An Unusual Announcement
April 27 2013

This notice was at first posted on the front page. It was later on May 3 2013 filed here.

04.27.2013 Unusual announcement

Ok this will be the strangest thing ever written and I apologise for the inconvenience. But we have got a seriously pissed mad Thuban Locust here. The Thuban is one of the white praying mantis insects. Thuban has been bringing me hybrids for the past several days wanting me to ... be intimate with them because I have valuable and rare twelve-strand DNA and the Aliens need to get me pregnant. I have rejected every hybrid because I feel that they are too young.

After days of trying, the Thuban finally surrendered and is now looking for humans to impregnate me. Today the Aliens have brought Russian Army Korpral Olav Vetti here with me. Olav is supposed to get me pregnant. Only that we really don't like each other. There is a personal conflict. Olav doesn't find me attractive, and I find him utterly obnoxious. So I am furious. Besides Olav already has a girlfriend. Her name is Natalia. He doesn't want to have sex with me, and I don't want it either.

Thuban then went to one of the Japanese men in the Japanese Army and asking him to have sex with me. The Japanese man graciously declines, he also does not want to. Thuban then went to a gray-haired Russian man who is with the Russian military and works in a Russian political building. While I was actually happy with the gray-haired man because I know it's got to be someone and I don't mind this man, this man doesn't want to because

It is like bringing cattle together tell them that! - Thuban yells now. See? Thuban has gone berserk with madness because he can't seem to get anybody together with me.

The gray-haired Russian man has got his Anja and he doesn't want to have to cheat on her. Thuban is going berserk here, and I am about to start to cry and it's all a mess over here.

So, this will sound absolutely ridiculous. But I don't have a boyfriend, because I can't bear the thought of being intimate with someone who I'm supposed to love and who without knowing it is being carefully inspected by Aliens. I actually had a really great boyfriend but I can't see him anymore. So. I need to find a man who first of all isn't obnoxious and actually likes me, and who doesn't mind that Aliens are watching and who won't be scared of the Thuban and who won't forget to honor my Hamish. Then the Thubans could use you to make the hybrid children and these poor men from Russia and Japan could be spared.

This is a real problem and this is not a joke. The Thubans are raping me and they are raping these men and it's all a big mess. Oh and I nearly forgot to say, the Thubans are actually dead serious about this. They are threatening to murder the military men if they don't comply. The poor gray-haired Russian man who has got his Anja says that the Thuban has prepared their graves. This is killing me. So I really need to find someone who is ok with aliens. Because I can't force these men to have sex with me. It's a big problem. General Patton was saying how he won't tell the Pentagon about this. There is nothing the military can do. The Aliens are too powerful. But they just need my eggs. And I am trying to help, but I can't have these men be defiled like this, and me neither. Thanks. That is all.

Little while later:
Can I have a private shower where no one is watching me when I am naked? - me ask Thuban
Hynch! - Thuban is still REALLY PISSED!
Cause they show me naked to these men and it bothers me sometimes. I just want a private shower and I can't exactly shower in the dark. I have written 16 Word document pages with the telepathic conversations verbatum. I can't wait to publish this one chapter for you all to see, but since there's sex in it I can't post it online sorry guys.

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