Hamish and Bird Person
Malik and Crocodile Men
August 20 2013

Hello. This is a true story. None of the below is fiction. This is a documentary. I have personal evidence that these Aliens and conversations are real.

Hamish and Bird Person talk

Yes, this will be another Dragon coo, mostly. I was sitting in the kitchen studying and had made myself a cup of that fragrant strawberry tea with sugar in it and sat down by the table to work through my books. A tall bright fire engine red Dragon, in his upright standing posture like seen here on the image, with a soft fleshy cushion hump back turtleshell on his upper back with blunt orange bumps on it, a proportionally small head without any bulging back of the head like we're used to seeing on humans, all-yellow round bulging eyes with a dark brown vertical slit, no nose but two nostrils in the area between the eyes, soft rubbery scales and long slithering tail, he looks up to the kitchen cabinet where the sugar was.

It is my Hamish. I don't always see him when he is here. Most of the time it's vague images, but on a rare occasion he lets me see him and he is bright and fire engine red. This was one of those times. Although he is in another dimension, he is here, I see him in my mind's eye clear as day.

We don't want him to be here anymore. - speaks Ithaca Bird Person
Can you give me a reason why? Where would he have to go? What does Hamish want? - me
He wants eggs. - Hamish
Hamish, stay with me please.. please don't leave me Hamish. I can't live without you. Please, Bird People, don't take Hamish from me. Why do you take him away from me? Why? Why? - me
We are not with langoustines, I said. - Hamish says somewhat authoritatively to the Bird Person
Hamish is my Dragon! And it seems, we need each other, for different purposes! Please let him stay? Why won't you let him stay? I can't live without him! - me
We are not going to let him stay anymore! - Bird Person
WHY NOT! Give me a reason! A reason! Or, more importantly, what do I need to do to get him to stay? What can I do? I would do anything. - me

When I sat in the kitchen, seeing Hamish

We are not the dominant race.. - says Bird Person like all with a sigh, sounds like Hamish had told him to say that and he complied
We are not here for your eggs, I know. - Bird Person says to Hamish, obviously Hamish had told them that they are not here for his eggs
I am not the dominant race.. - says Bird Person with a sigh again
Are you a Bird? - me
Yes! Look at me! Are you stupid? - Bird Person, he is covered in short white feathers
I have a plume, they say. - Bird Person adds
Yes. You do. Come to think of it, you and me Bird Person have never quite spoken. You have visited me and Hamish here many times, but you never really did talk to me about things. Can you tell me why you come here asking Hamish, my Hamish, to leave? Why is that? - me
Your DNA is not right for our purposes. - Bird
I thought it was. - me
No, we have collected all the DNA we need from you. - Bird
What?! I don't want that to be true. Can we change it? Is everyone going to leave me? I can't live without Hamish. Then, can I join you all and be with you forever? - me
I won't bite you, I said. - Hamish to Bird Person in a threatening gesture
If Hamish wants to stay with me, can he please stay with me? Please? If we need to be together? - me
No, I won't wash myself after that. - Bird Person to an Alien, Bird Person has gotten some of that black gunk on his white feathers. It looks like sticky pasty crude oil, Hamish sometimes has that on his feet and rubs his feet clean on the bathroom rugs. I suspect it to be poo or other matter from some Alien's body, maybe it was thrown on the Bird Person, something like that. I won't ask.
Can Hamish please stay? Is my DNA not good anymore? Tell me, is it because I eat sugar? - me
No!!! It is not that! - Bird Person seems tired
I want him to stay. I need Hamish. - me
I won't bite you I said. - Hamish to Bird Person, a threatening gesture a warning
Hamish? Can you still stay with me forever and ever and ever? I don't want you to leave me. I would give you all of my eggs and DNA and pyy-pyy and everything else I have, and if I don't have something that you need then I will go get it. - me

Bird Person has some of that black gunk on him. It bothers him a lot, I sense the same kind of feeling like when someone has been spat on. Bird Person has been visiting many times here, but we've never really had a conversation. Usually it's the Aliens who start to talk. I haven't started a good and proper conversation with him either. The Bird Person is rubbing that black gunk off his feathers, it is just a splodge it doesn't smear out that much. I've seen it on Hamish's feet a few times like if he stepped on it. I am in the bedroom and Bird Person and Hamish are in the bathroom. I can see a remote mental image of what takes place there. The Aliens facilitate this connection and telepathy.

