A little bit of everything
August 19 2013

This story takes you through Machu Picchu and the ancient Alien connection, the Illuminati chubby hybrid Brother, a little hybrid girl who wants to copy mom, Lasarus and the Zetas, lots of alien and hybrid cruelty and mental nervous breakdowns, alien sex roleplay with the children, but ends with Hamish's sheets of scales in the cave behind the waterfall. A little bit of everything.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu
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This morning the Aliens were talking to me about Machu Picchu. They even used that name for it, and would you have asked me "what is the name of that ancient South American city in ruins on top of the mountain" and offered me a million dollars for the right answer I would have probably guessed Mt. Shasta, or had you put a gun to my head and said my life was depending on the answer, I could not have produced "Machu Picchu". I would have guessed that Machu Picchu, while vaguely familiar, was the name of the Easter Islands with those head statues looking over the sea. Point being the Aliens yet again produced something which I just don't see how it could have come from my subconscious as my own imaginings. The Aliens seem real don't they. But the best evidence is when they toss me, or better yet when Malik tossed those bibles and "catecheses", but that's another story.

It was the Bird Person who talked about Machu Picchu complete with mental images of the city. I recognized the place from his thought images, we see it on tv all the time, it is one of the most popular and interesting ancient archeological sites. Bird Person told me that they, the Aliens, had arrived there and interacted with the humans living there. The humans were treated as food. The humans living there already had their gods, note gods in plural polytheism, and at first they had prayed to their gods to help them against the Aliens. But then the Aliens had convinced the humans in Machu Picchu that they, the Aliens, were the actual real life gods. The Bird People also known as the Ithaca had arrived, and if I recall also the White Dragons had arrived there. These Aliens still make use of an underground dwelling in Machu Picchu.

I was too tired to ask them any questions, but this should be a fascinating topic to bring up in the Interviews. I am making another book series which will be called "The Interviews", going into depth with several fascinating topics and getting to know all the Aliens deeper. One of the last things said, by either an Ithaca Bird Person or White Dragon (all I saw was white speaking), was "I was a Kuthumi." in regards to their presence in Machu Picchu. I don't know, Google that word for yourself and see what you think.

Illuminati Hybrid

Around noontime I was made mentally aware of an Illuminati hybrid, only he looked to be presumably one of the so-called "Nordics" we hear so much about. The Nordics have not once come up in my adventures, but he looked very German and Nordic human, but hybrid. I was busy at the moment and had decided not to let the Aliens distract me from my needed studies so I would not engage in any conversation with him. After a while turns out he might have been one of the regular Illuminati hybrids after all, you know those chubby ones that my Aliens call "shark boys"? These guys. The Nordic man had a neon green bioluminescent glow. I either met both gentlemen or one shapeshifted into the other.

The chubby Illuminati hybrids are a special breed. Some of them look like big babies. They also look like marshmallow men. You could also say that they look like a corpse from the morgue, a dead body having lied in the water for about two weeks, or a science experiment gone awfully wrong. But I call them my Brothers. They are the sweetest personalities. Big gentle giants. They go through a lot of violence and injustice down there in the underground basements. A lot of them are used as hillock (sadism prostitutes). I've been shown a lot that I won't talk about here. The Illuminati hybrid was happy to be out of the underground basements and for him to get to see where I was. He kept thinking about the big green trees here. I know he was happy to see trees. He told me he doesn't get out much.

The IM hybrid (as I often abbreviate them) was making me aware of a mental visual of his penis. He was not erect, but I was meant to look at his penis. For several minutes I was shown this. I was just happy that he has a foreskin. In part I'm happy because that's the way it's supposed to be. Removing the foreskin takes away sexual sensations for both men and women and is comparable to female genital mutilation. But the second reason I am happy to see foreskin on Alien hybrid penises is because in my own experience I've hardly ever seen a man with their foreskin, because I've lived most of my adult years in the United States where all men seem to be circumcised. So the material in the back of my head from my own past experiences would be highly unlikely to "hallucinate" an Alien hybrid man's penis that had its foreskin intact, because my mind would hardly know what it looked like. So every time they show me their penises with foreskin intact it gives me more evidence that these contacts are real. And if you don't like all this talk about penises and foreskin and think it's too graphic then I advise you go watch some cartoons. This is biology and this is science.

