Another Dragon Coo
August 24 2013

I was so worried about Hamish when I woke up. I had been attacked or at least severely consumed during the night. I woke up with what was the worst Incubus-aftermath I can remember. The energy of my head felt all black and as if my soul was gone. Usually the Dark One will ingest only a little bit, but over the night he had gone overboard and I woke up feeling terrible.

There is no really scientific way to put this, and science would want us to pretend this kind of thing doesn't happen at all, but the Black Ones are void of soul, they are void of that white light sparkle that living creatures possess. Black Ones feel miserable, they suffer in that lifeless state. The only time they feel good, is when they can steal the souls of other living creatures and get to feel that precious life in them for a little while, before it evades and leaves them hungering for more. The Black Ones are tragic creatures, take pity on them.

I am something called a Light Being. It means my light is especially strong. In fact, sometimes when I stand in front of a black background, other people (humans!) can see my white light with their eyes. I am especially bright and vibrant. Black One Malik treats me as a table of feast. He usually nibbles a little bit at a time, but last night while I slept he must have gone overboard. It took me forever to recover. I had to meditate and do all sorts of things to try to build back my light.

But I was more worried about Hamish. Malik had threatened to light his tail on fire, see last night's conversations in the Short Stories titled "Movie Night with Hamish". Hamish fears Malik. Hamish can feel that dark and empty void of life Satanic

We feel lust. - Malik
Yes, but others don't feel lust, they feel the opposite from you. You invert light and dark, when you eat people. You get something delicious, other people get something hellish. - me
Yeah, just call it shenanigans. - Malik, he knows that I do

Hamish can feel that Satanic darkness about Malik and The Eye God. Hamish fears these things. Malik bothers Hamish all the time. Even The Eye shows itself to Hamish and talks to him and forces Hamish to do things. Hamish seems to be an innocent sweetheart, a Lobster Dragon made by the Bird Race from a red crustacean. That one night I woke up with Malik leaning over me and staring at me I nearly died from the utter terror of what he felt like. Hamish lives with that a lot of the time. Hamish will get so afraid of Malik and tell me to lock the door so that Malik can't get in. Hamish tries to hide in closets or under the bed to get away from Malik. I wish that Dragon would just crawl into my arms in my lap, and let me deal with Malik. I would take on Malik, I would take on the world just to save my precious Sock Turtle Feet.

Hamish didn't seem to be around. I called for him for a while in the morning. There was no stompety stomp on the bathroom rug scales, no Red Sock Puppet Head poking into my room in the morning, or scurrying around with turtleshell hump back and tail. No palate clicks, no "No Santa!", not even a "No Onions". No Sock Turtle around.

I decided I have to get on with my life. They are big and imposing Dragons and

We are Shadow Creatures/Figures. - Malik corrects me, he is not a Dragon
We are here for our nest, and eggs. - Hamish the Sock Turtle says
Hello Hamish. I am glad to see you are fine. I love you more than anything. - me
I am not with that. - Hamish points to the red light on the electrical socket next to me

I went ahead to make my breakfast oatmeal with lingonberry jam. Normally when I make lingonberry jam Hamish will sneak up really close and look at the lingonberry jam. He will then tell me that it looks like his red scales. And it does. It is always a "thing", when we have lingonberry jam. So I called for Dragon to come see. He wasn't around.

But, finally, as I was eating the oatmeal, Dragon says: "My mouth goes over your food". I was never so happy to hear "my mouth goes over your food". It is one of my favorite frequent comments of his. I'm not entirely sure what it means.

It means I want to eat it. - Hamish
I thought so. - me

I know it means that he is telling me that my food would end up in his mouth, but what I don't know if he means it as a display of dominance. Because in the world of Dragons, food is a pretty big deal. Especially since food comes from killing a creature, so there is a great deal of dominance involved. The Dragons don't just go to the supermarket like you and me do, or pick an apple off the tree.

We also don't eat sugar here! - Hamish (or Malik)

"My mouth goes over your food". Hamish used to say that a lot in the beginning, two years ago. It was great. It is just such a typical "Hamish" thing to say. I love it. So Dragon was back, and obviously doing well. My Turtle Sock. I would have searched for you for the rest of my days, and become a widow. How can anyone love a Dragon so much? My Sock, my precious little Sock Turtle.

Seeing Hamish with me, I had to wonder if he is happy here. Is it fair of me to keep a Dragon all to myself? What life experiences would he like to have? What places would he like to go to? What people would he best benefit from having in his life and interacting with?

