April 28 2013

What do SETI scientists feel every day when they go to work? What are they hopeful for? What are they hoping to find there in the form of intelligent life elsewhere in space, that would reach out to them and make contact? I don't know if perhaps all serious SETI scientists have been contacted, only choose to keep it a secret. But let's say there are those who have not been contacted. Who still live in oblivion, in a lonely universe.

They are earth scientists. They have mostly studied things like astronomy, biology, geology, physics, or engineering. Their interest in ET might stem from the scientific fascination of planets and of life. Some of them are in the social sciences. Religion, social studies, history, or languages. They might also feel captivated and driven by the thought of alien life. How fantastic the contact with alien life. To meet face to face an alien being, someone intelligent as they, who can offer more to us than our fellow animals on Earth can. To understand ourselves, in someone else. For the human understanding of ourselves has reached out of answers in ourselves, some of us now seek out into space, and I believe that every one who takes on the quest of finding intelligent alien life is driven by something deeper than scientific.

People that go to work every day, hoping that this is the day when they have the signal. Even though they maybe realize that they are not yet ready for that signal. Maybe it is living on the doorstep that appeals to them. Being close to contact, but not yet there.

Diving into alien contact makes you lose yourself sometimes. And sometimes in it, you find a friend who you can't live without. It takes you farther away from yourself and into someone else, than diving to the very depths of the Earth's seas. Alone in a deep dark abyss where you are insignificantly small and in a strange place without humans. And strange creatures lurk in the deep seas. But diving into the seas you can take your submarine and go straight back up again into the human world, with nice memories and maybe some snapshots of alien creatures, but everything around you will be the same. And it hasn't changed you as a human, because those creatures that you saw did not speak to you. Perhaps they were the ones, those sea creatures, whose worlds were shaken by contact with you.

Ever since my alien contact really begun in August 2011, I have been writing letters to SETI. Describing the aliens, telling the scientists how I know this sounds ridiculous, but... I know it's real. I didn't believe so at first. And, at first I didn't want to believe. But it is real, only, I cannot prove it to you at this time! You need to meet these creatures for yourself! Hamish can toss me I know he is real! And he can toss you too, if only you'll let him!

I have real aliens here, I promise you that I do. Listen, look at what they say to me! And here's what funny thing Hamish did today! ... And Hamish tossed me across the coffee table when I told him that Grey's Anatomy on tv wasn't real! And he doesn't like Santa! Or crabcakes! ... And he shows me these little things, that he likes, like orange Japanese carp fish that swim in the water and open their mouth to him, so he thinks that they are doing those palate clicks at him and Hamish tells me that they like him. And he shows me little yellow flowers that he finds, and wipes his feet on the bathroom rug all the time. And he is with me when I go to bed at night, and he is with me in the mornings when I wake up, telling me to Honor his scales.

Silence. There has been nothing but silence from the SETI team. I have real aliens here, and they spend millions trying to find them. Days and years of their life, many of them, for finding just one creature, one signal, one hint of their existence.

When Alien contact begun, it was the Orion doctor who spoke to me. He told me about the scientific work that they are doing with me as the subject. I was happy to oblige and instantly volunteered to take part, even if they would have done these things even without my consent. They collect my bacteria, and they take my ovum and fertilize those and turn them into alien-human hybrid children. They also study my metabolism and have a keen interest on what I eat and take regular fecal samples. The Dinosaurs showed up next, and they are delightful creatures, that smell like mossy forests and have a great sense of humor! And the Dinosaurs say "Dub, Dub!" when I take a bath, cause they love baths so.

Hamish the Reptile, love of my life. The Honored Red Scales, Proud Race. And other Reptilians. Malik the Black One, who smells like a dirty sock. Snake the Reptilian, who loves to feel lusty with me. Zeta Greys, and the Thuban praying mantis dolphins of Alpha Draconis.