When I saw Hamish in the kitchen, standing by the cabinets with the sugar... right now Hamish made another threat to Bird Person which involved a graphic mental visual of the Bird Person's body torn to shreads with red flesh hanging out. Sounds like Hamish wants to stay.

I was not a good omen here, he said. - Hamish tells me what the Bird Person had said
Why does he want you to leave? - me
I have not finished drinking the juice. - Hamish says to Bird Person in the other language, all else is in English
I was not here for that!! - Hamish in that rage where he nearly jumps off the floor, when the Bird Person said something to him about the children, my children, not being here or whatever

I think I know what the problem might be. Earlier today an Alien said that the children can't come here for "school" anymore. They like to bring my hybrid and mostly-human children here to my home to watch me what I'm doing. But since the children are often coerced by the Aliens to approach or touch me sexually, and I was often shown and made to feel scenes where the children were sexually active this led to serious mental stress on me and I made it ever so clear that the children are not welcome. So the Aliens said that the children can't come here for school anymore. Maybe this is the problem. I don't know what feeling is stronger. The pain and torture of having to deal with pedophile children and the need of not having the children here, or my immense love and infatuation and friendship with Hamish and my need of having him in my life.

I won't bite you I said. - Hamish threatens to bite the Bird Person and made a visual for him where Hamish would have bitten his soft toothless fleshy mouth into Bird Person's arm
No I am not going to go down the toilet. - Bird Person responds to something Hamish would have said to him, with a mental visual of our toilet

Sounds like Hamish wants to stay. But seeing Hamish in the kitchen earlier, that bright fire engine red

I won't make you drown. - Hamish says to Bird Person about the toilet water, "drown" said in my native language
I won't operate on you I said. - Hamish to Bird Person, the "operate" was from Hamish's thought images something he would have done to mix up or mangle his arm probably biting or using his hands
Let Hamish stay if he wants to. - me
Yes, sure, then don't eat any more sugar. - Bird
If sugar makes me risk losing Hamish then I will not eat any more sugar. Difficult as that will be, I will not lose Hamish for anything. Ever. Hamish is much more important to me than sugar ever was. - me
Then there won't be a problem then. - says Bird Person and a visual image from Bird Person of the yellow pyramid flashes up but it also looked like a pyramid shaped Mayan-type stone temple behind the yellow pyramid symbol.

You don't have to spit at me. - Bird Person says to Hamish, "spit" in my native language, the Bird Person thought of that black gunk on its arm feathers
.. Let Hamish stay if he wants to. If there is a problem that I can change then let me know. - me

Hamish has a pile of his poo in the bathroom corner like usual and he is showing that to the Bird Person as a way of offense or mild threat.

I was not going to say it, I said. - Hamish, probably about the pile of poo in the corner
I was not going to put your wing there again. - says Hamish to Bird Person about the poo in the corner, so that's what it was, was it his poo on Bird Person's arm? Had Hamish pushed his arm into it?

We have already made 17 new DNA strands with another friend. - Bird Person
So my "twelve" is no longer good? Oh please don't leave me! - me
We won't take your eye out again. - Malik about my right eye that feels funny like it's been mangled and replaced with a fake glass eye
Let me stay. I want to stay. I don't want to leave my Alien friends. - me
Look at that! - Hamish or Snake, I see a clear image of greenish yellow Reptilian flat scales and then an image of Bird Person's white-feathered winged arm, the Reptilians are gasping about how the Bird Person doesn't have scales
I won't be eaten here. - Bird Person in white feathers, maybe a Reptilian threatened to eat him

