Sex with Malik and Hamish
August 21 2013

Scientifically and thoughtfully presented about the case when both Malik and Hamish approach me to have sex with me.

I hate to put sexual content on the website and this will probably be as bad as it gets (apart from the books) and would hopefully be for the last time, but it is for the sake of documenting alien contact and their alien behaviors.

My tympanic membrane doesn't want to say anything. - Hamish
What Hamish? Are you listening? Dragon? - me

It's not the thing that should be written, but for the sake of Dragons and it's relevant. I was having a moment when I was feeling very horny all of a sudden, you know that happens to anyone. Key thing is, that Malik sensed it. The Reptilians feel a human's life force surges. They feel a surge in humans who feel strong emotions notably fear, or pain, but also sexual. Those are the three factors that a Reptilian or Incubus will subject a human to in order to flare up the life force and then ingest the energy in what could only be called energy vampirism. Sex, pain, or fear.

Just prior, I had been studying and heard the gardener working on cutting grass. Malik had retreated to a forest and stood hunched next to a big rock, telling me that he was "hiding" there. I asked him what he was hiding from, and he let me know that he was afraid of the sharp blades in the handheld grass cutter outside. It also made a loud noise and the Dragons do not like that. I assured Malik that he was safe and that I would protect him, I assured him that the gardener would never hurt an animal or a person. But I resumed to studying.

In a sudden what I can only assume normal human happening after a few more minutes of silence I got real horny. The thought came to me, and I asked myself the question that probably many of you reading must have asked yourselves before, that what if all the sexual content and experiences reported in The Orion Project are just an expression

Do you cry when cows go mad? - Malik
What? Why? - me
Because we might make you mad for us you see. - Malik
In what way? And also for what purpose? - me
So that you will give us your eggs. - Malik
Are you saying that my sexual arousal is required so that I would be willing to let someone have sex with me and make me pregnant? I understand what you are doing, but it is an immoral approach. You understand, that I have had sex with men before, and that it is quite possible for your alien team to let me become acquainted with a male person so that we will be able to have sex, without the need of manipulating and trixting with my brain which should be my private domain, more private even than my sexual parts. Do you understand? And if I am required to have sex - me, interrupted
We just want you to give us your eggs. - Malik
If you require me to have sex with Malik and Dragons then you should be happy to know that I can. And you don't have to invade on my brain. I don't think. - me
We wanted you to have sex with me. And we wanted you to become a doctor. So! Take off your blouse for us! - Malik
Malik, I understand that we are borrowing my eggs and doing fertilization, ... - me, I don't know what else to say

One might ask if the large amount of sexual content in The Orion Project might be symptomatic, or rather an expression of my own personal sexual nature. One must certainly be suspicious of potentially imaginary experiences, when those reflect on a sexual theme. I would suppose. I am not a psychologist but I would suppose that the sexual theme of The Orion Project would make things suspicious, if you know what I mean. So as I was having a rare horny moment I had to wonder whether it could be possible that all my alien friends and all the sexual topics could somehow be an imaginary construct of my brain.

Then I had the thought or sense that at this time and in this state I could be able to have sex with "any male" who would come and approach me. Odd thing was that I specifically had the thought of one of the younger human or mostly human young men whom the Alien team have brought to me to have sex with me before (and I have rejected him in the past), as well as the thought of one of the Japanese Dynasty men who is also often brought to me for us to have sex. At this time and in this state I felt that I could have accepted any man without questioning or hesitation.

That is when Malik approached me and came up close to me. He reaches into my life force, which in this case was sexual libido, and he grabs on to my energy and ingests it, turning it into a sexual feeling that we both feel and enjoy. Only thing is, when Malik does this kind of thing, it leaves me dark and drained afterwards, with a clear sense that I have lost something, a loss like of an essence of me, the difference between before and after being like on one hand a vibrant live rose and afterwards only the dead dry black ashes of a burned rose. But if I can give Malik only *some* of my "juice" as he calls it, then it is possible to reach moderation in which we can both enjoy a sexual moment together without too much damage or wear done to me and from which I will quickly recover within a few hours back to my normal vibrant self.

I was very welcoming of Malik's sexual presence in my horny state. I gave him words of encouragement letting him know that I wanted more "sex" with him. I forgot whether Malik had his penis out or not, but it may very well be that Malik intends to have actual sex with me and to put his seed into me.

Now, everybody who has studied some biology knows that two different species of animal cannot get each other pregnant even if they have sex and their sperm and eggs touch. In part I suspect that the Aliens have sophisticated technology which does enable normal copulation to end up with pregnancy. I say this because of that time when a Crocodile Man had real actual sex with me and put his seed into me and then a Bird Person did what they called "a fertility rite" which I suspect was of a technical scientific - not magic - nature, and sure enough they claim that I got pregnant.

We all know that the Aliens are running a big genetics and fertility project, but we would kind of expect them to take the male's semen into a dish (or actually the Aliens put them into "ampoules") and to carry out the fertilization with laboratory methods. It is surprising enough to learn that someone Alien like Malik would even have a penis, with seed. That is surprising in itself. But for them to utilize actual copulation with a human woman is surprising. But we should get used to the idea, because it happens.

