Intruder in the Dragon's Den
April 15 2013

I woke up in the middle of the night. Don't know what time it was, perhaps 3 or 4 from the feeling of it. And a strange new Draconian Reptile stood in my room. He was a clearer image than any of my other Alien visitors had ever dared to make.

I don't instill contact often, so that is why. - says Gon the visitor right now in English
I was only here to see you my friend. - Gon in English
But you chased away my Dragons! I want Hamish and Malik, to come back to me. - I say, and now Gon thinks about the pulse in my throat blood vessels
Yes, the vena cava. - Gon says
.. Why are you here? - me
Because you are a softy, for me. - Gon
And, I love feeling your pulse, hearing your voice. - me
I wasn't here for that I said! - Gon fusses at Hamish who yelled something to him from the forest where he now camps out waiting for this intruder to kindly leave
Gon wants to lift aside my cardigan so that he could feel out the beating heart in my chest.
Yes, I also wanted to look at your womb. - Gon says, creepy eh?
I think you are, a little bit creepy. You're creepier than any other Draconians I've ever met. Why is that? - me
I am insatiable. - Gon says as I was about to write that he stays near me inhaling my life force energy like a vampire
Are you a vampire? Do you know what that means? Are you a vampire? - me
Do you eat goat's blood you mean? - Gon
Yes. Do you eat goat's blood. Or human blood? - me
Gon thought "the military would shoot at me", he thought that if he were to eat human blood then the military would shoot at him if he did
So, my name is not really Gon. It is something else. - Gon
What is your name? - me
Creepy. Gon faces me with his mouth wide open it is disgusting he did that a while earlier too in this telepathy paragraph. He is white and the mouth has some pink colors in it. There are a few teeth like dolphin teeth, spread wide apart with gaps in between that have no teeth.
I was not going to say, but you are now my woman. - Gon
I guess I will have to get used to you then. - I say and realize that after all, I have always gotten used to and real fond of any Reptile that ever made a home with my presence, so maybe this will work out too. But Gon is creepy!

So I woke last night with this creature standing in my room. Come to think of it I swear most women would have thought he was a vampire. He is tall and slender and white.

I am very ominous in my presence. - says Gon
And, I don't like to feed on the blood! - says Gon
Ok, you are one creepy guy. So, what is your real name? - me
I am not pleased, to be insatiable. - Gon
What does that mean? - me
That the goats are not enough to me. - Gon

Ok this is some creepy shit. So he is tall and slender and his head is tear shaped with a round bald head and a sharp chin. He is white or pale beige. I'm not sure if I've seen scales on him, but I might have. I don't dare to ask him if he has scales. Let's just leave that bugger alone. He wears clothing, some type of dark garment. And I don't recall ever seeing a tail, not to say that he doesn't have one. Hamish is still in the forest next to a pine tree and I just saw Hamish adjusting his posture a bit shifting the balance a bit and I saw his beautiful red self. Hamish is calm and he is waiting to come back for my eggs. So that we can be reunited once again.

I miss you Hamish. - me
My pyy-pyy. - says Hamish, obviously worried that Gon might impregnate me with someone so that some of Hamish's eggs might be ruined. It is all Hamish cares about, sort of.

Gon spoke to me that night, but I was too dang sleepy and lazy to actually get out of bed and write it down. So I apologise profusely both to myself and to all of my readers that you missed out on some awesome conversation with this creepy guy cause I can't remember half of what those were anymore. I have to keep some coffee and notebook and pen by my bedside. That is all there is to it. Get a grip, Annie. You have to write these down.

Gon showed me he had a deep cut... Now Gon went to where Hamish is. Let's watch what happens.