But seeing Hamish there in the kitchen, he looked exactly like on that drawing up above, tall, upright standing

No, I am not that kind of bird. - Bird Person would be crying and sobbing and drying his tears if he were a species that cries, I can feel his emotions
What are you doing with that poor bird? Don't hurt him, he doesn't mean harm. Stop fighting please? Can't you boys talk through your problems in a civil manner, one that doesn't involve threats or offense or poo? - me
We can't say that otherwise. - Hamish says to me and shows me a mental image of the poo in the corner, no kidding

But seeing Hamish in the kitchen earlier, I was taken by the most deep love I have

This is not my nest, no. - Bird Person to Hamish
This is Hamish's nest. - me

The deepest love I have ever known.

I won't grunt-purr at him. - Hamish says to me about Bird Person, Hamish must know I call one of his vocalizations a "grunt-purr"
What does the grunt-purr mean? - me
That I am getting ready to bite. - Hamish
I wouldn't do it I said! - Hamish or Bird Person
I wasn't given any eggs here, say it. - Hamish to Bird Person, Hamish wants the Bird Person to say
Does Bird Person want my eggs? Are you here to steal Hamish's nest and eggs? - me
No, we don't want trouble like that. - Bird to me
I was not going to fill you up with saliva. - Hamish to Bird, about if Hamish would just put the Bird's head into his mouth and get his saliva all over him
Hamish... don't eat the gentleman. He is a person, not a snack. Bird Person is not snacks. - me
We have been threatening toward him for a long time. - Hamish or the other Reptilian whose scales I saw earlier, says to me in the other language

Seeing Hamish made me feel the strongest love I have ever known. The deepest friendship and connection... Hamish has parts of the Bird Person's head in his mouth. I see it but I also feel what Hamish was feeling.

It is immoral! - shouts Bird Person about what Hamish did

Hamish's mouth is harmless enough. He doesn't have any teeth and the mouth is soft.

I am not going to be taken down to the cellar. - Bird Person doesn't want to go to the underground basement, I saw a mental image of the dark basement hallways there
I will not be taken apart or plucked! - Bird to Reptilians and mental image of Bird Person as if his feathered arms stretched to the sides and someone about to pluck his feathers off
Why, ... - me I start
We are married now. - Hamish to Bird Person about me, Hamish shows a mental image of two gold wedding rings on a surface
I am married to Hamish. He is the man in my life. - I say, not knowing what repercussions it might have to say such an impactful thing
Please don't hurt the Bird? - me

Hamish looks at the Bird and Hamish's head tilts left, then right, then left, like a dog that is carefully watching. Hamish does that when he is really watching, but he is calm. It always reminds me of a cat looking at the fun behavior of a mouse and how it stimulates the urge to viciously play with it.

I was not a camel humpback. - Hamish says about his hump back
What is it then? A shield? A back shield. - me
It is not disgusting. - Hamish
It is handsome. - me
I won't fight with you Barbie. - Hamish or Bird Person says to me unless Hamish said to Bird Person
What? What now? Eh? - me

And as Hamish stood in the kitchen earlier, I didn't speak to him because I was studying and I really got to not let Alien things change my schedule, I could follow Hamish's thoughts. He thought about how he gets baby infant white hybrids to eat from me. I didn't allow myself to speak to him, but I thought about how if this is what Hamish eats then I would give those for him. I just had a boiled egg for breakfast this morning. How is it not the same thing? Humans put egg-laying hens into small boxes and under miserable conditions. At least Hamish lets me roam free and live a great life with him. I thought about how it's supposed to be immoral to let someone eat a baby

They are only a shell, they are not alive. - Hamish says about the baby infants
Oh thank goodness! Then it is alright to eat them! Do they never live? - me
No, not after I bite them. - Hamish
Badum-tish. I thought he meant that they were stillborn.

