Bird, Shuurah, Teddy, Carotid, Penis
August 21 2013

Bird Person

It is midnight now on the 21st. I was doing a few more hours of needed study for college now that the semester has started again, and I must tell you it takes discipline to not let Dragons and Aliens be a distraction with all the things they say and do around here. We have daily conversations and interaction throughout the day, so choosing to set aside a few good hours for study demands discipline, and stern ignoring of the Alien visitors. It's harder for me than it is for them. But so it is.

First Bird Person came into my room. Well Hamish was here the whole time too. The Bird People are not an Alien type you might expect. They are never featured on alien abduction stories on television or in the written media. You hardly ever hear about the Bird People, yet they are an integral part of the Alien Agenda story. Most alien abductees meet the workers, the Zeta Greys who do most of the grunt work.

Yes we take their pants off!! - hollers a Zeta now HA HA!
Oh my god that is so funny! - me
And then we touch with their pee-pee. - a Zeta otherwise hybrid
Not so fun. - me

Ha ha. No, sorry, that's funny I've got to laugh some more. But anyway. Most alien abductees only ever get to interact with the Zeta Greys. The workers. The abductors. Well to be honest most abductees probably never get to see or interact with any of them not even the Greys. Then some abductees report seeing the Reptilians. Now, as far as I know from reading other sources vaguely, every abductee is supposed to have one resident Reptilian, who does what my Hamish does. Follows them around keeping a close watching eye on their hostage. It is rare to come across accounts of encounters with the Dinosaurs, often otherwise known as Saurians.

We don't want you to talk about their pee-pee. Because, they were doing tests that were not benign. - says Dinosaur now, "them doing tests" are the Zetas
Your pyy-pyy. They were making babies come out of there. - Dinosaur
I know that. I have known for a very long time. It's ok. I don't think I mind anymore. I was hoping to stay awake for abductions. - me

But even rarer are encounters with the Bird People. I always think of Bird People as scientists. Almost like someone who works in the office with papers and books.

What about us! - hollers an Orion man
Yes! And the Orions! How could I forget! Thank you! - me
We were not sent here by our Father. Because my father does no longer exist. - Orion man
I am sorry. My condolences to you. I am very sorry about your Father. I will honor your Father by knowing him, and by remembering him always. I will honor your Father's memory. I will hold him in my heart. - me
You are my, shoorah! - Orion
Yes. I will help you. Thank you! - me
You are one of the puzzle pieces that we own. - Orion, with mental image of jigsaw puzzle pieces, we have a puzzle on the table so he thought it a convenient analogy
.. What is the puzzle you are building? What is the end result? What does the Orion people need with my shoorah? - me
We need genes. Because ours were picked out. - Orion
I will be happy to help the Orion people. - me
We don't have any shoes on here. - Orion man shows me his bare feet, black feet with rather "bony" looking toes and small black claws on toes
You may be barefoot if you like, I am barefoot also. - me
You are going to be picked up to our tent. And analyzed! - Orion
I look forward to it. I will be happy to go with you. It will be wonderful to see you there. I look forward to it. - me
We won't give you one of these. - Orion shows me one of those literally animal crackers
I don't want a cracker thank you. I don't need cookies... I just need to see you. - me
We don't want your shoorah! - hollers black Reptilian or Orion man
There there. - me
Because you don't want to eat it! - Orion about the animal cracker, ok so I offended him by rejecting their cracker

The Bird People seem to be geneticists and scientists, intellectual workers behind the scenes. But I also once had a Bird Person perform the "fertilization rite" which enabled me to become pregnant after the Crocodile Man had had sex with me and had put his seed into me. But Bird People are perhaps one of the least known of the ETs in this Saga, so I am always intrigued to see them and to learn more about them. It also makes this less likely to be the case of a hallucination, if I am seeing unconventional things which my mind would find it harder to "rationalize" as true. If I were imagining, then the easiest route for my brain to create a story would be to make it involve only Zeta Greys, as one would expect, and that way the brain could defend its hallucination as it would be less likely to pop up details that would make it seem less real. If you know what I mean? The constant elements of surprise, and agreement with other sources on alien abduction phenomena, are a constant reminder that this alien contact is real.

We don't want to be in your living room. - an ET
Then come into my bedroom. - me
We are already there. - an ET

The Bird Person is an unlikely character in an alien contact experience. Yet if you investigate sources you come across them mentioned. The Bird Person is short in stature. Hard to say but perhaps shorter than 150 centimeters (5 feet). He has a tail that tends to drag softly along the floor. The tail is not long or slithering. The body is covered in bright white feathers, even the face has feathers.

