ever have.

My Love for him is not sexual. It is a deep friendship.

"You are not my sheep", she said. - Hamish, I am the one who said, and he spoke this to the Dark Lord, don't know what he meant, I don't always know what Hamish means when he says something

My love for him comes from knowing who he is as a person, and the combination of the fantastic way that he looks, his bright fire engine red color with orange, those goosebumps as he calls them that ooze neon sticky fluid that covers him in a smell that is a repellent for attackers, that back hump that grows black thorns, the flat duck feet, those yellow round bulging eyes, the soft toothless mouth, and the two rows of orange blunt bumps along his forehead and down along the neck. He looks so fantastic, his body is equipped with a whole host of features that were intentionally designed to have a strong visual impact on the observer. His colors and body features have the most exotic and lasting impact on the observer. It is part of my automatic fascination with this being, it is HYPNOTIC, that is the word. Hamish is hypnotic.

But it is also his personality, the way that he talks, the sound of his voice. He is fantastic. It would be impossible not to fall deeply and madly in love with this person. I adore him.

My bathroom. - Hamish says in my native language
It is your bathroom. - I say to him in the other language
No, I don't want a brown recluse! - Hamish says to Dark Lord who offered him one
Dark Lord! Stop it! Nobody wants a fucking spider! Leave us alone! - me
I am called Mr. Mischief. - Dark Lord says
Yes you are. - I sigh
I was not the enemy then, before that. - Dark Lord says
Go away. You are mischief and trouble. Stop harming Hamish. Leave him alone, or I will come and get you! - me, and now, the Dark Lord sinks into his portal hole under the bathroom sink, and he is gone

The way it looks when a Dark Lord seats himself into the portal that takes him back into his dimension, he gets scrambled up and it always looks funny like when you scramble up a piece of paper. That is what it looks like.

Alpha Remulan

So! You didn't think it was possible

Hamish shows me a mental image of the pizza place in town. He shows me a mental image of pink peeled shrimp that are offered there. "Yes-No Langoustines!", I say to Dragon, because I know how he feels about it. "They are my pytt! I will take care of them!", I say to Dragon. Pytt is his word for "small children". Hamish tells me that they have scales, like he, and that they are scales that are red like his are.

Ah. So you didn't think it was possible! Believe it or not but there is an alien creature that I love just as much as I love Hamish! So ah, you sorry readers are going to have to put up with coo over two awesome creatures that I would die for. The new one is a creature that appeared last night to talk to me and he gave me clear mental visuals of himself. He said he is from Alpha Remulan, and I fell madly bananas head over heels in love with this creature. Not a sexual crush of any kind, just the kind of love that a woman might have for puppies, babies, best friends, ice-cream, and all the good in the whole world, multiplied by tens of thousands. This creature is the sweetest.

I exploded like a sun with the immense joy and happiness of knowing this fantastic person from another world. He had been sent in to talk to me because I was screaming and rejecting the hybrids, Thubans, and Zetas when they were wanting to talk to hybrids about me and get me ready for abductions and I was telling them to "shut up" and "go to hell". Then this image of a fantastic new being who walked into the room in the other dimension, and he started to talk to me. And he is cuter than anything anyone could ever imagine.