We are not a vegetarian. - Hamish
That is alright, neither am I. - me
And do not eat sugar or call me a sock!! - Hamish in that sudden rage in which he nearly jumps!
I... I want to help you Hamish. Really I do. - me
You won't go into my mouth again, you/I said. - Hamish to Bird Person
You are not with a Dinosaur, when you are collected. You are with me. - Hamish to me
I love being with you Hamish. My Honored Hamish. - me, I remembered that Hamish has not reminded me to honor him in a long time. Maybe it is implied.
I was not going to take the juice out of your throat. - Hamish to Bird Person with thought of blood, "the juice" was in other language

And I had thought about how it's supposed to be immoral for someone to eat an infant. Even if it is some white strange hybrid baby infant. Hamish has shown me mental images of where he has one of those little limp white bodies in his mouth with its limp arms hanging out from one corner of the mouth and the legs from the other. It always looks like a dog with leather gloves in its mouth. Hamish always looks pleased when he shows me the image with the baby in his mouth like that, limbs hanging from the sides. He doesn't mean to be vicious, it is not an act of anger or violence. He just wants to eat. And, he is my Dragon. I quickly concluded there in the kitchen that Hamish's life is worth so much more than even ten of those hybrid babies. Hamish is a person, he is so living you have no idea how much of a person he is. And me and you eat chicken.

We eat livers I said. - Hamish quick to add
I wish I could give you my liver, but I'm using it... - me
Hamish's head starts doing the tilts again. Left and right, left and right, looking at me. So the mention of my liver eaten made him look at me like that cat who spotted a mouse. Curiosity, playfulness, not anger or aggression.

To be so close to someone that you know their thoughts, and to live with them intimately closely for two years.

Dab Dab! - Hamish says to Dinosaur and points to the Bird Person
I was not going to clean it for you. - Bird Person to Hamish, Hamish has asked Bird to clean up his latrine in the corner. Usually it is a Dinosaur who does it.

Two years with Hamish. He's shared his life with me. He's talked about his race and how it was made from an ancestor that looks like a red crustacean in the sea and even has those same yellow bulging eyes that Hamish has. So he is a Lobster Dragon, actually. The Ithaca Bird People made Hamish. Yes, the same race whose member is in the bathroom right now.

She is talking about when I was in the kitchen. - Hamish says
No, I wasn't tickled by it. - Bird says sadly to Hamish or the other Reptilian with regards to when it was touched on its wing, maybe the other Reptilian had poked it and asked if he was tickled by it.

Hamish has talked to me about his mother and father. About how his father also had those blunt orange bumps on his arms and he inherited those from him. I have seen another lady red Dragon Turtle in the cave in the mountains and their nest of eggs. I have seen Hamish sending me "postcards" mental visuals of when he was visiting in that cave and looking at the nest of eggs. And that time when his eggs hatched and there were little red Dragon Turtles. How Hamish brought one of his babies here to me and lifted it up on the bed to climb on my arms and hands.

I wasn't lit with fire then! - Hamish, thought image of as if someone were to light his or another red Dragon Turtle's tail with fire
What, Hamish? Has someone hurt your people? Oh Hamish! I will protect you! - me
That is why we need the water. - Hamish, shows me the pool of water in that other cave that has a pool of water in the stalactite cave
Please Hamish, stay safe. I would do anything to keep you safe. - me

I would die just to give my Hamish another day in life if it ever came to it. I would fearlessly and selflessly throw myself into any fire just to save him. Why?, you ask? Because he is more living than I. His thoughts his personality. We live so closely via that telepathic connection that I feel every nuance every essence of his life. I feel the soft rugs under his feet. I feel his exhales and inhales in his body.

Dab Dab! - speaks Dinosaur quickly and I catch a mental image of Hamish's poo in the corner
Dab Dab! - Hamish answers to Dinosaur

I can't believe they talk like that! But Dinosaur language - and I know you won't believe me - seems to consist mostly of "Dab Dab", "Deb Deb", and "Dam Dam". But if you are ever lucky enough to see a room full of just Dinosaurs you will hear them chirping with each other and it sounds like those kinds of sounds, but it sounds like chirping. They do series of two short chirp sounds, and the two sounds are usually different from one another. I don't know, but that's how Dinosaurs talk. Dinosaurs will even say "Dab Dab" to me about the bath tub, because they like to see me bathe because Dinosaurs love to bathe.

