Over the Threshold
April 29 2013

This page is only for adults. I'm sorry

58 Word pages and counting. Since just yesterday and today. Starting from yesterday at 5:03 AM and still today the next day 5:40 PM. Something new happened in the Orion Project yesterday that launched a new dividing line in the story. Zeta Greys appeared to me at night and they allowed me to see them very clearly. I am now what I call "on the other side of the threshold".

The first side of the threshold in alien contact has been dealing with being told that I am an egg donor and being used for taking eggs and for sex. Hybrids have sex with me, Draconian Reptiles engage in my blood iron juice to flare up sexual energies and rape me that way. Crocodile Man has sex with me with his penis. A variety of Reptilians snuggle up with me for a Reptilian embrace, some (but rarely) involving their penis, but mostly not. And the military cohorts of the Agenda, of the Russians, the United States, and Japan, I am led to them so that they can have sex with me. The Japanese Dragon Dynasty calls me their "Narugarami", which is their word for this type of prostitute. Lots of sex, and eggs. That is what takes place on that side of the threshold in alien contact in the Draconian Agenda.

I now stepped across the threshold and like into the other adjacent room where the other part of this takes place. The baby part. What then happens with those fertilized eggs. The embryos, fetuses, babies, infants, and young and juvenile hybrid children. Hamish is here now and he wants to bite into my fingers with his mouth so that I will stop writing this.

Yes, because you said the Crocodile Man. - seems Hamish doesn't want me to have sex with him
He is here on my territory and showing power! - Hamish steps his duck feet down, the second part was in the other language all others were in English
I wanted the Japanese to have your child. - Hamish in English

And he now bites into my fingers, Hamish the Red Dragon does. He wants me to stop typing.

What is the matter Hamish? What have I done so that you bite my hand? - me
... I wasn't raping you I said. - Hamish in English
But you bit my fingers, dear? - me to Hamish

Maybe just the thought of Crocodile Man aggravated him. Because Hamish is supposed to be defending his territory, and my, I mean his, eggs.

But the other side of the threshold, like two adjacent rooms next to each other, one being the red sex room and the other just on the other side of a threshold to step over, is the baby nursery, in blue. Two different worlds. One of rape and sex, the other of embryos and children's toys. With the Zeta Greys came a different inclusion into an awareness into their project, for they have been using me for long without my knowledge. I am now being made more aware. More aware alien encounters, more clear mental images of the ET, and getting to come closer to my embryos, babies, and children.

While the children were here ever since around April 2012, a year ago, things suddenly changed. And in the past two days this whole Orion Project has been turned upside down. Just when I was thinking where is this story going, it took a new turn.

It started with the approach by two Zeta ETs. I was laying on their medical table in a small room over there, while somehow they have me think and feel that I am still here in my bed in my room. Two realities two worlds, they can work on me while I am there, but here. I still don't know how it works, only that I go there when I am asleep, and sometimes they let me see it partially. They tell me I will get dizzy if I get too close to going there consciously, and that me and many human beings vomit when we are there. But they are beginning to show me more, and I want to see everything. There is no amount of pleading over the past year and a half that will convince them to listen to me, a dog, and let me stay awake for close encounters. It will happen in their time, and that time is now coming.

The night before last I was on their medical work bench, only I thought I was here. Two Zetas approached me. One whom I came to call "2" in the notes is the Zeta doctor. The other one is taller and mean and Thuban but with Zeta arms. I called him "3" in the notes. They were very cruel. Calling me dog, sheep, and cattle. I was their cow and their job was to bring a bull to me so that we could procreate. I was told to not speak, even when I was trying to be nice.

Last night I was woken up by these Zetas at 2 AM. I had never been woken up by my own aliens for the year and a half that has passed, not even when I've many times told my Hamish Dragon goodnight and that he may wake me up at night would he need anything. He lets me sleep, and waits for me on the bathroom ruggie, and there he is when I wake up, unless he is on endeavours elsewhere and quickly returns to spend the day by my side.

I was having serious heart trouble which I wrote about in News and Updates Page 17.