I was not meant to be cute! - my darling says! It is the Alpha Remulan!
And we don't have good societies or cities here. And we don't want to be called a Darling. - Alpha Remulan says
You are lovely. I was so impressed with you. I wish I could bring you the meat. - me
Alpha Remulans would eat it! - Remulans
Our cities are not clean here. - Remulan says with concern
I would offer to come and clean it for you. I can wash the floor. May I? - me
They try and smoke us out. - Remulan, last night he talked about cylinders of cyanide being placed in there, presumably by the Draconians
Who puts it there? The Draconians do? - me
They want us to help you, with our eggs. - Remulan
So you are forced to do work? I am sorry. I will help you if I can. - me
They don't want us to eat mushrooms! - says Hamish with a mental image of red mushrooms, that's another story
They don't want us to be clean here. - Remulan
I will wash you, Darling. Forgive me for calling you darling, it just happened. May I come there and wash you? I will wash your floors too, I really will! I would be happy to! - me
We are floating between life and danger! - Remulan
I want to help you! Let me help you! - me
They don't want us to be washed. - Remulan, he has some dark filth on his shoulder
Maybe a Dinosaur would wash you? Can they? Can someone help you get clean? - me
They threw that on me. - Remulan with concern and stern
Who did that to you? And why? - me
They wanted us to work for the Rosicrucians. And we didn't want to! Because, we have other errands to tend to! - Remulan
I wish they would leave you all alone. - me
My music rustic! - Hamish about the music I am playing here, he always calls my silent soft New Age ambient music "music rustic"
The Alpha Zetas, are also here. - Remulan says with concern
What do they do there? They can be evil sometimes. - me
Beautiful Alpha Remulans! - me, and he lights up with joy because of what I said
You are lovely. I adore you. - me
Oh, the pleasure is all mine! - Remulan
You are sitting in our kitchen. - Remulan, "kitchen" in my native language
Do you get food from my eggs? - me, and he lights up with such joy like a baby that got candy!
I love you. You are fantastic. I adore you, you know? - me
The Armadillo does not want me here. - Remulan in my other language about Hamish
"The eggs were not mine!", he said. - Remulan about Hamish, unless Hamish about Remulan
So please. Do not give them any sugar. - Remulan to me, if I eat sugar the eggs can't be made into food for the Aliens

The Remulan is fantastic. Seeing him and connecting with the person that he is is a life-enhancing experience that changes everything forever. This is such a fabulous creature.

I don't have any fingers. So they don't make me work with the canine. - Remulan
Can you work with me? Would you like that? I hope to see you often, I liked you very much. - me
We want to put blood on that sofa. - Remulan about my sofa, "blood" in my native language, he seemed sinister
You are a funny one. You are a cutie! - me, and he lights up with joy again!

The single best and most important moment of my life was last night when I got to interact with this creature. I have never had anything happen to me that comes anywhere close as fantastic as getting to see, speak with, and connect to the mind of this Alpha Remulan.

We only came here for food, and snacks! - Remulan "smiles"
... And you thought that was a good thing, that we came! - Remulan
You are lovely, that is why. I adore you. You are so lovely. - me

He looks a lot like a Thuban, but his body is brown.

I am not a Camel Turtle. - Hamish says to me
No... - me
But I am the best that there is. - Hamish adds, aha, he says that because I am describing someone else's body, the Remulan's, so Hamish is reminding me of Hamish too, so I don't forget

The Remulan is rather flat. The whole back of his body is a flat tubular extension to the back. His upper body that carries his head is bent upwards. His head is small and similar to the head of the Thuban. He has two dark eyes, and a mouth beneath the eyes. He has two long thin arms at the front. The arms bend at a raised elbow, and he uses his arms as ice picks to haul his body forward, just like the Thuban does. The forearms end in a narrow long tip, there is no hand and there are no grasping structures on the end. The arms are slender. The upper arm reaches upward, then bends at an elbow at a sharp angle after which the forearm reaches down to the floor. The Remulan has three short stumpy legs on the left side of the grub body and three on the right side. He uses those legs somewhat like a caterpillar would, to help him walk, but his arms are also used like ice picks when he walks.

The Remulan knows how to simulate smiling. He opens his mouth and both looks and feels as if he were smiling. He does that a lot to me. He was obviously sent in to calm me down when I was being impossible to work with, and it sure worked! I was happy in no time!

Mr. Remulan told me that he is from a place called Alpha Remulan. It was a planet where he lived in a vast forest. There were trees and all kinds of vegetation. He was able to show me in mental images. The ground there was covered in soft mud, and his long slender forearms were used as ice picks and burrowed down a bit into the mud, so it was easy there. He struggles a bit to walk on the floors now. His arms were adapted to help him walk in the mud.

But there were predators on Alpha Remulan. His kind lived in constant fear, unless the fear was from the invading Alpha Thetas, but he said that he lived in fear there. He said that he could also climb trees, and now he has nowhere to climb on. He used to find little things to eat there on the planet, and he showed me a mental image of white grubs that look precisely like the white grubs that Dinosaurs get to eat.