I was not with a romance with it. - says Hamish to me about the Dinosaur and I see a visual image of the latrine in the corner again
We did not want to feel lust. - Hamish adds and looks at the Dinosaur
Is Dinosaur cleaning it? Would you let me clean it? I can clean it, just bring me over to the other dimension. - me
I was not saying Dab Dab to you. - Hamish tells me
Oh. Ok. But I would be happy to clean after you. - me
We are not with bird any more. - Hamish, "bird" said in native language
I was not, causing a cacophony about his crap. - says Dinosaur to me

I have been so close to Hamish for two years now. Had him show his power to me, which is when he lifts me up or throws me around gently on the bed and lays his own body so close against mine that it is scales against human skin, and his exhale over me and I can sense his smell. We have been closer than I thought was possible. I have been in him, and he has shared his life with me. The deepest friendship and love. I would live and die for this Dragon Turtle. As long as he is alive, I don't have to be a human body. I can be in the life that is in the things that he sees. I can be in the river that he bathes in. I can be the air that he exhales. I can be his every sensation, his thought. I am in his soul.

It was not dangerous (OR) It was no trouble at all. - Dinosaur in the other language now that he's finished cleaning up after Hamish's poo, two possible translations

Big, bright fire engine red, Dragon Turtle. That awesome turtleshell hump back on his back, that he thinks signifies respect and power. He never talks about his tail, or uses it. It's just "there". I would live and die for Dragon Turtle.

Yes, they have tried to set fire on our tails. - Hamish
Who has? Tell me! Who did that to your people! - me
That is why we hide in the caves. - Hamish, with image of the stalactite cave with the pool of water there
Please Hamish, stay safe. Who does that to you. What race, causes you that harm? - me
I was not with it, I said. - Hamish
What race does that? - me
My eggs!, are my presents here! - Hamish with thought image of wrapped presents

Hamish is afraid of fire. I can't have tealight candles anymore because Hamish asks me to put those out or he feels agony over them, so of course I put them out. Come to think of it I can't

I could blow them out. - Hamish with thought image of him blowing out a candle

I can't even remember what a candle looks like or feels like. But that's ok.

This is my barn floor. - Hamish in mixed languages, about the corner where the poo previously was

After Hamish had been in the kitchen with me, he then retreated to my bedroom and had continued communicating with me there and staying so connected

I won't eat your livers. - Hamish about me or Bird Person

So connected that I see him in his whereabouts in a mental image and I also feel his thoughts and emotions and every nuance that he feels. And undoubtedly he feels me too. Hamish stood on the small pink square of the bathroom rug in the bedroom. It's odd that he doesn't use chairs or beds but he can spend hours just standing on comfy rugs. I guess he is not a human. A human would feel tired in its back and legs from standing too much.

We won't operate on you I/we said. - Hamish to Bird

Now Hamish shows me a mental image of the red cabin by the lake. Remember Hamish's cabin fever like I called it? I was out jogging by the lake one day when Hamish saw a red cabin by the lake and he liked to spend time there from time to time. He really likes it. So in the future when we have a house I will build for him his very own red cabin in the garden. It will be Dragon's cabin. I can't wait to furnish a home for him! He will get a pond with Japanese koi. Lots of garden flowers and interesting textures to step on. Yellow flowers. A creek to bathe and poo in. He likes putting his feet in water. There would be smooth rocks in the water for Dragon to stand on. I would give him everything. And I will.

Hamish had stood on the pink bathroom rug, and he showed me how he sees bright daylight coming in from the window. Seeing it from Dragon's eyes I saw how it is too bright for him. He then showed me the bathroom and how it is dark. So now I know why he doesn't spend so much time on the bedroom bathroom rug. He prefers the bathroom because it is dark. Then Dragon told me that he was feeling cold in the bedroom. I promised him I would find the electric heater in a while, but I didn't find it. But about then I came to writing and Bird Person and Hamish were interacting in the bathroom. And so it goes, the story of a life with Dragon.