Now this next bit will be difficult to explain, but it comes easy for the Bird Person to sit right down on the floor to plummet straight down. A human cannot do this because we would have to try and fold our legs this way or that, and then our knees and ankles and hips would hurt. The Bird Person can plummet right down. It also has extra feathering on its underside which forms

You lie. - Bird Person says repulsed
I am sorry, I might have seen it wrong. Would you like to correct me? - me
We don't "plummet" down. - Bird
I just mean that you can sit on the floor comfortably, whereas humans can't because our bones start to hurt. You can sit right down, that is what I mean with plummet. - me
We won't come here if it doesn't have an elevator. - Bird with mental image of the stairs leading to our front door
I apologise. If you want I can come downstairs and carry you in my arms. I just assumed that you were magical beings that could somehow teleport upstairs. I didn't realize you actually had to walk the stairs, I am sorry. - me
There is chalk, there is chalk. - Bird, the second "chalk" in my native language

I bought a bag of candy today and one of the candies is shaped like a white chalk. The Bird Person was pointing to my candy bag here on the desk. They don't want me to eat sugar because it ruins the DNA for their use.

I just like to say that I don't plummet, because it means something else. - Bird
Alright. Thank you. Point taken. - me

The Bird Person has it easy to sit right down straight down, I mean, it can be standing upright and then "plummet" vertically straight down to sit comfortably on a soft billowy cushion of the feathers on its underside. I've never seen a human or anything else be able to do that. When it sits down like that it always reminds me of a nesting bird and I could imagine it gently laying down on a nest of eggs. It seems to leave a gentle space between the floor and its body and with lots of billowy soft feathers there, as if a space to put eggs in. Just an observation.

Yes! You are now our giraffe! - Bird points at me, Bird is speaking to a hybrid. They call me a giraffe when they want to regard me as an animal that they look at at the zoo. It is patronizing.

Bird People are different. In my experience they don't talk much. I guess the best, or only way to really get a sense of who they are is like with all other Aliens to see how they talk and interact. You can see how he talks and compare that to the other Alien personalities and races that come here. Each has its unique way about them.

We are not taking you to a dentist. - Bird "smiles" at me, about that I ate lots of candies today

This evening the Bird Person came closer. Usually when it arrives it stays only in the bathroom, squatting down like it does

You are not our giraffe. You are not prepared. - Bird
Yes I am, prepared I mean. - me
I am not your Sock! - Hamish
Hello Hamish. My Honored. - me, Aha! Hamish's eyelids instantly close in a Draconian smile when I say that! Hahaa, I made Dragon smile! Precious. Ever so precious.
I don't want to be called billowy. - Bird

Usually Bird Person only stays in the bathroom squatting down next to the bathroom rug and spending its time interacting with Hamish and looking at the sheets of shedded scales that Hamish had layed out on the bathroom rug to dry. But tonight Bird Person ventured out into my room and I finally got to talk and interact with it a little.

I made sure to point to the vase where I keep a bundle of white hen feathers and doun, that in fact looks a lot like Bird. Bird Person came up close to me in the other dimension and let me see his face real close. I'm not sure how to describe it. But then Bird told me that it has "no eggs" and from the communication I picked up that she is a female Bird Person. She too is here for my eggs.

I don't want to be called billowy. - Bird
It was a compliment. I find your feathers to be very beautiful and soft. You are beautiful with feathers. Billowy is a compliment, it means that the feathers do not lie flat, that they are nice and ruffled and taken care of and made to look nice. - me
I am sorry we took that! - Bird otherwise other ET points to the top of the living room sofa, which brings us to a necessary next topic...

The case of the missing bear

For nearly a year we have had three stuffed animals sitting together in a row on the top of the backrest of our living room sofa. We don't have any children, or dogs visiting or anybody who ever tampers with them or takes them down. Just me and mom mostly and some of our adult friends and guests that never go there.

There was a night only a few days ago when one of the little hybrid boys showed interest in one of the teddies at the top of the sofa. Now, I will have you know the hybrid children are bananas about stuffed animals. They probably love stuffed animals more than human children do. I was asked by the aliens if the boy could have that bear. I told them that yes of course he could have it. I told them that he was welcome to take it with him and to keep it, it was his to take.

If you don't get goosebumps from this story I will come hit you with a shoe. At most a few nights later if not sooner, if not on that same night, I have another exchange with the hybrid boy and in a mental visual I see that he is holding the teddy in his arms. I tell him that it is his teddy and that the teddy loves him and loves to be with him and that he must keep it. It was a precious moment and the boy was pleased to hear me say that. Either a short while before or after seeing this, mom asks me where is the third teddy. I look to the top of the sofa and sure enough there are only two stuffed animals there. Two. Not three.