I was being asked without anybody stating it in words, but I could sense their thoughts and intentions, that they want me to have sex with this Illuminati man, maybe not now but somewhere along the line. I said I was fine with it. I've had some great intimate moments with at least two different chubby Illuminati hybrids that I can remember. There is something sweet and tender about them that quickly made me conclude that if only I could marry one of these men and live with him always and have children with him I would never need to even consider a human man. There is nothing distinctly masculine or butch about these men. They are like sweet marshmallow men. But for some reason I like them and consider them good men and great for consideration for husband and father of my children. I would live my life with one of those chubby Brothers, if somebody could arrange for a house for us. So that won't happen.

So I told the Aliens that I was happy with being asked to have sex with this man. I was not offended or upset or even scared from being shown his naked self and with what they were asking me. He is an adult man and so that doesn't cause me a "cacophony", as the Thubans always put it.


I try to keep the sexual content at a minimum, but sexual content is pouring out my ears by now so it becomes impossible to make this website meaningful or coherent without including essential bits. Sexuality runs like a theme throughout these contacts and experiences that blocking it out would by now make the story seem too fragmented and odd if I were to just ignore those parts in the storytelling on the website. So let me try to be as scientific and gentle about it as I can. Any explicit descriptions will have to be shuffled into the totally uncensored books.

What I haven't mentioned on the website, because it's not the kind of thing that should be shared in public or when anybody could be reading and some might take offense or find it unsuitable, is that every time I masturbate the Aliens arrive to intervene. I would keep this bit of info off the website, but it is too central to the story to be left out. The Aliens try to use my sexuality to steer me into their desired intentions with me.

For one, Malik comes around when I masturbate so that he can do MKULTRA training on me. Earlier this year Malik posed as the black-haired man General Patton, but I now think General Patton was Malik all along. I had indications of such during the General Patton contact as well. Turns out MKULTRA was an Alien scheme all along. MKULTRA is said to have started in Hitler Germany. But Hitler Germany was Alien Agenda design throughout, say the Aliens. After Hitler Germany was put to an end, MKULTRA is said to have been taken over by the United States CIA. But, CIA is also an Alien Agenda domain, say the Aliens. The interesting thing is, if you bother buying my books especially Real? Or Imaginary?, very early on the Aliens start talking about MKULTRA. To make a long story short, Malik shows up to use my sexuality as an opportunity of mind programming me.

Malik tries to make me into the MKULTRA Beta Cat at those times, by putting images into my mind, that are a bit too uncomfortable for me to state here on this page, but to try to rewire my brain into MKULTRA. I will go into detail on that somewhere else.

But another thing that happens when I masturbate, is that the other Aliens namely Thubans and/or Zetas and their respective hybrids show up to take part. This morning, and this was before I got out of bed, after the Machu Picchu incident but before the noontime contact with Illuminati hybrid, these white ETs as I call them showed up to feel what I was feeling. It is very invasive, especially if you are trying to have a private fantasy and the Aliens can read your mind. These white ETs also try to use my sexual moments to steer me into being sexual towards them. Anyhow, my day came to a bad start, because being invaded on during private moments can be very hurtful if not traumatic.

Lasarus comes for a visit

After chubby Illuminati hybrid had shown his penis to me for a few minutes, I see three Zetas standing in a line looking at me. They are standing in what is most definitely a nuclear power plant here on Earth. It has the pool of water and everything. In the past the Zetas have told me that their people had a nuclear power accident when they were trying to extract a lot of energy and that is when they were forced to move under ground and ended up in the state they are now. Zetas seem to be infertile as a result, and have now teamed up with the Agenda to get help with putting human genome into theirs to produce fertile Zeta-human hybrids. They stood there in that nuclear power plant as a background to remind me of their tragic circumstances. They didn't talk about it, but I know what they meant. They wanted to display "tragedy" and "necessity", also "urgency". They told me they did not have much time. And they needed my help with the eggs.

