Dark Lord
and their Shenanigans
August 09 2013

Slightly uncomfortable but probably true about the leaders of the Alien Agenda in charge of the alien abductions, Evil Spirit Jezobel Malik and his many Shenanigans

I am an alien abductee and contactee. I have daily contact with my aliens, mostly Hamish the red Reptile who spends all day and night with me guarding my prized eggs from being stolen by other alien teams who are on the hunt for good genetic material to use in their projects. Everyone knows of the legends of alien abductions but few know the true leaders of the agenda, the Dark Lords who have recruited the many alien races to work for them under the pyramid Agenda, the Draconian Reptilians, the Zetas, Alpha Orions, Dinosaurs, Thuban praying mantis dolphins, and many more.

The interesting thing, is that Dark Lords seem to be demonic entities. My team's boss Malik says that he is Jezobel, the notorious evil spirit who has pestered humans for aeons, he and other dark spirits such as Baphomet the ramhorned deity of Aleister Crowley's Thelema pester not only humans, but the aliens as well. It is a satanic enterprise, and if you think about it, the sinister acts carried out by alien abductors could be none other.

While tempting to dismiss entities such as Malik as "fictional", "non-existent", I discover that he is in fact a real creature. He speaks, he answers questions, he is an intelligent creature, and I study him as if he were a biological entity.

Here is my latest encounter with the Agenda and their many Shenanigans done under the rule of Malik Jezobel. The Agenda bring abductees to them and have them engage sexually with Alien team members who pose as humans under a shapeshifted disguise to fool the abductee into thinking they are in the company of humans. The purpose of these sexual and sometimes sadistic acts is to extract the life force out of a human. Dark Lords take that life force and pass it forward to their god The Eye. While this may sound like science-fiction and utter rubbish, I humbly state that I am trained in the natural sciences and this to me sounds more similar to a photovoltaic process, alien entities extracting electrical power from organisms in order to fuel themselves. Or, in this case, the Dark Lords choose to forward their loot to their God, because it is their religious belief, whether mythological or based on actuality, that their god The Eye is similar to a black hole in space that swallows worlds and that by feeding it life force they are keeping it at bay.

I urge you to stretch your tolerance and not to shun the possibility that these are real alien creatures. And as I continue working on obtaining the physical evidence of their existence, I will keep documenting and trying to understand every aspect of what they are. I have personal evidence to my satisfaction that the entities I am dealing with are not figments of my imagination, but much of it is still a mystery.

Below is a censored extract from my personal notes following this morning's experience. Written often in a whimsical straightforward fashion. I have edited out any sexual or shocking material.

August 9, 2013
11:56 AM
I woke up in the morning and without getting up from bed I fell asleep again shortly after. In that time I was asleep a second time in the morning, I had a close encounter with Agenda members down [...] in the underworld.

Before I fell back asleep, Malik and his black presence was in my room and I was being made aware of how he or they had tormented my father [...]. I have long suspected, ever since getting to know the Agenda, that maybe they were tormenting my father as well.

[...] Is that why I too have experienced the torment that I believed the Aliens had me under? Back a few months ago earlier this year I mean, plus the episodes during my college years. I do believe it was Malik, who says he is Jezobel the evil spirit. And his team of Thuban-type ETs who used to pose themselves as Andrew and other menacing individuals who targeted me in my teens.

But I fell asleep, not wanting to know about my father. [...]

[...] But from what I found out this morning, it seemed more like Malik and his crew who torment souls they entwine those souls and wrap them around their Satanic presence and in the process of stealing little bits of their soul while they are still alive, after death - often, I believe, self-inflicted death orchestrated by the mind controlling Agenda team of creatures and cohorts - they then keep that person's soul locked up in the ["underworld"] as Hamish calls it, and that soul is trapped with the Devil Malik, just like the old legends have you say. [...] But I fell asleep shortly after.