Mom remembers that the third one was a bear. I can't even remember what it looked like

It doesn't have to be replaced, does it? - Malik
No Sir. I am so happy that the child has it. In fact, I love that I now know that I can give you all presents. But more importantly, doesn't it mean the converse that you too could bring me something from your world? Would you please give me an object? Any thing? I would cherish any object that was given to me by the Aliens. - me
Would you feel sorrow, if we said no. - Hamish
I would be disappointed, but feel no sorrow. Thank you Hamish. - me
I don't want you to feel afraid. - Hamish, "feel afraid" in my native language
You are welcome here Dragon, and I love to have you here. I am not afraid, I said. - me, I spoke in the style Hamish often uses, with "I said" at the end. He might like to hear that from me.
I am not with sugar. - Hamish, he doesn't like that I ate sugar (those sweets!) today

I'm sorry to say that I truly believe that the hybrid boy took one of the bears from our home. I envy that bear, because it has somehow physically transported from our human dimension and into the aliens' world. It seems that when the Aliens

I don't want you to eat those sugars. And those ones don't want to use the stairs! - Hamish, first about the candies, and the second about Bird Person having to use the stairs to get here
Hamish? How did you get here? - me
I didn't like those sugars I said. - Hamish
I apologise. I will blame myself. - me
Because then the children want some and they can't have them. - Hamish
Should I hide them? - me

It seems that when the Aliens abduct me, that they don't of course take my physical body away. I have filmed myself in bed through two nights when I know the Aliens say they abduct me every night, but my body stays in bed. There is more than one reality more than one world in this universe and we are living in one and the aliens in another. They somehow extract and interact with another version of my body, in another world, as strange as that sounds. And I am not trying to somehow "defend" an imaginary hallucination, I'm not pulling arguments from thin air. Rather this is how it seems to be and rather I think it speaks against the reality of this, not for.

Are these Aliens real? Did they take teddy? Do they take me at nights? Personal evidence has me convinced. The match with other sources of information in things that I shouldn't have known. Such as the name Machu Picchu for the archaeological site, the name Aleister Crowley, about pentagrams, Orions, the yellow pyramid, The Eye, Black Ones Dark Lords, Malik Jezebel, Basmet Baphomet, Reptilians

Give us your shuurah. - Orion
I will give that to you. You can take a shoorah. - me
I don't have shoes on. - Orion
You don't need shoes, I am barefoot too. - me
I don't want you to drink any juice. - Orion shows image of the orange pineapple juice I've been having
What should I drink instead? What is a good beverage for my body? - me
Nothing that would harm the shoorah. And look, I don't have any shoes. - Orion
Yes, I see your toes. You don't need shoes. I am barefoot too. It is ok. - me

Shoorah by the way is Orion language for "new beginning", "future", and also "eggs".

I have personal evidence that the Aliens are real, ok? And I was so ready so willing to find out that this was imaginary. Wow, I mean, Aliens. For real. Real Aliens. Aliens are real. Life in outer space. Hamish and Reptilians and Orion man and everything. Even Bird Person that doesn't want me to say "plummet" or "billowy" about her.

We are not a doctor when we come here. - Orion
You are welcome here. I appreciate your visit. Welcome. - me

Aliens Aliens Aliens... Aliens.

You are a flower in our flowerpot. - Orion

This morning a white ET said that I am a flower and they are the bees that pollinate cause they make me pregnant. I thought that was nice.

We can't take you to Komi Saki anymore. - Orion
Why? What happened? Don't take me unless I'm awake, it hurts me to stay asleep when you take me places and I can't even remember. It hurts me. - me
You haven't slept with them anymore. - Orion about the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men

Real Aliens. Real, everything.

You are not our monkey, if you don't drink our juice. - Orion

Slender Green Reptilian

But before Bird came into my room tonight, I saw there was a green Snake-type Reptilian, probably not Snake himself but one a bit like him. This one wore no clothes and has a long slithering tail that becomes very narrow at the end. It was green with flat scales. Very handsome sight to see, such a magnificent creature to witness. I was studying so I couldn't allow myself to talk or interact with him, which pains me but I need discipline with my coursework. But I remember what he said. The first thing he said was he remarked at how easy it was to interact with me and that most human women they go to won't be so friendly, so welcoming. He didn't speak this one in words so I am trying to describe what he meant. But he was surprised that he was able to come here and interact with me and I would welcome them and be nice. I told him he was welcome here.

A lot of the Aliens start out tiptoeing carefully around here not knowing if I would get upset because they are here. But I welcome them all. I am so nice and polite with my Aliens and we become good friends.

This green Reptile then explained why Hamish had put Hamish's shedded sheets of scales on me this morning (see short stories from today). The Reptilian said, translated from other language, "We wanted to show that you were one of us." I loved to hear that, how fantastic it is to have a Dragon, Hamish, carefully lay two sheets of his shedded scales on my body, one on my belly the other from my lower lip down across the chin and throat. To let me know that I was one of them.

The green Reptilian also asked me, "Did you not want to hit me?" "No.", I said. He is not used to being allowed to visit.