No!! Don't write about us! Or that we like to call you cattle! - Thuban objects
I wasn't going to say anything about the sex. Ahem. - General Patton
I don't want to listen. I think we've had enough. - me
I was going to say, you didn't do good with them. - General Patton means the hybrid children
I don't want to listen I said! Please! I don't want to listen! Stop it! - me to General Patton
You have been calling them filth, they say. - General Patton
Please, General, stop talking to me. - me
I was just going to say that. Nothing else. - General Patton while working on his papers on the desk at the same time
So. Please don't call any of them filth. - General Patton while shuffling his papers
Please stop, raping the children. You have sex with the children, General Patton. Please just go to hell and leave me alone. You know I'm not a pedophile. - me
He shuffles his papers
Yes yes, her DNA. - General Patton to Thuban who is speaking to him

Phew. Sorry about that guys, it's been like that all two days. We've been quarreling for two solid days. I can't post it online so find it in the books. Please forgive me.

I was woken up at 2 AM last night by the Zetas and I was having some serious heart trouble. They wouldn't let me go back to sleep and I was begging for rest. Still, you know me, I managed to write everything down. Because a moment is lost forever if it is not recorded. And if it is recorded you don't have to let go, then you can come back to it and process it some time later, if you cannot know how to process it, at this time, you can always try again.

Finally I fell asleep. At night I had a dream where I was having labor. I knew exactly how to do. I believe the Aliens have been teaching me, because in the past months I have had these moments where suddenly my body goes through the process of childbirth and I stay perfectly calm and go through painless childbirth. Of course without a baby. But I have enjoyed those moments. I have reason to believe it is the Dinosaurs teaching me while staying hidden.

YES! Deb Deb! - says Dinosaur now and gives away his hiding. So it was them

In the dream I found myself in an upstairs bedroom of a two story house and a man was there so I quickly made myself familiar in my situation and figured he is my husband and I was having labor. I was a pro you'd think I've had childbirth plenty of times before. I was a natural. I knew exactly how to do. I've gone through it in my mind and body so many times. Sure it hurt a bit but nothing much. The key is to stay calm and know how to do it and not panic. I was on the floor and not on my back. You are not supposed to be on your back they've taught me that. After a while of pushing I tell the man is the baby's head out? I tell him to go catch the baby so that it doesn't hit the floor. The man picks it up from me and says that it is a boy. I am a mother of a boy. I immediately get used to the idea. They are twins! I am having another one! No there are five babies! Five boys! I can now enjoy growing old with my husband knowing that our sons will always be there for us and take care of us. (I have no children in real life.)

Yes, you have us. - says the hybrid little girl who is a key feature in today's story

But the five children are suddenly in a cup of water. Five little embryos in different sizes. But there are more than five, there are many and some too small to see! I begin to pull them up out of the water so that they don't drown! I pick up the largest baby boy first. Then I pick up the smallest embryo that is still large enough to see, the other ones are only particles in there. But as I begin to pick up the tiny embryo pinching it gently between my fingers, a large piece comes off it is its hand! I broke the baby!

I wake up back in my room and the Aliens talk as if I had been by an aquarium filled with embryos, and I had broken one of them but they don't care. It doesn't matter to them that one was lost. I am devastated because it would have grown up into someone. How could they be so careless to let me touch them in that water?

It was not umniotic fluid, but it was pretty close. - says Dinosaur about the vat of water with the embryos
Note: it is spelled "amniotic fluid"

Something changed in me when I saw them. I no longer feel anger or panic or stress from the thought of the babies. They are life and I'm happy that they are here. I want to watch them grow.

We don't have penises. - says a juvenile hybrid boy
I don't care if you do or not. - me
So we were trying to use them on you. - the boy says
How old are you? - me
Me? Probably ten. - juvenile hybrid boy
Then don't do this to me. Please leave. - me

And the rest that happened I can't much speak about. It has been a long and arduous day. 2 and 3 acted disrespectful toward Hamish my Dragon, telling him that he can't have his snacks and chasing him away so that Hamish went to retreat to a cavern on Earth with stalactites hanging from the ceiling and water dripping down and seeping in through the walls. With that and all the other atrocities I threatened to rip 3's arms off and he got so scared he tucked his arms tight around his body to keep them safe and eventually his knees failed and he fell to the floor adopting a fetal position and whimpering and shivering fearful that I would pull his arms off.