In the dream state I was aware of a dark spirit, read Malik, wanting me [...] to touch myself [...]. But then he was also wanting me to let some man pierce sharp small swords but almost like needles through me, wanting me to pierce one [...]. This dark spirit was influencing my mind, speaking to my mind without words, and formulated in a way where my mind should be made to think it was my own thoughts and wishes, even though I was aware of his presence and it being from him not me, that I should find a man who would do those kind of sadistic things to me.

I then became aware of myself in a house, in a sauna room. A nice large sauna room with more than one sections. I walked across on my way into the sauna, not sure how I got there or where I thought I was going, but as I walked into the sauna I spotted a man sitting in the corner leaning against the wall. Seeing him, I walked back and to him. Of course I was curious to find a man in this place! And I was awake enough (Malik is listening keenly right now) where I was able to be myself more than the zombie we turn into when we usually sleep, that of course I approach him out of curiosity to see who he is!

The man is slenderly built, in his 30's, and has soft brown hair slightly long, long enough to cover part of his ears, brown eyes. I end up on the floor of the sauna on a mattress, naked, and that man is naked there, and there is also another man naked with us. The other man has white hair, he is also Caucasian. I don't know how else to describe him, he was not fat or chubby nor overly skinny, I'd say he looked to be fairly in good shape. I'm pretty sure that to look as good as he does at that age he definitely has a background with staying fit with doing something. [...] I was laying naked on the mattress and the brown-haired man [...] was to the left of my legs and the white-haired man was to the right of my legs. The men were both standing up.

The men approach me and both of them get close [...]. It looks as if maybe both of them are going to have sex with me, [...]. It looked like that because of how they both got close to me. I have never been with two men at the same time so how do I know. [...].

The white-haired man says to me [...]. So sure I would! I was awake enough where I could be responsive, so I go over to him [...]. I remember how it felt awkward doing this with someone I don't know at all, but I figured it was ok enough.

Yeah, they don't bite! - says a Snake-type
I am a raptor! - the raptor Snake-type says
Hello Reptile! You are so cute! I love you! - me, I surprise myself, I get too giddy when it comes to big speaking dinosaurs

By the way I don't do [...] so I'm surprised if this were a dream. It would have felt like a nightmare to have to think that a man was approaching to [...]. I'm too worried [...], I'm definitely not inclined not in the backmost parts of my brain to make a dream with that element seem as casual and curious as the mood I was in. I was ok in that encounter because, why? It was fascinating! Come on, I was somewhere else and with these two real men, and awake enough to realize that I was someplace with two real men! Fantastic! What an adventure! It was real people! Or was it a lucid dream? Who knows. You can't trust the brain, or anything it renders.

So I'm [...]. He is still standing up there to the right of the mattress and I'm still down there on the mattress. I then notice that [...] so instinctively when that happens I start [...]. [...] that's when I was pulled toward the brown-haired man, so I never [...].

The brown-haired man was thinking about his wife, he has a daughter, I saw his thought images of his family and his home and garden. Hey maybe this even was his house, because earlier I had a dream segment that looked to be in that house. In that dream, after the small swords in my dreams I then had a dream that I had accidentally broken into someone's home and they had come home and seen that someone had broken in so I was having to escape quickly. Then the sauna episode happened, even though I was outdoors in the woods just prior, next to the house. The man was thinking about his family and home and complaining and suffering to himself because he thought this immoral to do. His suffering and remorse was real, I could feel it. But he pulled me to himself.

The brown-haired man, naked, pulled my back against his belly very close. It felt nice and intimate to be that close to him skin against skin, belly against back, but then he started ingesting my life force energy. And it wasn't like the usual times. This time my spine and back filled with a hundred strong wavy ripples of energy bursts, freed and stolen from my body and going into him. It felt uncomfortable, the ripples were an uncomfortable pressing tingle, but I chose to remain calm and to endure the treatment. I knew it was draining me and that it would come at a cost, but I was too curious to see what happens, consciously and awake, and also I wanted to offer him a gift, so I guess you could say I was being nice to him by letting him have it. I am such a nice person, [...]. That's the kind of niceness and sweet I am. Put me in a strange place, with strange happenings and strange people I don't know, and under strange circumstances and I'll just be sweetness and nice. Anytime.