But that is where I draw the line. So far so good. Then it gets creepy. And mystic. The aliens dwell in another dimension, different from our own. They can be in a room only you will not see them. And only some people do see them, I am one of those. My genetics are different, that is why I can both see, feel, hear, and touch them. But that doesn't make them imaginary. They can come into this world and show evidence of themselves. I have made hundreds of real sightings of their spacecraft in my teens. They have tossed me with real physical force, once even throwing me across the air. And I once found that Malik had torn down several bible and psalm books from the bookshelf and even managed to tear one up into four pieces at night. They could provide more evidence, if they wanted to and were not deliberately so evasive.

But if that weren't all, they are ruled by a strange mysterious God that is a creepy Satanic Eye. The Eye is just an Eye and it speaks. The Eye is some kind of conscious entity from the universe and it is "the destroyer of worlds". It sees only in black and white, and its only aim in life is to devour souls. I am a scientist in physics among other things, so you don't have to tell me how unscientific this sounds. But I have come to this conclusion and encounter with this thing all on my own, and the fact that it is corroborated by other people who have also encountered it, lends credence. Not evidence, but credence.

But wait, there's more. The Reptilians do war. They are highly sadistic creatures. They enjoy inflicting torture on others. They have destroyed worlds even their own. They are also in the act of torturing and murdering humans on this planet. So much for our cuddly friendly ET from outer space who says "Hello!". SETI scientists better armor up, cause this one isn't even for our Earth's toughest Army Generals. I have seen human military break down and cry and throw up from the Reptilian atrocities they have to witness.

There is rape, there is murder, there is medical torture, Satanic, ritual sacrifice, blood drinking, and all manner of forms of hell and violence from the Pandora's box that is the black box that is the Eye who rules this thing.

We live in the mountains, that's why. - whispers now Hamish to me in English, ie. Hamish's kind of Red Dragon Turtles hide in the mountains. Hamish fears the dark evil things involved. He wants to protect his race from it.

Pardon me as I take a moment to close my eyelid halfway diagonally across my eye and place my finger on the eyelid. This is a gesture Hamish makes with himself to show me that he smiles or that he cares. I give him my sympathies, in his Dragon language, this way. He is my Hamish.

Draconian Reptilians take credit for Hitler and Nazi Germany. There were once a people on Vega who would not join the Draconian Agenda of The Eye. The Vegas were then declared the enemy of the Agenda. Some of the Vegas escaped to Earth and seeded their genome into humans. This became the original Jewish population. Draconians have flirted with Earth's Jews but they are still reluctant to join the scaly beasts or to give them their women. Draconians have told me that the Jewish people of Earth know that women are vulnerable to "demons" during menstruation. Draconians love blood and they love it when women menstruate. That is why the Jews had to be tortured, and eaten, in the Holocaust. This will totally ruin a SETI scientist's day, who thought they were looking for simple microscopic bacteria sitting on a moon somewhere. They didn't learn about this in college. Sure, they might have taken a class or two about anthropology or social studies, but this is beyond that.

The Draconians have torture camps underground. Where they torture humans and find that beautiful. Children are molested and raped and murdered. And Draconians possess human minds and make them do atrocities such as rape and murder. Welcome to outer space. There is a war going on there, and here.

I am abducted every night at 4 AM by these aliens. They take my eggs and collect fecal samples and study my bacteria and metabolism. I am forbidden from consuming any sugar as it places carbohydrate markers on the DNA and makes them unable to produce hybrids. I have special rare twelvestrand DNA that they want. Alien teams literally fight over rights to my eggs.

Yes, they are the hunnun. - says Hamish Dragon now in English

The eggs are called hunnun. My ladyparts are called pyy-pyy. Hamish spends every day and night with me, guarding his eggs from being stolen by other aliens. I have witnessed atrocities with the Draconian Agenda which I cannot post online. They are all going to end up in my books and those books will strictly be from 18 years and up. Even this has been a modest and bashful summary of what I have seen.