Blood drinking

Don't worry, we only sacrifice our goats. - Malik

Another thing to write down before I can go to bed. Last night when the brown winged Dragon visited, he expressed a desire to consume my blood. I told him he could have some of my blood, and to give Hamish some of it too if he wants some. I said humans can be a blood donor, just don't take all of it or I would die. The brown Dragon was becoming interested, and that is when I hear a military human man talking to me telepathically. I didn't write down what he said so it is forgotten and we will never know, but he must have told me not to talk to the Aliens. The man said he was with the military. I asked him of what country, he said the United States. But he was speaking in the language of my European country.

This morning when I woke up, the first thing I am aware of even before I open my eyes, is that the two carotid arteries on my throat have been sliced and put back together. I just had this perfectly clear mental visual that both of them had been sliced perfectly level not diagonal slices and both of them at the same height about middle of the throat and put back together. The slices had gone straight through. What a peculiar thing to wake up with and notice. Of course I tried to forget and ignore but the image came back same strong as before. It leads me to have to s

Don't worry. Our nurses were very good with it. - a white ET or Bird, someone white
Who did this? Did they slice my carotids? Did someone extract my blood last night? - me
You are not our goats. - Malik
Yes, but, did someone slice my carotids? And how would one slice them without me dying from massive bleeding, how would you control the bleeding as well as repair it afterwards? Very impressive medical technique if it happened. - me

It leads me to have to suspect that a procedure was done.

In Closing

What do we make of all of this. Damn, gee, I forgot to write yet another fantastic Alien thing. It's been so eventful today (I've written this and another Thoughts page, and lots on the Short Stories, so today has been heaps!). Well, when I was sitting here studying my last hour tonight, the green Reptilian came up to me and started putting his erect - but limp - orange color penis on my lap. He stood to my right and slapped it on my right thigh. His penis is the same make as the other Reptilians, a slender one, without glans or scrotum or foreskin just a slender smooth which narrows at the end a bit.

The Insects won't come here. - someone says
Why not? I want them to? I want Insects. They are some of my favorites. - me

The Reptile kept slapping his penis on my lap time and time again. Of course I thought it was funny. I asked if we are meant to have sex? I said I would, although I thought the situation to be more funny than sexually arousing. They are Aliens, they are also my visitors. I don't go around getting all sexually aroused by them and their shenanigans. I'm intrigued with them being here, and getting to observe their - often fun - behavior. Turns out I think he was checking to see my reaction to see if I would get upset. He was testing my tolerance because they are going to let/have/make me have sex with other male suitors in the programs.

One more...

We, the aliens, have very good nurses. - Bird
Yes. I trust you and your medical skills. I would feel entirely safe with your nurses and doctors and scientists and reptilians. - me
Do you want us to make you more babies? - Bird
... I don't know if I want them. But I know you need them. - me
We want them to have little fingers like yours. - Bird says and shows me a toddler hybrid hand pressed down flat by Bird's hand on a surface, five fingers like a human baby only whiter skin and softer
... I don't want to be a mother. But I want to help you with genetics. - me
It is our pyy-pyy. And you are not that soft! - Hamish says to me, then says to/about that hybrid child that I called soft
We have one terrible prognosis, if we don't survive. - Bird
Why won't you survive? What happened to yalls fertility? Why are all of you alien races infertile? What has happened? I don't understand why there is this urgency and a threat of extinction. - me

One more story. While I was still studying my last hour and Reptilian kept slapping his penis on my right thigh... this Reptilian started doing mind games with me real bad. He was putting thoughts and images into my mind that he was hoping I would pick up and incorporate thinking they were my own thoughts so that I would respond to them. He was putting criticism and downgrading thoughts to try to make me think that my school was a bad school, that teachers there looked down on me and my skills, and all manner of insults and things to try to put me down, to try to make me put my books down and go to bed to sob. I noticed it was the Reptilian so I ignored his thoughts and I continued to study. The Reptilian noticed that I knew it was him, and then he and a black reptile went away to the nearby parking garage to have a skirmish and to hope to have a private conversation between them about the fact that I had caught them and what to do next.

I've caught these aliens putting thoughts into my mind and deliberately trying to make me depressed and so forth. I'm finding out that they have caused tremendous damage to my life, my personal relationships, my career, my finances, all so that they can engineer my life so that I am a suitable egg donor and subject for them. If me going to work and working night shifts is in conflict with their abductions or with what they want to see me doing, then they will mind-possess people at my work and myself and make me lose a job. If they don't like a boyfriend of mine, they will break us up. And if they prefer that I just stay in bed all day where they can touch me and look at me and poke at me then they will make me depressed and tired. And, this little bit is something we will have to thoroughly discuss here on the Orion Project because this is a massive and invasive factor in the alien contact that we need to explain.

But now, it's time for bed. It is 1:18 AM. We'll see what stories I'll have for you tomorrow.

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