I have other Sock Feet, in there. - Hamish shows me a mental image of the stalactite cave, and in that image is a Red Dragon Turtle who looks just like Hamish, but probably is another member of his race

So I had said to Hamish, (these are from earlier in the day):
Hamish, I want you to have a good life. - me
My eggs. - Hamish
Your eggs are here.. - me

All is back to normal, the world is back to its axis. Dragon Turtle is here, and he is safe. It's like having a baby, only this baby is a really big Dragon that wouldn't quite fit into my arms even if I carried him. He goes places and he lives in a very dangerous world, where violence and dominance are a must for him. He fends for himself well, and he is well-respected by many of the other Aliens, but it doesn't mean I don't still worry about him. I am like a mother. I sit and wait and I cry when I worry about him. I love him so much. I have gotten so close to this Dragon. I've been living intimately with his body and mind for two years. He's shared with me all of his thoughts. I feel him breathing when he stands slumped on the bathroom rug watching over his shedded scales on the rug as they dry. I feel his every inhale and exhale, and how the body stretches with every breath that he makes. I feel and see every flare of his nostrils.

I hear the many nuances in his vocalizations. The vocalizations are automatic, kind of like how humans laugh or chuckle without planning to. His emotions are directly connected to his body and breathing, and every emotion he has results in a change in breath and exhale, the sounds that he makes. He has many different kinds of vocals, although they are very rare. I cherish all of them. Little belches and grunts, hisses and purrs and grunt-purrs. The many types of exhales, and how I feel those carrying the nuances of his emotions. I know when he likes something, and when he does not.

I live inside bright fire engine red Dragon scales that feel soft like silicone rubber and not dry or coarse as one would expect. He watches over me every day, he is carefully guarding his eggs, his hunnun, and when he watches me and he feels every nuance of me, I also feel every nuance of him. We live so intimately together that at some nights when the lights are turned off and I've gone to bed, it is just me and Dragon Turtle.

I don't want to take you to bed. Yes-No Sock Feet! - Hamish, with that anger that makes him almost lift

He is so humble as a Dragon. He doesn't know his own immense worth and beauty.

They don't like me, when I do that. - Hamish about Dinosaurs
What? What do you do, that they do not like? - me
(Hamish eats Dinosaurs and regularly treats them very bad. So no wonder there are things "they do not like" about Hamish's doings.)

Imagine that there was a Dragon in this world, and that he would come to me. And that my life would change for ever. I still remember that very first encounter I had of Hamish. How he suddenly just stepped into my bedroom as if through a portal. There he was, unapologetic, unafraid, a tall large upright standing bright fire engine red Dragon Man, with yellow bulging eyes with a vertical brown slit. Proportionally small head, without a protruding back of the head. Two neat rows of blunt orange bumps from above each eye and across the top of the head toward the neck. Strange soft turtleshell fleshy cushion on his upper back, with more of those blunt orange bumps. There he was, and now has been for the next two years. Life would never be the same.

I haven't eaten your liver. - Hamish says kindly in that cute puppy dog way
I need my liver Hamish. I am still using it. It gives me life every day, I cannot give it to you. Otherwise I would have given it to you. - me

Hamish is a creature, and he feels hunger if he does not eat. He works hard to procure his meals. He has the right to eat, and as for what he eats that is only of secondary importance. He is a real live person and he needs to eat. He needs to live, to soak his red Duck Feet in the creek when he bathes. To find little yellow flowers that are so bright to his eyes that he tells me about them and shows me mental postcards of them.

The love I have for him is almost too much. It's almost too big and too heavy for me to carry. I'm not so sure if it's just some spell, or that it's that we are just so close. He looks into me, and our minds connect.

You are not one of our sheep. That we farm here. - Hamish
You are my Dragon. - me
I am not a Sock. - Hamish shows me his red foot
You are a Dragon Turtle. You are my Hamish. My Sock, ... - me, I half stopped myself from saying Sock Turtle
... My eggs are here, and I needed them. - Hamish
How many do you need? Four, or five? Or a thousand? - me
I needed them, to eat them. - Hamish
That is what Sock Dragons do. - Hamish
They are our bread. - Hamish
Hamish, humans eat cows and pigs so it is the same. So I will let you eat them. At least for now... And at least, so that you will spare a few Dinosaurs. - me
What do Sock Feet eat? - Hamish
I don't know. What do they eat? - me
They eat, Pembraah! - Hamish, must be another Orion word
What is "Pembraah"? - me

Sounds like Orion language doesn't it. Kembraah means "idiot" in Orion, and Shuurah means "new beginning", "future", and also "egg".

So what if Hamish eats those little white baby hybrids that look like fetuses. The thing is, humans eat cows. Did you ever look into the eye of a cow or a pig? There is a person in those. They just don't speak English. Humans justify their own eating of animals, but are quick to condemn the Dragons eating hybrid infants. Humans put chickens into small boxes where they can't even move. And if Hamish will eat infant hybrids rather than the Dinosaurs, then that is a great improvement. The Dinosaurs are so conscious so intelligent and aware it is a crime to eat them. It is murder to harm a Dinosaur. One Dinosaur is worth at least ten human lives, that is what I say. Dinosaurs are more living in their minds than we humans are. As for that infant hybrid, they can't be as much alive as even a cow is when we humans take a cow to slaughter. Or a pig. So how do we judge in this matter? The main thing is that Hamish gets to eat and stays alive. The life in him is great. I value Hamish's life as more than those baby hybrids.