One of the three Zetas says his name is Lasarus. It is my Lasarus, one of my regulars a Zeta ET. I tell the Zetas that of course I will help. I want their species to survive.

Little girl

Then Lasarus came into my home. He walked around here, looking around, noting all the furniture and things, and thinking about what each thing was used for. He even went over to the trashcan in my bedroom and looked through my trash. Slightly invasive but I didn't mind. I had decided not to talk to them because I had studying to be done. I had told the Aliens that I would talk to them after a pre-determined number of hours and I would not budge on my schedule.

I was not here then, I said. - Hamish says now and hints to the trashcan here in the bedroom next to me
It's ok Hamish. I don't mind what you do. You are welcome here Hamish. - me
We were looking at it because it had sugar on it. - Hamish

As I was getting to

They didn't want you to have it. - Hamish about the teabag and Lasarus
It disrupts your pyy-pyy for me/men. - Hamish, he said one or the other

As I was going to say, Lasarus paid extra attention to the used teabag in my trashcan after last night's strawberry tea. With sugar. (Pyy-pyy, if you are not aware, means my ladyparts.)

It had some sugar in it. - Hamish
Yes, Hamish. - me

Lasarus then came over with a little hybrid girl. This girl wore a pale dress with lots of layers on the skirt so that it stands out almost like a ballerina's dress, or actually I should call it Princess dress, cause that's the look they're going after. Real tacky and disgusting because of the pedophilia, but that's another damn story. Lasarus held the girl in his arms and walked with her to show her things around the house. I stayed where I was in the kitchen working on my schoolbooks, but they were making me aware of seeing them and hearing their wordless conversations and everything both of them felt. The contact can be very invasive like that, it is not just telepathic thoughts and words and sentences, it is also visual images, body sensations, and emotions, everything. But I tried to study.

Lasarus showed her the teabag in my trashcan. I had no idea it was the sugar that was the issue here. I thought that maybe they thought it smelled nice. It is a very fragrant tea. Lasarus showed the girl the television in the living room, it was switched off at the time. Later in the day I was shown the little girl naked in the bathroom. Her white panties had been put on the little dresser in the bathroom and they told the girl about how I put my clothes and panties there when I have a shower or a bath. They always want these hybrid girls to do exactly the same things as I do. They even want to give her the same bathing experience as I have. It's really bizarre. They even teach these girls dancing just because I like to dance in my room.

I've been totally scarred and burned with the sexuality of these children forced on me so the sight of this girl naked made me upset of course and I told them I don't want to see them. Had things been different and normal, had they not ruined me and if I could have been a normal mother or a female rolemodel to these children then it would have been innocent and fine for the girl to copy my showering procedures. Child nudity isn't sexual. These children aren't sexual. But the Aliens have ruined everything after some experiences I don't want to talk about. So I didn't want to see it. I don't want to see or know anything about these children anymore. The girl stepped into our shower, but I don't think they actually turned the water on there in the other dimension. I was later told that this girl is my daughter with the Illuminati hybrid man who visited.

A moment in time

A moment in time I will never forget and hope to always cherish, is today when Lasarus brought the little girl into the bathroom to see Hamish. Lasarus likes to put her little five-finger baby hands on things to touch them. I will never forget the little girl's reaction when she saw Hamish. She was intrigued and her eyes went big and the only time you really ever get to see a little girl do that is when you bring them a puppy dog or a cat or horse. Hamish stood completely still and let her put her hand on him. She wasn't afraid, and Hamish wasn't angry. I know Hamish doesn't want to be touched, and I know this was against his normal behavior, but he was being so gentle with the little girl, and Lasarus was telling her about Hamish and about how Hamish is the old grandfather! If I could take *five* precious moments out of my life and save them forever, this moment with Hamish and the little girl would be one of those five. (The other four of course would also involve Hamish my Dragon.)