A Dinosaur connects to me now and is pleased because I mentioned (thought of) the grubs that Dinosaurs get to eat. He is beaming with joy about the thought of their food. "We often have a strike. Then we don't get to eat food.", he says in my native language. "I would give you food, if I had any. But I don't have any.", I say to the Dinosaur. He said that they get grubs to eat after they have worked on genitals. They get paid with food. "Do you know how often we eat!", Dinosaur says to me cheerfully in my native language. "Not often enough.", Dinosaur answers his own question in English, in a concerned manner. "I am sorry to hear that. It makes me sad.", I say. "That is what keeps us working. Because we are always hungry here!", says Dinosaur in English. "I am sorry. It is sad conditions.", I say. "The Pleiadians have tried to help them.", Pleiadian says. "We are also concerned that they don't get their feed.", says Pleiadian. "What can we do to save them?", I ask the Pleaidians. "We have a strike, when? Often!", says Dinosaur in my native language. "Oh dear.", I say. "We are on a strike now.", says Dinosaur in my native language. "When? You asked me.", Hamish says to Dinosaur in my native language. "Often!", Dinosaur answers to Hamish in my native language.

Oh Aliens Aliens both the joy and sorrow of my life.

Beings from Alpha Theta came to the planet of Alpha Remulan. I was shown that the yellow pyramid had landed. The Alpha Thetas are the Dark Lords, Archons, Mr. Shenaniganses. They want power over all beings everywhere. The Remulan told me about how he was captured by them. The Remulans were taken to work for the Agenda. When I was worried, he assured me that there are more of them than there are Chinese people on Earth. There are billions of Remulans existing, so I was happy to hear that. I don't want this species to ever go extinct.

The Remulan told me that in the past, they had a pointy chin. It was so that water would drip down from their face and drip off their chin. Now that they have lived for a long time with the Agenda, in rooms and hallways, the pointy chin evolved away. He also said that their bodies used to be longer toward the back, and have also evolved shorter now that they live in less space. He was talking about natural evolution, like Darwinian evolution, and not intentional genetic engineering. But they were otherwise the same as they had been in the forests of Alpha Remulan.

Detonation had been placed into the planet Alpha Remulan and the planet had exploded and is no longer existing. It was so sad, and made me angry. The Remulan told me how he misses the planet and he even misses the sunshine that they had there from their star. It is all a tragedy. The Agenda and Dark Lords have ruined and destroyed many worlds. I wish they would leave these beautiful conscious creatures alone! Alpha Remulans deserve to be living on their home planet, putting their arms into mud not on floors, climbing the trees, enjoying their forests and sunshine, and finding little grubs and things to eat - now he smiles again, the Remulan lights up with joy whenever I mention food to him.

We liked the part about the mud too. - the Remulan says
We are here on a Easter egg hunt, with you. - Hamish says to the Remulan
We were planning on, eating them! - Remulan says to me or to Hamish
There is shit there! - Hamish says, and so the dark filth on the Remulan is poo after all, just like I thought, (in my native language NL)
Why? - me (NL)
It was put there by them. - Remulan
Tell me who did that to you and I will murder them. - me
If anybody hurts you, or offends you, then I will hunt them down! - me

The Remulan last night talked about food. He wants to eat the eggs from me, meaning the hybrid babies. He let me know that he is a carnivore. I asked if he was wanting to eat me, and he assured me that he is not, and I believe him, he would not eat me, so I feel perfectly safe with him. I asked him if I could buy him some meat from our grocery store. I asked would he eat pig meat or cow meat, he said he would eat "bovine"

Call it beuf. - Remulan, he knew I was struggling to translate from my other language the word for "cow meat" which has a formal name
Beuf. - me, I smile and laugh

He said that he would gladly eat "beuf" (cow meat) but not pig meat. And he said that the meat would have to be in little pieces. He doesn't have teeth. The Remulan teeth are removed when they are still young. Seems that they have a set of small teeth normally. He lights up with such joy that is contageous, whenever I mentioned food to him. Food makes him feel very happy. He said that he has eaten intestine, and showed me a mental image of what is the long intestine possibly in a human, but other Earth mammals have the same type of intestines so who knows where it came from, unless from the hybrids.