Hamish is my Dragon. People who own snakes throw live mice into the snake's pen. I would give him my own liver if I didn't need it myself. I would draw blood to feed Hamish with if I knew that it was safe and if he could receive it. (Safe for him I mean. Safe for him to eat.)

Hamish is a big red man. He has scales instead of skin, a long tail that he never talks about and that is just "there". Hamish is troubled by his shedding scales

I am not arrogant, tell them. - Hamish wants to add
No, you are not, actually. You are precious. I love you. - me
My, tail. - Hamish, "tail" in my native language

He can't just throw away his shedded scales, that he sees came from his body. He actually calls his shedded scales by "shells", but I've always translated it as "scales". But he calls them "shells" in the other language. He sees them coming off him like shells around his body. He collects his scales and doesn't want to part from them. He washes them, he says, and lays them out on rugs to let them dry. He will stand on the scales guarding them and seeing them. He can spend hours a day just standing on his scales and tending to them. He will stompety stomp his Dragon Feet on the shedded scales to dry them. Stompety stomp, squash squash, with his feet.

Sometimes he sprinkles some individual shedded scaly bits into my bath when I am in the bath. I once had a glitch of my eyes where I was seeing his other dimension, and there were some of those individual scaly bits in the toilet, some floating on the water and some had sunken down. An individual round scaly bit, that covers just "one scales", is slightly larger than the American quarter coin. They are much larger than the scales on Earth-bound reptiles.

I didn't want to wash them down, tell them. - Hamish
Then why were they there, do you think? - me

He treats individual round scaly bits different from the sheets. He tends to sometimes dispose of the individual bits, but the large sheets he saves them. Once he put a medium-large sheet of scales on top of the apple pie I had baked, because the pie has sugar and I am not allowed to eat sugar, and Dragon was claiming the pie as his so that I wouldn't eat any. Often he rubs a sheet of scales between his ankles. He tends to his scales a lot. It is a very big deal to Dragon. And he calls them "shells".

No, they are not 'scaly bits'. - Hamish
Then what are they? What are they, if not 'scaly bits'? - me
They are from my arm. They are loosening there. - Hamish
I love you Hamish! - me

I could burst from this precious Dragon! Yes, and this page has turned into yet another Dragon coo, but I so can't help it.

They sometimes fall into my eyes. - Hamish shows me mental image of shedded bits getting into his eyes from the head, I've seen that happen on him, it bothers him when it's on the face
Hamish, if you allow, I could pick your shedded bits from your body for you. I could reach better than you can, and I have great fingers for picking with. I could help you with the scales. I could groom you every day and make you look nice. - me
I am not your pet for that. - Hamish carefully explains
Alright. I was only offering. - me

He is here every day because I am his food. I am his "snacks". He once said, that I am his potato, and that he eats from me. So sometimes every now and then spontaneously I tell Dragon that "I am Hamish's potato. I can be eaten from." I also say that to the other Aliens sometimes, it makes me happy.

Sometimes Hamish puts his shedded scales on my body. Not too long ago I woke up with one sheet having been layed out so that it covered my lower lip and down the chin and across the throat and collarbones. Another sheet had been layed out on my tummy. He once wanted - and warning, don't mistake this for something sexual cause it isn't - me to put one of his sheets of scales into my vagina (I didn't!). That must only refer to the fact that his hunnun are in there. Hamish isn't sexual towards me at all. And also, he doesn't have any type of human or even mammalian sexuality.

Hamish has mated with a fire engine red Dragon Turtleness in the stalactite caves, and they did have a nest of eggs that hatched. (I don't dare to ask him about those babies, because seems Crocodile Man was wanting to take them, so I won't ask. Hamish will tell me if he wants me to know, if he thinks it is something worthy to bring up.) But mating for a Dragon Turtle isn't at all a big sexual thing like it is for humans for instance.

I could talk on and on about Hamish, and I do. He was made from a red crustacean and he sympathizes with lobsters, crawfish, crabs, he thinks they are his ancestors. I can't eat lobster anymore.

For the sake of our peaceful time, you don't. - Hamish says, about me not eating lobster
I don't want to offend you, that is why. - me
You forgot, my Honored. - Hamish
My Honored Hamish. - me, and his eyelids close in a Draconian smile. He loves to be honored.
My Honored Dragon Turtle. I love your Scales. And your tail. And your humpback. I love your race. - me
We are very dissimilar, you and me. - Hamish
Yes we are. You are red, and I am "yellow". - me, Orion man used to call my skin a "yellow" color

I finish up and title this page: "Another Dragon Coo". Hamish thinks it means that there is some "other Dragon", and so he says;
Another Dragon? - Hamish
Hamish, you are the only Dragon here. - me

This was not my nest, said the Bird to me. - Hamish
Hamish. This is your nest. I have given it to you. Why does Bird want you to leave? I want you to stay with me and your hunnun. - me
I was the most powerful there is, it said. - Hamish, Bird had said that Hamish is the most powerful
You are powerful Hamish. And precious. I want you to stay with me. You are always welcome. Stay as long as you want, you will always have a home with me. Bird is welcome too, I think. - me

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