Before Hamish had retreated back to the bathroom because the Bird Person was there, I knew Hamish was needing to poo/pee because I sensed him from the bedroom rug and I knew that he was thinking about making latrine. He doesn't feel a cramp or a contraction when it's time to pee/poo. A human will feel something more of a pressure when we need to use the bathroom, and we can also contract ourselves to hold it until we think it's time to go to the bathroom. But Hamish feels no pressure or contraction when it's time for him to pee or poo. I'm actually not sure if he can even hold himself. I've seen that sometimes he pees/poos without seeming able to wait.

I have also done it there. - Hamish says, he shows me his room in the underground base, a room I have seen him in many times. I've seen that the room is littered in his body fluids. He must be using it as his lavatory.
Hamish? Why don't they have toilets for Dragon? - me
They don't need me to be there. - Hamish, his thought image of the place in the forest
I was meant to do it there I said! - Hamish clarifies, image of the place in the forest where he always puts his sheets of scales under a pile of leaves, right there

Hamish's latrine are soft mud piles. He doesn't make solid feces nor does he make clear liquid urine. He makes a sort of combination latrine that is fluid. Almost like bird droppings but a bit more solid than that. It always seems to be the same amount, I'd say three to five deciliters.

I had thought that he would drop his droppings in the bedroom but he retreated to the bathroom and he always puts it in the same corner on the bathroom floor. I've also seen him poo on the rocks by the creek in Thailand where he bathes and eats. Noteworthy is that Hamish spends much more thought and concern to his shedded scales than he ever does to his latrine. Oh and there was that one time when he had pood in the hangar building in Japanese Komi Saki and the Japanese man was upset about that, find that particular case in one of the telepathy papers on the website. Hamish doesn't feel embarrassed about his poo.

It is not dangerous to them. - Hamish about his poo not being dangerous to the Japanese men
Now he thinks about goldfish in a pond. He likes that. He likes seeing the flashes of bright orange scales swimming in the water. It makes him delighted. He absolutely loves goldfish and Japanese carp, mostly the orange ones. The red ones seem to anger him.

I love you Hamish. In the future I will get you your own fishes to look at. - me
I will show them. - Hamish, Hamish has a mental image of his flat red duck feet, identical to on the picture on the home page, that he would lay his flat red duck foot down right next to the pond so that the fish could see.

I love this Dragon so much. I nearly cry when I think about the love I have for him.

So, we won't make him leave then. - says Bird Person to that, obviously listening in
We don't want him to crap here. - Bird
It's ok if he does. Dinosaur cleans it up. Otherwise you could kindly bring me to your other dimension and I would clean up after my Dragon myself. I don't mind at all. Now, Bird Person, is there a way that I could come to that other world where all of you are? I am confused. Sometimes you Aliens bring me to your dimension for an abduction to take eggs and samples but only rarely do you let me stay awake or remember. Why is everybody else in another dimension while me and humans are here? How does it work? Tell me? - me
I won't tell you about what he did to me. - Bird Person about the black gunk from Hamish's poo pile having been put on his arm feathers

Hamish Hamish Hamish. Even his name is brilliant. Hamish The Great also known as Hamish The Elder is his full name actually. He chose his name after a human he worked with in 1887 I think he said it was. My Dragon was very fond of the man Hamish and followed him around, sort of like he follows me around now. My Dragon is a very old Dragon Turtle. I don't know how old he is, but even the Aliens call him a "grandfather". Hamish will live even after I am gone. He now thinks about a pond with goldfish again. The pond has lilypads floating on the surface.