But, I have found out, that the sex is more than just fertilization. Namely, when a Reptilian man puts his seed into me by having sex with me, the Reptilians fully believe that this puts his Reptilian DNA into my body and that therefore I am now and forever a part of him and genetically the same. I do not know if this is scientific fact or if it is part of some sort of Reptilian mythology surrounding DNA and its psychological cultural meaning that it has to them.

A third implication of sex is blood and energy, the energy being life force also called coffee or juice by them. Sexual contact with Reptilians and other Alien beings is most often not involving actual copulation or even their penises. Most of the time it is purely an energy rape or energy embrace. Reptilians believe that these "life force jolts" that can be stirred up in a human, that it is contained in the blood of the human, more specifically in the iron of the blood. You should also know that the Reptilians believe that they too have blood, at least some type of blood, and they have given me a few "feels" of their blood, iron, and juice, via the same energetic ways.

The Orion man has let me "feel" his blood on several occasions. His blood feels very different from mine. He believes that his ancestry and identity is contained in that "feeling" that his blood can produce, or that it carries. Reptilians and also Orions have a cultural system of great importance to them surrounding the concepts of blood, heritage, ancestors, DNA, iron, and juice.

Furthermore, when a Reptilian, or Incubus, engages with the life force of a human, feeling the "iron" in the blood just by having it flare up and feeling it, they will experience a euphoria of sensual pleasure comparable to sexual pleasure. That is why, even when direct physical copulation does not take place in the embrace with a Reptilian or Incubus, it can be a tremendously sexual experience and most human women who experience this will call it sex or rape.

So, Malik had snuck up and wrapped his body around mine and entangled us in the sexual pleasure of the senses between him and I. (He had returned from his rock in the forest.) I know Malik, we've been buddies for two years now. I can't sum up my relationship with Malik in one or a few lines. I guess you could say that he has been here, and I have gotten used to him. It's complicated. He is an Incubus and I am a woman, enough said.

But Malik will always do a surprising twist. While Malik often approaches me for sexual "juice" or "coffee" as he calls it, and on occasions he also shows me his penis erect and on a few occasions has intended actual physical copulation. The surprising fact is that whenever I am the one to ask Malik for romance, he gets offended and rejects me. He gets seriously offended and upset and will tell me off. I am not meant to want to touch him or his penis at my own initiative. I am not meant to ever ask him for sex. He also does not take compliments of a sexual inviting nature very well. So it is strange, how he allows himself to approach me but when I am the one to either initiate or reciprocate it can really step on his toes. Just a curiosity. He backed off and yelled at me "I am not your pimp!" when I asked him for more today. (The Aliens say pimp when they mean prostitute. Go figure.)

But Malik and me were cuddling and things were getting really hot and sexy. That is when Hamish objected. Hamish did not want Malik to have my "coffee". Hamish did not display any violence or anger, but he was calmly telling Malik that no he can not have coffee from me. In the process I see that Hamish's penis comes out. I have seen his on a few rare occasions, but it is rare for Hamish to display sexual arousal. Hamish is not a very sexual being, in terms of "copulation and reproduction", but it has happened on a few rare occasions over the past two years that I see that his is out. Hamish's penis is notably small and slender and all white. (Reptilians don't have a glans or scrotum in case you're trying to visualize.)

But that is when Hamish does one of the most surprising things so far. Hamish comes up to me on the sofa and he flips my body over and pulls me toward the edge of the sofa in two strong yanks of my body and I forget what he said but he was determined to have actual sex with me! He was clearly pleased with the act because he started palate clicking after palate clicking in an endless repeated stream, albeit softer palate clicks than when he does the usual one or two good and proper ones.

But I told my Dragon Hamish that no we cannot do this now! I even used "Yes-No", which is what he says when he really means no. No is No but Yes-No shows the contrast between Yes and No making it even more No, in Dragon Hamish's way of thinking. I was not going to have sex with Hamish! Why? In the matter of few seconds it took for him to flip me over and get close to doing it (without asking for my permission) it was enough of time for me to process and think and realize that I feel more about Hamish that he is a friend.

I have a male best friend and we've been friends since we were very young, and there was a time in my adult years when we were both kind of thinking that we could have friendship sex and that we could be available for each other that way. But it didn't feel right and I didn't let it happen and it hasn't, because friendship makes someone something different in my feelings toward him. When Hamish and me were first getting to know each other two years ago, he went by the name Dionysus which is Bacchus the Greek god of madness and lust and orgies and he used to give me orgasms all the time just by charging at me and using my energy the "juice". I had some of my life's most meaningful sexual moments with this Dragon at that time. But over time the sexual interaction and "juice drinking" as it is, subsided and we became just best friends I like to think of him. So it didn't feel right.