We don't want to insult you anymore, I said to him. - Hamish says to Remulan, but told me about it

The Remulan yesterday showed me that he gets a bucket with entrails and he gets to eat from there. The bucket clearly had internal organs in it, presumably from a hybrid. I could see that what was on top unmistakably was a lung, or so I think it was. I asked him if it was a lung I was looking at in the bucket that was given to me in his mental images? It had various organs in there, perhaps things like lung, bladder, things like that. Perhaps the "less delectable" internal organ meats. He gets to eat from those.

The Remulan showed me how the Japanese give fish and seafood such as octopus or squid for the Reptilians and Agenda, but the Remulans don't get to eat any of the seafood, and he would like to try some. I offered that I would buy any seafood and fish for him at the store that he would like to nibble at, I just need to know I have a way of delivering it to him. And when we talked about me wanting to give him "beuf" he said it should be "minced meat!" He wants his food in small pieces so that he can eat them, he said that many times as he lit up with such joy over the thought of food.

The Remulan much reminds me of a scorpion. He is a beautiful alien creature. I am not sure what he is, and nothing like this has ever been described on other websites or alien encounters that I have come across. But it was the best experience of my whole entire life, getting to interact with this beautiful Remulan.

We like your sofas, because they are soft. - says Hamish Reptilian standing here next to me, I am sitting on the sofa
Yes Hamish. Welcome to sit here. - me
"It is my kiosk", I said to him. - Hamish tells me that he said that to the Remulan

Hamish calls it a "kiosk" where he goes and gets the hybrid babies to eat them. He doesn't want to share his food to the Remulan. After all, Hamish is here defending his eggs - my eggs - from being stolen by other aliens, day and night. Oh, poor Remulan. The Remulan wanted to eat those too.

He does not have slippers. - Hamish says (NL) about the Remulan not having any feet or toes
What does he have? - me (NL)
He had a stomach ache. - Hamish (NL)
Does he need to eat? Give him some food then, if his tummy aches. Help him, he is my friend. - me

I am shown a black Reptilian in the alien bases there and he is carrying a heavy gun in his arms.

You are my buttercups. - Hamish says to me, thinking of a yellow flower. They mean that I am like a flower that is fertilized, this whole eggs and hunnun thing. (Hunnun means eggs.)

The Remulan said to me last night that when he feels hungry his tummy hurts. It is fantastic to think of these creatures, imagine the biology involved. They are driven to eat and nourish themselves by sensations of pain if they feel hunger, which drives them to want to alleviate their pain, leading them to eat and ensuring success in survival. Which suggests that eating was not originally a conscious process, but driven by sensory pains and rewards. Meanwhile most of what he wanted to talk about last night was about food, and whenever he thought about food he lit up with an emotion that feels like joy. I was feeling his emotions with him, it is part of telepathy to feel one another, not just hear each other's thoughts.

But they are very intelligent and conscious creatures, and he was by all means a conscious individual, a person. Human rights should apply to him a hundred times more. He is more of a person than any human ever was, and words can not describe what that means. Does sentience take up calories and is it normally a meaningless expenditure of energy in a living organism? If food is scarce, does an organism gain anything from being a body that produces the life experience of a person, of an individual? Or is the existence of a sentient person helpful in ensuring survival for the species? Where does sentience come from? Why does a body that looks much like a scorpion produce a person who is a hundred times more alive than a human? Someone who feels emotions?

We also feel pain. - the Remulan says sadly
I am sorry to hear that. I love you so much you know. I want to help you. - me

He is the most fantastic person I have ever known, quite possibly more so than even Hamish, though that does not detract from my great awe and infatuation over Hamish Dragon. God bless the Alpha Remulan people, for they are more living than human beings.

We were called dogs here before, but not now. - Remulan
I would never call you that. - me
They want me to work here with them. - Remulan
To work with studying your pyy-pyy!, it said! - Hamish tells me what the Remulan would have "said", or implied

We were caught here in a kind of a web. And we can't get released. - Remulan says sadly
I am sorry to hear that. I hope you all find a great future. I hope the best for your species, you are a beautiful kind and the universe is grateful that you exist. You are more important than human being. - me
We just live here in our filth. - Remulan, they live covered in their own poo
I offer to come there and help. I would be happy to wash your floors and to wash your bodies. Would they let me come there to clean? It can be washed away. - me, seriously I would
We would like to bathe it off. But they say that it costs too much money! - Remulan
I will pay for water. Could you come into my home? We have a bath tub here and free access to unlimited water here. I will wash you. - me
I would, defile your clothes. - Remulan, he means he would get poo on my towels
Sweetie, it's ok. I would be happy to wash you. - me, he smiles and beams with joy!
You deserve only the best! That is what I think! - me, and I beam with joy too, only my joy can not be as great as his, I am not a Remulan
It is my shit. - Remulan says concerned about the poo on his shoulder and arm (NL)