I suffered, and Alien roleplay

I've managed to suppress the exact reasons why, but throughout today I've had more than three serious "cacophonies" because of the hybrid children and pedophilia, in spite of the fact that no hybrid child sexuality was even being expressed today. It is enough for me to fear that it would happen. If I see or am told or shown anything that could even remotely remind me of anything that could lead to anything even remotely related to that, then it sends me into a huge nervous mental breakdown, heart trouble, and today also headaches and it's gotten worse to where I now almost start to vomit if only I see those children.

I threatened to kill "every non-human being except for Hamish who is innocent" if they didn't take that girl away from here. They ruin my life, the agony and torment and trauma is tremendous. Oh, now I remember one of the things I've managed to suppress entirely from my memory. This morning I was meant to have sex with a boy who seems to be human or mostly human. If I recall he is 17. He has brown hair, and I think he is my son. He sure looks and feels and reminds me so much of myself. His name is Jayla or Jayna or something like that I forget.

The Aliens love roleplay over there. They do lots and lots of roleplay with the children. They build vast fantasy worlds in which the children would find it easier to act out their parts in what is essentially a cruel medical experiment where the only thing that matters to their captors and creators is what capability in sexuality and reproduction they have amassed from their particular given genetic combination.

The little girls are told they are Princesses and sexual behavior is somehow part of it. Adult woman Aliens and adult human women like me are Queens. It is this sexual roleplay. The girls are dressed in little colorful Princess dresses. The Aliens even have a throne that the girls get to sit on if they oblige. Every time I scream at the hybrid girls that they are filthy, whores, prostitutes and that what they are doing is wrong, they just shrug and say that they are "Princesses". The Aliens instill on the children that "Royalty" is a good and coveted thing, and by achieving "Princesshood" by doing unnatural sexual acts at such an early age it gives the children that sense of reward and accomplishment that helps to promote such unnatural behaviors and roles.

As for the boys, the boys get to handle swords and take part in tournaments. Growing up is very competitive and discriminating. Boys who are not talented with swords or fighting or in math are disposed of. The reason they do this is so that the boys that do survive feel "entitled" and "accomplished", and this helps to enforce the artificial role as being something beneficial and positive. Boys who are early teens or older teens are sent to me after succeeding in god knows what sword roleplaying and I am supposed to be their "Princess" or "Queen" and trophe. The boys are confused about sex, but they are told that it is a normal consequence after "winning", and this somehow is meant to use psychology to make them think that it is a good thing.

Other role playing you see with the Aliens and children are the "animals versus people", a more elaborate form of racism and discrimination. Rather than just creating populations and segregation within a group, to completely segregate certain people from the definition of "people" is more effective. The hybrids are taught that humans are cattle, giraffes, dogs, and cats. They are also taught that humans are inferior and primitive, we are Cro Magnon and so forth. There is a lot to be said in this category and I will defer it to some other page some other time.

Hamish's Scales

On a happier note, Hamish always saves the day and puts a smile on my face through and after everything. Hamish showed me "postcards" from the cave in the forest here on Earth somewhere, that has the waterfall gushing down in front of the cave entrance. Hamish's postcards are when he travels to some other area, usually his creek in the forest in Thailand, or some place over in Komi Saki Japan where he visits with the Dragon Dynasty, and he will show me a mental image of himself in his whereabouts, just so that I can see it. Just so that he can share another piece of his life with me. And that cheers me up, because he doesn't have to. But he just wants me to know what he is up to.

Namely the Ithaca Bird Person has told Hamish that he cannot keep his shedded sheets of scales here on our bathroom rug anymore. I have told Hamish that he can and that it is allowed and that he can do anything he wants over here, but Hamish said that he has been told to bring those scales over to the cave. He would bring them to the cave "once they have dried". Hamish thinks that when sheets of scales first peel off him, that they are moist and he lays them out flat on the bathroom rug "so that they can dry". That is what Dragon does. In that little Dragon world of his. I love Hamish.

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