We wanted to come here for the orgy. - speaks a new ET that is either a White Dragon or, yes I think it's some type of White Dragon. I saw him lurking two seconds ago and then he said this.
I'm not sure we're having one. I'm a bit puzzled. What are you? Are you a White Dragon? - me
I also have a penis. - WD

Whoa, my head is just spinning, I don't know what to think or do with this. How am I meant to respond? Do I treat them like individuals and if I feel a sexual desire toward them then does that make it ok to have sex with an alien being, whether that sex is purely energetic or physical copulation? What would Carl Sagan say, who said that we are not allowed to touch space or aliens? I guess I am left to have to make my own personal decision. There is no consensus or book of rules to read regarding this. So I will do what I think is best.

Which instantly makes my main concern them not me. Are they harmed in the process? Do I understand their sexual culture? Is there a risk that I violate some of their cultural rules or taboos? What does it mean if I have sex with one or another? Are they monogamous, does it hurt their feelings or offend them or change their cultural status if I "have sex" with one and not the other? Am I meant to belong to Hamish and what does it do to him if me and Malik have sex? What does it do to Malik and Hamish if me and this White Dragon have sex? I don't understand.

You are our dog, that is why. - WD

Maybe I am free to accept or decline any invitation from any of them, that they have already worked out among themselves who gets to do what. Luckily, since I am regarded of an inferior status, the decision making might not be in my hands so I would not have to worry about it. I don't usually decline Malik when he comes for a snuggle, because, it's complicated. Malik is my Incubus and I am his woman, and if he only takes a little bit of juice then it doesn't harm me.

Next we want to ask, why are Aliens so damned sexual? A lot of SETI scientists might see any number of issues with this. I find it surprising. But if we remember the fact that these Aliens are capable of feeling lust, and their lust being at least 1000 times more intense and pleasurable than ours might I say, then it should not seem surprising that they would enjoy and seek out those feelings of pleasure and sensory reward. In fact, we must then turn the problem around and ask ourselves, why are humans so prude? Why do humans consider sex as something "we have to save up on", something "complicated". Me as a woman for example, I make up a whole lot of obstacles and rules and things of consideration before I would think it ok for me to have sex with some man. We humans live in a society where sex is meant to be restricted. Because, if we humans had sex as much as we might want to, then we would regard ourselves as animals instead of as civilized people. And that is where the issue arises from, I think, that I know a lot of SETI scientists might wonder about, that how could a civilized alien people be so easy-going and uninhibited about sex or libido? Are they not supposed to be more advanced even than us, and therefore even more sexually repressed?

I tell the Aliens all the time why sex should not be free. I teach this to the hybrid children because they don't understand why I can't just have sex with all of them and all the time. I tell them many things. I tell them that here on Earth, humans don't get food or homes for free. They have to go to work and earn money if they want to eat. So the problem with having sex is having children. Women who have children with a man who doesn't stay around to support the family she puts both her and her children into a life of poverty

We just want to feel the lust, that is all. - Malik
That's fine, Malik. I'm sorry I'm repressed sexually. We humans are taught to feel ashamed about sex. - me
Why? It doesn't have any dimples? - Hamish in Captain Stephens form about someone's penis not having like an STD, what the fuck I know... oh gosh sometimes I don't know.

A life of poverty and starvation for the women and children, and so the burden and suffering of that kind of life must be weighed against the momentary pleasure of sexual contact and then that consideration makes sex itself seem like a burden and suffering. Sure enough today we have contraceptives and abortions and adoption and welfare, but the principles still apply. Furthermore, a woman who has unwanted children her own life will be ruined. She can't go to school or have a career and has to let go of her own dreams and activities. A woman shouldn't have children before she knows who she is and is ready to let go of some of who she is, because life sure changes a lot when the children are there and it becomes all about them. So that too is a potential harm following sex.

Then there's STDs and AIDS, and the fact that pregnancy isn't fun and childbirth isn't either. I mean, we humans aren't some kind of animal that just freely can have sex without complications. Some of the worst ruin and harm to come to a human's life, both male and female, is the result of sex. Then we have all the cultural factors. Women who have lots of sex and with different partners might not have known who the father of her children were, in the past, and men don't like to take care of someone else's babies so that used to be a problem in the past. All kinds of things. Point being that most women think before accepting a sexual partner. Even when some of these complications are out of the question, a lot of women are reserved. It is part of both cultural and personal identity, and women like me consider ourselves dignified, mature and sophisticated by holding sexual reservations. It's just culture, and culture means how do we live and what do we think is right, but when all of those decisions are just arbitrary choices, but we adhere to them.

Gosh I talk too much. I was only here to tell you that I saw Hamish's white penis and that he rolled me over and was going to have sex with me and that he started doing lots of palate clicking and then I rejected him because he is my best friend!

I forgot to say that I suspect that it might have been the Aliens who got me horny in the first place. Actually if you revisit the talk from Malik a while ago on this page, it sure does seem to suggest that. They want me to be sexually open to all the various men they bring to me. I could elaborate on how they try to condition me into my role as egg donor and what not, but that's a whole other story, one could write a book about it.

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