Don't fight with my Dragon Turtle! Gon! Don't touch my Dragon. Or you will have to deal with me. - I say to Gon, yes, I am brave if anyone... [threatens to hurt my Dragon]
Why is she writing those letters? - Gon kindly asks Hamish about why I am writing this page here, he thinks this is a letter
Gon, this is a journal entry. Sometimes humans like to write experiences down. We like to read them later in our life. - me
You are not our bride here. - Gon says to me after a few seconds of silence

Hey I think maybe he might be an Illuminati hybrid. Cause he is so white and creepy. But my first thought at night was that he was a Reptilian. Aww gee, I have to ask:

I am not dumb. - either Gon to me or Hamish to Gon
Gon, Dear. Are you an Illuminati hybrid, or are you Sir a Reptilian creature? What are you? - me

Que? Gon squats down beside Hamish's log where Hamish goes to in the forest and Gon appears to be crying?

What are you crying about... Sir? - me
About the fallen man. - Gon
Did you kill Malik? Because you said that Malik was lying on those leaves there by that log. Did you murder my Fürst? Malik!!! Malik!!! Where is my Malik! - me
I was not going to say that I am here. - Malik, phew, after a few long seconds of silence and waiting for an answer or for anything to happen
And, I am not a Dragon. - Malik
I don't care what you are Malik as long as you are alive. Don't ever let anybody kill you Malik, I was so afraid. Thank you Malik, for being alive. I have missed you. It seems, that we have an intruder in our nest. He has chased Hamish away. - me
That scoundrel. - Malik says about Gon, Gon is still squatting down behind that log where Hamish is, what are they doing?
We are watching your eggs here. - says either Gon or Hamish about what Gon and Hamish are doing over there by that log

Sometimes I don't understand Dragons or Aliens. At all. Beats me. Just when you think that the Orion Project has been exhausted, that all the stories have been told, new stuff just keeps on happening every day. When you get involved with the Draconians then there is a new story each day.

So Gon showed me a deep cut at the back of his left ankle. It looked bad, I asked - yes I did - if I should wash it for him or if it required stitches. That's just me. I've just awoken by the sight of a scary Draconian in my bedroom and I ask if I may please wash and stitch up his deep cut in his ankle. But I was scared. It was the kind of sight that would make most women screaming, and children wet the bed, and grown men hide out in the garage crying. He is this creepy ass white creature that is so scary to see. The scariest thing is what is in his emanance, the radiance, the feel and vibe to him. It feels very sinister and hellish. That is what scares you the most, more so than

Yes she tells me I am her uncle. - Malik kindly and graciously explains to Gon now (also in English)
Gon is still squatting down there behind that log. Does Hamish have a nest of eggs there? I think he does.

Gon said many things to me, most of it was unpleasant. I think he might have called me a "twelve strand dog" or things of that nature. But Malik and many of my other Aliens call me that too, but Gon was especially unpleasant. There was no friendly "Hello" and "Pleased to meet you". It was just viciousness in his character and how he spoke. But he stayed at that distance. Well, a few feet away but the point being he wasn't getting closer. So I managed to fall back to sleep. With that creature in my room.

At night I dreamt that one of the United States military team men was going to have sex with me. Oh yes!!! God damned it! Hell yes! He appeared visible in my bedroom and I was fully awake! The militaries and Aliens are starting to let me stay more awake than usual. Which is precisely what I want. I don't want things going on while I am still asleep.

We haven't met you before, that is why. - Gon now stood up and is standing there by that tree
Please don't hurt my Red Dragon Hamish. He is my favorite, in the whole world. He means more to me than myself. Don't ever hurt my Dragon Turtle, or you hurt me tenfold. - me
He has said that you have eaten sugar. - Gon about what Hamish has said to him
Well, sometimes I do. What is the problem with sugar? - me
It disrupts our DNA experiments. - Gon
Oh. Is it bad? Should I really really stop eating sugar? No more candy or ice-cream? No more sugar in my tea? No more chocolates! What could be better than chocolates! ... Have you ever tried chocolates Gon? Do you know how divinely sweet they are? I bet they're better than goat's blood. - me
Is this, your Dragon Turtle? - Gon shows me Hamish
Yes. He is. He means the whole world to me. - me
What is that? A tv without a tv antenna? - Gon shows me mental image of the large widescreen tv in my living room
It is a television yes. Would you like to watch some television, Gon? - me
What are you boys doing there in the forest? What are you boys doing there in the forest? Hamish and Gon? - me
Hamish! What are you doing in the forest! - me to Hamish this one in the other language