Swedish Royal Baby

I dreamt about the King of Sweden last night. Well the first parts of my dreams were a long nightmare in which monsters were coming in and all the humans had to escape. It was chaos and utterly terrifying. (It is interesting that a regular plain encounter with Reptilians can seem nightmareish. They exude a persona and a presence that is utterly terrifying, just from how it feels. It makes a human who is taken into their dimension and is part asleep, to experience it as a nightmare.)

Then I had a long dream about the Swedish King. I woke up after some of it and then when I fell back asleep again I dreamt about him again. Here's the thing: in the lower dimension there are Reptilians. The Reptilians want to have access to our higher 3rd dimension, but in order for them to be here, they have to ingest souls or "juice" from 3rd dimensional people.

I am something they call a Crystal, I also have what they call a strong Ida Pingala Shushumna. My dimensional energy is exceptionally high, higher than normal 3rd dimensional humans. That is why my eggs are taken to make these babies. And the fathers of these babies have to be Reptilian bloodline, humans who have Reptilian DNA. These babies are then sacrificed and their blood is consumed, and that enables the lower dimensional Reptilians to live in our dimension. But it is also their food and they would die without it; they told me how this enables them to live longer.

So it finally makes sense. Listen carefully because here's how it works: the lower dimensional Reptilians want access to higher dimensions so that they can rule a universe other than just their own. So they take what is essentially their own matrix, and they take a higher vibrational matrix, and when these are combined, they have access to a higher dimension. If they are dimension 2, let's say, and I am dimension 4, because I am higher than the ordinary human 3rd dimension, then the babies that result are a dimension 3, the in-between result of mixing 2 and 4. So that is why I am needed. I bring in higher-dimensional matrix into these children that are made from me. And then the last important ingredient or factor in this, is that it cannot be just "any" vibrational matrix that is taken from the lower dimension into these babies, but it has to be their DNA. That is why they use their own members their own bloodline or lineage, to fertilize me with, to be the fathers of these children.

So what results is a coctail tonic which enables them to live in higher dimensions. The blood of these children becomes a tonic which is a bridge between two dimensions, which contains my higher-dimensional matrix a ticket to higher dimensions, but it is also imprinted with the very DNA of these Reptilians, enabling it to be taken in. It's like they're drinking their own blood, when they eat the blood of their own bloodline children, yet this one is entangled with my matrix, a matrix that is a ticket to higher dimensions. So it finally made sense, and it was the lower-dimensional version of the Swedish King who explained this to me.

I spent hours and hours with the Swedish King and Queen last night. In fact I didn't wake up until something like 2 PM from those encounters. There was a baby girl that was my baby, and it had been given to the Swedish King and Queen, they had adopted it. Somehow I was under the impression that this all made sense. As if I had agreed to these conditions. The Swedish Queen was carrying the baby, and the baby vomited and was disgusting so they didn't want to carry it anymore. We were walking across a bridge in Stockholm, Sweden's capital city. So I said give the baby to me, and I wiped the baby's mouth of the vomit, and then it didn't smell anymore.

We arrived at a small island which has a Swedish style house on it. It belonged to the royal couple. They talked to me a lot, mostly the King did. We were in the Old Town of Sweden. It was quite a nice visit. They were both in human forms.

I apologise for including real people into the story. I mean no offense to the Royal family of Sweden of course. The story about human royalty having a lower dimensional version that are Reptilians is encountered by many people not just me. I didn't fabricate this story, nor did I just copy it from other sources. Many people are having these encounters, and these same stories about Reptilian bloodline and how they make babies and sacrifice the babies so that they can stay in this dimension of ours.