I was going to take them. - Hamish says about the goldfish
What would you do with them? What do you do with fish? - me
They are not natural here. - Hamish

He loves

I have swallowed/devoured them. - Hamish in other language, two possible translations

He loves goldfish and fish in general. They intrigue him because as they swim you see flashes of what look like bright orange or red Dragon scales. It really looks that way to Hamish. He loves to look at fish. He tells me how he is concerned that they swim in the same water that they poo in. He looks at the fish to see if the female fish might have eggs there for him. He talks to the fish and listens to see if they might answer him. He shows them his body and scales. He thinks that the red fish are showing him power, and the red color automatically makes him anger, so the Japanese man at Komi Saki had to remove the one red Japanese koi fish because it was too much trouble with Hamish. Hamish sometimes calls the fish his "pytt", meaning "little children". And he loves to see the Japanese men drop roundish brown pebbles of fish food into the pond, and watching the fish "eat their snacks". Hamish knows where the big white plastic bucket of fish food pellets is next to the pond. And when the fish open and close their mouths at the surface, like fish do, Hamish looks at that and tells me that they are doing palate clicks at him. When Hamish opens and closes his mouth making a soft palate click sound, it means that he expresses that he "likes" something. So he tells me that the fish like him. Adorable.

I adore this Sock Turtle. Everything about him. Of course he can eat my hunnun. If I can give him life and nourishment, food and comfort I will. I would let him eat my liver if I didn't need it. The day I die I want to donate my organs all to Hamish and let him have a fiest. Why not, if my organs are edible and not harmful for his metabolism and body.

I would also want to feed on the blood. - Hamish
Yes. You may have that. In fact, Hamish I would let someone draw blood from me to you every few months because humans can be a blood donor. - me
I also want my eggs. - Hamish
You can have eggs, and blood from me. I will give you everything I can. *You are my Dragon Turtle that is why.* - me
Does it not make me indifferent? - Hamish
I think you appreciate it, Hamish. - me
I was not indifferent I said. - Hamish
Thank you Hamish. *My Big Dragon Turtle.* - me

How do I sum up the love and infatuation that I have for Hamish, that love and infatuation that is and best describes Hamish for you. To be so close to someone that you would not hesitate for a fraction of a second to lay your own life down to save his if needed be. When every day you give your all to him and you fear it is never enough. When you breathe with someone and share their thoughts together. And also the very special person that Hamish is. This love is massive. I love this beast.

I love you Hamish. - me

Crocodile Men the sons of Malik?

Today Malik talked to me about how the Crocodile Men have his DNA in them, surprise surprise. Malik expressed interest in putting his - Malik's - seed, meaning semen, ejaculation, into me to make a child. I asked Malik if he has children, he said that he has "several dozens" of them. I said I would be happy to both have sex with Malik and to produce Crocodile Men or Malik hybrids with him. Oddly, I detest the idea of making those regular Zeta-human or Thuban-human white hybrids, those usual hybrids that people most often see, but it's because those children are arrogant and racist and pedophile children so I'm done with them I'm through I want nothing to do with them. Also those "regular" hybrids are used for sacrifice and other terrible acts so I want nothing to do with them or with any of the disgusting things they are involved in. I want no part of it.

But the thought of making a child with Malik filled me with that sense of meaning and satisfaction that only parenting can bring. The joy and love of babies, of making a child with someone, of bringing beautiful babies into this world. I told Malik it would be my honor to parent a child with him. Malik told me they need my eggs for it.

Malik showed me a glimpse of his white penis. Malik's penis is hidden on the inside of his body most of the time, but when he has an erection a black-encased penis comes out. He has no visible scrotum. But he then needs a second erection and a white slender penis, contained inside that black outer casing, can come out. The white part doesn't have to come out for intercourse. It will probably come out during intercourse. From a biological point his penis is of a very interesting design.