Ok. So one of the military team men appeared in my bedroom some time after I had first met Gon, and Gon was by now gone. They take me away in the dream state, Aliens and military do. The Aliens and military use the same Alien technology of abduction which takes place in another dimension. They take like another layer of my body while my regular physical body remains asleep in bed. I can't explain how it works, I can only tell you that it happens. I was in that other place and in my bedroom and that man stood on the bedroom floor. I was fully awake this time. I told him to take his shoes off because he was in Europe and not in America anymore, heheh.

He was wearing brown dress shoes. I think it was Captain Stephens, god forbid. That man has had a thing for me ever since I was a teen. I think I was 15 when he started harassing me, calling me his wife and being overall gross. It traumatized me severely at that young age. So tonight I was going to have sex with him. Only when we arrived at this other building somewhere I don't know where, I rejected him. So then I ended up going into an office with a high ranking military sitting by the desk. The military was wearing a brown uniform. I recall how his hair was cut short or even shaved at the sides. It was so perfectly clear. A high rank military man in a brown uniform. I don't remember what he said, but he didn't touch me or anything and he seemed really nice and genuinely friendly to me. Then I had a dream about a forest fire and I had to save all the farm animals. I was moving the sheep. This dream could be woven if the Aliens, say, had said something about sheep? Which they do all the time? So. Then I woke up. And Gon was still here.

I notice that Hamish isn't in my room and Hamish has been chased away from my whereabouts. Gon and Hamish have fought and I arrive at least a few hours after they have fought or Hamish would still be upset and you can tell when a fight took place recently. There was nothing about a fight still lingering in the air, so all had settled. And Gon had been declared the winner. I begged for Malik to come save me, I mean, to chase Gon away and to return Hamish to me. Malik said there was nothing he could do since Gon had won fair and square and was now entitled to my eggs. So I pleaded to Ramses III who also goes by any of the names Julius, Justus, and Brutus, because he is such a strong Lizard maybe he could kick Gon's butt and return Hamish to me.

We were not here for that, my woman. - Gon says now
Here for what? For eggs? - me
Oh we were here for that. Plenty. - Gon
You mean you weren't here for fighting? - me

But Brutus too says that he can do nothing, as Gon has won fair and square and is entitled to me. I was devastated. "You may not stand there where I have dried my scales", I heard Hamish say to Gon while I was in the bathroom getting myself ready for the day, and Hamish said this from over in the forest by his log. Hamish really loves his grooming pink bathroom rug and he won't even let Gon stand on it.


Shysh, shysh. - says Thuban now that I wanted to speak about Hamish's log and what he has there

There is a fallen tree in the forest and Hamish goes there often. I once saw that there were a bunch of eggs there, like Dragon's eggs. That he is guarding a nest that he placed by that fallen tree, which I call log. Or that they were perhaps Dinosaur eggs, who knows. Because Hamish was going to eat them once they hatch, or before they hatch, but he was going to eat them. And then when mother had washed Hamish's woven bathroom rug (he has two bathroom snuggies here in the house, one the woven blue and white one in the bathroom, and the original pink bathroom rug I took with me from college and place on my bedroom floor for him, he uses both) Hamish then went to shed his scales over by that log for a while, but now he sheds again on the woven rug and still on the pink bathroom rug. But he likes to go there, to that log, and that is where Hamish retreated to after Gon won him in a fight.