On the light side, hey! I have aliens! Come and meet them, SETI! You're more than welcome to come visit. Come hang out with my Hamish Turtle! Hamish is actually one of the good guys. He just works there cause he has to. But Hamish looks over me, he protects me from the Black One Malik and from other forms of harm. He shares his shedded scales with me. Those mean so much to him but still he will put some in my hand, or in my bookshelf, or on my chest under the cardigan, and he also sprinkles some in my bath when I am in it. We watch movies and television together. He doesn't like music, he calls it "disco", and he doesn't like the smell of onions, "No, Onions!"

Dear SETI, please don't wear any red pieces of clothing. Hamish will think of you as a challenger, he will say that you are showing him your power, by being red. Also, please do not wear any turquoise. Turquoise is the color of the Resistance Army, a group of blue-skinned friendly Reptilians who resist the atrocities and murders that are done under the Draconian Agenda. I am not allowed to wear turquoise, or red.

And I am sorry we cannot eat any lobster, shrimp, or crabcakes while you are here. Hamish, who says he originates from a red lobster type of thing in the sea, will think that you are eating his pytt, which means small children.

Hamish won't let you touch him, but maybe he will touch you. He might, if you are lucky, give you a "Reptilian toss", which is when a Draconian shows you his power and wrestles you a bit. It is great fun, you will get to see scales and tails and soft turtleshell back cushion and black thorns on his back, yellow bulgy eyes and a cute sock puppet head. Hamish is delightful, you will fall head over heels in love with this thing. And I am willing to share! Even if Hamish isn't. Hamish doesn't want to meet you, because you have not honored him. So, learn to say "my Honored!", "I honor your Scales, and I honor your race". You can also say "I tremble before your power". Maybe a bit humiliating to some of you, but in return you get a great awesome Dragon Turtle named Hamish! I might even take the time to teach some of you how to do palate clicks at him.

You should also meet the Dinosaur. And the Alpha Orions. And me, your fellow human. But don't attempt to contact Reptilians without my guide. This is like going into the deep jungle with murderous beasts that could kill you instantly. Be careful out there! Now, the Draconians won't kill or seriously injure me, because I have got their valued prized eggs, and I am so relieved to be immune. They don't want to contact you SETI, and I have tried really hard to send them your way. But that doesn't mean we should stop trying there. We can meet up together, after all we are all on the same Earth. And my Hamish and team will come with us.

Yes, but we won't give them your egg. - Hamish says now, in English
Hamish, SETI does not want my eggs. I promise you that. - me
Yes but they might steal them. - Hamish
Hamish, no human being on this whole entire planet will steal any of my eggs. I know my race well enough to say that. - me

Let's hang out for a day, you and me SETI, and we can watch a Harry Potter movie together with Hamish. I will insist to Hamish that he wrestle you. That is the only time when Hamish will do a really close encounter. Except for that time when he was dropping his shedded scales into my shower and got his head wet and then later he came up real close to me and just leaned the right side of his long tubular head and neck against my chin, to dry himself on me he said.

I will spare you of the Evil Eye, the mean Thubans and angry Zetas. There are friendly ones out there. Hamish the Dragon, Dinosaurs, and Orions. You don't have to know about all the rest. There are also Pleiadians who are really nice. Pleiadians and many other friendly alien races are part of the Board and they protect me and Earth as much as they can.

Well, SETI. This is all I can offer. These are the Aliens I have got. If you want them I will share them with you, even if they themselves might not want to, because they are only here for my eggs.

"WATCH OUT", did you say that to them? - Hamish wants me to tell SETI, in the other language
I CANNOT GIVE THEM YOUR PYY-PYY! - Hamish in the other language
Hamish, SETI does not want my pyy-pyy. I promise you that. - me in English

SETI does not want my eggs or my ladyparts. They just want you Hamish. Isn't he great?

SETI, come meet us, and if you honor Hamish he could become your best friend. Bring him some yellow flowers he likes those. Remember not to wear any red and don't bring any music and don't eat onions or crustaceans when he's watching. Don't forget to honor his scales, to honor his race, and tell him that you are not after my eggs or pyy-pyy.

Or would you perhaps like to go back to studying the prospects of simple microscopic life, listening for radio signals from outer space, and waiting for the rest of your lives when it might never happen.

That is all I can say. I wish you the best.


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