NO. I didn't adopt a fetal position. - 3 says
I saw you. You fell to the floor. - me
Yes but fetals don't do that! - 3 not angry but tauntingly
I think they do. It is called that, the position! - me

Now we are arguing again. Anyhow later Malik the Black One showed up and wanted to know if 3 had shown power to Draconians and 3 was going to be entered into a tournament of the likes of Coliseum. So I pleaded for his life, and told them to please stop fighting "or I would be sad". Hamish would have been entered into the tournament against 3 and been offered to show that he is in charge, even if it were to cost 3 his life. Hamish did not want to, and I told them to stop fighting.

I can't post half of the stuff that has been going on today, so please find it in the third (I think third?) book The Orion Project: Over the Threshold. I've been arguing with the Zetas and Thubans, the hybrid girl who just spoke a while earlier, and General Patton and Olav. I have threatened to cut General Patton's dick off and to castrate him. Threatened to go find Olav in Russia to do the same to him. Olav has been a mess and crying. I made General Patton crying. I've been crying. The hybrid girl has been upset and screaming. I have been screaming at them. The Thuban has been showing its mouth at me, which is a threatening gesture that Hamish taught him to do a few days ago, so it opens its mouth exposing the baleen inside. It's been a mess.

Just as there was no hope, Pleiadian Ambassador Marashna or Marashi, unsure which it is he has said both, showed up and saved the day. He is a tall imposing figure. His skin is pink-orange-beige. The face is long with vertical lines possibly of old age. The eyes are tiny. He wears a posh dark purple uniform coat with extra broad shoulders and which makes him look imposing. There is an emblem on his chest. The pants are black and of a soft material and more like leggings than pants, an interesting and unexpected contrast with the purple coat. The uniform comes with a helmet with a visor, which he carries magnificently under his arm.

I am not arrogant, tell them that. - Ambassador wants me to add here
I don't expect them to think of you as arrogant. You saved the day. - me

The Ambassador said he had been listening to this all day and he approached the alien team and heard what they had to say. He carefully considered every procedure they want to do, and let them know whether they could or not. Just like with the Airship Admiral previously, the Board cannot do anything to stop the menacing of my Alien team and military unless I say so myself.

This girl wanted you to read a storybook with her. - says Ambassador to me now, showing me the hybrid girl of the day and she is carrying a book with both hands and hiding her face behind it, just peeking over the top edge of the book with her eyes so that she can still see me
I would love to read her a book. I just won't do the other things. - me

Ambassador made several charges at the Aliens, by leaning forward towards them and reaching his arms toward them, and that was all it took to send them scared away. Thubans and their hybrid children congregated in a cluster standing against the wall, and every time that the Ambassador charged at them in this way, they got scared and moved closer to the wall and closer together. The Ambassador never lifted his foot off the floor, he only leaned toward them. Even Hamish seemed to be kept at bay.

I asked him what power he has over these creatures? He said that the Pleiadian fleet is very strong. That is why. Hooray!, I declared. After a while of speaking with them the Ambassador informed me that it was now ok for me to eat anything that I want. Melons, fruit, sugar, candy, even ice-cream. The little hybrid girl now put her little hand into my cupped hand that types on this computer. She has been here with me all day. All day long. We have quarreled for hours. It has been a big mess here.

Hamish sniffed the Ambassador into his groin. When I asked Hamish what he was doing, Hamish said that he wanted to know if he could smell the blood there. Hamish was about to bite the Ambassador in his family jewels, if Pleiadians have any. Oh Hamish. And today Hamish also bit into a Thuban or hybrid, quite possibly 3. Hamish always steps with one foot standing on his conquered victim and then bites into it with rage.

It has been a whole two days and nights of action. There has been a lot of mess and quarreling. Plus I broke an embryo. But things have calmed down. And I am over the threshold.

Please! Choose pink! - says the little hybrid girl as I go to "HTML color codes" to pick out a color to distinguish the telepathies of this page with

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