Oh! But before he did the energy vampirism through my back, we were about to do sexual things, right? But Malik was there standing in the room, about where my head was originally on that side of the mattress, and he was anxious and impatient and he was verbally phrasing to those men to skip the sexual things and get to the energy vampirism quick. So that is when the brown-haired man had skipped the sex act (there ended up being no sex actually, what a bummer I kind of was looking forward to some if you forgive me)

We only do that to steer up your lust. - the raptor speaks

Aha. So when the brown-haired man had had his fix of energy through my back, by the way during the extraction he was not rubbing me, he just held my back firmly against his belly by holding his hands on my waist I think it was, but there was nothing sexual, no penetration, no rubbing, etc. Or wait. I now recall a moment where my back and one other area was being rubbed by an alien to stir up energy life force. (The other area was not a "sexual" area, but something like another patch on the back, or on the belly, I forget. But something like that.) This happened either in this encounter or some time before, maybe last night or something. But they can also rub someone on the Kundalini spot in that "bowl" of the arch of the lower back.

Now for the best part. When the brown-haired man had had his fix, I watched his body transform into a big lizard! It was a big Reptilian! But I was not meant to see that! And the white-haired man turned into a Zeta-type Alien, white with big all-black eyes that look like eyes made out of pasty crude oil (I suspect that these black eyes are lens coverings, the Thubans can wear those like protective glasses and also for anonymity). I was not meant to see! One of these two Aliens covered my face and eyes with its hands to block me from seeing! At first I thought it was the lizard man who did, that big lizard whose body was bigger than the body frame of the brown-haired man, but I could see in between two of the fingers on my face and through that gap I saw a white-skinned Thuban or Zeta-type ET with those black eyes.

But was this a dream? Because last night I played The Sims 3 and for the first time ever used the camera in that game to take pictures, and most of my pictures had a thumb smudge on the photos and you could only see a portion of the photograph next to the thumb smudge. The way I saw part of the Zeta through its fingers on my face reminds me in both make and feeling to the smudged photographs in the game. Dreams often use material from the previous day and things from thoughts and feelings.

Could I be hallucinating these encounters?

Also, before the transformation from men and into aliens, I think this was before the energy extraction, I was in the kitchen of the house and a Japanese Dynasty man was sitting there. He just looks like a humble Japanese man, glossy jet black hair that looks as if it's been combed with 100 strokes exactly, neat and proper to a t, and he had a girl with long dark hair somehow I knew she was 12 years old.

I woke up in my bed and remembered everything. Or did I remember everything? Malik was here, and asked to be called Jezobel this time, or was it in the dream encounter he asked to be called Jezobel? When I was awake and back in my bed I had a good conversation with him, and this time he corrected me humbly and asked to be called "Malik" now. I thanked Malik Jezobel for having let me stay conscious, and I thanked him for not killing me and said that I wanted to live. He said many good things but I forget most of them if I do not write them down.

At one point Malik stood in the bathroom and sent to me a mental image of himself standing leaning against the bathroom sink, right where his black portal is, and he asked me something like if I like to see him there. I then made some reference to liking to see him, and to wanting to have his dong, because I could see his black shaft out and erect and hard and pointing up like it usually does. But then Malik, to my surprise, got offended. I forget what he said but he was offended. I apologised for having "stepped on him" and for having offended him. He was calmed when I apologised and seemed to accept my apology. It surprises me how a sexy naked black beast can walk around with his erect penis and even makes sexual romantic advances to me yet I am never allowed to express wanting him or his penis. He always takes that as offense and a deep insult, this isn't the first time. Remember that time when I had wanted his dong and he got upset but then he said that this next Sunday we would have to get married? It's totally weird and unexpected.