Tell them that it is ancient. - Malik now about his penis
Is it? It is very clever. - me
Yes, shoorah/shuurah. - Malik, one or the other spelling

Shuurah is Orion language for "new beginning" or "future" but they also use it for "eggs". Malik was concerned about his smell and thought about having to scrub and lather down in our shower. Remember that time when Malik asked me for a sponge with soap on it and to turn the water on and he wanted the water really hot? I told Malik that I was not offended by his smell. He said that their Japanese associates are and that they complain about his smell. They complain about Hamish's smell too and that is why Hamish feels he has to wash up in the creek all the time. I said to Malik that anything on his person is just natural to him and I am not offended nor repulsed. I told him he did not have to wash up for me, and that if he wants I could go wash him myself. Later today I caught a whiff of his scent again, it really smells like rancid old socks.

But I don't mind if Malik smells. How can I mind if he smells.

It is not a smell like sugar, it does not have my dignity. - Malik says now
I don't mind, Malik. You are my friend, and I have love for you. Your smell does not bother me at all. - me
My smell, is not pleasant, to them. - Malik
I have smelled you before, and it doesn't bother me. Really it doesn't, I promise. - me

Malik is a dear old friend of mine, one of my best friends.

I want your SHOORAH!!! - Malik
Yes yes, you can have it. If Hamish allows. If Hamish is sharing my, our, shoorah with you. - me
Yes. He is. And the Insects won't bite. - Hamish
We are also called Mantids/Mantises. - Insect said one or the other

I don't mind if he smells a bit. It would be beautiful to have sex with him regardless. I know him so well. Also he is an alien being. I don't want to try to change who they are. They are Aliens. I love you Malik.

Sometimes when I saw the Crocodile Man I had thought that it was Malik in another shapeshifted form, but turns out... the Crocodile Man so much resembles Malik because it seems that Malik might be his father.

We are not in a nursery now, but that is where we go. - Crocodile Man

Yes, Crocodile Men work in the nurseries. They take care of the embryos in the laboratory. That is what they do. I remember that time when Arek's team had me have sex with a Crocodile Man, oh no... and how sick I was because they had taken my immune system down so that my body would not reject the baby. Ouch. I don't want another sickness like I had then. I got the worst flu of my life, complete with nausea and fever and headaches. I hope that doesn't happen again, I was so sick...

You don't have to drink that tea with me anymore. - Malik, he shows me my tea cup with strawberry tea and sugar, I had some while studying. They say the sugar ruins my eggs for their DNA work. If I am to be a useful egg donor I have to stop eating sugar.

And, today, when I went into the bathroom at one point, Hamish told me that the "Zeta Reticulans" were there. I said I know them well and that I know Lasarus. The Zetas watched me pee. I don't mind.

We also watch you all the time. Because we are not nervous with you. - speaks Thuban Lady Auntie
Hello Auntie. How nice to see you and hear from you, when you are in a good mood and not saying Hinch to me. - me
Hinch is a warning, a threat. - Thuban
Yes. I know. You say Hinch to me all the time. And then you are angry. - me
We don't mind seeing you at the potty. - says a white ET hybrid child otherwise Thuban Lady
... That's ok. It's not dangerous. - me

Phew. Alien contact. Every day. But it is great!

We don't want you to be damaged by us. - Hamish says to me with regard to the Thubans and white ETs, because the Thuban team have caused me so much agony because of the hybrid children and sex programs and pedophilia, that is what Hamish is protecting me against

Now what... another evening with Hamish. I have to study again. I will keep you updated, like I always do.

The Crocodile Men don't want your shoorah, or egg/eggs. - Crocodile Man says
My back is really puckered, do you see? - Hamish, lets me see his back hump
Yes Hamish. You are a Dragon Turtle, that is why. You were made that way, genetically. It looks good on you. - me
And the best part of it is, that it won't fall off. It was not coming off I said. - Hamish
It looks good. You're fantastic. I love you Turtle Feet. - me
I was not going to have it, sawed off.. - Hamish about his hump back
Don't, you have to keep it. It's a good thing. You're a Dragon Turtle! - me
Yes, but it scares the children. - Hamish with image of the little white hybrid children
They don't want to say "Dam Dam" with me. - Dinosaur, but it sounded *almost* like "Tam Tam" this time. Not sure what he meant.

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