I think Hamish may have been physically hurt in that fight because I think I saw that Hamish had a wound, or that Hamish showed me that. Oh I hate it when Dragons fight. I broke into tears when I realized that Hamish was gone and that he had been in a fight and been defeated. I just sat on my bed and cried for my Dragon Hamish. And then guess who it was who pulled me out of bed this morning? Well, Gon did. Gon demonstrated his power to me and lifted me out of bed. They do this remotely they don't use their arms to lift someone. They use mind powers, they somehow engage with the iron in my blood.

Yes, you would have to be a great mystic to understand how. - Gon
Can you tell me how it works? How do you lift me with your mind power? It has got to do with the iron in my blood, I know. - me
We are not trespassing on your private grounds anymore. - Gon
Does that mean that Hamish can come back! - me hopeful!
Gon thinks of an image of himself where his strange mouth is open and he has blood in his mouth.

Where was I. You get kinda baffled from seeing a creature like that have a thought image of blood in its strange, peculiar mouth. The mouth is really weird. He has those few teeth that are conical like dolphin's teeth and they are few with large empty spaces between. There are several lines, like ridges, across the upper palate. It is an odd mouth I must say. Very odd indeed.

It instills fear in the little ones. - says Gon
Ok Gon you are one creepy man. You are creepy. Did you know that? Creepy man? - me
I was not displeased to hear that. As, that is with my rank. - Gon
What kind of species are you? I mean race. - me
Well, I am not Catholic. - Gon hinting at something but I don't know what
Are you... a Draconian? Are you a Reptilian. Are you, an Illuminati hybrid. WHAT ARE YOU! - me wanna know
What kind of critter are you? Are you a Vampire? - me
No, not that. Even though I do eat goats. - Gon

Well. Gargoyle the North Port Dragon of Florida also eats goats. So where was I... So Gon pulled me out of bed. He did a longer and more impressive demonstration than many other Draconians have done before him. He pulled me out of bed and continued to push me closer and closer to the edge of the bed and hoisted me up so that I was sitting tall. Oh I was very impressed, it doesn't bother me nor scare me. I mean, they don't throw me into the wall or anything, so I am fine. I just had a scary white creepy creature pull me out of bed, no big deal. I love it how I am not easily scared! And how I can still use humor and love to actually investigate and even befriend these creatures that visit me. And so we always become the best of friends.

So, here's hoping that Hamish comes back. What is by that log that Hamish and Gon were checking out? Why was Gon there squatting down to have a look? Does Hamish have a nest of eggs there? Will Hamish ever come back, and is he unharmed? Will Gon remain a frequent character in my daily Alien encounters? Is Gon now, reluctantly, part of the family? Will he drink my juice. Will I see the inside of his strange mouth again? Is he going to drink my blood?

This is General Patton! - General as soon as I said "is he going to drink my blood". General Patton is here to protect me from being harmed from all these things and to maintain some level of secrecy because it is best not to know certain things, he thinks.
Hi General Patton how are you. I met with some military last night. I was at a military man's office. And I was supposed to have sex with one of the other men, but I graciously declined, and he was heartbroken. I made him take his shoes off in my room! Cause we are in Europe now. No dirty shoes in the house. If you gentlemen visit my home that is fine, but don't forget to take your shoes off this is Europe we are in. So how are you General Patton? Are you doing alright? - me
Well, mixed feelings and thoughts. - General Patton
What are some of your thoughts and feelings? Wanna share? - me
Well, the ET. - General Patton
I know. But what's worse is that they chased my red Dragon Turtle away! He means the world to me, and now he is gone! I had to go through a whole entire morning without my Dragon Turtle. It was the worst morning of my life. I love having him with me. He is my best friend in the world, Hamish is. I miss Hamish. - me

All for now. Any future conversations will go into the archives and end up in a book. Damn, I've got to draw the inside of Gon's mouth. It is just that strange and odd-looking I have to draw it for you guys. I will keep you all posted, on this "Gon business".

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