Malik was gracious and gentle, and I thanked him for having let me remember and for being so gentle with me. I want to understand them, I want more encounters. Malik is some type of conscious intelligent creature. This is fascinating. They will be preying on my energy regardless of if I stay awake to remember it or not, so it's best that I get to investigate and explore, isn't it?

When I woke up it was expressed to me that the Japanese man I had encountered, [...]. I have heard about this before. Malik said that they bring him those women because that is what he wants. The Japanese man also said to me when I was awake and back in my bed that I could have a tea ceremony with him. [...]. I told the Agenda and Malik [...].

I guess that's my story. I think I've said everything I can think of about it. I know there's more tidbits here and there, more details, verbatim speech missing, but this is what happened. I was energy raped by the Aliens in their underworld, and they let me remember. And I am pleased to get to remember. This is a fascinating mystery recorded worldwide and across history. Oh! I did forget one thing that I now remember! While the man was extracting my energy, Malik told me twice or more times that "the purpose of this is that I get to live longer, and your life is shortened", not in those exact words. Basically that the perpetrator gets to live longer and I live a shorter life because he is stealing my life force into him. I know they pass forward the "juice" to Malik and the Black Ones. I think the perpetrators who engage with women [...] sexually they get to enjoy the "juice" as it flows through them sometimes in a massive sexual explosion, orgasm, the white flame, but it then gets passed on to the Dark Lords. And maybe then the Dark Lords feed it into their god The Eye.

It is a fascinating mystery. Now I only wish to obtain physical evidence of their existence, to do more interviews, and get to the bottom of this. I will not shun this research topic.

I was not with my dog, I said then. - Malik about me

In the morning when I returned, Malik had also expressed to me confirming information that yes indeed it was he who was in the Free Mason ex and I had indeed met him there when the man [...], it had been my Malik. The sadism is not felt as painful by the Black Ones. All they can feel is the life force that is flared up. They are indifferent to pain, because pain does not exist in their awareness. Malik would want me to live with a sadistic man again so that they can subject me to things that extract the life force. Do not underestimate the Black Ones, they can take over people's lives and most people will not know they are there. I am blessed, if you will, privileged at least, to get to know this fascinating creature. One day perhaps in the future I will get angry at all the damage and harm they have caused me, but rather I see a solution and feel relief because things are starting to make sense, and this creature can be bargained with, communicated with. He is intelligent and he listens to my explanations. This will work out. I will understand the Agenda, understand Malik and what he is, and my life will get better than it always was, when I remove the shackles they have had me under.

Also in the morning Malik had spoken to General Davies and was saying to General Davies like "Don't you have your reading glasses on? Can't you see what it says? That if they want to come to us voluntarily then we may have them?", that is not verbatim but that is in effect what Malik said. I seem compliant enough so Malik thinks that I am a volunteer.

I do not accept violence, or most importantly I do not act out violence myself. But being a scientist I've learned to adopt a kind of neutrality and objectivity. It is people like me who can study the atrocities of the world, and it is we who come to understand and explain them. Most people will yell and scream and conclude in one line "I hate them they are evil!" and hope that that is sufficient as a conclusion on what the Agenda is, and what its Malik is. But I want to write a book about them, one that explains who and what they are. I know that a lot of people will hate me, because I seem to accept and condone the atrocities, but keep in mind I am not one of them. I am simply experiencing it, I am one of its victims, I watch, I listen, I learn. I make observations, I write it down. There is no wrong in that. Besides, my gentle nature and kindness shown to Malik over the years has led to a tender deep relationship between us. Has anyone made friends with a Dark Lord before? That is why I can ask him questions, and he answers them. That is why when I ask him to back off, he does. We have a special bond that you cannot understand, like father and daughter, he is gentle and tender with me, whereas in the beginning he wasn't. Even Hamish was more rough and brute in the beginning, but by interacting with these creatures, these men, "my Boys" as I often call them, we have made a give and take. We have over the years developed a relationship, a mutual coexistence where there are no arguments, no disputes. It would take pages to explain how that works, or why it is not unethical and why that does not make me into some evil woman.