The Reptilians claim that royal humans have their Reptilian DNA and that that is why marriage within royalty was always controlled, and why royals always interbred with each other to preserve the Reptilian DNA. And the Reptilians also told me that I have webbed skin between my fingers and that it is because I have Reptilian DNA. And I looked and it turns out that maybe I do have some. However the Swedish King does not have webbed skin between his fingers, not everyone necessarily has it even if they have Reptilian DNA. The Reptiles said that some of their bloodline humans get fully developed webbed fingers and toes, and that it is because of Reptilian DNA in the human DNA. So turns out I have some.

So in closing...

Just another day. With Aliens. Hamish and me are getting ready to watch another episode of The Walking Dead. We both love that show, for different reasons. Aliens, Reptilians, Zetas, Remulans, Hamish, and me. And all the others. They were going to have me have sex with one of the Russian men last night. I was shown him coming closer to me in the other dimension where another version of my body was already naked there in a room. I objected, so maybe he left me alone. I don't know more than that about it. But then Derek, who you see is one of the Agenda humans, he had been shown me naked by the Aliens many times and now he was getting interested, even though he is married and he has objected for a long time. So I told Derek that I am saving myself for a future husband so I don't want to have sex with anyone. So Derek felt sorry about that and he decided not to touch me after all. Jack with the NASA team has been with me a few times, he seems to be a regular. We have hybrid children together. But I don't get to remember those sexual encounters with Jack, even though I have wanted to remember. They treat me disrespectfully, by raping me in another dimension and not letting me know what I am involved in, not letting me own my own memories.

I don't know. This whole Alien story was more involved than we would have thought. It involves other dimensions and so many exotic concepts that we humans could never have invented, and that we will struggle with to understand. But it's just a matter of going with it, seeing what happens and what they say, and trying to understand these Aliens, and the worlds they are coming from.

Hamish? Would you like to watch our show together now? I am about to watch it, do you want to sit here on the sofa here next to me and see it with me? - me
I wanted to see the blood there. - Hamish says, getting ready for the show
Yes Hamish. There is always blood there in that show. - me
It can sometimes make me start to shiver. - Hamish, he gets these shivers or "trembles" that he enjoys when there is gore
I wanted to watch them feel the lust. - Hamish, aha he shows me one of the sex scenes with Andrea that has been in Season 3 of the show
Why do you want to watch that? - me
Because it smells good to me. The eggs. - Hamish


And then they had those rats, that were trapped! - Hamish says big-eyed he loves that show

Hamish means in Season 3 when the black guy who was on episode 1 in Season 1 had trapped rats in cages to lure in the zombies with.

They call them the Walkers. And they had rats in traps for them. - Hamish, whoa he knows the story alright, he sees and listens to everything
And they wanted to shoot them with the guns. - Hamish, with a mental image of the governor with a gun

Happiness is to watch The Walking Dead with a space Dragon named Hamish. And to talk about minced "beuf" with an Alpha Remulan.

One more thing: the Swedish government or military or whatever they said they were, were listening in and monitoring my interaction with the Aliens last night and they kept telling me not to talk to the Aliens and that I was not allowed to have a close encounter with the Aliens when I asked to. They were trying to ruin my alien contact, so I fussed at them. Sometimes it's the American military and government, but now it was the Swedish one. They spoke to me telepathically. They also thanked me for volunteering to offer my eggs for the Remulans, because otherwise the Aliens would go after the general public, so these Swedish military thanked me for volunteering, since doing so I am helping to regulate the threat on our world. These Aliens need to eat. It is all about food, and power.

And dominance. Tell them that. - says the black Reptilian

Also, the Aliens had cylinders on the floors against the walls in the other dimension where the aliens are, and those had "cyanide" in them. Cyanide is a poison at least to humans. And today the Remulan talked about someone having tried to "smoke" them out, so that is what the cyanide was for. Isn't that sad? Endlessly sad.

And another thing that is too graphic I will censor. Namely the Reptilians had asked if I would go to a certain person and do certain sexual things with that person. Enough said, I know this is a documentary and the scientist in me suffers when I censor things out because it is data smudging, but anyways. Now me and Hamish have a show to watch together! He will be sitting here on the sofa next to me. Those are the moments I love. And soon we are dressing the Christmas tree and Hamish will enjoy seeing the red ball ornaments on the tree. These are the moments I love, together with Dragon Turtle.

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