I can only offer them love and kindness, and then hope that some of that rubs off on them, that they would understand. I am with the Arcturians and that is why you do not see me going berserk and nuts with hatred or fear over these things. I show them compassion and tolerance, and maybe if that confuses some of the humans then maybe it is something that a human could not do. How can you show them love without being one of them? How can you not hate them without that implying that you condone the atrocities that they do? I'll let you figure that out. I study them, I show them love, kindness and friendship. I am unharmed and things are ok over here. I am learning heaps about them, these fascinating creatures. Perhaps that is unique.

The full and uncensored material will be found in one of the sequel telepathy books. The telepathy books post everything as it was said and happened. Fellow abductees who try to understand their own similar experiences, anyone who takes a research interest in the topic of aliens and wants to know what is really going on, or anyone unafraid and curious to learn the often uncomfortable truth about our alien visitors should be interested in the telepathy books. Find the first one here The Orion Project - Real? Or Imaginary?

You forgot to tell them that you are my peach. - says Malik

That is true, Malik had explained in the morning that I am like his peach and that he would eat me down to the stone. He has watched me eating peaches lately.

Afterthought and Hindsight

This page was terrible to write. I do not want to post this kind of negative material, and I would rather not have anyone read it. I wish it would all go away. I could just ignore everything, keep everything a secret like so many other abductees and contactees who know these things and who have similar experiences in the Agenda. But I am driven by an obligation to document this, a real case of alien contact. These are alien beings, intelligent conscious creatures. How could I throw away the opportunity to learn of them, simply because what they do is atrocious? What right do I have to throw this one away and to say no, I'd much rather look for friendly benevolent ETs and pretend these ones don't exist. What kind of a scientist could do that? That is like fudging data. Perhaps all of Earth's science came from the human mind, and that it is a human science. All of our astronomy, biology, chemistry, math and physics with which we explain the world came from a human mind. It is a human science, a human universe. There comes a time, when we look up to the stars, when there are things there unimaginable to us, beyond humans and our science. Something totally and completely Alien, alien and foreign to us, perhaps something irreconcilable with what we are. That is when we take the leap to be a real scientist. Someone who studies science, the real world as it is, and no longer only things that came from our human minds. Human science has given us a human universe. This time it's an alien universe, and that is why there is a struggle to understand them. There is such cruelty, so many bizarre concepts, but I choose to try to understand it. Or I cannot call myself a scientist anymore.

You are not our cattle then? - Malik

See? I guess the struggle I have, is that I feel utterly ashamed and embarrassed having to write about these things. Things like ritual sacrifices, blood drinking, energy vampirism, Satanic Malik Jezobel and Basmet Baphomet, all these unimaginably cruel and dark sinister things that have got nothing to do with my nature. It is such vile filth and it poisons me having to do The Orion Project. It started with the humble appearance of an Orion man, and I was so excited to learn all about them. It is so disgusting, and I apologise for writing about this.

You are not our giraffe then? - Malik or Thuban-type ET
No, there was no cacophony! - Thuban, I think that's what it said, at least I heard cacophony
You are not afraid? - Thuban
No. - me
Of Malik I mean? - Thuban
No. I like Malik. I've had him for two years. Malik is my... - me, and I stop myself from saying "Fussubus Uncle"
... We don't like him. He is not gentle with our team. - Thuban sadly
I'm sorry to hear that. But you, you are not gentle with me either dear Miss Dolphin Whale! - me, I stopped myself from calling her "Thuban", as that is a name I thought for them entirely
Miss, Auntie, you are much meaner to me than Malik ever was? - me to Thuban Lady, she wants me to call her Auntie
I am not a sadist. - Thuban
Are you not? Then why are you always mean to me? - me
Our job requires it. - Thuban
Why? Why does it require it? - me
You are not given presents either. - Thuban says to Malik I think, I think Malik told her that she wouldn't be given presents, but I didn't hear what he would have said to her

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